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Francis cardinal George and pedophiles in the Roman Catholic Church’s clergy

Francis cardinal George (Chicago, 2012)

Francis cardinal George (Chicago, 2012)

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George has issued a letter (read here and here) stating same-sex marriages are “a legal fiction” and that gay people must live celibate lives or risk the vengeance of a hate-filled, holocaust sanctioning and murderous God whose idea of love is sadistic: complete with the killing of babies and fetuses, denial of education to the masses, and demands that the poor give the godhead their wealth in exchange for salvation gained only by caving into eternal extortion, robbery, and mutilation.  Among the most biblically ignorant men in the Roman Catholic Church who possesses no stellar academic credentials, Cardinal George, published the abhorent birlling letter New Year’s Day in advance of an upcoming Illinois bill that would make same-sex marriages legal.  The craven cardinal added that the Church will refuse to bow to the will of the majority on marriage equality, but falsely foreswears that the Roman Catholic Church is not anti-gay—it cannot be—as there are too many priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals, and popes throughout history who have been homosexuals and lesbians—and are today.

Francis cardinal George of Chicago

Francis cardinal George of Chicago

“Civil laws that establish ‘same-sex marriage’ create a legal fiction,” George wrote. “The State has no power to create something that nature itself tells us is impossible,” the Cardinal schizophrenically stated, apparently forgetting that corporations are people and states are corporations and therefore can perform marriages at will.  George argued that marriage between a man and a woman follows “natural law”.  Six auxiliary bishops: Francis J. Kane (two bachelor degrees) Vicariate II, John R. Manz (M. Div.), Vicariate IV, Joseph Nathaniel Perry (M. Div. with coursework in canon or church law) Vicariate VI, George J. Rassas (MA) Vicariate I, Alberto Rojas, Vicariate III (originally educated in seminaries in Mexico); Andrew P. Wypych (M.Th, Poland), Vicariate V), none with any exemplary education or respectable publications showing in-depth research or investigation, and their sermons being plagiarized for the most part, penned: “Marriage comes to us from nature [sic; animals mate and plants cross-pollinate, but nothing in nature but mortal beings marry; read here and here and here and here for a legal challenge]. The human species comes in two complementary sexes, male and female. Their sexual union is called marital. It not only creates a place of love for two adults but also a home for loving and raising their children [sic: not all of nature cares for its young, as with salmon spawning, as do turtles, cukkoos, butterflys, frogs, flys, worms and rattle snakes, etc.]. It provides the biological basis for personal identity [sic]”.

University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey R. Stone wrote in The Huffington Post: Cardinal George insists that same-sex marriage is incompatible with ‘nature.’ One might just as easily say the same about celibacy. There is such a thing as right and wrong, but invocations of what ‘nature’ commands is no way to get there.” 

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (Chicago)

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (Chicago)

Chicago’s auxiliary bishops quickly sided with the cardinal, as their own tarnished history of removing pedophile (defined as any adult who is sexually attracted to children (male or female) priests has dulled any luster their ministry might have had. Thomas J. Paprocki, one of George’s auxiliary bishops in Chicago who heads the Springfield diocese, wanted to be a bishop as a child and played at saying Mass, had a priest Father Tom Donovan from Springfield, Illinois, an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriages, get caught gagged and in handcuffs in his rectory.  Paprocki, who has a degree in secular law degree and a church license in canon law, gave a sermon October 15, 2007, for the Red Mass: a gathering of lawyers and jurists, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The bishop scorned the church’s escalating financial losses to victims of predatory priests. “The church is under attack,” Paprocki declared, comparing the civil litigation to Henry VIII’s seizure of “church property and kill[ing] those who did not accept his notion of the supremacy of the crown” and warned all listeners of “intrinsic evils” in the Democratic Platform.  Paprocki also examined the Republican Party platform and found that it has “nothing in it that supports or promotes an intrinsic evil or a serious sin.”  The platform’s support for allowing courts the option of imposing the death penalty in capital murder cases is not inherently opposed to Church teaching, the bishop claimed in agreement with Thomas Aquinas’ stand (following the Holocausts prescribed in the bible, especially the bloodthirsty Ps. 100:8, Aquinas argued that the death penalty (Summa Theologiae, II, II, q. 64, art. 2) was merited in cases of heresy (Summa contra gentiles, Book III, chapter 146) in the same manner as Sharia law mandates death for heretics, apostates and unbelievers, following Augustine (De Civitate Dei contra Paganos, Book 1, chapter 21), that would be used by Pope Pius V in his demonic Horrendum illud scelus (August 30, 1568, in Bullarium Romanum, Roma:  Typographia Reverendae Camerae Apostolicae, Mainardi, 1738, chapter 3, p. 33) that demanded that all homosexual priests be put to death (cp. Fifth Lateran Council chap. 4, X, V, 31), and would be followed my Martin Luther (Vom Schem Hamphoras und vom Geschlecht Christi), and other “reformers”), and cravenly cited the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s teaching that the death penalty is permissible if it is the only possible way to defend human life that has nothing in common with any teaching by the Jesus of the New Testament, but fulfills Pauline Christianity as invented by the Emperor Constantine I in 325 CE. Jesus of the New Testament was forgotten by the end of the First Century CE.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue

Catholic League president Bill Donohue

Priests who sexually molest little boys and little girls are not defrocked unless there is sufficient public outcry, an arrest, and a trial—but even these civil and criminal actions do not always lead to the Roman Catholic Church exiling, expelling, defrocking, or denying pedophile priests access to children because, as Bill Donohue of the Catholic League stated: “The refrain that child rape is a reality in the Church is twice wrong: let’s get it straight—they weren’t children and they weren’t raped … the most common abuse has been inappropriate touching (inexcusable though this is, it is not rape).” Those who are “post-puberty”, according to Bill Donohue’s definition, is that they are “young adults” who seek to entrap priests, bishops and cardinals in carnal knowledge and satanic sex (read here and here in following and defending despotic denials by Father Benedict Groeschel

Father Benedict Groeschel claims children seduce priests for sex (2012)

Father Benedict Groeschel claims children seduce priests for sex (2012)

Groeschel told the National Catholic Register that in a “lot of the cases, the youngster — 14, 16, 18 — is the seducer.”).  Little girls are especially dangerous as the Daughters of Eve who lead the Sons of Adam into sin (read here and here). Priests, bishops, and cardinals actually molest more little girls than boys (read here and here and here and here and here and here for Father Uriel Ojeda confessed to sexually molesting a teenage girl:  while Father Jaime Duenas admitted to giving “massages” to teenage girls; the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) hired a priest (Thomas Harkins) who was accused of sexually assaulting two school girls in the Philadelphia archdiocese) convicted of molesting girls to pat down” children before it completed a thorough background check. 

Father Felix Owino (West Virginia)

Father Felix Owino (West Virginia)

Father Felix Owino, originally from Nairobi, Kenya, is a member of the Apostles of Jesus missionary congregation, an African congregation of priests and brothers and a philosophy teacher at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia and as an associate pastor at St. Paul Roman Catholic Church in Weirton, West Virginia attacked an eleven-year-old girl who reported the assault to her parents.  Young boys receive more news coverage (read here for a conservative response that disagrees and here for more information).

Bishop Paprocki with John Paul II

Bishop Paprocki with John Paul II

Displaying the callousness that has cursed so many Catholic bishops for so long, Paprocki insulted the victims of the scandals, as well as the attorneys and judges in their cases, with these words: “We must use our religious discernment to recognize that the principal force behind these attacks is none other than the devil.”  It was as if Paprocki was living in the cloistered world of Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose and is even more vile than John Paul II.  The speeches match those of Roman Catholic bishops who supported Adolf Hitler, as when Hitler greeted Ludwig Müller the “[Protestant/Lutheran] Bishop of the Reich” and the Roman Catholic bishops, led by Michael cardinal Faulhaber, praised Hitler “as a man of peace” (October 2, 1938)  in the Völkischer Beobachter, the official newspaper of the Nazi Party (cf. Billig, Joseph (1964).  Alfred Rosenberg dans l’action idéologique, politique et administrative du Reich hitlérien, Paris: Editions du Centre; Piper, Ernst (2005).  Alfred Rosenberg: Hitlers Chefideologe. Munich: Blessing).

Bishop Juan Arzuba (d. January 11, 2008)

Bishop Juan Arzuba (d. January 11, 2008)

Chicago underground papers list three of the auxiliaries in Chicago as being frequent visitors to gay bars within the city. Interestingly, as of 2009 the bishops who have been publicly alleged for sexually abusing minors include Juan A. Arzube of Los Angeles was accused of molesting an 11-year-old boy and forced the Church to pay out one of its greatest settlements.  Tod D. Brown of Orange, CA repeatedly sexually abused a 12-year-old boy in the name of giving the juvenile “faith”. Robert Brom from Duluth MN to San Diego CA,  molested a seminarian to teach the consequences of sin.  Paul Dudley was accused of molesting a woman in Florida. 

Bishop John McCormack (Manchester) and NH Attorney General pressing charges

Bishop John McCormack (Manchester) and NH Attorney General pressing charges

John McCormick of NH won a distinction from the NH GOP leader who referred to the bishop as a “pedophile pimp”.  Thomas Dupré, himself a pedophile, introduced his victims to pornography prior to sex; he retired a day after being accused of sexually assaulting 12- and 13-year-old boys.  Joseph Ferrario of Hawaii who covered up Rev. Arthur O’Brien, the pedophile pastor’s penchant for ten-year-old boys (read here and here).  Louis E. Gelineau of Providence RI, similarly ignored accusations against pedophile priests including one suffering from schizophrenia.  Francis Joseph Green of Tucson, Arizona, had a keen fondness for youth as did Timothy Harrington (read here and here

Bishop Joseph Hart

Bishop Joseph Hart

Bishop Joseph Hart of Cheyenne, Wyoming had six sexual assault charges filed against him, filed by victims who were attacked when they were pre-teenagers, with at least one assault taking place at St. Regis Church in Kansas City, Mo.  There were at least two charges officially launched against the bishop.

Bishop Joseph Hart (1975-1976 at the time of the sexual assault)

Bishop Joseph Hart (1975-1976 at the time of the sexual assault)

Hart also molested three children while bishop of Wyoming and though retired still has access to small children.  Hart’s crimes were covered up from 1977 – 2004 by Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph Bishop Raymond J. Boland, and its Vicar General the Rev. Patrick Rush.

Howard Hubbard of Albany, NY molestation led to the exposure of Edward cardinal Egan whom Father Robert Hoaston, a priest, declared was an “active homosexual” and consistently covered up pedophile priests.  Anthony J. O’Connell (10 May 1938 – 4 May 2012, last diocese was Palm Beach, FL) allowed known pedophiles to serve on vocation committees, and admitted to molesting boys at St. Thomas Seminary in Hannibal, MO, where he served as rector or more than two decades, before resigning his bishopric in 2002.

Bishop James Rausch

Bishop James Rausch

James Rausch, bishop of Phoenix was named with two priests in pedophile cases and molested Brian F. O’Connor (whose drug addiction was halted by Msgr. Robert C. Trupia).  Later O’Connor and Trupia had a sexual relationship while O’Connor was growing into adulthood.

Msgr. Robert C. Trupia

Msgr. Robert C. Trupia

 Trupia had a history of child sexual abuse that Rome covered-up for eighteen years at the demand of John Paul II.  John Paul II sought “forgiveness” for pedophiles and only toward the end of his pontificate began to feel any pain for the suffering of the victims of pedophile priests that preyed upon young boys and girls from Ireland to South America, the USA to the Philippines.

Rev. Paul R. Shanley entering San Diego courtroom.

Rev. Paul R. Shanley entering San Diego courtroom.

The Rev. Paul R. Shanley, who was indicted for child rape, kept quiet until recently about his own experience of being raped by a cardinal (Bernard Law).  George E. Rueger an Auxiliary Bishop of Worchester MA was the subject of a civil suit for running a pedophile ring and covering for pedophile priests (read here and and here.  It is claimed that Rueger was especially adept at getting young boys to go to clerical cottages and homes to offer “services” to “desperate priests”.  Rueger expected to get a “kickback” from any revenues the young received for their time and talents.

Bishop Daniel L. Ryan

Bishop Daniel L. Ryan

Bishop Daniel L. Ryan of Springfield, IL (read here and here) was especially active.  He liked males of any age, especially priests and male prostitutes.  He had no fondness for females and was always willing to pay using donations ot the church or save as funds for the poor.


Bishop William S. Skylstad greets students

Bishop William S. Skylstad greets students

William Skylstad, had been a parish priest since 1974 where he had been a co-pastor with Father Patrick O’Donnell.  Father O’Donnell was accused of sexually abusing young children, and some of O’Donnell’s victims claim that they had informed then-Father Skylstad in the 1970s that they were sexually abused by Father O’Donnell.  Skylstad took no action, but the memories and whispers about the abuse grew and filtered out of the parish and across the state. 

When sex abuse became common knowledge in the Spokane diocese where Skylstad was its fifth bishop, and had taken an active role in reaching a financial settlement with the victims, Skylstad was asked to resign by prominent Spokane, WA,  Roman Catholics Donald Herak, Thomas Tilford, James Workland, and Ronald Caferro.  The four pillars sustaining the church of Spokane informed the prelate that they refused to pay “one dime to this unfortunate, costly and mistaken mediated settlement of $48 million dollar settlement” that led the diocese into bankruptcy for covering-up pedophile priests in the diocese. Skylstad claimed that the laity were the blame for the “sins of the clergy”.

Iowans want answers from Catholic Church

Iowans want answers from Catholic Church

Iowa’s Roman Catholic clergy and bishops have a long history of sexual abuse of little boys and little girls, and of women almost exceeds that of Pentecostal pastors in the state. Laurence (also spelled Lawrence) Soens of Sioux City, IA, himself a pedophile (read here and here). 

Bishop Lawrence Soens (Sioux City, Iowa)

Bishop Lawrence Soens (Sioux City, Iowa)

Bishop Lawrence Soens was charged with 31 cases of sexual abuse against young boys (read here page 2 middle of chart with allegations of sexually abusing students at Iowa City Regina High School in the 1950s and 1960s, and at St. Ambrose Seminary).  

Joseph Keith Symons of Palm Beach, FL, resigned his diocese after admitting to sexually abusing five boys during his 40 year ministry.   Many in the diocese stood behind him and claimed that the accusastions were false, despite testimony from the youths that the bishop attacked.  There was the mentality that youth encourage priests and nuns to abuse them as another means of demonstrating their own vulnerability to sin.

Bishop Christopher J. Weldon

Bishop Christopher J. Weldon

Christopher J. Weldon, Springfield, MA, abused William E. Burnett three times when Burnett was between ten- and 13-years-old at St. Michael’s Cathedral before Burnett committed murder and accused the bishop of molestation when he was nine years old.  There is a problem with the Burnett account, as the molestation occured in the 1950s, and was by more than one priest.  Other priests named include Revs. Bernard L. Doheny, George A. Berthiaume [deceased 12/3/1985], James T. Walsh and Oscar Gatineau, and a relative: Msgr. Raymond Page who, it was alleged, introduced him to the other priests.   J. Kendrick Williams of Lexington, KY, abused no less than 100 under-age males. 

Archbishop Rembert Weakland

Archbishop Rembert Weakland

Archbishop Rembert Weakland, Milwaukee, resigned over sex scandals on May 23, 2002, paying $450,000 in hush money to cover up long-term abuse allegations and resigned. He admitted to being gay in 2009 and did nothing to stop pedophile priests in Milwaukee (read: Weakland, Rembert (2009). A Pilgrim in a Pilgram Church: Memoirs of a Catholic archbishop. Grand Rapids, Mich. : William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co; Weakland is also the author of Faith and the Human Experience: a Post-Vatican II Vision. Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, 1992), and three books on Catholic teaching and US economic policy).

Father Francisco Xavier Ochoa-Perez ministered to Latino Catholics in Sonoma County (2000-2006).

Father Francisco Xavier Ochoa-Perez ministered to Latino Catholics in Sonoma County (2000-2006).

Daniel F. Walsh brought to his Santa Rosa, CA, diocese a self-admitted pedophile priest:  Jesuit Father Xavier Ochoa.  Ochoa told the bishop he had engaged in rape and oral sex with young boys.  He had given full details of the encounters, but did not state that the youngest was age 5 or the oldest age 14–and he had been arrested with child pornography and cocaine.  They did not bother Bishop Walsh, who worried more about the priest than the victims.  Instead of turning the priest over to the legal authorities, Bishop Walsh allowed Ochoa to flee to Mexico. Lawrence Welsh spent most of his energy in protecting pedophile priests whom he ordered to undergo counseling and prayer. 

Bishop Bad Boy (cover)

Bishop Bad Boy (cover)

George Patrick Ziemann, who was known in gay circles known as Bishop Bad Boy and was arrested for “shaking down a priest for sex” in Santa Rosa, CA, has been considered for higher offices in the Roman Catholic Church by the Vatican and John Paul II, even after stepping down for several other dioceses.  A police report reveals that Ziemann had a young priest orally copulate him on the eve of their joint celebration of a special Sunday Mass, while continuing to have the support of San Francisco Archbishop William J. Levada and Los Angeles Cardinal Roger M. Mahony who was elevated to the cardinalate by John Paul II in 1999. In clerical circles of pedophiles Ziemann, Levada and Mahony, who all went to St. John’s Seminary College in Southern California, were known as the Tricking Trinity, with Ziemann passing on to his South American toy boys who he took to seminaries in California to study for the priesthood while he was plagued with venereal infections. 

Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann (before resigning 1999)

Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann (before resigning 1999)

Carefully plotting, in order to cover up seductions, Ziemann began to pay out, on a grand scale, to those who threatened to report the preying prelate to the authorities.  One-night trysts were rewarded with $50 or $100 notes, despite having a long-time lover: Father Jorge Hume Salas who he brought into California from South America and raised to the priesthood. Father Hume Salas won a settlement from the diocese of Santa Rosa in the amount of $535,000 when Father Jorge Hume Salas claimed that Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann demanded sex in return for covering up Salas’ theft from his Ukiah church.  Hume Salas’ theft was ignored.

When professionals put together a learned study on how to end pedophilia in the clergy, the Doyle Manual was ignored.  Instead bishops, archbishops, and cardinals throughout the USA began to clamor against gay marriages since, homosexuality was only considered “friendship with benefits” as intoned by Chicago’s pseudo-primordial primate Francis cardinal George while letting pedophiles stay in his house, with the claim that the unsaintly John Paul II (read here and for the Amnesty International report here and on the connection with Pope John Paul II here and Benedict XVI here).  More vile, vitriolic  and criminal than Opus Dei founder Jeanmarie Escrivá or his pathetic pandering protégé Juan Luis cardinal Cipriani Thorne of Lima (Perú), John Paul II did nothing, and appeared to have approved of his actions (read here and here and here).  On Benedict XVI’s connection, read here.

Cardinal George declared that gays “invited obvious comparison” with the KKK since they did not follow the Roman Catholic Church’s objections. George told Chicago Fox affiliate: “You don’t want the gay liberation movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism.”  The Chicago cardinal wrote:

the organizers invited an obvious comparison to other groups who have historically attempted to stifle the religious freedom of the Catholic Church. One such organization is the Ku Klux Klan which, well into the 1940′s, paraded through American cities not only to interfere with Catholic worship but also to demonstrate that Catholics stand outside of the American consensus. It is not a precedent anyone should want to emulate

The Chicago Church’s handling of priestly cases with cardinal George ignoring complaints from parents (read here and here) . This short survey does not include bishops accused of sexual misconduct with adults, such as Archbishops Robert F. Sanchez, Eugene Marino, or Theodore Mc Carrick nor Bishops Manuel D. Moreno or James F. McCarthy (read here and here and here and here and here). The crass cavernous of Christianity in general reflects, embeds, and reduces homophobic religion to an absurdity that many will leave. The greatest error is the lack of knowledge of pedophilic overtures, actions, and results, as most victims and their abusers are unwilling to discuss their afflictions and inflictions. This must stop. The Roman Catholic Church’s regular release of statements on pedophile priests and pedophile nuns and protecting the young of the church are worthless (read here and here with the Irish government’s Commission report here:  cp. here and here).

What has not been said or printed by the mainstream media is the number of gay and lesbian “confessors and martyrs” who have been raised to the altar by popes as saints within the Roman Catholic Church.  This goes back to the original founding of the Christian Church (Paulinity) in the fourth century with recognition of same-sex marriages back to the first century CE.

The youth protection charter says that a priest accused of child abuse must be removed until his case is resolved. For bishops who conceal or move or condone such priests, there is no penalty. Bishops, archbishops, cardinals and auxiliaries serve at the pleasure of the pope. The problem has been that many popes throughout the history of the Roman Catholic Church have been pedophiles and/or homosexuals (i.e. John XII (r. 955-964) , Benedict IX: (r. 1033-1045; 1047-1048), Paul II (r. February 23 – August 30, 1471 who died in a homosexual activity (he was being sodomized by a teenage page in the Vatican); Deschner, Karlheinz (2007). Storia criminale del cristianesimo (tomo VIII), Ariele, Milano, p. 216.  Cawthorne, Nigel (1999).  Das Sexleben der Päpste. Die Skandalchronik des Vatikans, Benedikt Taschen Verlag, Köln, p. 171. Kühner, Hans (1977). Das Imperium der Päpste, Classen Verlag, Zürich 1977, p. 254. Rendina, Claudio (1983)  I Papi, Storia e Segreti, Newton Compton, Roma, 1983, p. 589), Sixtus IV (Francesco Della Rovere, 1414-84; reigned 1471-84; his nephew, who was his lover, persauded the pope to build the Sistine Chapel that, ultimately Michelangelo would paint passages from the Bible on the ceiling and walls).

