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Education in Peru is failing and what can be done to restore it

Patriotism has its place—as an expression of loyalty. It is not a hood to cover reality as if it were some medieval monk scurrying about to find heretics and apostates. Patriotism, especially to a partisan party or religion, is both plutocratic as well as destructive of the educational process. While I have written at length about bad education in the USA (where 7000 high school students drop out of education every day) and in other nations, when I noted that education in Perú is the third worst education in the world, it sets off a fire

Casone de San Marcus Universidad (Lima, Perú)

alarm heated by Perú patriotism that Perú universities are the best. They are not (for Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos that shares the 601 place with the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú). The growing scandal of corruption in the Roman Catholic Church indicates that it may well be on its last century, especially with the odiously opportunistic Opus Dei prelature that delights in transmogrifying reality in search of a past that never existed. No where but Perú is this evil organization, Opus Dei, such a total threat to the treatment of mortals, where its male  antagonists speak out against women who rightfully demand choice, while turgid theological  vociferate ranting roars against men who want to plan families and stop acting like cuyes constantly in heat.

Augusto cardinal Vargas Alzamora (Lima, Perú)

The principal source of this nefarious plot to topple sanity is Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne of Lima (who was formally accused of murdering, or at least planning the assassination