Pope Benedict IX, age 20

Pope Benedict IX, age 20

Benedict IX (c. 1012 – c. 1056), born in Rome as Theophylactus of Tusculum, he was a nephew of Pope Benedict VIII and Pope John XIX and was Pope on three occasions between 1032 and 1048, the first time being a gift from his father,  Alberic III, Count of Tusculum.  One of the youngest popes in the official list ofpopes (he was 18 or 20, in the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913–although some records have him being age 11 or 12 (Russel, Bertrand (1945).  History  of Western Philosophy. New York: Simon and Schuster, p. 412)–the first time he was enthroned).  Benedict was known for repeated sodomies that he “forced him” to proclaim it was proof of his election as a superior man given his “staying power”, and “other irregularities” that included the actual sale of the papacy.  The pope had a desire for any one who was sufficiently “ample”; cf. Damian, Liber Gomorrhianus; “Cuius vita quam turpis, quam freda, quamque execranda extiterit, horresco referre”), Pope Victor III (1934). Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Libelli de lite (Dialogi de miraculis Sancti Benedicti Liber Tertius auctore Desiderio abbate Casinensis ed.). Hannover: Deutsches Institut für Erforschung des Mittelalters. pp. 141, cf. Bishop Benno, “Post multa turpia adulteria et homicidia manibus suis perpetrata, postremo, etc.” Dümmler, Ernst Ludwig (1891). Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Libelli de lite. I (Bonizonis episcopi Sutriensis: Liber ad amicum ed.). Hannover: Deutsches Institut für Erforschung des Mittelalters. pp. 584).  He flaunted his homosexuality and delighted in orgies in churches, “adulteries and murders” making himself unwelcomed everywhere (“Post multa turpia adulteria et homicidia manibus suis perpetrata, postremo, etc.”Dümmler, Ernst Ludwig (1891) (in Latin), Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Libelli de lite, I (Bonizonis episcopi Sutriensis: Liber ad amicum ed.), Hannover: Deutsches Institut für Erforschung des Mittelalters, pp. 584).

Pope Benedict XII

Pope Benedict XII

Benedict XII (de Rosa, Peter (1988/2000). Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy. Dublin:  Poolbeg Press, pages 211-215), like other Pope Benedicts, Benedict XII preferred to hide his sexual excesses.  Born at Saverdun in the province of Toulouse, France, and christened with the name of Jacques Fournier (he is also known as Jacques Bertrand de Got).  Son of Pope John XXII and grandson of Pope Clement V, Jacques became a Cistercian, and ultimately the third of the Avignon Popes, when his father Pope John XXII died on December 4, 1334.  Jacques the younger was made Pope by the now dominant French Cardinals fourteen days later on December 20th 1334 at the age of 27 and reigned from 1334 to 1342, dying at the age of 35.  Benedict XII  issue papal bulls that were heretical on previous well established doctrine of the Catholic Church including a Papal Bull (since destroyed) denouncing the concept of Immaculate Conception since it has no biblical foundation. Contemporary records note that he opened churches for sexual orgies, and enjoyed the torture of children as an entertainment while he dined and was known for sexual exploitation of very young girls and boys. In  1337, Benedict XII sent soldiers into Bavaria, Austria and Poland to attack 51 Jewish towns. 

Pope Julius II (by Titian)

Pope Julius II (by Titian)

Julius II (r. 1503-1513) the warrior Renaissance pope who commissioned Michelangelo and other artists, sculptors and silverworkers (read here and here) had a fondness for soldiers in uniform. Julius was universally known as a passive sodomite and the quickest way to rise in both the armed forces of the Vatican states or in the hierarchy of the church was to be active in all things, especially in bed. Most of the cardinals he appointed “came from the papal bedchamber” after “suitable and audible” groaning.  One characteristic that most pedophiles have had in the past and today, is Julius always kept a choir of young male voices in his bedroom to sing to him when he was weary or wanted company.

Pope Leo X

Pope Leo X

Leo X (r. 1513-1521; Falconi, Carlo (1987).  Leone X: Giovanni de’ Medici, Milano: Rusconi, 1987) who was pope at the time of Martin Luther (who also had at least one male friend), and believed Luther to be a “mad monk” who could be enticed with Vatican “appeal” to denounce his own theses.  Leo X was convinced that he could win the allegiance of Luther with well-placed gifts.  He was the last “non-priest” (he was not a priest at the time of his election, only a deacon) to be elevated to the papal throne.  Francesco Guicciardini, considered one of the major political writers of the Italian Renaissance (cf. Gilbert, Felix (1985). Machiavelli and Guicciardini: Politics and History in Sixteenth-Century Florence (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press), wrote, “At the beginning of his pontificate most people deemed him very chaste; however, he was afterwards discovered to be exceedingly devoted – and every day with less and less shame – to that kind of pleasure that for honour’s sake may not be named”.  Bishop and writer, Paolo Giovio, explained that Leo seemed to have “an improper love for some of his chamberlains” especially the very young and those with a “well turned [muscular] thigh” (McCabe, Joseph (1939). History of the Popes. London, UK: Watts & Co., p. 409).

Pope Julius III

Pope Julius III

Julius III (1550-1555; Burkle-Young, Francis A., and Michael Leopoldo Doerrer. The Life of Cardinal Innocenzo del Monte: A Scandal in Scarlet, Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen, 1997) was a a homosexual pedophile who  preferred males 11 to 13 year of age, unlike many of his crony heterosexaul pedophile cardinals who preferred young girls.  One notable scandal surrounded his adoptive nephew (“nephew” was a title, not a family distinction in the Renaissance), Innocenzo Ciocchi Del Monte, a 13 or 14-year old beggar-boy whom the future Pope had picked up off the streets of Parma some years earlier and with whom he had allegedly fallen in love.  The pope showered the youth with gifts and found no place too sacred to have sex.  Julius III ultimately making Innocenzo a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church and primary pimp in the Vatican.

Throughout the sordid history of the papacy, the popes have protected themselves by protecting other pedophiles. While traditional marriage advocates cite Scripture as the basis of their objections to civil unions and gay marriage (while in the Bible there is no rule that marriage is reserved for one man + one woman; read here and here), Roman Catholic leaders have been highlighting their belief that same-sex relationships violate natural law, which it does not as more than 1500 species practice homosexuality regularly and repetitively (read here and here and here; cp. Sommer, Volker & Paul L. Vasey (2006). Homosexual Behaviour in Animals, An Evolutionary Perspective. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press) and is especially common among herding animals (where both genders are available). According to the tradition of “natural law”, every human being must seek a fundamental “good” that corresponds to the natural order to flourish and propagate, that Francis George bases on Tomas Aquinas Dark Ages ideology (Summa Theologica IaIIae 91, 2, 94, 4; 94, 6, but were modified by Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan, xv, ¶35, ¶36, ¶41).  Natural-law proponents say heterosexual intercourse between a married man and a woman serves two intertwined good purposes: to procreate and to express a deep, abiding love. Based on that absurd definition and there are species that experience “virgin births” (parthenogenesis: παρθενος, “virgin”, + γενεσις, “birth”.  The primary objection by religion is that it takes away the necessity of there being a male in the birth cycle; theologically it means that no man would have been necessary any more than any deity for Mary to conceive and give birth as it would be a dividing and evolution of cells), they say, homosexual relationships are not equal to heterosexual ones.  That fact is that there are fewer gay divorces than there are straight divorces. “It is physically impossible for two men or two women to consummate a marriage, even when they share a deep friendship or love,” George writes in psychological and intellectual ignorance (Kurdek, Lawrence A.; Schmitt, J. Patrick (1986). “Relationship quality of partners in heterosexual married, heterosexual cohabiting, and gay and lesbian relationships”. doi: 10.1037/0022-3514.51.4.711 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 51(4), October, pp. 711-720; the stagnation between differences (heterosexual and homosexual) are the focal point of Greenberg, Leslie S. Goldman, Rhonda N. , (2008). “Emotion-focused couples therapy: The dynamics of emotion, love, and power,” (pp. 111-134), in Greenberg, Leslie S.; Goldman, Rhonda N. Culture and Gender. doi: 10.1037/11750-006 Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association, x, 405 pp.  Cp. Kurdek, Lawrence A. (1992). “Assumptions versus standards: The validity of two relationship cognitions in heterosexual and homosexual couples”. doi: 10.1037/0893-3200.6.2.164. Journal of Family Psychology, Vol 6(2), December, pp. 164-170) in his letter, meant for inclusion in parish bulletins distributed on the weekend.  At the same time, Chicago’s cardinal George, President of the US Council of Roman Catholic bishops in 2007 (he retained the post until 2010 when Timothy Dolan was elected because of his open denunciation and extreme denunciations that are reminiscent of the speeches of senior NAZIS from 1933-1945 of the LGBT community (Rector, Frank. Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals. New York: Stein and Day, 1981. pp. 105-107; Giles, Geoffrey J. (1992), “‘The Most Unkindest Cut of All’: Castration, Homosexuality and Nazi Justice,” Journal of Contemporary History, vol. 27 (1992): pp. 41–61; Giles, Geoffrey J. (2002). “The Denial of Homosexuality: Same-Sex Incidents in Himmler’s SS”, Journal of the History of Sexuality, Vol. 11, No. 1/2, Special Issue: Sexuality and German Fascism (January – April), pp. 256–290 and cp. here and here and here); on Dolan’s lack of canonical qualification for the episcopacy and contempt for those who report pedophile priests, read here), continues to cover up the increasing number of cases against pedophile priests.

When Father Andrew D. McCormick of Philadelphia was arrested for molesting one boy and later confessed to molesting five boys, the cardinal of Philadelphia did nothing, but followed precedent. McCormick made a number of trips to Poland with parish boysMcCormick made a number of trips to Poland with parish boys, and it is believed he molested several.

Father Patrick G. McCormick of Philadelphia was arrested for “patronizing a prostitute.”  The priest tried to bully parishioners into “forgiving” abusive clergy, but many would not.

The same is true when Father Daniel McCormick of Chicago was arrested in 2007, for molesting boys (plural), but in the case with the cardinal of Chicago involved, George fired the principle, Barbara Westrick (read here and here and here), who reported the abuses to the police since the cardinal refused to do anything (but later said he was not informed of the molestation), and changed the name of the school from Our Lady of the Westside School to St. Agatha’s School (named after a lesbian saint).  Daniel McCormick was ultimately transferred to a mental health center as a sexually violent person in Rushville, IL. This came after October 2005, when George ignored his own archdiocesan review board’s recommendation to remove McCormack.

George allowed the self-admitted pedophile priest to continue teaching and coaching. George’s ever increasing ignorance and pretense of lack of knowing what was going on in schools to his own house cost the Chicago archdiocese $3.2 million to one victim, another $1.5 million to pay off one of the young male victims, with some declaring that the cardinal was in bed with an altar boy while the money from congregations continued to hemorrhage for more than 186 victims from the torn tithing extorted from ignorant faithful who supported their cavorting cardinal.

George’s payoffs were quickly matched or exceeded by other bishops throughout the USA, including Bishop Tod Brown of Orange County paying $100 million to 90 victims, Cardinal Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles paying $660 million to settle 500 cases, Bishop Robert Brom of San Diego paying $198 million to 140 cases, Bishop William Skylstad of Spokane paying $48 million to settle a non-disclosed number of victims, Bishop Martin Amos of Davenport, Iowa, paying $37 million for 157 cases, and the Society of Jesus in Oregon paying $50 million for 110 cases (read: Jason Berry “Is the Church really this blind?” Los Angeles Times. 11-11-07 on-line.  Paul A. Likoudis (2002).  Amchurch Comes Out – The U.S. Bishops, Pedophile Scandals and the Homosexual Agenda,” Petersburg, Illinois: Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc, inside cover. The New York Times online, February 2, 2005). George still refuses to admit the seriousness of the problem of pedophile priests, and even invited several to stay in his house in Chicago over the protest of parishioners who knew what the guests had done in previous. “People live out their sexual identity in different ways, but the Church offers the means to live chastely in all circumstances, as the love of God both obliges and makes possible,” George’s letter states, meaning gay people should live celibate lives or risk going to Hell.  John Paul II rejected the existence of a literal (real) hell. On July 28, 1999, Pope John Paul II noted that the Scriptural references to hell and the images portrayed by Scripture are only symbolic and figurative of “the complete frustration and emptiness of life without God. ” He added, “Rather than a physical place, hell is the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy.” He said hell is “a condition resulting from attitudes and actions which people adopt in this life.”  Benedict XVI brought back a physical hell to further intimidate dissenters.

Curiously, Cardinal George’s letter, which was also signed by six Illinois Bishops, adds that if same-sex marriage becomes legal in Illinois, it will be challenging for him and, supposedly, all Catholics, to maintain their respectability. George is worried same-sex marriage equality will make the public label Catholics who don’t support the new law “bigots.” The dictionary defines “bigot” as “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.” (Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition 2009). “We will all have to pretend to accept something that is contrary to the common sense of the human race. Those who continue to distinguish between genuine marital union and same sex arrangements will be regarded in law as discriminatory, the equivalent of bigots. This proposed legislation will have long term consequences because laws teach; they tell us what is socially acceptable and what is not, and most people conform to the dictates of their respective society, at least in the short run.” George, mocking the very concept of civil rights, also pretends that the Bible gives him this authority (this is a rank misreading of Matthew 16:18: κἀγὼ δέ σοι λέγω ὅτι σὺ εἶ Πέτρος καὶ ἐπὶ ταύτῃ τῇ πέτρᾳ οἰκοδομήσω μου τὴν ἐκκλησίαν καὶ πύλαι ᾅδου οὐ κατισχύσουσιν αὐτῆς, a verse that was transmogrified in a ninth century monastery in Dark Europe with a papal reinforement of the nineteenth verse: καὶ δώσω σοι τὰς κλεῖς τῆς βασιλείας τῶν οὐρανῶν καὶ ὃ ἐὰν δήσῃς ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς ἔσται δεδεμένον ἐν τοῖς οὐρανοῖς καὶ ὃ ἐὰν λύσῃς ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς ἔσται λελυμένον ἐν τοῖς οὐρανοῖς), and that his bigotry is merely “God’s law,” and the law of nature: “If we ignore in law the natural complementary of man and woman in creation, then the natural family is undermined. Our individual lives become artificial constructs protected by civil “rights” that destroy natural rights. Human dignity and human rights are then reduced to the whims of political majorities. When the ways of nature and nature’s God conflict with civil law, society is in danger. It is to that danger that we direct your attention.” He adds: Marriage [defined as a social union or legal contract] comes to us from nature (but animal: fowl, beast, fish, etc. do not marry, and 90% of all observed birds (especially trumpeter swans) do mate for life as a source of sex and because of altricial offspring, which require large amounts of parental care for survival (like humans), demand the efforts of two parents and therefore are more likely to be found in monogamous species, but marriage is not natural as there is no record of any observation of a ceremony being performed by or for any animals, save the one case in Lima, Peru, where former Congresista and erotic dancer Suzy Diaz married had her dog marry another dog. Marriage is manmade). The human species comes in two complementary sexes, male and female. Their sexual union is called marital [sic; it actually means “married man”. Haviland, William A.; Prins, Harald E. L.; McBride, Bunny; Walrath, Dana (2011). Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge (13th ed.). Cengage Learning. Bell, Duran (1997). “Defining Marriage and Legitimacy”. Current Anthropology 38 (2): 237–254. Bell describes marriage as “a relationship between one or more men (male or female) in severalty to one or more women that provides those men with a demand-right of sexual access within a domestic group and identifies women who bear the obligation of yielding to the demands of those specific men.” This inbreeds the ignorance of the writers of the Letters of “Paul” and early misogynism as in Colossians 3:18 Αἱ γυναῖκες ὑποτάσσεσθε τοῖς ἰδίοις ἀνδράσιν ὡς ἀνῆκεν ἐν κυρίῳ, cp. mulieres subditae estote viris sicut oportet in Domino and Nevestelor, fiţi supuse bărbaţilor voştri, cum se cuvine în Domnul, and Жены, повинуйтесь мужьям своим, как прилично в Господе] or the 1569 version of the Sagradas Escrituras Casadas, estad sujetas a vuestros propios maridos, como conviene en el Señor. It not only creates a place of love for two adults but also a home for loving and raising their children. It provides the biological basis for personal identity.” Exposing extreme ignorance of the reality of psychology and science, George finalized: “It is physically impossible for two men or two women to consummate a marriage, even when they share a deep friendship or love.’ George ignores that LGBT people engage in sexual intercourse and have the same commitment and emotions as heterosexual couples (Herek, Gregory M. (2007). “Science, public policy, and legal recognition of same-sex relationships”. doi: 10.1037/0003-066X.62.7.713b. American Psychologist, Vol 62(7), October, pp. 713-715; Thyer, Bruce A. (2007). “Psychologists’ advocacy for the legal recognition of same-sex relationships”. doi: 10.1037/0003-066X.62.7.713a. American Psychologist, Vol 62(7), October, p. 713.; Herek, Gregory M. (2006). “Legal recognition of same-sex relationships in the United States: A social science perspective”. doi: 10.1037/0003-066X.61.6.607.  American Psychologist, Vol 61(6), September, pp. 607-621; Solomon, Sondra E.; Rothblum, Esther D.; Balsam, Kimberly F. (2004).  “Pioneers in Partnership: Lesbian and Gay Male Couples in Civil Unions Compared With Those Not in Civil Unions and Married Heterosexual Siblings”. doi: 10.1037/0893-3200.18.2.275. Journal of Family Psychology, Vol 18(2), Jun 2004, 275-286; and on relationship interchange, read Kurdek, Lawrence A.; Schmitt, J. Patrick (1986). “Relationship quality of partners in heterosexual married, heterosexual cohabiting, and gay and lesbian relationships”.  doi: 10.1037/0022-3514.51.4.711.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 51(4), October, pp. 711-720).  There is no substantative evidence or information by psychologists or psychiatrists that support the Chicago cardinal Frances George after 1979, except among reparative therapists all of which are discredited by the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Pediatric Association and numerous other professional groups that require peer review of articles before publishing, unlike the Regenerus Report published in the Journal of Marriage and Family that was printed without peer review (read here and here where studies show that gay parents tend to be more motivated that heterosexal parents, and here on studies showing that academic scores are higher in same-sex parents’ households, and Kate Kendell Esq.’s comments “It was financed by a staggering $785,000 in grants from two far-right foundations, the Witherspoon Institute and the Bradley Foundation. Even Regnerus himself acknowledges he wasn’t comparing apples to apples: “I realize that one same-sex relationship does not a lesbian make, necessarily. But our research team was less concerned with the complicated politics of sexual identity than with same-sex behavior.”‘ are elaborated here).

What the Roman Catholic Church in the USA is doing, is what is happening in Germany today–with the German hierarchy stopping all investigations into child abuse by its religious leaders: priests, nuns, bishops, archbishops and cardinals.  In an interview with public broadcaster “Deutschlandfunk,” Christian Pfeiffer, the head of the KFN institute accused Church officials of hampering his team’s research efforts by continually attempting to intervene in and control the investigation. In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper he spoke of censorship.In an interview with public broadcaster “Deutschlandfunk,” Christian Pfeiffer, the head of the KFN institute accused Church officials of hampering his team’s research efforts by continually attempting to intervene in and control the investigation. In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper he spoke of censorship.


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Roman Catholic Church attack on Human Rights and Benedict XVI’s cover-up

Savita denied abortion

Savita denied abortion

On October 28, 2012, Savita Halappanavar, a dentist by profession, died in Ireland at University hospital in Galway.  She shouldn’t have.  While the death was listed as resulting from pregnancy—it is a lie—that was exposed quickly.  Ms. Savita Halappanavar’s death was cold-blooded, premeditated murder as the doctors knew that she would die, executed by the government of Ireland controlled by the criminal element led by the odious odoriferous opportunist, the Primate of Ireland, controlling the Roman Catholic Church. (cf. here). The longer the senile Sean cardinal Brady

Sean cardinal Brady Primate of All Ireland

Sean cardinal Brady Primate of All Ireland

stays in place as Primate of All Ireland, loathed by many for his relentless cover-up of pedophiles in the Roman Catholic Church, and his rigid stand against abortion in all cases, the greater the damage inflicted on the people of Ireland will be and the greater will be the number of needless deaths, maiming, and waste of human potential (cp. “When There’s a Heartbeat: Miscarriage Management in Catholic-Owned Hospitals.” American Journal of Public Health, vol.98, no.10 (October 2008).

Savita Halappanavar

Savita Halappanavar

Savita was a 31-year-old married woman, four months pregnant.  She went to the hospital with a miscarriage in progress that developed into a blood infection. She could easily have been saved if the already doomed fetus was aborted. Instead, her doctors did nothing, explaining that “this is a Catholic country”. Savita replied that she was a Hindu and the laws for Catholics should not apply to her.  She was 17 weeks pregnant  and no fetus could survive outside of the uterus at that age; she contracted septicaemia (the presence of pathogenic organisms in the bloodstream; it is characterized by a whole-body inflammatory state (called a systemic inflammatory response syndrome or SIRS) caused by severe infection, and is usually accompanied by high fevers, hot, flushed skin, elevated heart rate, hyperventilation, altered mental status, swelling, and low blood pressure) and

Meningtococcal Septicaemia (blood poisoning) has a rash

Meningtococcal Septicaemia (blood poisoning) has a rash

died a most cruel and painful death that need not have occurred (read about it by: Levy, Mitchell M.; Fink, Mitchell P.; Marshall, John C.; Abraham, Edward; Angus, Derek; Cook, Deborah; Cohen, Jonathan; Opal, Steven M. et al. (2003). “2001 SCCM/ESICM/ACCP/ATS/SIS International Sepsis Definitions Conference”. Critical Care Medicine 31 (4): 1250–6).

Joseph Ratzinger as Pope and NAZI youth leader

Joseph Ratzinger as Pope and NAZI youth leader

Ireland is a Catholic country quite like Spain and other nations cannibalized by a rogue religion that, throughout its terrible history, whipped women, castrated men, burned babies and worse during the days of the unholy Inquisition—a reality that still exists thanks to the twisted mentality of the German pope Josef Ratzinger.  India, where the woman was born, has already done away with such insane laws demanded by the Roman Catholic Church. The complicit dragoons in the medical field more akin to the Nazi torture-doctors in Third Reich Germany than any respectable medical association today left Halappanavar to suffer in agony for days.  These devout draconian Roman Catholics  only intervening once it was too late. The medical “team” of doctors and the pathetic priests and corrupt clergy must be held and tried for no less than manslaughter in the first degree.  That the doctors deliberately refused to help Savita could elevate the charges to premeditated murder on orders of the Irish Catholic Church following the rules of the Vatican.  Religion must never be allowed to dictate to medicine again!

Savita’s death is just the latest in a long line of tragedies directly attributable to the doctrines and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. It is certainly a knowledgeable truth that there are many good, progressive Catholics, but the problem is that the Roman Catholic Church nor most evangelical extremists’ churches, isn’t a democracy.  Not only are women silenced, the poor ignored as they are passed over by self-serving schizophrenics such as the Albanian nun, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. 

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Albanian nun Agnes Bojaxhiu devoted her life to increasing the misery of the sick and hunger of the poor, but gave the grapes of wrath garnered from her own duplicity in money laundering money, offering no hope for progressive changes in her church no adding her voice or vote in its governance.  She protected self-acknowledged, tried and convicted pedophiles arguing that they were misguided and their ministry to the Roman Catholic youth (upon whom they preyed) and to her own group of religious nuns was an insult to her god and her community of sisters.

Mother Teresa with Father Donald McGuire, a convicted child molester who ministered to her nuns. Courtesy Tyrone Cefalu

Mother Teresa with Father Donald McGuire, a convicted child molester who ministered to her nuns. Courtesy Tyrone Cefalu

Like ancient trees immobilized, ossified and incapable of growth or the flowering of saplings or leaves in dead areas, as with Arizona’s Petrified Forest known for its Late Triassic fossils, the Roman Catholic Church is a petrified oligarchy, a dictatorship like the medieval monarchies it once existed alongside. 

Moscow billionaire Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church enriched by illegally selling cigarettes

Moscow billionaire Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church enriched by illegally selling cigarettes

As ignoble and repugnant as the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, Russia, who enriched himself with more than $2 to 4 billion in sales of illegal cigarettes to Russians to buy himself a villa in Switzerland, a penthouse in St. Petersburg, a fleet of cars and a yacht among other luxuries while preaching the poverty of his Christ (read Yuri Mamchur’s article here and here and here and watch here), the Roman Catholic Church, not just in Ireland but universally, is run by a small circle of conservative, rigidly ideological old men who make all decisions and choose their own successors.  None has been more reprehensible than today’s mulligrub, menacing, Mephistophelean, unpropitious calamitous corrupt and baneful Benedict XVI who was far happier carrying books out of libraries as a Nazi youth and burning them in salute to the Nazi cause (Stratz, Hans-Wolfgang. “Die Studentische `Aktion wider den undeutschen Geist’ im Frühjar 1933,” Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte Vol. 4, 1968, pp. 347-372). 

Nazi Youth burn books from German librariesThe German book burning under the Nazis was repeated by Young Americans (Republican Youth Corp) in the USA who burned books that argued against racism, for religious tolerance and the pursuit of knowledged, especially the investigation of evolution, science, and further advance of mathematical studies. 

Young Americans burn comic books in Nazi fashion

Young Americans burn comic books in Nazi fashion

Evangelical groups, primarily Southern Baptists and Adventists in Texas, in the 1960s-1970s rallied youth to burn tapes of rock-and-roll and comic books. Crucifixes, religious statues and other symbols were similarly burned in Lima, Peru, in the early 2000s.  What was not known was that many evangelical groups, and those that would become megachurches (especially in Oklahoma) would be as corrupt and filled with as many pedophiles as existed in Roman Catholic parishes: all promising victims “eternal rewards”.

On December 21, 2012, the former Nazi youth exposed his ignorance of science and psychology with another raw rant against human rights when addressing a papal audience of those caving into pontifical pressure and pretenses. Ratzinger’s Christmas address was more ignominious and detestable, setting the stage for more human carnage in the name of Christ. 

Benedict’s hypocrisy rising with his appointment of the least intelligent and morally bankrupt clergy to bishoprics, archbishoprics and the cardinalate means that, whatever individual Catholics may do today or tomorrow, the resources of the repressive and irresponsible church as an institution are bent toward opposing social progress and positive change all over the world. Every dollar put into the church collection plate, every Sunday service or daily Mass attended, every hour of time and effort put into volunteering or working for church organizations, is inevitably a show of support for the institutional church and its abhorrent mission. When a person has no voice, there’s only one thing the thinking individual has left is to boycott the beast denounced by Luther and other reformers before their own institutions became animals devouring the flesh of those who opposed them, or like Jean Calvin in Geneva burning Servetus for having a doctrine contrary to his own, or marching them to Tower Hill in England to chop off, however crudely, their heads, or hang them in the wasteland of Uganda run by the former street-walker, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga blessed by Pope Benedict XVI as the twenty-first century clone of Adolf Hitler who will protect his bible and religious intolerance, now inched up the legs of male supporters to be the Speaker of Parliament.

Theocrat Speaker of Parliament of UgandaRebecca Alitwala Kadaga bases her government on Old Testament and Pauline hate.

Theocrat Speaker of Parliament of Uganda
Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga bases her government on Old Testament and Pauline hate.

Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga is of  one of the most intolerant nations who backs its attack on marginalized people by claiming foundation found in the Bible to “protect the children”.  A literalist who is ignorant of all Biblical languages but is in the pay of Scott Lively of Abiding Truth Ministries, uses the Old Testament to support her rant against human rights. Kadaga’s rant is the same mantra mouthed by orange juice representative in Florida Anita Bryant who has made the hate crimes of Iran and other Sharia-controlled nations seem mild.

Juan Luis cardinal Cipriani Thorne (Lima, Peru)

Juan Luis cardinal Cipriani Thorne (Lima, Peru)

Throughout the world, Catholic bishops, especially the narcissistic Timothy Dolan of New York City (USA), the viciously vulgar, vitriolic, venomous viper Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne of Lima (Peru; born December 28, 1943), who has been accused of murdering his predecessor and who has never been elected president of Peru’s Council of Bishops. 

Cipriani Thorne campaigning for Alberto Fujimori and ending dissent in Peru

Cipriani Thorne campaigning for Alberto Fujimori and ending dissent in Peru

A member of Opus Dei (as were his parents), Cipriani Thorne has done more to stifle education in Peru than any predecessor and has sided with the Fujimori dictatorship.  Cipriani Thorne congratulated Fujimori and super-spy Vladimiro Montesinos and their paid assassins known as Las Colinas on “rooting out communism” by kidnapping and slaughtering teachers and their students, decapitating and dismembering the victims bodies and burying them in isolated areas, while accepting laundered narco-trafficking illegal drug money and sanctioning death squads in quest for totalitarian rule in Peru.

Scott Lively (2d left) in Uganda with other USA evangelical ministers pushing for Kill the Gays legislation

Scott Lively (2d left) in Uganda with other USA evangelical ministers pushing for Kill the Gays legislation

The entire councils of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ireland and of the USA, have engaged in a systematic, organized effort going back decades to cover up for priests who molest children, pressuring the victims to sign confidentiality agreements and quietly assigning the predators to new parishes where they could go on molesting. Tens of thousands of children have been raped and tortured as a result of this conspiracy of silence, not just in the Roman Catholic Church but increasingly in evangelical (Pentecostal, Adventist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc) extremist exhorted congregations, especially in the Sovereign Grace Ministries (30-year-old family of churches with more than 80 congregations), Ted Haggard Ministries, Bishop Eddie Long, etc., matching the increasing pedophile pastors practice in Nigeria and Uganda.   Although these crimes against humanity are not exclusively within the Roman Catholic Church as there are certainly as many in the evangelical community from the ministries of Ted Haggard (and his boy toys), Tony Perkins, Scott Lively and his Abiding Truth Ministries (a certified hate group) campaigning for the slaughter of ten percent of all Ugandans, the Roman Catholic hierarchy gets more publicity because of its insane and unbiblical demand for the unnatural and abnormal act of clerical celibacy—even though thirty-eight popes were married and at least seven popes admitted to supporting and even raising to the cardinalate their young male lovers to shower favor and favoritism on them.

The worse offender against the dignity of the individual is the engorged evangelist Joseph Ratzinger, the current pope, but is representative of the German clergy where 24 dioceses out of 27 were found to maintain pedophile priests, with 94 priests and church employees directly identified as active pedophiles—with Ratzinger saying nothing and was supported by the scandal-riddled Irish episcopacy and clergy with the Bishop of Limerick Donald Murray, and the Bishop of Kildare Jim Moriarty, two of the Prelates who concealed clerical abuse of children for over more than three decades being the first to resign, and then followed on Christmas Eve with the demanded resignation of two Auxiliary Bishops of Dublin, Eamonn Walsh and Raymond Field. 

Father Stephen Kiesler

Father Stephen Kiesle

When he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, this pernicious prelate was personally implicated in a case from the 1970s in which at least three sets of parents reported that a priest in his diocese had sexually abused their children. Ratzinger registered shock but did little more than assign the pedophile priest, Father Stephen Miller Kiesle, who tied up and molested two preteen boys in the rectory of Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Union City, California, to therapy. 

A 1985 letter, written in Latin, to the Diocese of Oakland signed by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The letter said that a California priest accused of molesting children should not be defrocked without further study.

A 1985 letter, written in Latin, to the Diocese of Oakland signed by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The letter said that a California priest accused of molesting children should not be defrocked without further study.

Ratzinger broke German law and cast out all claims without notifying law enforcement, washing his hands of the matter, with a whispered affirmation that as a cardinal, Ratzinger was merely following the blind bigotry of the invidiously iniquitous John Paul II who rejected any “aspersions” cast on priests—until they became “too public”. That priest, Father Stephen Miller Kiesle, was back on duty in just a few short days and went on to molest more children. Ratzinger was defended by then Oakland Diocese Bishop Salvatore Cordileone (who was appointed to the diocese by Ratzinger), who later became the cardinal bishop of San Francisco and is better known for his public drunkenness and lewdness than any spirituality.

Pope John Paul II with papal nuncio Pio cardinal Laghi

Pope John Paul II with papal nuncio Pio cardinal Laghi

By 2001, Ratzinger was officially defined by a Texas court as an accomplice in several pedophile cases. Ratzinger’s prestige and power in Houston, ultimately exempted him from the charge of complicity and he was not required to testify especially with the intercession of the insidious Condoleezza Rice who needed Vatican help to strip nations of corridors to crude to benefit her employers ExxonMobile and other oil big business.  Benedict would later snub Rice when the duplicity, the war in Iraq after snubbing John Paul II’s special envoy, Cardinal Pio Laghi, and other “troubling issues” became common knowledge (read here and here).

Ratzinger ignored a detailed letter against Kiesel, first written in 1981, and several follow-up letters, for four years. Finally, in 1985, he wrote back saying that more time was needed, and that they had to proceed very slowly to safeguard “the good of the Universal Church” in light of “the young age of the petitioner” — by which he meant not the victimized children, but the pedophile priest. It was blatantly stated that Kiesel was a good priest, and some cardinals even argued that he could not be laicized (declared not to be a priest) since he was under the age of 40.  However, by contrast, when the rogue archbishop Emmanuel Milingo of Zambia ordained married men as priests, both in New York and New Jersey, he was laicized six days later.  In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI fired an outspoken Australian bishop William Morris of the Toowoomba diocese, west of Brisbane who called on the Church to ordain women and married men, as vehemently as his pandering predecessor John Paul II.

William Morris of the Toowoomba calling for moral courage from bishops on the scale exhibited by Jesus

William Morris of the Toowoomba calling for moral courage from bishops on the scale exhibited by Jesus

In 2001, Cardinal Ratzinger wrote a letter, De Delictis Gravioribus, to all Catholic bishops advising them how to handle accusations of sex crimes by priests. Ratzinger rejected repeated calls to notify legal authorities but told all bishops that they were to report such cases only to the Vatican and tell no one else: “Cases of this kind are subject to the pontifical secret.” Ratzinger’s letter is precisely the smoking gun—as he recognized pedophilia and was prepared to stop the exposure of any Roman Catholic priest or prelate from public or media scrutiny in defiance of the laws of any area, state, or nation.  Like the molester of young males in the sixteenth century, Pope Julius II (like Pope Julius III and others), Ratzinger believed the Roman Catholic Church was above all civil laws and the Roman Catholic Church should rule over all nations in the same draconian fashion as the religious stranglehold of Christianity has on the government of Uganda.

John Bonny bishop of Antwerp, Belgium

John Bonny bishop of Antwerp, Belgium

The rebellion is growing in the Roman Catholic Church, to the dismay of the German pope, with Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, who was elevated to the position of being the 22nd bishop in the wake of revelation of sexual abuse by a bishop, openly announcing that he would be ready to ordain married men, believing that non-celibate clerics could contribute to the pastoral needs of the Church.

Benedict’s supporters have unique backgrounds, as is the case of the American friar Benedict Groeschel who blamed the epidemic of child molestation on sexually wanton boys (read here and here) who tempt priests into assaulting them.  Other clergy threaten to cut off funding for immigrants’ rights advocates because they sometimes work with gay-rights advocates. Preventing immigrants from getting legal and medical aid is less important than ensuring the church isn’t contaminated by even indirect contact with anyone who helps gay people.

Roman Catholic bishop endorsed fascist Spain's Franco

Roman Catholic bishop endorsed fascist Spain’s Franco

In a stellar sign of how ridiculously wretched,  disproportionate and unhinged the church’s martyrdom complex is, the current pope has compared expanding the rights of women and gay people to the murderous anticlerical violence of the 1930s Spanish civil war.  Yet it was the Roman Catholic Church that endorsed and blessed Franco and hailed Fascism in Spain.  Other supporters included the unsaintly Jesusmaria Escriva, who in April 1946, preached to Franco and his family, and from the fascist dictatorship built the basic foundation of Opus Dei (Allen, John L. (2005), Opus Dei: An Objective Look Behind the Myths and Reality of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church, Garden City: Doubleday, p. 58). 

Blessing of Franco by the Roman Catholic Church

Blessing of Franco by the Roman Catholic Church

Opus Dei, following the design of Franco, is a paramilitary, pro-fascist, antimodernist, integralist (reactionary) organization that does not tolerate dissent–and became a trump card for reactionary popes through the twisted times of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  On the alleged sanctity of John Paul II, read here and here and here.

The Roman Catholic Church, like its Eastern Orthodox “brother church”, has long lied about its own role in the atrocities of the Franco regime that it helped gain power and murder countless innocent people with the blessing of Jesusmaria Escriva, who was never a saint or holy man, and his odious opportunistic Opus Dei and other totalitarian dictatorships from Hitler and Mussolini to the impoverishment of Peru and other Latin American countries, and secret donations to religious political funds in Spain, the USA (where it secretly funneled money into the campaign by the dubiously devout Rick Santorum) and Uganda. At the same time, under the direction of Ratzinger, the Vatican used its official UN observer status to team up with Islamic theocracies like Iran (where Ratzinger was represented by Msgr. Romeo Panciroli; Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad Hashemi Rafsanjani, the brother of President Hashemi Rafsanjani, declared  Iran’s full endorsement of this collaboration and said there were many avenues for co-operation between religious states which were not confined to the prohibition of abortion) and Libya to oppose calls for family planning services to be made available in the world’s poorest nations with Libya claiming that any form of birth control was not only detrimental to the state but against the will of the god of Islam. Libya and the Roman Catholic Church were joined by Peru dictator Alberto Fujimori who had hundreds of mountain people in Peru forcibly sterilized with the encouragement from his daughter Keiko and son Kenye (both of whom sit in the 2012 thoroughly corrupt Peru Congress that is battered by neo-Nazi leader Martha Chavez) seeking to overthrow their father’s conviction for crimes against humanity.

Like the pandering Polish pope, John Paul II, Ratzinger has sent emissaries to desperately poor, AIDS-ravaged regions of Africa to spread the life-destroying lie that condoms do not prevent transmission of HIV. This papal absurdity was accepted and applauded by the Russian Orthodox Church that is run by a womanizing, child abusing clergy led by Patriarch Kirill who found nothing wrong with the Romanov family’s murder of innocent peasants and apostates (and were declared saints in the Russian Orthodox Church after well-placed bribes were placed with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow) and claimed that “attacks” on the church were identical to those by people who overthrew the scandalous Romanov dynasty; his words and that of Ratzinger were glorified by the statement of the deputy chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin.

Roger Vangheluwe, Bishop of Brugge

Roger Vangheluwe, Bishop of Brugge

Roman Catholic clergy and bedecked bishops in white lace flounces over flowing dresses of crimson, in the mid-20th century appointed a special papal commission to study whether Catholicism should permit the use of birth control. The commission, to no one’s surprise was composed almost completely of men chosen from their members. Theologians Anthony Kosnik, William Carroll, Ronald Modras, James Schulte, and Agnes Cunningham (the token female) took on the task. In 1977 they published Human Sexuality: New Directions in American Catholic Thought—not a woman of the general laity was involved, consulted, or considered.  The men, none of whom could become pregnant even after being raped, held the final card by claiming spiritual authority found nowhere in the Bible, yet as a few wags wrote: if men could become pregnant abortion would be a sacrament—bring a scowl from the German dragoon.  When the commission almost unanimously recommended that women should be allowed contraceptives, the church led by Ratzinger ignored the recommendation and doubled down on their absolute ban on contraception.

The Roman Catholic hierarchy has long preferred the death of a pregnant woman, impregnated even by rape or incest, over the removal of dead, deformed or damaging fetal tissue that can cost the woman her life.  The doctrine espoused by predatory prelates in countries where Roman Catholicism is the main force, such as in Latin America, Italy, Ireland and Poland, is that every zygote is a human baby in defiance of all medical logic and research to the contrary.  

Brasilian cardinal Cardosa Sobrinho in political cartoon.

Brasilian cardinal Cardosa Sobrinho in political cartoon.

The patronizing pastors and predatory prelates, such as Jose Cardoso Sobrinho who has been characterized as being key-hole spies, have excommunicated the doctors who performed an abortion on a pregnant 9-year-old who’d been raped by her stepfather.  He went so far as to excommunicate the child’s mother for agreeing to the abortion but did not speak out or condemn the incestuous father who had been regularly raping the child since she was six years old. No charges, ecclesiastical or secular were filed against the father, although the mother was reprimanded for not having sufficient control over her daughter.

Brasil’s anachronistic Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho (born in Caruaru, June 30 1933- ) of the coastal city of Recife announced that for the Vatican he was excommunicating the entire family of the child who medically would not have been able to deliver a baby since her hips were too narrow but not the child since she was a minor.  The doctors who performed the abortion were hailed for their efforts, the Brasilian Minister of health Jose Gomes Temporao referred to the doctors’ work, performed March 4, 2009, as “brilliant”.

Cordoso Sobrinho excommunicates doctors and families who tolerate necessity of an abortion.

Cordoso Sobrinho excommunicates doctors and families who tolerate necessity of an abortion.

Temporao declared that doctors were required to put law before religion, a statement that the majority of Brasil agreed with, since, on the average, 8700 women die each year because of the lack of professional abortion providers and follow-up examinations. 

A war of words ensued between the popular President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the archbishop over the church’s decision.   The President said:”As a Christian and a Catholic,

Brasil questions Catholic tradition and authority

Brasil questions Catholic tradition and authority

I find it deeply lamentable that a bishop of the Catholic Church has such a conservative attitude,” Lula said on Globo TV. “In this case, the medical profession was more right than the church. One of the doctors involved in the procedure, Dr. Olimpio Moraes, said he thanked the archbishop for his excommunication because the controversy sheds light on Brasil’s restrictive abortion laws. He said women in Brasil’s countryside are victimized by Brazil’s ban on abortion in the same way as they are in all Roman Catholic controlled countries (more than one million women undergo abortions each year in Brasil, and doctors treat more than 250,000 of them because of botched abortion techniques; read here and here and here). 

Dom José cardinal Cardoso Sobrinho of Brasil

Dom José cardinal Cardoso Sobrinho of Brasil

Cardinal Cardoso Sobrinho has had other spurious accolades to his credit: he is among those who protect pedophiles throughout Brasil and has been seen in gay clubs.  Brasil’s (O. Carm.) of Recife and Olinda, has been portrayed in cartoons and tabloids not only as a peeping-tom: an alter ego of Brasil’s Roman Catholic Church but as a viper determined to extract confessions of presumed guilt from women in the same manner as

Dom José Cardoso Sobrinho cartoon

Dom José Cardoso Sobrinho cartoon

the Spanish Inquisition interrogated women with threats and force of diabolical designed machinery.  Among the least qualified for the cardinalate, it was Cardoso Sobrinho’s vehemently violent rhetoric that won him the beret that announced his ascension to the college of cardinals and left dread in the decaying family structure in Brasil that the prelate continuously attacked from pulpit and public squares.  As the clerical clown crowed, there was never a human right that he regarded or respected.

Every diocesan member had to fall to the miscreant mind-numbing murmurs of Mother Church.  The theological troglodyte retired on July 1, 2009; even the President of Brasil declaring that the prelate pushed beyond the borders of fairness and mercy with his senseless multiple excommunications.

The Roman Catholic episcopacy in Ireland is as savage and senseless as Cardoso Sobrinho in sanctioning the unnecessary deaths of women who cannot successfully or willingly give birth to products of rape, incest, and malformation. Savita Halappanavar wasn’t the first to die at Catholic-run hospitals that are willing to let women die rather than having a therapeutic safe abortion, even when a miscarriage is already in progress and no possible procedure could save the fetus.  Similar fate was in store for Americans whose closest hospital was Roman Catholic and where doctors forgot their Hippocratic Oath written in Ionic Greek (late 5th century BC),  that requires a new physician to swear upon a number of healing gods that he will uphold a number of professional ethical standards and look after the welfare of a living mortal.

A majority of Roman Catholic priests and prelates refused to provide contraception or abortion to women who were abducted and forced to work as prostitutes. Roman Catholic clergy have even gone as far as filing a frivolous lawsuit—that they lost—complaining that contraceptives were violating their religious freedom in telling women how they could control and manage their reproductive rights and bodies when the government took away their contract.  US District Judge Richard Stearns explained why the bishops were in the wrong, writing:

To insist that the government respect the separation of church and state is not to discriminate against religion; indeed, it promotes a respect for religion by refusing to single out any creed for official favor at the expense of all others…This case is about the limits of the government’s ability to delegate to a religious institution the right to use taxpayer money to impose its beliefs on others [who may or may not share them].

It is worse in Poland, the land of Polish extremism where hoodlums run free in the streets to deny individual rights of choice with praise from pastors to priests in their stand against what they see as corruption.  In Poland, the Roman Catholic Church, using tactics of the medieval Inquisition of the Christian religion in the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries, ordered Polish politicians to vote for a law banning IVF and threatened to excommunicate any who didn’t comply.  Those who did not capitulate immediately to the carnivorous clergy were mocked publicly and churches launched broadsides against the government as being “set against god”.

The Vatican with the entire episcopacy in lockstep as if all were hailing the return and revitalization of Ratzinger’s Third Reich, quickly went after women’s right of choice, specifically targeting the Komen Foundation and its organization better known for its “race for a cure” for breast cancer than its support of Planned Parenthood. It was the Roman Catholic Church that was the major source of the pressure on the Komen Foundation that led to its disastrous decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood, with many claiming that the Komen Foundation was a front for the Roman Catholic Church.  As Reuters news agency noted:  “In recent years, Komen has allocated at least $17.6 million of the donations it receives to U.S. Catholic universities, hospitals and charities”–definitely not without ties to the Roman Catholic Church.  The veil of secrecy that shrouded the fund-raiser was removed.  Komen’s quickly lost favor when its support of Planned Parenthood became public knowledge and Church opposition reached dramatic new proportions in 2011, when the 11 bishops who represent Ohio’s 2.6 million Catholics announced a statewide policy banning church and parochial school donations to Komen.  Being a covert hand of the Roman Catholic Church, Komen within a few days reversed itself and withdrew its financial support of Planned Parenthood.

Forever the Grand Inquisitor, worse than that defined by Dostoevsky in his Brothers Karamazov, Benedict XVI feels he has a god-given right to interfere in politics in all nations.  Through the frigid mask of the Roman Catholic bishops of the USA, the Roman Catholic Church announced an inquisition into the Girl Scouts to get to the bottom of its association with morally suspect groups like Doctors without Borders and Oxfam.  The vile arm of the Roman Catholic Church is investigating the Girl Scouts because of the Girl Scouts alleged support for reproductive rights and freedom of choice for women.  Nationally, American Roman Catholic nuns are being charged with subversion as the villainous Vatican ordered a “doctrinal investigation” of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  The organization represents approximately 80 percent of American nuns, and can be sanctioned since they are a Roman Catholic organization.  The Girl Scouts are not affiliated with the cantankerous Church of Rome and are not welcome for promoting safe-sex and not abstinence.

The malevolent Vatican has bared its fangs frantically against Doctors without Borders because the administer medicine not ministry and offer equal care to all people.  The Roman Catholic hierarchy harangues the group because it not only supports the right of a woman to elect an abortion but states its willingness to offer therapeutic abortions without cost to the poor of the world.  Oxfam was denigrated by the Roman Catholic episcopacy and Ratzinger because it offers food to women who had abortions.  Yet the Roman Catholic Church gets over a billion Euros in property tax exemption to spread its hate and deny human rights worldwide.

R. Walker Nickless and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstadt reject separation of state and church.

R. Walker Nickless and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstadt reject separation of state and church.

Roman Catholic bishops in the USA, with the most notoriously sinister located in the Midwest, especially in Iowa with Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City, Iowa taking the most extreme stand calling it a line to vote on, Minnesota led by Archbishop John Nienstedt of Saint Paul & Minneapolis, and Wisconsin Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay who have long been against the US Bill of Rights when it comes to free choice, and Indiana’s Father Sammie Maletta of St. John the Evangelist Parish in St. John, who argues that the Roman Catholic Church has a right to instruct its followers on how to vote and live as a sign of religious liberty (funded by the Republican controlled Heritage Foundation; for more on this lie read here), and the majority (98%) of Roman Catholic women use contraceptives; and Obama won the majority of the Roman Catholic vote: 52% – 45%), that are cavalierly cannibalized by crass clergy, have been one of the major forces attacking Obamacare, filing lawsuits arguing that non-church Catholic employers should be able to decide whether or not employee health insurance plans will cover contraception. This is an unfurled and effective argument that a woman’s employer should be allowed to force her to pay more for medical coverage, or even place it out of her reach altogether, based on his religious beliefs. It is rank misogyny and gynophobia richly rendered by Benedict XVI and his gaggle of gospel geese that has little if any knowledge of what the original scrolls contain.  The Roman Catholic Church in the USA does not speak for all Roman Catholics in the USA.

Father Frank Klep

Father Frank Klep

In Australia, Roman Catholic clerics derailed police investigations of accused pedophile  priests.  The Australian Roman Catholic episcopacy has escalated putting pressure on higher-ups to get investigating officer removed from cases, especially in the case of the Rev. Frank Klep (read more here).

A direct assault on academic freedom occurs daily within the Roman Catholic Church and its schools, especially at San Augustine’s in Chiclayo (where I taught) and Lima, Perú, and the various Opus Dei schools, such as Colegios Cibos and  Fontanar, throughout Peru (it took over the Pontifical University in Lima to make it more “church oriented; Opus Dei runs Universidad de Piura, destroying its academic freedom and creating robots of its student body) are mindless institutions where obedience is more critical than objectivity, and where indoctrination is considered more worthwhile than is investigation and education.  Opus Dei schools have the singular intent of taking over the world and refashioning it in a way identical Hitler’s goal of controlling Europe and beyond (for the Spanish, read here), its crimes, especially in Perú, are legendary as it spins its tangled web throughout Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Far from being “spiritually based” its hidden agenda is to make as much money as possible and with it rule; its main apologist is Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, and has negligible difference from the group in Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code. The Roman Catholic Church demanded that Sunday school teachers sign a loyalty oath agreeing to submit “will and intellect” to the proclamations of church leaders (read here, and rational is here and here).

Father Edmund Walsh (McCarthy's priest)

Father Edmund Walsh (McCarthy’s priest)

Some top church officials, including the current pope, have advocated denying communion to politicians who support progressive and pro-choice political ideas.  As occurred in the days of US Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) who was openly controlled by the Roman Catholic Church in the USA, through the priest Edmund Walsh (when McCarthy died, over 100 priests met for the funeral mass and urged the Wisconsin senator to be declared a saint for his pursuit against “communism” and “enemies of religion” in which we find the foundation stones for Opus Dei and other organized hate groups) the Roman Catholic Church in the USA openly opposed President Barrack Obama on his social stands for the liberty of all and the right of choice (read here and here).  Throughout its petrified parsimonious past pushing to the present and into the future, the Roman Catholic Church also opposes preemptive war and the death penalty, no conservative politician has ever been denied communion on this basis.

Nuns on the bus (USA)

Nuns on the bus (USA)

From the bishops of New York to the most pathetic of patriarchs perched on the platform of religion as Pope Benedict XVI, Roman Catholic clergy have initiated an unprecedented unholy war against the Sisters of the Church (especially for Nuns on the Bus that toured the USA in quest of fairness for everyone) for showing too much compassion and charity to “fallen women”, the poor, victims of rape and violence, and those who seek the end of unwanted fetal tissue generation.   The mentality of the ministers of the faith is nearly Neanderthal in their cracked down on American nuns by Benedict XVI and American cardinals for doing too much to help the poor and not enough to oppose gay marriage, condemning them for displaying a seditious “feminist spirit“. 

Tebartz-van Elst, 52, bishop of Limburg

Tebartz-van Elst, 52, bishop of Limburg

In Germany, where parishioners pay an officially assessed tax rate to the church, they’ve tried to blackmail people who don’t want to pay the church tax, threatening to fire them from jobs in church institutions. In some cases, if the person opts out but later loses the paperwork, they demand on-the-spot repayment of decades of back taxes.  Priests and bishops generally live more luxuriant lives than their parishioners and detail that their ministry demands more creature comforts (as with the German bishop Tebartz-van Elst, 52, of Limburg read here and here).

Daniel Jenky bishop of Peoria IL

Daniel Jenky bishop of Peoria IL

In the USA, the Roman Catholic bishops are worse than their continental compatriots.  They have compared Democratic officeholders, including President Obama, to Hitler and Stalin (read here for the comments of Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Illinois; cp. here for those made by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki from Springfield, Illinois) and have

Thomas John Paprocki bishop of Springfield IL

Thomas John Paprocki bishop of Springfield IL

said that it jeopardizes a person’s eternal salvation if they don’t vote as the bishops instruct them to vote.  They are supported by the most evil encampment of enemies to the US Constitution and to freedom: the Becket Foundation, a far-right group organized to fight any separation of state and church (read here and here) and is a quasi-official arm of the Roman Catholic Church and the Republican Party.

Benedict XVI and Roman Catholic bishops fight against equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. Not only does the Catholic Church hierarchy refuse to officially perform church weddings for gay and lesbian couples (many priests do perform them privately or semi-privately and I have attended two of them); they want to write that prohibition into the civil law and deny marriage equality to everyone who doesn’t fit their religious criteria.  The Roman Catholic Church as a single entity, plus various bishoprics and archbishoprics has invested vast amounts of money and effort into doing so. In the 2012 election cycle alone, the church spent almost $2 million in an unsuccessful fight to defeat marriage-equality initiatives in four states amounting to more than $11.3 million from donations to the church by parishioners but without getting any parishioner’s consent for the expenditure

Like many evangelical ministers who, when not wife-swapping or having boyfriends and boy toys on the side, Roman-Catholic bishops and clergy are kept busy  comparing gay sex to pedophilia and incest and called for it to be forbidden by law, saying that “states can and must regulate behaviors, including various sexual behaviors.”  These accusations continue even though 10,969 Roman Catholic clergy in the USA admit to being pedophiles.

The fear of homosexuality that is rampant throughout the Roman Catholic (studies do not agree as to numbers, but estimates are between 23% – 58%; read here), Orthodox (there are no studies since most priests refuse interviews or paper surveys, but the various churches from Russian to Bulgarian, Ukrainian, etc argue that homosexuality is a sin and one who is homosexual cannot be a priest) and various Protestant ministerial groups (it is accepted in the ELCA of the Lutheran Church but not the Missouri or Wisconsin synods), has led especially Roman Catholic organizations, on strict order by the Vatican, to  shut down adoption clinics rather than consider gay people as prospective parents. The church’s quasi-official position is that it’s better for children to remain orphans or in foster care than to be placed in a loving, committed same-sex household (here and here and here for the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology based on scientific studies).

Matthew-Shepard-Scholars, of the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa:  The Eychaner Foundation

Matthew-Shepard-Scholars, of the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa: The Eychaner Foundation

More gruesome is the Roman Catholic Church’s stand against any gay group that is working to end Church and School efforts to ban any anti-LGBT bullying group, anti-teen-suicide foundation from any Catholic school ceremony.  The Roman Catholic Church explained it that the group’s mission is “contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church” as was the case in

Martin J. Amos, 8th bishop of Davenport, Iowa

Martin J. Amos, 8th bishop of Davenport, Iowa

Davenport, Iowa, where its bishop, Martin Amos, retread to fifteenth century thought trumpeted by the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church suffering under its most corrupt pedophile popes in its ecclesiastical history in denouncing the group at Prince of Peace Catholic School.  Sectarian politics played a major role in this attack on human freedoms, when the prelate complained that unspecified groups awarding scholarships were not in accord with Roman Catholic Church teachings, then backtracked by noting that both the Roman Catholic Church and the scholarship were against bullying and defamation of character.  This issue had not arisen in any previous statement nor at any earlier time.  It came out only when one Roman Catholic high school

Keaton Fuller received a Matthew Sheperd scholarship, initially rejected by the archdiocese of Davenport.

Keaton Fuller received a Matthew Sheperd scholarship, initially rejected by the archdiocese of Davenport.

senior Keaton Fuller, Clinton, Iowa, won a $40,000 scholarship named after martyred Matthew Shepard who was tied to a fence with barbed wire in Wyoming and left to die for being gay. 

On April 27, 2012, the Diocese intervened and told the recipient that a member of the would not be permitted to present the award at graduation, but that it would be presented by a school staff member in fear that some molecules from the award would infect the other graduates and turn them gay. The bishop, Martin J. Amos, through the diocese office, issued a statement that it was a “long-standing policy” regarding guest speakers that the school “cannot allow anyone or any organization which [sic] promotes a position that is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church to present at a diocesan institution”.  The Des Moines Register later printed:

Fuller and the Eychaner Foundation’s founder, Rich Eychaner, both thanked Bishop Amos for finding an acceptable resolution. The script to be read on graduation day will say the scholarship ‘is granted to distinguished Iowa high school seniors who are openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender’ and that Fuller ‘gradually shared his story with friends and classmates … and was embraced by the Prince of Peace community.

“ ‘As I leave Prince of Peace, it’s comforting to know that this experience may make it easier for the next gay student who attends this school,’ Fuller said in a statement issued Friday. ‘Please know that this week has not been about me. Rather, it has been about recognizing that everybody deserves to be treated equally, regardless of any differences we may have.’ ”

The Roman Catholic Council of USA Bishops is even more reactionary that Iowa’ Bishop Ames, with many of the bishops self-confessed pedophiles.  They told a teenager he wouldn’t be allowed to go through confirmation because he posted a pro-gay-rights status message on Facebook, and they expelled a preschooler from a private Catholic school because his parents were lesbians. This was true both in Grand Forks and throughout Minnesota

Rachel Mike, who won a settlement in a case involving Father Poole, at her confirmation in the summer of 1975. Behind her is Father George Endal, accused of raping or molesting several boys and allegedly walking in on another priest performing oral sex on a 6-year-old boy and doing nothing to stop it.

Rachel Mike, who won a settlement in a case involving Father Poole, at her confirmation in the summer of 1975. Behind her is Father George Endal, accused of raping or molesting several boys and allegedly walking in on another priest performing oral sex on a 6-year-old boy and doing nothing to stop it.

as with the Jesuit priest Donald J. McGuire. Oregon’s dioceses paid more than

Pedophile Jesuit priest Donald J. McGuire, friend of Mother (St.) Teresa of Calcutta

Pedophile Jesuit priest Donald J. McGuire, friend of Mother (St.) Teresa of Calcutta

$166 million (the third largest settlement to sex abuse survivors who were Native Americans and Alaskan natives, boys and girls, who were abused by priests at Catholic schools throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.  The settlement covered more than 450 victims raped by Jesuit priests of the Roman Catholic Church.  Most rapes occurred in remote villages and on reservations, and when the Jesuits filed for bankruptcy in 2009, the victims responded noting that the province remained wealthy because it controls and owns Gonzaga University, Gonzaga Preparatory School, Seattle University and other schools and properties with Opus Dei prevalent in most institutions. The Jesuits made Alaska a “pedophile paradise“.

Timothy cardinal Dolan (New York City) pedophile cover-up in Milwaukee and NYC

Timothy cardinal Dolan (New York City) pedophile cover-up in Milwaukee and NYC

To cover-up their own pedophile propensities and seduction of women, the Roman Catholic Council of Bishops in the USA have a history of dumping known pedophile priests in isolated, poor, rural communities, where they apparently assumed that local people wouldn’t dare to complain or that no one would listen if they did.   Adding insult to injury, the attackers of the victims were give payouts  — as much as $20,000 in some cases — to pedophile priests, to buy their silence and quietly ease them out of the priesthood, after specifically denying in public that they were doing this with such payouts being orchestrated and pushed by New York City Timothy cardinal Dolan (read here) who was, then, archbishop of Milwaukee.

When the legislature of the State of Connecticut proposed extending statute-of-limitations laws to allow older child-abuse cases to be tried, the bishops of Connecticut ordered a letter to be read during Mass instructing parishioners to contact their representatives and lobby against it.  The bishops claimed that they were worried about frivolous lawsuits.  To fight back against and intimidate abuse-survivor groups like SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), the church’s lawyers have filed absurdly broad subpoenas demanding the disclosure of decades’ worth of documents.  

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League against SNAP

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League against SNAP

William Donahue, an arch-conservative Roman Catholic, calls SNAP “a menace to the Catholic Church” for exposing rampant pedophiles in its membership.  While Donahue argues that the bishops are in league together to fight charges, the US Council of Catholic Bishops has rejected such a claim.

Similar problems occurred throughout the USA. No diocese was exempt.

Monsignor William Lynn kept predators in ministry in Philadelphia

Monsignor William Lynn kept predators in ministry in Philadelphia

 When Monsignor William Lynn, a Catholic official from Philadelphia, was charged with knowingly returning predator priests to duty, his defense was to blame those decisions on his superior, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua (read here about Romano Ferraro, and here for Father Peter J. Dunn who was judged “a very sick man” and was psychoanalyzed as an untreatable pedophile, and a narcissist with an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder; and here for Rev. Stanley Gana who collected nude photographs of his victims) ultimately judged competent to stand trial.  His statement acknowledged that the corruption reaches to the highest levels of the church. 

Forcible castrations were justified as a means to keep youth from homosexuality and to punish young males who were not "cooperative".

Forcible castrations were justified as a means to keep youth from homosexuality and to punish young males who were not “cooperative”.

In the Netherlands, ten boys were castrated in church-run hospitals after complaining to the police about sexual abuse by priests (many young males were castrated on orders from bishops who feared they were homosexuals, and were told that castration cures a male of homosexual tendencies).  The archbishop used the same excuse as given by the Nazis to justify his silence.  Several months later, it was reported that this same cardinal had personally arranged to move a pedophile priest to a different parish to shield him from accusations. 

Ad cardinal Simmons of Utrecht transferred a paedophile priest to a parish in Amersfoort where the priest repeatedly sexually abused children

Ad cardinal Simmons of Utrecht transferred a paedophile priest to a parish in Amersfoort where the priest repeatedly sexually abused children

While he was Archbishop of Utrecht, Cardinal Ad Simonis shielded a paedophile priest.  This was neither the first nor the last time that the Church in the Netherlands covered paedophiles, both priests and nuns.

Even alleged saints have been implicated in sex abuse cases.  In one case, Mother Teresa successfully persuaded the church to return a later convicted pedophile priest, Father Donald McGuire, to duty because he was a friend of hers (read here and here). Eight additional complaints of child abuse were later lodged against Father Donald McGuire, justifying Christopher Hitchens original indictment of the Albanian born nun in his 1997 book, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice (London and New York: Verso, 1995). Among other “oversights” Teresa had set up a worldwide system of “homes for the dying” that routinely failed to provide adequate care to patients.

Kaligat (Mother Theresa's home for sick and dying, Calcutta)

Kaligat (Mother Theresa’s home for sick and dying, Calcutta)

There is money to be made by the Roman Catholic Church is raising dead people to sainthood, as with Mother Teresa.  They canonized Mother Teresa for doing little more than offering a squalid place for people to die; it was called Kaligat; starvation is one of the main sources of death, despite that there is an abundance of food for those who can pay for it, next to none is given in charity, with children being the primary victims). Outside observers who visited her “Home for the Dying” reported that medical care was substandard and dangerous, limited to aspirin and unsterilized needles rinsed in tap water, administered by untrained volunteers. The millions of dollars collected by Mother Teresa and her order, enough to build many advanced clinics and hospitals remain unaccounted for.

Father Martin P. O'Loghlen

Father Martin P. O’Loghlen

Never troubled by appointing pedophiles to church offices, the Roman Catholic Church appointed Martin O’Loghlen, to a church-run sexual abuse advisory board – even though O’Loghlen himself was a known abuser who molested a teenage girl, Julie Malcom (she later filed legal action against him), in the 1960s and admitted to having a “sexual addiction”.  When this was discovered, it was poorly veiled, still the Roman Catholic Church had the audacity to plead for money and ask parishioners to pick up the tab for legal costs and settlements.

The Australian and New Zealand nuns in the Roman Catholic Church followed precedents established in Europe, especially in Ireland, by its nuns and priests abducting  tens of thousands of babies from unwed mothers who gave birth in Catholic-run hospitals all.  They also forced drugged or helpless women to give their newborn children up for adoption against their will.

The list is endless.  The atrocities, barbarities and evil of the Roman Catholic Church is tantamount to the disdain and disregard of all other churches including the Russian Orthodox Church and its attack on dissent in the case with Pussy Riot.  Like the Taliban and Islamic extremists, the Roman Catholic Church also strangles dissent and dissenters (literally and metaphorically) as when it tried to have the Indian skeptic Sanal Edamuruku charged with blasphemy and imprisoned for debunking a claim of a miraculous weeping statue (read here and here and here and here).

The Roman Catholic Church’s finances are a disorganized mess.  The operate their own bank with ATMs, all mired in money laundering, but lack strong accounting controls and clear internal separations, which means parishioners who give to the church can have no assurance of what the money will be used for.  According to an investigation by the Economist, funds meant for hospitals, cemeteries and priests’ pensions have been raided to pay legal fees and settlements in several diocesan bankruptcies.

Vatican ATM is in Latin

Vatican ATMs are in Latin

The Roman Catholic Church is one large scandal and at the top of this scandal is the bankrupt papacy, the worse in history: Benedict XVI is implicated with two top associates in money laundering.  His life-size portrait hangs over all ATMs with all instructions for use in Latin.  Benedict XVI has never been a saint, as new information surfaces on the predatory pope daily (read here and here and here where Ratzinger is given the title of God’s Rottweiler, while placing “the devil” (not the pedophile priest) as the source of evil in child abuse cases).

Stop supporting the church with your money and your time. Such action, however it may seem is more than justified by a cornucopia of reasons showing that the church as an institution is beyond reform, and the only meaningful response is to part ways with it and let it die in the filth of its pedophile priests, greed for enrichment of a few while millions starve, and the lack of a mission to truly educate rather than indoctrinate new generations of soon-to-be Roman robots.


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If men could become pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament

Every USA Roman Catholic bishop has condemned universal health care

The ignorance of the Roman Catholic Council of Bishops (and the vast majority of the Roman Catholic episcopacy, with an increasing number of Roman Catholic officials: priests, bishops, and cardinals being accused of or charged with sex crimes: rape, pedophilia, child endangerment, etc. and many being tried, convicted and sent to prison) with that of evangelical extremists who delight in calling themselves Christians, concerning evolution of being (mortals) is not only a mass form of ignorance (citing bad English translations of the bible to defend “the sanctity of life” within the uterus, but totally ignoring the fetus that survives birth through the vagina canal.  This is evident when listening to, or reading, the preachings of Ritch Boerckel, Senior Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church – Peoria, IL using Genesis 1:24-31).

John Piper of Minnesota

Boerckel’s slander of those he disagrees with is intensified by John Piper, Pastor for Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN (and close friend of Rick Warren who wants to exterminate “those who do not follow [his] light”), among others.  They claim they have “god’s ministry” as their goal, but enrich themselves from the pockets of the gullible–especially young racist conservatives. Their marginal education defies science and medicine. 

Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne

Among the most illiterate in the area of natural and health sciences, who denies basic embryology and fetal development, and is adamantly against any woman exercising her right to determine the destiny of her own body is the predatory primate pastor of denunciation and antipathetic to the needs of the poor masses huddled in make-shift dwellings in the slums of Lima, Perú: Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, cardinal archbishop who has never been elected as the lead of the Bishops of Perú who have repeatedly denied him the presidency of their council, knowing his sinister designs on the Church in Perú in 2012–the fourth time Cipriani Thorne was rejected.  The universal distrust and disgust with Cipriani Thorne’s clawing toward total power spans years of his venomous vomiting out hatred within the Perú Church when being complicit in the murder of “left-leaning” teachers, and sanctioning the attack on over 70,000 civilians.

Timothy Dolan (NY Times/Nathaniel Brooks)

Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (an Opus Dei extremist and self-flagallating archbishop of Lima, Perú (who is kept busy attempting to take over the Pontifical University in Lima while screaming a women demanding a role in the church and the right to determine the destiny of their own bodies), whose only equal is the sycophant bishop of Chiclayo:  Jesús Moliné Labarte, who has more in common with Darth Vadar than Jesus Christ), Timothy Dolan (pedophile protecting archbishop of New York City (who is the subject of numerous popular and widespread articles on his open hatred rumors of his own sexual irregularities, payouts (buying silence and “encouraging” openly gay, or pedophile, priests to leave the church: read here and here) to pedophile priests, and more) who represents the most conservative gaggle in the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the USA), Benedict XVI (Vatican), eighteen-year-old street preachers, Steven Furtick of the USA, Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo, along with countless Pentecostals and televangelists (like Pat Robertson an untrained theologian and fraudster (Ide, Arthur Frederick (1988). Robertson! The Pulpit and the Power; plotting, planning, pretending — Pat’s putsch for the presidency.  Austin, TX: AAP) the original Elmer Gantry: Billy Graham (read: Edwards, Kurt Alexander (2008). Billy Graham, Elmer Gantry and the Performance of a New American Revival. Unpublished dissertation: Bowling Green, Ohio : Bowling Green State University; etc) who milk congregations of money to live in castles normally affordable only to millionaires, and passed his creed of greed to his son and huckster Franklin Graham (who is quoted as saying: “a true Christian has the right to live well, rich” creating the “Samaritan’s Purse”, whose mission is: To help the world’s “poor, sick, and suffering” with food, medicine, and other assistance — all with the ultimate purpose of “sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ”).

Billy (Left) and Franklin (Right) Graham

The “Samaritan’s Purse” has a yearly income of $309 million, and yearly “expenses” of $295 million–with little going to the poor) that the ultra-poor their few dollars into while the fraudster Franklin Graham relieved it of $1.2 million whose handling of “God’s purse” out rival that of the New Testament Judas who would sell Jesus a second time: watch here) after converting from the Presbyterian Church to the Southern Baptist Church that has more millionaires as pastors than any other religion with the possible exception of the Old Testament pseudo-Christian Pentecostals.

Richard Land

The Grahams, Pat Robertson, Richard Land the charlatan, plagiarist (also read here and here), and racist head of the Southern Baptist Convention (that later cancelled his radio broadcast), all praise the sperm as if it were a living person.  Medical science has proven that only under stellar sterile conditions can the sperm last at most five days, and many cases is deprived of energy with in hours if it does not penetrate the ova (egg). While there are numerous evangelical extremists praise the “rod of Jesse” (actually, an erect penis; medieval scribes referred to it as “et egredietur virga de radice Iesse et flos de radice eius ascendet “; cf. Isaiah 11:1 ff.) the only praise for the vagina is if the “young girl” (the ancient word for the young was “virgin”; almah (עלמה, plural: alamot עלמות) is a Hebrew feminine noun, for a girl who has reached puberty but is still under the shielding protection of her family; the confusion over the word comes from Isaiah 7:14; the male/masculine equivalent is  elem (“עלם”) meaning “youth” or “young man of the age of puberty” indicating the appearance of pubic hair and emotional stimulation leading to the erection of the penis) practiced unnatural sex: chastity and celibacy–that, by the twelfth century (Second Lateran Council in 1139 with the appearance of lex continentiae.is a transmogrification of Luke 18:28-30; cf. Matthew 19:27-30.  It was not mentioned before the fourth century and the invention of the Christian church by the Emperor Constantine I at his Council of Nicaea that were added to the Decretals of Bishop Siricius of Rome  who is sometimes referred to as a Pope), was mandated for weak-minded miscreant males who, in ignorance, joined the clergy in hopes of personal enrichment.

Rep. Lisa Brown in Michigan legislative House

The male chauvinism of men came to the foreground in the vagina debates in Michigan when a legislator used the word vagina in a repudiation of male attempts to limit a woman’s right of choice and was barred by the Republican/Tea Party from further discussions for using the word vagina in her retort.  The rank stupidity of the Michigan legislature is highlighted by the Republican Party’s abuse of power.

Rep. Lisa Brown

Rep. Lisa Brown, a suburban Detroit, was silenced after Republicans who control the chamber said she violated decorum, while she was speaking against a bill requiring doctors to ensure women aren’t coerced into ending their pregnancies.  Bravely, Brown told Republicans, “I’m flattered you’re all so concerned about my vagina. But no means no”  (see video here).  Brown noted: “It actually exists in Michigan statutes in three different places. This bill was about abortion. That doesn’t happen without a vagina.”

Wayne Schmidt

The ignorance of the Republican Senators (all are male save for two who claims to be female but has not a hint of feminine psychology) in the Michigan legislature is spell-binding.  Listening to them rant and rave about the rights of men and the “duties” of women to accept men as the head of their lives and homes, they are as daft as the Republicans in the State House, with the chief of gaggle of goons being State Rep. Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City), who boasted that the Republican leadership was standing for maturing and common sense, and argued that the House’s decision to silence Brown was no different than [sic: from] putting a child in timeout.  With a twinkle in his darkened eyes, Schmidt smacked like a common bully, crowing:  “It’s like giving a kid [sic] a timeout for a day,” speaking to Lansing radio host Patrick Shiels. “You know, hey, timeout, you wanna [sic] comment too far, you spoke your piece. We’re gonna [sic] let these other people have their dissenting comments, and then we’ll get back to business.”  His lack of education and inability to speak coherently in any recognizable adult English merely varnished his own stifled anger and misogynism. 

Equaling every Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorist, Schmidt’s pathetic comment is tantamount to treating women like children for speaking their minds.  Schmidt’s sentences savage sanity and is the twin to the most widely used tool in the misogynist handbook. Nothing short of physical abuse is more offensive.

Support for Lisa Brown in Michigan rally 2012

Brown was primarily attacked by males, but a few legislators who happen to be women through the accident of birth but lacking in any mentality in common with women in general have little in sympathy for the individual woman’s right of choice, joined the men.  Do the people of Michigan support their Republican legislators? Those who vote do, but the majority (especially those who do not vote) do not support the program–the basic problem with an uneducated electorate.

Opposition to Michigan legislators war on women

Rick Johnson, a Republican who was House Speaker until 2005, said the party in control has broad, unwritten discretion to police lawmakers on the floor.  Johnson enjoined: “That comment would be very inappropriate,” and then questioned the reporter: “You have young children? Is that something you want them to hear from your state rep?”  Johnson inferred that hearing the word vagina would somehow alter or distort or even destroy the mind and psychology of anyone underage (under the age of 18).

Michigan state Republican senators

Michigan state Republican senators

Brown’s magisterial martyrdom became one additional male-led assault on the rights of women, for Brown, and another Democrat, Barb Byrum of Onodaga (see video here), were told they couldn’t speak on the floor when the House spent hours considering legislation before a five-week recess.

Barb Byrum

Rep. Byrum, of Onondaga, was benched after referring to vasectomy–equating the proposed invasive legislation should include laws passed to protect women who might be married to a man seeking a vasectomy so that he could not sire a child.  The allegory was missed by misogynist men in the House and ignored by the addled-minded mistresses of fantasy who sat patiently at the feet of the men bending forward to hear the new gospel of their own inferiority; that the female members of the House joined with male members in demanding the censuring of Byrum demonstrates group psychosis and the elevation of dominance by the numerically superior male (cf. Passini, Stefano (2008).  “Exploring the multidimensional facets of authoritarianism: Authoritarian aggression and social dominance orientation.” Swiss Journal of Psychology/Schweizerische Zeitschrift  für Psychologie/Revue Suisse de Psychologie, Vol 67(1), March, pp. 51-60).

Michael Flory

It is not surprising that those who condemn women for talking about sex in the Michigan Republican party are frequently found guilty of various sex crimes.  A typical case is that of Michael Flory, a 32-year-old attorney from Jackson, Michigan who was the head of the Michigan Federation for Young Republicans who pleaded guilty to sexual battery on the day he was to stand trial for rape (cp. here and here).  Michigan Republicans have a unique credit: they passed legislation not only to limit abortions but to protect bullies and permit bullying by anyone at any age if bullying is a part of the religion of the bully.  As Senator John Gleason (D-Flushing) said: “The bill [SB 137] that was presented to us today offers no protections to our students and perpetuates a hostile environment in our schools.”  The Republican legislation provides an exception which allows bullying based on “moral convictions” and endorsed mental illness as acceptable among the “religious groups” who demanded exemption from any anti-bullying legislation (cf. Rivers, Ian (2004). “Recollections of Bullying at School and Their Long-Term Implications for Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals.” Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, Vol. 25(4), pp. 69-175. doi: 10.1027/0227-5910.25.4.169).

SB 137 is not only a pier on which one can step off into the swirling waters of insanity, but a millstone that, placed around the necks of victims of religious persecution.  Religion has always played the role of the bully, and permits men to abuse women if their religion preaches that the male is superior, as with Sharia Law (Islam), permits wife and female members to be battered and even beheaded if it is permitted within the man’s religion (“honor restoration” and “honor killings” (especially in Islam and Hinduism), allows homophobes to hit homosexuals with any means and without retribution, and allows employment discrimination on all grounds if the employer claims that his or her religion speaks out against such customs as women wearing pants or trousers (Jehovah’s Witnesses), refusal of blood transfusions and medical attention to save an infant’s life (Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses), force reparative therapy on children (Missouri and Wisconsin Synod Lutherans, Evangelicals and fundamentalists who regularly misquote established psychological and psychiatric studies, that is the major work of Marcus and Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota), and so forth (cp. Hall, G. Stanley (1904).  “Juvenile faults, immoralities, and crimes.”  Adolescence: Its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion and education, Vol. I., (pp. 325-410). New York, NY, US: D Appleton & Company, xxi, 609 pp. doi: 10.1037/10616-005).  The Michigan legislature is trying to become the new tyrant, a viciously venal Vatican along the Great Lakes.

With Michigan’s successful attacks on the rights of women, it joined the abysmal antediluvian desposy of Republicans in the State of Oklahoma who passed the most stringent laws against abortion.  There was no provision made for women who were raped, victims of incest, or forced to conceive because of violent attacks on their person.  

Oklahoma City protest against legislature

Under one law, any woman seeking an abortion is required to undergo an ultrasound, view the ultrasound images, and listen to a detailed description of the fetus (that is to be couched in anti-choice language). The law does not exempt women who are victims of rape or incest.

Anti-abortion states

Anti-abortion states

The other law prohibits malpractice lawsuits (called “wrongful life” or “wrongful birth” claims) against physicians who choose not to inform parents of an unborn baby that the fetus suffers from birth defects.  This means that a doctor is not required to tell the prospective parent(s) that the fetus may be born without a brain, with a serious ailment, and so forth, and then capitalize on the care of the newborn even though most insurance companies refuse to pay claims in such cases–that ultimately could bankrupt the parents, cost them their house, vehicle, and personal possession. 

Starving children

No church has stepped forward to volunteer to meet the cost–only to offer hymns of thanks that another mouth was born to be feed, or that another soul would enter into heaven after dying from neglect (a form of psychological child abuse), starvation (read here; with 20% of the children starving in the USA–read here with the worst places to live to live as a starving unwanted child being in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,

Hunger in USA statistics

Oklahoma, and Michigan (although statistics show that the rise of hunger and the number of people starving for food because of the closed-door policies of religion, especially the Southern Baptist Convention, Pentecostal and Adventist churches that limit their charity to those who enter their dining rooms, pray, sing hymns and act “as good Christians” is growing.  To be “saved spiritually” is a primary ingredient before there is any opportunity for the poor, homeless, and starving are enabled or invited to sit in the church halls to be fed from the larder of charity with tokens of donated food) where the

Hunger in USA by state

legislatures are controlled by Republican evangelical extremists), or murder of an unwanted child by frantic parents with children under the age of five being more likely to be sexually abused, rented out as prostitutes, or disfigured and even killed by their

Andreas Yates killed her children

parents (usually the mother who is a religious extremist and fundamentalist; the majority are Southern Baptists or Pentecostals, listen to Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson, and identify with the lies of the Tea Party, claiming that they have the right to decide the fate of others as a part of their Constitutional right of freedom of religion) than by any other person.

The Oklahoma Democrat governor (Brad Henry) vetoes the bills, but the Republican-controlled House and Senate overrode his vetoes.  The majority of the Republicans in control of the Oklahoma legislature have severe challenges in understanding reality, deny climate change, are ignorant of environmental catastrophes, and reject science (especially evolution) and work to restore “biblical truth” to schools and erase the conduct of inquiry. 

Women protest Oklahoma legislature on personal choice

In Oklahoma, insurance companies are prohibited from offering coverage for abortions or even physician services after rape, incest, or fetal detachment from the uterus even if the woman’s life is in danger. Insurance companies that do provide coverage for abortions are blacklisted and those who pretend to speak of an understanding god, a loving spiritual father and son, belie the very words that they quote: grotesquely gaggling the book they read from into a Testament of Hate.

Insurance companies are among the biggest contributors to the Republican Party

Most insurance companies are quick to follow the Republican Party’s stand against abortion coverage as it enables the insurers not to pay out extra money even if such coverage would save the woman’s life.

While many quote the newest editions of the Christian bible, none are trained in any biblical language, are not aware of the nuance of words, nor have any appreciation of Matthew 7:1.

Fetus papyraceus

Fetus papyraceus

Those who are most vocal against abortion argue that the fertilized egg is the beginning of life.  It is not.  It has no brain, no heart, nor any semblance to a      human being.  The evolution of the fertilized egg into a zygote and ultimately a fetus has been documented for centuries: from pictures to ultrasound photographs. There are no brain  neurons before the first four weeks of fetal evolution. The cerebral cortex, that portion of the brain needed for thought, feelings, and conscious awareness is the last part of the brain to fully develop. It has never been found to have developed in any fetus of twelve-weeks.  The development of the cortex with sufficient axons, dendrites, and synapses to sustain the thought process, does not exist before the twenty-eighth week.

Fetal Developmental Stages

Fetal Developmental Stages

By the end of the second month (10 weeks LMP), the embryo is about one inch long and is beginning to develop distinct physical characteristics that are external. The brain has not yet reached its evolutionary maturity.

By the third month (14 weeks LMP) the fetus is about three inches long. It is protected by a fluid filled sac (known as the amniotic sac). There is no fetal heartbeat–not until the 20th week, and then heard only with proper instruments. Most abortions take place before this materializes.

Human embryo

Human embryo

Prior to the twentieth week, the fetus is nothing more than a collection of cells that have the potential of becoming a human being. It is not until the twenty-fourth week at the earliest, and closer to the 28th week in reality, that the fetus reaches a point of viability–when it might live for a very brief time outside of the womb–but then only under intensive hospital care.

Michael Bray

While anti-choice males are in the forefront of “the army of God”, led by its “chaplain” Michael Bray who calls for the execution of “abortionists” and lauds those attacking abortion providers (while denying his own sexual irregularities and passion peccadilloes), abortion clinics, and women who seek or obtain an abortion, in reality abortion has numerous benefits for men.  When men are not burdened with the worry about feeding, clothing, or educating a large family, he has more time to spend with the family and not work more than one job or excessive hours.  The man who supports a woman’s right to choose an abortion recognizes the woman as his equal–not his slave. 

Men support women’s right of choice

Supporting choice gives the man stature with the woman as well as enhances his image as one who recognizes and endorses full equality between the sexes and leaves the moral choice of abortion in the hands of the woman who is carrying the fertilized egg.  The man who realizes that the choice is the woman’s will step back and stay out of the political discourse, realizing that not only his opinion or the opinion of other men and women has no value when it comes to the pregnant woman: she alone has the right to make the choice between carrying a fetus to term or aborting evolving fetal cells. 

Many men are pro-choice

The self-actualized man will neither be ashamed of his decision to support the right of choice of the woman, but celebrate her choice as an act of maturity and responsibility.  The thoughtful, thinking man knows that choice is always difficult but is made less painful if the two stand together on the issue of the woman’s right to choose.

Water: a diminishing natural resource

The reasons for choosing an abortion are many: physical and mental health of the woman, political and social responsibility, and an awareness of reality.  Abortion is one option that enables this devastated planet to continue its life and enable those who abuse it to live longer.

In the last thirty years over forty percent of the world’s natural non-renewable resources have been consumed.  These resources will not return as the earth’s physical resources are finite and exhaustible.

Non-renewable energy resources

The planet’s natural resources cannot be replaced once they are consumed. When the non-renewable resources misuse is added with the loss of renewable resources that were over-harvested, mortals have already consumed over two-thirds of what could have been available to the planet.  As Malthus prognosticated in his book On Population, when people outnumber available food, fuel, and clean space, there will be natural remedies: war, famine, plagues, and pestilence (Malthus, Thomas (1798, 1st edition). An Essay On The Principle Of Population, , as it affects the Future Improvement of Society with remarks on the Speculations of Mr. Godwin [Godwin was known for his 1793 publication Enquiry concerning Political Justice ], M. Condorcet [the Marquis had authored Esquisse d’un Tableau Historique des Progres de l’Espirit Humain], and Other Writers (1798 1st edition) with  A Summary View (1830), and Introduction by Professor Antony Flew. Penguin Classics, 1980). 

World overpopulation the greatest enemy of the planet

The top nine nations where population is out of control are the delinquent countries of India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, the USA, Congo, Tanzania, China and Bangladesh.  These rogue nations will be majority contributors to the world’s population that will hit seven billion by the early part of 2012 and will top nine billion in 2050, according to a UN estimate–and with their increasingly pseudo-religious conservative governments that disguise theocratic rule by the elite, such as the Neanderthal thinking Koch Brothers (USA) and the Murdoch clan (Australia) the water planet (Earth) faces an early doom of no fresh water, continued and increasing polluted air, infertile fields, a battered workforce (as is the situation in the despicable states flooded with Republican radicals demanding a halt to abortion in Wisconsin, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, and Iowa), and population growth that is out of control.  At present the reproductive rate per woman is 2.56 children that will add additional strain to rapidly dwindling natural resources. 

Overpopulation a growing threat to all

World population will top 10.5 billion by the year 2050, with the only spark of sanity coming from Japan (in part because approximately one-third of its young express no interest in sex or reproduction, and others favor abortion as a way to save the planet), Italy, and some of nations that had composed the defunct Soviet Union.  As food sources disappear, fresh water is contaminated, and air is polluted, the USA can expect an influx of immigrants (legal and illegal) of 1.1 million each year. 

Charles Koch’s house

William Koch’s house

The only ones who will prosper will be the upper 1% of the world’s wealthiest  who will return to depraved feudalism, cutting wages, foreclosing on homes, ending healthcare for the majority of people, and destroying the safety net for older and retired people:  the Koch Brothers, Terry Brandstand (Iowa’s triple-dipping governor) Donald Trump, and the parasitic group of billionaires and businesses such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Iowa Agriprocessors, etc., whose lavish lifestyle is destroying all links with the mass of humanity that the calloused feed into voting booths to elect their candidates who will strip the common individual of all basic rights. 

Billy Graham’s “retreat” in Montreat, NC

These preying parinahs will continue to be supported by the gullible, the poor, the homeless, the uneducated (and the home-schooled and academically actuated into a surreality that is neither supported by science nor by logic): those who are all leagued together in fantasy of a future life where each will walk down streets of gold and never know hunger or thirst.  The wealthy preachers whose message of prosperity and hate-mongering range from Billy and Franklin Graham to Pat Robertson and trickle down to predatory pastors such as Iowa’s twin scourges Bob Vander Plaats and Keith Ratliff, Texas’ Richard Land and the Baptists theocrats who pound pulpits demanding more babies so that the poor become increasingly poorer.

Pat Robertson’s house in Virginia Beach, VA

Since the human being constantly seeks increased satisfaction, and the means of obtaining that satisfaction is eroding rapidly, the single solution is unnatural and abnormal sex acts such as mandated and mandatory celibacy and chastity (cp. Erickson, William D. (1983). “On the late resolution of adolescent tasks. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice, Vol. 20(3), pp. 383-388. doi: 10.1037/h0090202), or more common means such as abortion, family planning (with the encouraging of negative population growth that can be achieved by adding taxes on those who have more than one child for each child at a graduated ratio), and the acceptance of homosexuality (a natural sex act that occurs among all species and in every environment; cp. Weinstein, Netta; Ryan, William S.; DeHaan, Cody R.; Przybylski, Andrew K.; Legate, Nicole; Ryan, Richard M. (2012). “Parental autonomy support and discrepancies between implicit and explicit sexual identities: Dynamics of self-acceptance and defense.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 102(4), April, pp. 815-832. doi: 10.1037/a0026854 and Diamond, Gary M.; Diamond, Guy S.; Levy, Suzanne; Closs, Cynthia; Ladipo, Tonya; Siqueland, Lynne (2012). “Attachment-based family therapy for suicidal lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents: A treatment development study and open trial with preliminary findings.” Psychotherapy, Vol. 49(1), March, pp. 62-71. doi: 10.1037/a0026247.  For a study on the confusion and dissonance experienced by many who come from rigid religious backgrounds and have been indoctrinated that same-gender identification or intraexchanges are evil and actively engage in questioning and exploration processes, challenging and redefining the self, in an effort to identifying integration as a goal toward which one is moving as a way to manage and honor one’s identities, cf. Borgman, Amy L. (2009). “LBG allies and Christian identity: A qualitative exploration of resolving conflicts and integrating identities.” Journal of Counseling Psychology, Vol. 56(4), October, pp. 508-520. doi: 10.1037/a0016691), war (conflict is the main ingredient in the evolutionary state and is identical in mortals and animals, where the quest for superiority is primary and any attempt to mitigate the violence is seen as weakness. In legislation, those legislators who pass regulations curtailing freedom of choice and expression or association are acting out their own self-denial and self-humiliation. Anti-choice, like limiting or denying a person basic human/civil rights, is a time-weathered reality that includes the scars of racism, homophobia, and attempt to regulate fecundity and reproduction, family and societal intercourse, and so forth; read: Liddle, James R.; Shackelford, Todd K.; Weekes–Shackelford, Viviana A. (2012). “Why can’t we all just get along? Evolutionary perspectives on violence, homicide, and war.” Review of General Psychology, Vol 16(1), March, pp. 24-36. doi: 10.1037/a0026610.  The continuation of denial of evolution and elevation of mythology as to the origins of the universe and its conflicts (associated with the collision of matter with antimatter), along with the rejection of individual choice on personal and public matters is a definitive mark of psychological maladjustment; cp. Ellis, Bruce J.; Del Giudice, Marco; Dishion, Thomas J.; Figueredo, Aurelio José; Gray, Peter; Griskevicius, Vladas; Hawley, Patricia H.; Jacobs, W. Jake; James, Jenée; Volk, Anthony A.; Wilson, David Sloan (2012). “The evolutionary basis of risky adolescent behavior: Implications for science, policy, and practice.” Developmental Psychology, Vol. 48(3), May, pp. 598-623. doi: 10.1037/a0026220), starvation and disease.

Religion lost its way centuries ago.  Father Brendan Hoban of the Association of Catholic Priests told the Irish Times  that  “the difficult truth is that priests will have effectively disappeared in Ireland in two to three decades”. Priests, Brothers, Sisters, and nuns are leaving in droves; most parishes have at best one priest.  Hoban noted that Irish parishes would drop from 34 priests that were assigned to his church in 2009, to eight within twenty years–and only two of the eight would be under sixty years of age.  Rome’s demand for a celibate clergy, condemnation of the LGBT community, and drain of Irish capital to Rome, while New York bishop Dolan condemns the Irish seminary in Rome, has led the people of Ireland to reject Rome.  This revulsion is not only in Rome, but throughout Europe and the Americas.  Even the fascist fist of Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (Lic. José Luis Pérez Guadalupe, Por qué se van los Católicos?   Lima, Perú:  Conferencia Episcopal Peruana, 1992) and the Opus Dei order that he is a member of does not discourage the people of Perú from leaving a dying corpse that was its religion that changed from issues of faith and worship to an Inquisition over their sex lives and personal choices as with abortion (Richard Rodríguez, “Continental Shift:  Latin Americans Convert from Catholicism to a More Private Protestant Belief,” in the Los Angeles Times, August 13, 1989; Part V, pages 1, 6).  Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne and his arrogant and egotistic struggle with the conservative bishops of Perú over Liberation Theology (preached by progressive Jesuits) that had been a bridge for the poor in South America, no longer exists (it has been taken over by the Pentecostals) will destroy Roman Catholicism for most of the people of Perú within a few years. Peruanos, like all other Latin Roman Catholics, are discovering that all other avenues of religious ceremonials and faith are equally corrupt–a reality equally acute in Germany.  In Germany, about 180,000 Catholics officially ended their church affiliation in 2010, a rise of 50,000 (or 40 percent) from 2009, according to the weekly Die Zeit newspaper.  Germans are tired of Rome invading their private lives, do not support the Vatican on birth control or homosexuality and same-sex marriages, nor consider the pope to be infallible (a fantasy fashioned from ancient Egyptian tales for the priests of Ra).  Education is rising, not rapidly in Latin America as the Roman Catholic Church still controls most pedagogy and subject matter, as is most graphic at Universidad Católica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo (USAT) where faculty plagiarise entire books (they pasted their names over the original authors prior to have the works photocopies or printed), Jesuits in charge of a mandatory of Christology in all subject areas use the extraordinarily unhistorical ramblings of a mentally ill nun, Anne Catherine Emmerich, who wrote the violence riddled Passion of Christ that Mel Gibson made into the terrifying horror movie with the same title even though neither the text nor the cinema has anything in common with the currently accepted Gospels (cp. Ide, Arthur Frederick (2004).  Crucifixion: What the Bible Really Says. Chicago, IL: Sepore).  USAT appoints and retains teachers based on their affinity and affection or intimacy with administration, as seen in the case where one female faculty member in the school of computer science is retained even though entire classes have denounced her as being thoroughly incompetent (she has moved regularly from universities to universities and has not contributed one scholarly paper, book, or article during her career).

While evangelical groups are rising in Latin America, they are disappearing along with Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholicism, and Evangelical (Lutheran, Adventists, etc) church in Europe, with many turning to ancient country (pagan) religions or to humanism, agnosticism, and atheism.  The transition to ancient religions is easy as nearly all of contemporary Christianity is a plagiarism from ancient ontologies, theologies, and so forth.  Christianity today has nothing in common with the Jesus of the New Testament.  It is, instead, a transmogrification that would be best understood as Paulinity–with its prohibits more in keeping with the Old Testament and the laws of Hammurabi and other tyrants, than with anything that was ever recorded centuries after the fact about the Jesus who lived with twelve men, worked on the Sabbath, let a man rest his head on his breast, and never said one word about abortion, homosexuality (the word did not exist then), or any of the other alleged sins that frustrate religious leaders today from the Grahams of legend to the unknown pulpit pounders such as Keith Ratliff in Iowa.  The Jesus of the New Testament allegedly lived in a time of sexual excesses and sexual delights–not the sterility of the Vatican chambers or the mincing of Rick and Karen Santorum, Ann or Mitt Romney, nor even the alleged passion of Michelle and Marcus Bachmann.

Governments are no longer responsive to the governed but are repressive, totalitarian, and absolute.  Elected representatives represent their conscience and interests–but not that of their constituents as seen in the rise of millionaires in Congress that was first a gathering of politicians, military and gentry (judges, etc.); their group was known as the Continental Congress to oppose excessive taxation.  Congressional representatives were paid $6 a day–and that had to cover all expenses–there was no health care nor benefits, and there was never a discussion about personal matters (abortion or sex) but rather trade was the talk everywhere, creating jobs, and letting people live–unlike the goals of the Tea Party and Republican Party that wants to govern everyone’s life.  Abortions were common-place throughout early America and its colonial life as shown by the numerous documents about abortion practices from the 1600s to the 19th century, which were used by every ethnic and racial group. 

Native Americans used Black Root or Cedar Root as an abortifacient agent.  When the aboriginal people were displaced by European settlers who invaded and stole their land, abortions legality depended onthe colony and its government. 

In British colonies abortions were legal if they were performed before the “quickening”.  The only colonies where abortions were illegal were in those areas under the control of Roman Catholic Spaniards and Portuguese. 

There were no strong anti-abortion laws until the 1860s–and that was because of the need to give birth to more male babies in case the Civil War between the states continued (long wars being a tradition in Europe); cf. Acevedo, Z. (1979). “Abortion in Early America” Women Health Summer; 4(2), pp. 159-167; Shain, R.N. (1986). “A cross-cultural history of Abortion,” Clinics in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. March 13(1), pp. 1-17.  Induced abortions, that were accepted, occurred as early as the twelfth century; read:  Obayashi, M (1982). [Historical background of the acceptance of induced abortion {the article is published in Japanese}]. Josanpu Zasshi December 36(12), pp. 1011-1016.


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Jessica Ahlquist and Rhode Island Roman Catholics: the attack on the wall separating state and church

Roger Williams defining wall separating state and church

Roger Williams (c. 1603 – 1683) founded the colony of Providence Plantation to provide a refuge for religious minorities. An early proponent of religious freedom, Williams was deeply dedicated to maintaining a firm separation of state and church. A Puritan minister, he argued against any public display of religion by any sect, cult, or group, and was especially found distasteful the Church of England (Anglican) and its sister-in-faith, the Roman Catholic cult.

Roger Williams was the first to use the phrase “wall of separation”.  It was later incorporated into a letter to the Danbury Baptist church in Connecticut to define the relationship of state and church.  Both Williams and Jefferson warned that when religious fanatics within the Christian communities rose to defend their own sectarianism no one was safe.

Roger Williams "The Bloudy Tenent" (on injustice; original in private collection of this author)

His primary tract, a robust denunciation of the King of England and the growing authoritarianism of religion in the colonies led to his being summoned before the General Court of Boston to hear charges of unorthodoxy levied against him. The clergy in the seventeenth century were especially determined to maintain an Old Testament theocracy where women were to remain silent, children seen but not heard, slavery was the design of their god who used the color black to mark the sins of the mythological Ham in the tale of Noah and his ark, and to make certain that education was focused only on a literal reading of the English Bible.  While some ministers knew Greek and a few were competent in Hebrew, the scriptures used were called out to demand allegiance and obedience to the pastors of congregations, and women were to sit silently in obedience to their men–a continuation of the misogyny of Martin Luther and the crippling of theology by various Fathers of the Church from the fourth century forward. Denouncing the High Church authorities of the Anglican communion as men in trappings, Williams was ordered to stand trial in Boston–a trial that had every trapping of the Spanish Inquisition.

List of Crimes for which a person could be executed in Massachusetts Bay Colony (1641; original in this author's private library)

Following a travesty of justice his tract was publicly burned as was the fate of most dissenters and those who defended the right of people to believe or not believe as their “spirit” dictated. The burning of books, tracts, and tomes was not new to Christianity in the New World.

Emperor Constantine orders Arius' books burned (from compilation of canon) 327 CE

It began with the very foundation of the Christian Church by the Emperor Constantine the Great (the First) when he ordered the writings of Arius to be burned at his Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, and has continued through every

Florida Pastor Terry Jones burns Koran March 20, 2011; Pakistan Muslims later burned him in effigy

epoch and in every church in every land to the present where no scripture of any kind for any theology has been safe.

Map of Rhode Island (USA)

Today, the colony of Providence has become the theocracy of Rhode Island.  Rhode Island is a state where no one is free to dissent, and where the rulings of a judge against the public display of any religious ideas are mocked and the plaintiffs and judge threatened. 

The messenger who has followed in the footsteps of Roger Williams called for her right to disbelieve and found the Christian mind-control of her school to be rightfully unconstitutional has been accused of everything from being the mythological anti-Christ to being the subject of vile epitaphs and notes on Facebook and Twitter—this done by “saved” Roman Catholics and Protestants, although she did score the help of one Protestant minister, and later support from some Protestant ministers who initially hesitated to act.

Cranston High School West (RI)

The Roman Catholic cult that controls Rhode Island and has infested the town of Cranston, continues to sharpen its hatred equal to any blustering of the Spanish Inquisition and the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada, a one-time Jew, turned mass murderer. Torquemada issued the same threats of rape, assault, and assassination as has the gaggle of goons who metaphorically goose-step through the halls of Cranston High School West in Rhode Island. 

Prussian coat-of-arms (1933)

The hatred in Cranston High School West is so loud that one can nearly hear the famous proclamation: Gott mit uns proudly publicly belched from 1940-1945 and emblazoned on the Wehrmacht belt buckle that had represented the Prussian coat of arms in 1933 (it actually was a late Roman Empire war cry: Nobiscum deus, which after the Christian church was founded by the emperor Constantine in 325 became a part of his self-created “catholic” [universal] church that he never attended nor accepted but created to silence dissent; Haldon, John (1999).  Warfare, State and Society in the Byzantine World.  London, UK : UCL Press, p. 24 ), exceeding Deus vult in 1095, following the blood-demanding raw rhetoric of one of the least holy and most evil of medieval popes: Urban II (Tyerman, Christopher (2006). God’s War: A New History of the Crusades. Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, p. 65), the prototype for the sadistic and unsaintly Jeanmaría Escrivá and his nefarious Prelatura Sanctae Crucis et Operis Dei, whose maleficent organization has issued more hatred for women, the right of protest and individual choice than any other evil that has covered this planet.

Josemaría Escrivá and Opus Dei

The cult of Escrivá and his embrace of the dictatorships of Generals Francisco Franco in Spain (1939-1975) and Augusto Pinochet in Chile (1973-1990), were but the least disguised attacks on dissenters, that would come to fruition in Rhode Island in 2012 (Luis Carandell, Vida y milagros de Monseñor Escrivá de Balaguer, fundador del Opus Dei (Madrid: Editorial Deriva, 2nd ed., 1992), and von Balthasar, Hans Urs (1964), “Friedliche Fragen an das Opus Dei” (in German), Der Christliche Sonntag 16: 117).  The people of Cranston who oppose free speech and the First Amendment of the US Constitution are far worse than Escrivá who would whip his body until his bathroom was red with his blood, for they seek the blood of a young girl who had the courage to defend the US Constitution.

Jessica Ahlquist (photo by Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times)

The one who has brought out the worse in Christians in Rhode Island is 16, the daughter of a firefighter and a nurse, a self-proclaimed nerd who loves  the fictional character Harry Potter created by J K Rawlings and, like most young people, is addicted to the privacy-invading social-media Facebook.  Her name is Jessica Ahlquist. In addition to being a student, an avid reader, and a Facebook devotee, the teenager is an outspoken atheist and has won the hatred of her heavily Roman Catholic city and its predatory priests having successfully sued the public school to get a prayer removed from the wall of her high school auditorium, where it has hung for 49 years.

Jessica Ahlquist in law office to discuss case

Federal Judge Ronald R. Lagueux ruled in January 2012 that the prayer’s presence at Cranston High School West was unconstitutional. Like many others in Rhode Island, he is Roman Catholic, but like John F. Kennedy, he would not be owned nor controlled by the Vatican and concluded that banner bearing the prayer violated the principle of government neutrality in religion. In part, the judges rulings were based on in part based on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, and US Supreme Court Cases Lemon v. Kurtzman, Lynch v. Donnelly, and Lee v. Weisman.

Jessica Ahlquist enters federal court

In Lemon v. Kurtzman 403 U.S. 602 (1971), the Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania’s 1968 Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which allowed the state Superintendent of Public Instruction to reimburse nonpublic schools (most of which were Roman Catholic) for the salaries of teachers who taught secular material in the nonpublic schools, secular textbooks and secular instructional materials, violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and upheld a decision of the First Circuit that had struck down the Rhode Island Salary Supplement Act providing state funds to supplement salaries at nonpublic elementary schools by 15%.  In Lynch v. Donnelly, 465 U.S. 668 (1984), while the Supreme Court upheld the right of communities to display sectarian holiday scenes (a crèche) and ruled that the crèche is a passive representation of religion and that there was “insufficient evidence to establish that the inclusion of the crèche is a purposeful or surreptitious effort to express some kind of subtle governmental advocacy of a particular religious” view. The Court, in a 5 to 4 decision, also stated that the Constitution “affirmatively mandates accommodation, not merely tolerance of all religions, and forbids hostility toward any.” There was dissent, however by four judges, who argued dissent argued “The effect on minority religious groups, as well as on those who may reject religion, is to convey the message that their views are not similarly worthy of public recognition nor entitled to public support. It was precisely this sort of chauvinism that the Establishment Clause was intended forever to prohibit.”  In Lee v. Weisman, 505 U.S. 577 (1992), came to litigation when the principal of Nathan Bishop Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island, Robert E. Lee, invited a Jewish rabbi to deliver a prayer at the 1989 graduation ceremony. Again, in a 5-4 decision, resulted, with the majority voting against Nathan Bishop Middle School, with Justice Kennedy, the swing vote, writing for the majority noted that the non-sectarian nature of the prayer was no defense in light of the Establishment Clause: “Through these means, the principal directed and controlled the content of the prayers. Even if the only sanction for ignoring the instructions were that the rabbi would not be invited back, we think no religious representative who valued his or her continued reputation and effectiveness in the community would incur the State’s displeasure in this regard. It is a cornerstone principle of our Establishment Clause jurisprudence that it is no part of the business of government to compose official prayers for any group of the American people to recite as a part of a religious program carried on by government, and that is what the school officials attempted to do.”  Rhode Island had become the exact reverse of Roger Williams original intent for establishing Rhode Island as a safe haven for the expression of all religious and non-religious people, where there would be, as he wrote, a wall separating church and state.

The judge’s understanding of the law was lost on the majority of what appears to many as miscreant Cranstonians where Roman Catholic churches have a stranglehold on rational thinking and hate is more common than are flowers in stores and gardens, when ruling for Jessica Ahlquist. In the weeks since the ruling, the repugnant residents crowded invidiously into school board meetings to demand an appeal to force the retention of the pestiferous poster. 

Cranston High School West prayer banner

The prayer, eight feet tall, is papered onto the wall in the Cranston West auditorium, near the stage. It has hung there since 1963, when a seventh grader wrote it as a sort of moral guide and that year’s graduating class presented it as a gift. It was a year after a landmark Supreme Court ruling barring organized prayer in public schools.

The prayer begins: “Our Heavenly Father, grant us each day the desire to do our best, to grow mentally and morally as well as physically, to be kind and helpful.” It juggernauts goes on for a few more lines before concluding with “Amen.”  

“Amen” is the most sectarian, offensive and repulsive of all the words in this pushed prayer.  It appears only in six of the Old Testament/Hebrew bible (twice in the Torah for the Orthodox Jew) books where it (אָמֵן) translates as “so be it” (cf. Numbers 5:22; Deuteronomy 27:15-26; 1 Kings 1:36 repeated in its redaction 1 Chronicles 16:36; Nehemiah 5:13 and 8:6; Psalm 41:13, 72:19, 89:52, 106:48; and Jeremiah 28:6). For some later-day Hebrews it was the name of an angel (Isaiah 65:16: a “god of truth”). On the other hand “Amen” is found in twenty-three of the books of the Christian New Testament as ἀμήν, where it translates as “standfast” (cf. Matthew 6:13. 28:20; Luke 24:53; John 21:25—notice that it appears nowhere in the Gospel of Mark which was the first of the gospels to be written—and the Pauline texts written by colleges of writers: Romans 1:25, 9:5, 11:36, 15:33, 16:20, 24 and 27; 1 Corinthians 14:16 and 16:24; 2 Corinthians 1:20 and 13:14; Galatians 1:5 and 6:18; Ephesians 3:21 and 6:24; Philippians 4:20 and 23; Colossians 4:18; 1 Thessalonians 5:28; 2 Thessalonians 4:18 and 22; Titus [a spurious letter] 3:15; Philemon 25 (the text was not an original Pauline essay as it was written by Onesimus, an alleged servant of Paul who was illiterate; it is tantamount to claiming that the Koran was written by the illiterate camel driver Muhammad); Hebrews 13:21 and 25; 1 Peter 4:11, 5:11 and 14; 2 Peter 3:18; 1 John 5:21; 2 John 13; Jude (of dubious authorship) 25; and the horror tale that can be found in Hittite, Hyksos, Egyptian and other Canaanite sources, known in the Christian Bible as Revelation of Apocalypse 1:6, 7 and 18; 3:14; 5:14; 7:12 (where it is repeated twice(, 19:4; 22:20 and 21) and is a battle cry to suppress dissent and push a sectarian agenda.  In the Arabic it is آمين‎ and reflects a resurgence of emphasis (“Verily” or “So be it”) and was an afterthought coming after the word Dua (دعاء “supplication” or “invocation” and comes from Muhammad’s conversations with Jews living in Mecca before he wandered the desert and received the Koran from Allah through his messenger Gabriel).  It is a basic triconsonantal root word for most Semitic languages and people and is a derivative of the name of the Egyptian god Amun, dating before 1000 BCE (read: Bonwick, James (1956). Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought. Indian Hills, CO, USA, Falcon’s Wing Press.  pp. 123-125; originally published in London, UK: K. Paul & Co., 1878) the Egyptian hieroglyphic language shows the deity’s name as

Egyptian alphabet (a, i, u were not considered vowels)

having only three letters: AMN, as vowels in the earliest days of the language

First use of "Amen" (Egypt: 1520 BCE) to summon the sun

did not exist.  It shares the same root as the Hindu Aum.  All the initial statements by Jesus begin with Amen—which has no parallel in Hebrew scripture and makes the banner a distinctly Christian document. This alone makes the prayer at Cranston sectarian singling out Christianity as a church as the New Testament Greek word for church is ekklesia (εκκλησία) that correctly translates as “a calling out” being a meeting or a gathering (an assembly or a congregation and is singular—the only time that plural is used (Acts 19:37) is a direct reference to heathen temples. 

To claim that a church is a kuriakon or kyriakon refers to a building (εκκλησιών), not any people inside it, and was a reference to the goddess Circe to celebrate the return of the god sun (Apollo).  Christianity was a religion invented by the Emperor Constantine as the only religious source to provide values and direction.  It is definitely against the US Constitution and the framework of the founding Fathers as “Amen” is not found in the Constitution nor in any congressional papers or the writings of any founding Father nor in any recorded/written speech.  It does not exist. That makes it and the banner offensive, demeaning, and badgering and belittling to Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Farsi, Jews, and people of other religions and no religion and shows total contempt of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the USA.

Prayer on T-shirt (photo by Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times)

Today the predacious prayer has become a coat-of-arms, a decoration for T-shirts being sold to students, faculty, and citizens to raise revenues to appeal the judge’s decision and restore theocracy of theological thugs and evangelical extremists over the public school system to forcibly enshrine Christianity as the only acceptable faith.  To determine if the school would appeal the federal judge’s ruling, the school board held a public forum on the question.  This assembly was held at the Western Hills Middle School.

Supporters of the prayer banner sang and clapped their support of the banner, while booing students who spoke out against it (Source WJAR CNN)

The meeting was neither cordial nor constructive, and it did not address the issues of education but, as reporters, noting the words of the federal judge who ruled against the banner, the Western Hills Middle School at times had the atmosphere of a religious service for Tuesday night’s meeting during which a crowd of more than 200 zealots sang hymns and took turns demanding the School Committee appeal a court ruling ordering the banner removed.

The meeting was distinctly, recognizably, and offensively a sectarian exercise that was clearly in defiance of the Establishment Clause, and while Americans have freedom of speech, no American has the right to force any religious idea on another person by turning the meeting into a revival meeting, hurling epitaphs at Jessica Ahlquist that compared her to a Christian Mephistopheles, and chided and derided others who defended the removal of the offensive Christian prayer.  In a meeting that had a plurality of Roman Catholic apologists who blustered in the same way as the Coptic Christian monks under the sway of the Coptic Pope Theophilus in the fifth century, not only pulling the atheist librarian (Hypatia) from her chariot while they were busy burning “offensive” [Arian and secular] books, and tearing her skin from her back while she was still alive only to throw her into a burning holocaust fed by scrolls and other writings being incinerated to destroy evidence of opinions that went counter to state sanctioned religion, the denizen of deniers of human and civil rights voiced their support for a theocracy similar to the church-tie state between the Vatican and medieval Spain and Franco’s fascist Spain.  Because of a fear that such unreasonable and un-American activity would break out, the meeting included police escorts for those who took an “un-Christian” attitude and wanted the rule of law and the US Constitution’s First Amendment upheld. 

Tolerance and respect for the law was spat upon and shouted down by a resident of Cranston, Lisa French, who hurled dollar bills towards the dais (she was later arrested and escorted out for rushing the stage in response to another speaker’s opinion that the protesters were “ignorant” of the fiscal crisis in the city), loud cheers and some boos, the Cranston School Committee on Tuesday heard from a crowd of nearly 250 residents demanding they appeal a court ruling ordering the prayer banner at Cranston High School West come down. The rally (official a public meaning to discuss budget plans for the school) had spiraled further down and there was little difference between it and the rallies and book burning of Nazi Germany when even living professors were hurled into the flames as SS (Schutzstaffel: Protection Squad) raided schools and with student aid, the majority were Roman Catholic who were encouraged by their Roman Catholic priests and the Generalsynode  who were the pastors of Lutheran, Calvinist and other Protestant churches merged into the Church of Germany and  carried “offensive books” to the bonfires or irrational state-controlled religion.

Although the highlight of the night’s agenda was Superintendent Peter Nero’s fiscal 2013 budget presentation that was consigned to an afterthought, the auditorium at Western Hills Middle School was packed in the first School Committee meeting since Judge Ronald Lagueux ruled in favor of plaintiff 16-year-old Jessica Ahlquist and the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, ordering the banner removed.

Many wore signs, provided by Christopher Young.  Young is a radical and mentally disturbed zealot (cp. Spilka, Bernard, Hood Jr., Ralph W., Hunsberger, Bruce, and Gorsuch, Richard (2003). The psychology of religion: An empirical approach (3rd Ed.). New York, NY, USA: Guilford Press) who sees anything not Christian or Roman Catholic to be the work of the devil and claims to be a member of St. Paul and St. Charles Roman Catholic Churches in Cranston.  Young once ran for mayor of Cranston and is viewed as a perennial candidate for elected offices.

Chris Young Mayoral Candidate Ejected from Debate over Statue of the BVM

Young is a staunch Roman Catholic who believes that the rulings of the Pope carry greater weight than the laws of Congress or decisions of the US Supreme Court, who was once arrested for disorderly conduct for tossing an anti-abortion DVD boxed movie at US Representative Patrick Kennedy and screaming anti-abortion slogans in November 2009, while Kennedy was speaking at Brown University (Young was arrested, see video here) and announced he would not seek re-election; Young has described himself as the “servant of the Virgin Mary” (see the video where Young carries the statue of Mary to a mayoral debate, here; cf. Postman, Neil (1976). “Fanaticism”. Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk: How We Defeat Ourselves by the Way We Talk and What to Do About It. New York, NY: Delacrote Press. pp. 104–112: a fanatic sees any action that violates his or her concept of what is right as a violation of what he or she sees as normal and the will of a god or goddess, singular or plural; as Lloyd Steffen wrote in his book Holy War, Just War , “[Religious] fanaticism … invokes the idea of ultimacy, and its presence in religious life is undeniable” … “[Religious] fanatics are persons who attach to some object an ultimate valuation and then attend to that overvalued object with what is recognizable as a kind of religious devotion” such as the worship and protection of a “virgin” statue, the proclamation that any book is “the true and actual word of a god” and so forth; read: Steffen, Lloyd (2007). Holy War, Just War: Exploring the Moral Meaning of Religious Violence. Lanham, MD, USA: Rowman & Littlefield, p. 81) and “unequivocally Roman Catholic” as with his singing Revelation as seen in this video (denoting religious fanaticism that was excused by Jeanmaría Escrivá and the Polish pope who suffered from various physical and mental illnesses) where the Vatican is the last word for mortals and the Pope is the only mouthpiece of god, and repeats that in 2010, he attends St. Charles Roman Catholic Church on the corner of Cranston and Dexter Streets in Cranston. In my professional judgment, Young is a danger to himself and his community, and is quite capable of killing Jessica Ahlquist or any who dissent from his Opus Dei viewpoints and excessive Roman Catholicism).  The signs that Young handed out screamed “APPEAL – or vote them out!”

The vast majority in attendance were there to call for an appeal and decry the court decision, though several speakers did urge the committee not to appeal and said it would be a lost cause, including Ahlquist herself, who was led in and out of the auditorium by an entourage of Cranston Police officers.  Only one person was allowed to speak twice: Pastor Richard Lehe who claims he speaks directly for god (see video here).

Ein feste Burg (Luther's original signature and composition) 1529 ed.

Before the meeting started, the crowd broke out into song, at first by singing God Bless America and eventually drifting into Christian hymns, a type of group psychosis exhibiting a collective psychotic mood formation bordering on harbingering violence.  Many lustful voices echoed through the room, with tears swelling, and damnation of Jessica interspersed between prayers, strangely similar to the marching Lutheran armies spilling carnage and bloodshed in their wake to confiscate Roman Catholic holdings during the Protestant Reformation (Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott a paraphrase of Psalm 46, sung by all invading armies throughout northern Europe) with the Lutheran cult being forcibly established throughout Scandinavia in the same manner as Roman Catholicism forced itself on the Moors of Spain and the advanced civilizations of the Inkas in the Andes of South America: the cross was used as a war weapon. It was as if the god of Rhode Island could not protect himself but needed the physical support for him to enact vengeance upon the unfaithful.

Patrick McAssey, a 17-year-old student council president at Cranston public school, began the public comment by stating he believes the prayer is “not in fact a Christian prayer,” bur rather a “positive statement that reaches all walks of life.” McAssey said “Heavenly Father,” and “Amen,” which is how the prayer begins and ends, could relate to many religions, not just Christianity. That’s why he believes the banner should stay.  The greatest problem with McAssey is that the young man selectively or unintentionally (or lacking refined education) either ignores history, has not been taught history truthfully, or transmogrifies history, for “Heavenly Father” goes back beyond 5000 BCE when it was a term for the Egyptian sky god: a cow, detailed in The Book of the Heavenly (Celestial, Divine) Cow, Funerary text of Egypt’s New Kingdom, and we also find fairly complete versions of the book in the tombs of Seti I (KV17), Ramesses II (KV7) and Ramesses III (KV11); read Hornung, Erik (1999). Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife, Cornell, NY, USA: Cornell University Press).  I discuss the ancient Egyptian use of “Amen” (the name of another Egyptian god: Ἄμμων) in another place in this essay, but note here that it is a universal word, with Sanskrit foundation, and has nothing to do with a religious ejaculation nor payer before the advent of redacted records for the Emperor Constantine’s catholic [universal] church after 325 CE when all opposing books, especially by Arius and Gnostics, were burned publicly to silence dissent.

McAssey, like a wounded soldier fighting a lost cause that was created out of a lie, marshaled on in a psychological syndrome of self-invited persecution and paranoid ideation, declaring: “Despite all the unwanted attention brought to this school, we should appeal this case.  If we’re going to go down, let’s go down fighting.” (Cp. Read, John, and Argyle, Nick (1999), “Hallucinations, Delusions, and Thought Disorder Among Adult Psychiatric Inpatients with a History of Child Abuse,” Psychiatric Services November 1, 1999, vol. 50, No. 11; ref. Goff, DC; Brotman, AW; Kindlon, D; et al. (1991). “The delusion of possession in chronically psychotic patients.” Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease179:567-571, and Blackwood, Nigel J.; Howard, Robert J.; Bentall, Richard P.; and, Murray, Robin M. (2001). “Cognitive Neuropsychiatric Models of Persecutory Delusions,” American Journal of Psychiatry, Apr 2001; 158 (4); 527-539).

Cranston resident Lisa French, who from my research has no educational background nor license in law, declared the judge’s decision “an unconstitutional ruling” and warned the committee that a precedent is being set.  She stated: “How should a small minority be able to decide what should stand and what should not stand? I don’t know what kind of math you’re using but when I went to school, two is greater than one.”

French reiterated a frequently made point during the meeting, that many believe since “separation of church and state” does not explicitly, word for word, appear in the constitution, which is correct.  Her assertion, however, that there is no reason why the government can’t sponsor prayer and religion has been rejected repeatedly by all degrees of jurisprudence (e.g. Bradfield v. Roberts , 175 U.S. 291 (1899), Quick Bear v. Leupp , 210 U.S. 50 (1908), Schneider v. State of New Jersey , 308 U.S. 147 (1939), West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette , 319 U.S. 624 (1943), Everson v. Board of Education , 330 U.S. 1 (1947), Torcaso v. Watkins , 367 U.S. 488 (1961) that addresses the issue of a required belief system, Engel v. Vitale , 370 U.S. 421 (1962) that can directly apply to Cranston, RI, as it states that state officials may not compose an official state prayer and require that it be recited in the public schools the state, even if the prayer is denominationally neutral, Chamberlin v. Public Instruction Board , 377 U.S. 402 (1964), Wooley v. Maynard , 430 U.S. 705 (1977) that prohibits any government or agency from disseminating an ideological message by displaying it in a manner and for the express purpose that it be observed and read by the public, Stone v. Graham , 449 U.S. 39 (1980) rejecting that a Kentucky statue requiring the posting of a copy of the Ten Commandments, even purchased with private funds, is unconstitutional, Wallace v. Jaffree , 472 U.S. 38 (1985) that a one-minute of silence violates the Establishment clause of the First Amendment, Edwards v. Aguillard , 482 U.S. 578 (1987) that Louisiana’s “Creationism Act” violates the First Amendment since it lacks a clear secular purpose; etc.).

Following the collective psychosis in the auditorium (cp. an interview by Harry Nutt with Gertrud Hardtmann on Eine Bewegung, die keener mehr kontrollieren kamm in Tageszeitung No. 5766, February 19, 1919), French warned that the entire committee would be voted out if they didn’t choose to appeal. “If you don’t defend the banner, you will not be reelected,” French shouted. “Any of you!” 

French demonstrated, effectively, illusions of grandeur and hysterical mob psychosis (cf. T. W. Adorno, “Freudian Theory and the Pattern of Fascist Propaganda.” In Vol. III of Psychoanalysis and the Social Sciences. Ed. Géza Roheim. New York: International Universities Press, 1951, pp. 408-433. Reprinted in Vol. VIII of Gesammelte Schriften. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1975). Any veneer that Christianity was a religion of peace or love was firmly erased and exposed the stagnant skeleton on which faith was drapped in Cranston having been cannibalized by hate honed from pulpits, priests and pastors, parents in homes and sidewalk evangelists.

Taylor Grenga, a junior at Cranston West, said she thought that although the banner contained “a good moral message,” that is not a reason to keep it because the school already has a school creed hanging in the auditorium. Grenga was booed by some members of the audience, which prompted Nero to scold the crowd for not setting a good example, he said. What the general attitude did was show not only mob psychosis, but borderline personality disorder among the opponents to Grenga’s arguments (cf. Goodman, Marianne; Hazlett, Erin A.; New, Antonia S.; Koenigsberg, Harold W.; and, Siever, Larry (2009). “Quieting the Affective Storm of Borderline Personality Disorder,” American Journal of Psychiatry May; 166(5); 522-528). Nero continued: “The last few days, we’ve seen attacks — some of them which we have no control over, which are on blog sites. And you wonder where everybody’s getting down on kids for saying these things but you folks who boo — you’re setting the example for these kids [sic]. We have not sent a good sample and you folks need to set a good example.”

(L-R) Secretary of State Mollis and Andrea Iannazzi

Even before the public comment period began, School Committee chairwoman Andrea Iannazzi warned the crowd that anyone speaking ill will of Ahlquist “clearly does not understand the intent of the banner and will be asked to leave”. Iannazi added that even if she doesn’t agree with Ahlquist, “we can all recognize her bravery for standing up for what she believes in.”

Some in the crowd couldn’t contain their frustration, including French, who screamed that she was being slandered when Kerri Kelleher spoke and refuted an assertion by a previous speaker — who identified herself as a Narragansett resident — that the district has a $133 million budget and could easily afford to continue the legal battle.  Lisa French charged the stage, throwing a fistful of dollars toward the committee, screaming “Here’s your money!” Iannazzi ordered French to be escorted after the room by police.

 Ahlquist, herself, addressed the committee and urged its members not to pursue an appeal. She noted that Judge Lagueux is a conservative Catholic and “and even he sees this is not to be in a public school.”

“This is not about religion,” Ahlquist said. “This is about the Constitution and it always has been. Religion does not have a place in public school and this country was not founded on the idea of Christianity and Christian principles. It was founded on the idea of religious freedom. If you want to defend the Constitution, you will remove the banner.”

Ahlquist was seconded by Ray Bosscia, a longtime Cranston resident who said he initially was in favor of keeping the banner, but after reading Lagueux’s decision, he has begun to think “he may be right.” Bosscia, unwilling to make a deeper commitment to the Constitution, said maybe an “Our heavenly father” and “amen” could be removed from the banner to keep it in place. That was a suggestion from the ACLU early on, but the committee rejected it.  Bosscia noted: “If we had done that in the beginning, would we be here now?”

The committee did not take any immediate action on the banner issue at the meeting. School Committee Member Frank Lombardi said he appreciated everyone who showed interest in the issue and “think it provides for spirited debate.” The Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty, which takes direction from the Vatican and provides legal services to the school district, is reviewing the case, promising to let the committee know if an appeal is worth considering. That means no action will be taken anytime soon, Lombardi said.

Allan Fung first Asian-American mayor of Cranston elected 2008

Since the ruling, the prayer has been covered with a tarp. The school board deliberated for some time before deciding delay consideration on an appeal—an appeal that would drain off the last revenues the school had reserved for education: books, teachers, staff, and so forth.  On January 13, 2012, the Mayor of the city, Allan Fung, was among those who disagreed with the decision to remove the banner, but noted the expense that the city would incur in an appeal

Jessica continues to receive online threats from students, parents, priests, and others, despite the fact that Rhode Island has an anti-bullying law (Bullying/Harassment Statute 16-21-24 (2003) and 16-21-26; H7213 (2008) includes “electronic communications” in the definition of harassment, intimidation or bullying that is aimed at cyberbullying, a favorite form of tormenting others by psychopaths and schizophrenics. Statute 11-21-2 (1956) makes hazing, defined in detail in Statute §11-21-1(1909), a misdemeanor offense, punishable of up to a $500 fine and/or imprisonment from 30 days to one year) A similar, national statute was initiated by one-time

David Cicilline

Providence Rhode Island mayor  who later ran for the US Congress seat vacated by Patrick Kennedy: Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI) who became the fourth openly gay member of Congress: (read here and  here).  Cicilline has been consistently vocal in his opposition to any form of bullying, and has declared his support for divergent views. What happened in Cranston was overwhelming,

 The local police have escorted her at school as even teachers along with classmates have vowed to “punch her in the face”, commit rape, and assassinate the youth (read here) and the observations of her uncle who has kept a video log of school board meetings and comments made by citizens of Cranston.  Jessica received many from her school. Here are a select sampling of hate messages sent to Jessica Ahlquist from classmates:

Unquestionably, AJ St. Angelo has serious mental problems, for his Tweets stand out among the others that rampaged across the airwaves. He is in need of psychiatric help. To discuss rape is one thing, but to threaten rape, even by an imaginary being is deranged. Rape is an element in the crime of murder and genocide–the rapist has one intent: that the person (female or male) is unable to reproduce and thereby cannot educate a new generation in what the rapist considers to be heresy, blasphemy, or irreligiosity.  While AJ St. Angelo shows definite sadistic psychological imbalance, his protestations also indicate a suppressed libido that makes him feel sexually inadequate either to penis size or observed or feared inability to complete a normal sexual act (Rice, Marnie E.; Lalumiere, Martin L.; Quinsey, Vernon L. (2005). The Causes of Rape: Understanding Individual Differences in Male Propensity for Sexual Aggression (The Law and Public Policy.). American Psychological Association (APA) or impotence). St. Angelo’s introduction of Satan into his screed indicates that his ability to think rationally is impaired by religious imprisonment of his mind, that he has been taught that Satan is the author of crimes against people and the ultimate punisher–in keeping with late medieval Roman Catholic theology and an emerging Protestant embrace of demonology. The introduction of Satan as the instrument of rape also demonstrates an attraction to the abnormal or supernatural forces, and may indicate a suppressed desire to experience similar penetration. At the same time, it is a covert cry that St. Angelo feels that Jessica Ahlquist is attached to the illusionary being that represents the base of evil since rape is generally by someone the victim knows rather than by a stranger.

Eric Rosa has been submerged too far in the cult of the cross, where he suggests that Ahlquist must be “nailed to the cross”.  This can be read two ways: (1) that Jessica is the new saviour, although that is not his intent, and/or (2) that Jessica deserves to die (strangely by crucifixion as was the alleged lot of the New Testament Jesus).  In both cases, Rosa is fixated with religion and sees any attack on it as an attack upon his personal god (cp. Roberts, Laura Weiss Roberts; Hollifield, Michael; and, McCarty, Teresita (1998). “Psychiatric Evaluation of a “Monk” Requesting Castration: A Patient’s Fable with Morals” American Journal of Psychiatry, March 1998; 155 (3); 415-420).

Taylor Crocker shows classic borderline personality disorder and the desire to destroy to elevate herself as a sage, while recognizing that she is mentally unstable. While Crocker is speaking for herself, she writes that “everyone” will go after Ahlquist as if that was a commonly accepted requirement, emphasizing pathological comorbidity (multiple diagnosis) that is usually associated with opioid addiction where psychiatric symptoms and disorders may be drug-induced, independent, or interrelated. Substance use and addiction can mimic, exacerbate, or precipitate psychiatric personality disorder symptoms leading for calls for violence and homicidal ideation (cf. Robins, E, and Guze, S.B. (1970) “Establishment of diagnostic validity in psychiatric illness: Its application to schizophrenia.” American Journal of Psychiatry. 1970;126:983–6).

Rev. Brandon Smith (RI)

Cranston, a city confounded and cursed with raw hatred has little to brag about as the city has run out of money, the school nearly bankrupt, and with the abhorrent aberration of despicable displays of Christian charity championed in churches, chapels, and among clergy, many of whom have brought dread with the rise of priestly pedophile preying (Jeffrey Thomas, of Massachusetts, and Helen McGonigle, of Connecticut, who have gone on record saying that they were raped as children by the Rev. Brendan Smyth, an Irish priest who had been assigned to Our Lady of Mercy in East Greenwich from 1965 to 1968), the  city of 80,000 just south of Providence, has throbbed with raw emotion as if it were aroused erotically—in the same manner as was the sport of those who participated in the religious torture of nonsubscribers and nonbelievers throughout the Roman Catholic world.  This is not just the verbal ejaculations and barbed insults hurled at

Peter G. Palumbo

Jessica Ahlquist coming from the twisted mentality of residents, but also barked by the execrable State Representative Peter G. Palumbo, a Democrat from Cranston (16th District), who damned Jessica as “an evil little thing” on a popular talk radio show and publicly shows his contempt for anything that offends his religious views.  His denunciation will win him votes for he represents the worse and most bigoted element in his constituency, lacking all respect for the struggle for equality and civil rights in the USA. While Palumbo does represent the bigots and the Roman Catholics in Cranston, he does not represent the ideals of the USA nor the stated platform of the Democratic Party in the USA.  He is more in keeping with the Dixiecrats and the numerous hate organizations listed by the SPLC and other groups.

Alexandra Vachon’s Tweets show the greatest instability over the issue of Jessica Ahlquist’s right to express her opinions on matter of religion.  She vows violence but retreats under fear of being punished.  This is classic schizophrenia and falls into the comorbidity classification since there is obviously a part of her life she keeps hidden (it could be alcoholism, which seems most plausible, or any other drug of choice) as each of her Tweets indicates a joyful celebration over the possible defacement (a “punch” in the mouth, etc.) that shows sadism at its worse.  It is no longer “child’s play” or a “teenage tantrum” but rather a blunt statement of intent. Ms. Vachon vouches psychiatric problems for herself and for others, not just Ms. Ahlquist. On the nature and evaluation/elevation of hurtful words, read: Tiecher, Martin H.; Samson, Jacqueline A.; Sheu, Yi-Shin; Polcari, Ann; and McGreenery, Cynthia E. (2010). “Hurtful Words: Association of Exposure to Peer Verbal Abuse with Elevated Psychiatric Symptom Scores and Corpus Callosum Abormalities,”  American Journal of Psychiatry, December 2010; 167 (12); 1464-1471; ref. Siever, Larry J. (2008). “Neurobiology of Violence and Aggression.” American Journal of Psychiatry, April; 165 (4); 429-442).

There has been no effort to shore up or defend Ahlquist’s right of descent against enforced religiosity, but there have been concerted efforts to make her life the Christian concept of hell on earth. Three separate florists refused to deliver her roses sent from the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation, a national atheist group. The group, known as the FFRF, filed a complaint with the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights, where it languishes as several clerks fingered their rosaries.

Annie Laurie Gaylor

Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the foundation, told reporters, when the news broke that the flowers would not be delivered, stated, “I was amazed.” This led the organization to give the young woman $13,000 from support and scholarship funds, with other people and groups setting up similar funds for Jessica’s future college education. Gaylor noted, “We haven’t seen a case like this in a long time, with this level of revilement and ostracism and stigmatizing.”

Jessica was baptized as a baby in the Roman Catholic Church.  She stopped believing in God at age 10 when she learned that prayer was talking to herself and that no god answered prayers.  Because of this realization, Jessica saw the prayer was an affront. “It seemed like it was saying, every time I saw it, ‘You don’t belong here,’ ” she said the other night during an interview at a Starbucks in Cranston.

Ahlquist’s action was not hasty. It took time.  It required thought.  A friend brought the prayer to Jessica’s attention in 2010, when she was a high school freshman. She said nothing at first, but before long someone else — a parent who remained anonymous — filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who has as its goal “to defend and preserve individual rights and liberties”. That lawsuit intimidated the school board, as the school system was running low on money given the deteriorating economic conditions in Rhode Island. The Cranston school board began to hold hearings on whether to remove the prayer, and Jessica spoke at all of them. She also started a Facebook page calling for the prayer’s removal (it now has almost 4,000 members) and began researching Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island as a haven for religious freedom.

In March 2011, at a rancorous meeting that Judge Ronald Rene Lagueux of United States District Court in Providence, of whom several complaints were launched against him, described in his ruling as resembling “a religious revival,” the school board voted 4-3 to keep the prayer. Some members said it was an important piece of the school’s history; others said it reflected secular values they held dear. Lagueux was nominated a federal judge by Ronald Reagan on January 21, 1986 and was an associate judge on the Rhode Island Supreme Court 1968-1986. He received an LL.B from Harvard Law School in 1956, earning an A.B. in 1953 from Bowdoin College in Maine (he was born in 1931 in Lewiston, Maine). No one explained how a prayer could be secular.

The Rhode Island chapter of the ACLU then asked Jessica if she would serve as a plaintiff in a lawsuit. She agreed.  The lawsuit was filed the next month.

Lincoln Chaffee defends "holiday tree" as RI tradition

New England is not the sort of place where battles over the division of church and state tend to crop up. It is the least religious region of the country, according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.  Rhode Island is an exception.  Rhode Island is the nation’s most Catholic state, and dust-ups over religion are not infrequent. In December 2011, several hundred people protested at the Statehouse after Gov. Lincoln Chafee (who is among those who want the banner removed), an independent, lighted what he called a “holiday tree” in honor of Roger Williams who founded Rhode Island.

The most evil force, as would be expected, demanding the retention of the prayer banner to save souls is the rank Roman Catholic Church of Rhode

Bee England (left) and Marie Ferrazzano (right) defend theocracy over democracy

Island.  Bee England, a parishioner at St. Charles Borromeo in Providence, and Marie Ferrazzano of St. Mary parish in Cranston wore signs indicating their support for an appeal of the federal judge’s ruling against the prayer banner, and later boasted that only the Vatican should speak on matters of law when the issue was education as all people should be trained to be servants of the Roman Catholic Church. The assistant pastor (the fulltime Pastor is Rev. James. R. Collins) of St. Matthew Parish (it was forced to close its school at the end of 2010 because of diminishing enrollment from 299 to 119, and a fire that cost too much damage to be able to afford to rebuild), 15 Francis Avenue in Cranston, was among those who attended school meetings to show his support to keep the offensive banner on the school wall, commenting in a manner similar to the Dominican Inquisitors of the fifteenth century when faced with rebellion in Spain: “If we go down, we go down with a fight.” This same smugness was reiterated by the Spaniards when the conquered the Inka Empire in the sixteenth century and murdered its king and most of the court. There was no religious tolerance then, nor ever in the Roman Catholic Church’s history.

Roman Catholic Inquisition torture of women

What the people who assembled to denounce the judge’s opinion based on law and the Constitution want is a world matching the fifteenth century where all dissenters were tortured and put to death by garroting, auto-de-fé, Iron Maidens, water-boarding and other devilish devices that John Choon Yoo who worked in the US Department of Justice suggested to George W. Bush (a man that the one-time US Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) called a “better Roman Catholic [sic: Bush is a Methodist] than John F. Kennedy” (read here and here  and here) that recounts how Santorum saw himself as a Roman Catholic missionary while in the US Senate, with some claiming that the assassination of JFK was a Vatican-

Waterboarding was common during the Spanish Inquisition (15th-17th centuries)

Jesuit conspiracy) that torture and water boarding were acceptable means of

Torture of women was especially popular with the German Inquisition

extracting critical information and had been used by the Roman Catholic Church for more than 1500 years.

The Roman Catholic Church in Rhode Island has the support of the Washington, DC based Becket Foundation for Religious Liberty, a non-profit Roman Catholic interest legal and educational institute that works to protect the freedoms of Roman Catholics and “reasonable” Christians who might convert to Roman Catholicism. The most odious opportunist was Monsignor Richard Sheahan, pastor of Holy Apostles Church in Cranston (read the official Roman Catholic biography), who argued that the ruling further “secularized” society by “attempting to remove God from public view” but never clarified his comment on when god was ever seen in Rhode Island.  Clergy comments

Thomas J. Tobin, bishop of Rhode Island

were endorsed by Rhode Island bishop Thomas J. Tobin, who had long protected pedophile priests in Rhode Island parishes and church schools

The Rhode Island bishop , Thomas J. Tobin, admitted that 125 Rhode Island priests had been accused of molesting children (without any reference to the numerous adults) of both genders, but, following instructions from the Vatican under the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, only allowed 29 of the pedophile priests who admitted to sexually molesting young girls and boys, to be publicly identified (read here and here), claiming that as much as he opposed the ruling, “resorting to personally insulting and even threatening language in such public controversies is totally unacceptable, especially when directed at a young person such as Jessica Ahlquist who has every right to promote her beliefs and express her opinion.”

Bishop Thomas Tobin has a long record of double-talk and negative actions.  While protecting pedophile priests, he has denied communion to those who practice contraception or do not adhere rigidly to official Roman Catholic Church dogma and denied Congressman Patrick Kennedy communion because of his pro-choice convictions.    As Ruth Moore of Hull, Massachusetts, stated for the record: “He claims that it’s important that we protect the unborn. But it’s equally as important to protect those who have been born and those young children who have been raped and sodomized by clerics and priests. But yet he seems to protect those clerics.”  This was echoed by Randi Rhodes who comments regularly, that the bishop’s stand is “Love the fetus, hate the child”.  This is especially common among the Roman Catholic clergy in Cranston who say nothing about the death threats directed against Ahlquist by their parishioners but mourn the covering of the prayer banner in a public school. Where Opus Dei is strongest in Rhode Island, Tobin is championed as a “soldier of Christ, armed with shield and sword” to fight against those who would deny “the message of Jesus”. The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts called Tobin’s action an “act of courage, fidelity and charity, intended to prevent scandal and sacrilege.” 

1997 Vatican letter requiring hiding child abuse

The Vatican, in 1997, with the knowledge of Pope John Paul II, warned bishops in the USA as it warned Irish bishops not to report sex offendersin the clergy for fear it would lead to defections from the church in a letter that emphasized the church’s right to handle all child-abuse allegations and determine punishments in-house rather than give that power to civil

Archbishop Luciano Storero

authorities; the letter was signed by the late Archbishop Luciano Storero (who wrote the canon on sexual abuse by priests; Benedict XVI continues the cover-up; with child sex rapes by priests and nuns (read here and here), Pope John Paul II’s diplomat to Ireland, the letter instructs Irish bishops that their new policy of making the reporting of suspected crimes mandatory “gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and canonical nature.”  John Paul II’s duplicity in the cover-up has been exceeded only the rank retaliation of Benedict XVI who demands total allegiance to Vatican rule.

It was decreed by the Vatican that it is “far more important” to protect symbols to hold the “church base” together, especially catering to the elderly who could leave their money to further church goals.  The plight of children meant nothing until droves of Roman Catholics left the Vatican’s church, and thousands of sexually abused boys and girls (now men and women) have brought lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Church in state and provincial courts from Canada and the USA to Ireland and Europe, and as distant as Spain (see video here), Ireland (see the video here), Australia (that has a record of nuns selling babies see video here) and New Zealand (see video here).  It is a common practice, worldwide.

Roman Catholics in the public school meeting on the issue of appealing the banner were quick to call on the school to use public funds (which include taxes paid by non-Roman Catholics) to protect the sectarian prayer. The elderly, fearing death and for their souls (read here and here),  were among the most outspoken, calling Ahlquist “the devil” and “a whore of evil”—while being noticeably upset when asked if they had ever done something they did not confess to a priest or question as to their sexuality or spirituality. Threats were hurled endlessly, not only at reporters and the Ahlquist family (Jessica in particular), but also at any supporters seeking the removal of the banner.

Many alumni this week said they did not remember the prayer from their high school days but felt an attachment to it nonetheless. According to published

Don Fox and family (Facebook)

reports, Donald Fox, a 1985 graduate of Cranston West, gun enthusiast (“shooting” is his avocation) an unsuccessful Republican candidate for the 47th District in 2010 losing by 196 votes, and endorsed by the Tea Party for a run in 2012 for the Rhode Island legislature, noted: “I am more of a constitutionalist but find myself strangely on the other side of this. The prayer banner espouses nothing more than those values which we all hope for our children, no matter what school they attend or which religious background they hail from.”

Brittney Lanni (Facebook)

Brittany Lanni, who graduated from Cranston West in 2009, said that no one had ever been forced to recite the prayer and, identifying herself as a “daughter of Jesus,” called Jessica “an idiot.”  She could not remember what Matthew 5:22 or 7:1 said. Instead, Lanni excused her argument by comparing the prayer banner to economic solvency: “If you don’t believe in that, take all the money out of your pocket, because every dollar bill says, ‘In God We Trust’.”  The first time “In God We Trust” appeared on our coins was in 1864 on the new two-cent coin, and by 1909 it was included on most the other coins. The slogan was forced on all of the citizens of the USA during the Age of Fear under Roman Catholic US Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI) in 1955 when Red Baiting (anti-communist hysteria that is applauded by the Roman Catholic Church: coming from the anti-democratic Catholic League of the USA) was at its pinnacle (see an apologia pro vita Joe McCarthy by the Jesuit Crosby, Donald F. (1978). God Church, and Flag: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and the [Roman] Catholic Church, 1950-1957. Chapel Hill, NC, USA: University of North Carolina) , when, during the height of the cold war, on July 11, 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed Public Law 140 making it mandatory that all coinage and paper currency display the motto, making the slogan the official motto of the USA over the protestations of many.

Raymond Santilli, whose family owns one of the four flower shops that refused to deliver to Jessica, said he declined for safety reasons, knowing the controversy around the case (the flower shop has a gross income of $98,000 a year and employs two people). People from around the world have called to support or attack his decision, which he said he stood by even after being offered police protection. Santilli reasoned that the publicity would chase away steady clients, giving the lie to his claim he was worried about employee safety (video here).

A second bigot is the hate-filled owner of Twins Florist (who has a business located at 1083 Park Avenue with an income of under $500,000 a year)  in Cranston owned and operated by Marina Plowman who chortled that discrimination is her right as a form of freedom of speech. Floral Express located at 30 Phenix Avenue in Cranston was the second Cranston, RI, floral shop that employs between one and four people, and has an income under $500,000, refused the order and earmarked the right of the business to openly discriminate dispute US Supreme Court rulings to the contrary.

Sean Condon and Stephanie Ewart-Condon co-owners of Glimpse of Gaia (photo Emily Groves: Norwich CT Bulletin)

Lawsuits are being filed against all three Cranston florists for discrimination, defamation of character and other charges infringing upon human and civil rights. Co-owner of Glimpse of Gaia Florist Sean Condon (video here), drove all the way from Connecticut to deliver the flowers, stating that “we don’t discriminate against people for any reason” unlike the rampant discrimination that is found everywhere in Cranston, Rhode Island.

As it is true everywhere, money has greater weight than charity, justice, or kindness.  It was the greed and quest for money that led by Pope Clement V in 1307 (a Frenchman born at Villandraut in Gascony in the Bordelais region c. 1260 – died April 20, 1314 at Roquemaure, Provence, and known as a mercenary with a greed for gold) to order that all Knights Templar (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici name; “Poor Fellow-soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon) were to be executed so that he could confiscate more than 9,000 properties as well as countless pastures, mills and other commercial ventures (the trials of the Masters of the Order were shames, reaching the same nadir depths as the inquisitions under John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Many knights abjured their oaths, but the leaders of

Pope orders the torture and assassination of the Knights Templar; depicted is the execution of the Grand Master De Molay and Geoffrey de Chamey who warned against the encroachment of the Vatican

the Order, the elderly Grand Master Jacques de Molay, who had confessed under torture, retracted his forced statement. His close  associate Geoffrey de Charney, Preceptor of Normandy, followed de Molay’s example and insisted on his innocence. Both men were declared guilty of being relapsed heretics, and were sentenced to burn alive at the stake in Paris on March 18, 1314. De Molay reportedly remained defiant to the end, asking to be tied in such a way that he could face the Notre Dame Cathedral and hold his hands together in prayer. According to legend, he called out from the flames that both Pope Clement and King Philip would soon meet him before God. His actual words were recorded on the parchment as: “Dieu sait qui a tort et a pëché. Il va bientot arriver malheur à ceux qui nous ont condamnés à mort” (free translation: “God knows who is wrong and has sinned. Soon a calamity will occur to those who have condemned us to death”).  Pope Clement died only a month later, and King Philip died in a hunting accident before the end of the year); the pestilential Pope Urban II called for the First of numerous crusades that led to the butchery of Jews, women and infants throughout Europe and the Middle East, forced the conquest and destruction of Constantinople so that it would fall ultimately to the hordes of Muslims, and give reason for Roman Catholic nuns from Ireland to Australia to kidnap and sell babies to the highest bidder. None of this mattered to Santilli, although, thinking of Jessica, he said, “I’ve got a daughter, and I hope my daughter is as strong as she is, O.K.?”

Jessica was not surprised at the contemporary Christian response for it matches the reality of Christianity since its formation and forceful spread under the slogan “convert or die”.  Jessica had been used to it since a child.  She knew that the Jesus of the New Testament was schizophrenic, according to his numerous biographers who ended up with their various writings declared canon by various church councils. Jesus was portrayed as loving little children (Luke 18:16), and coming to the earth not to bring peace but a sword (Matthew 10:34).

Ahlquist said she had stopped believing in God when she was in elementary school and her mother fell ill for a time.  Jessica told reporters: “I had always been told that if you pray, God will always be there when you need him,” she said. “And it didn’t happen for me, and I doubted it had happened for anybody else. So yeah, I think that was just like the last step, and after that I just really didn’t believe any of it.”

Reporters asked Jessica if she empathized in any way with members of her community who want the prayer to stay.  Her response was: “I’ve never been asked this before,” then paused, and said: “It’s almost like making a child get a shot even though they don’t want to. It’s for their own [sic: reflexive pronoun is incorrect] good. I feel like they might see it as a very negative thing right now, but I’m defending their Constitution, too.

Jessica’s charity towards her attackers and columnists defied any Christianity in the Cranston community. While Christianity requires charity (1 Corinthians 13:1-10 ff), atheists, it appears especially in the case of Jessica Ahlquist, are naturally charitable, forgiving and understanding–not needing a god to help others or to speak out for equal rights and self-determination.

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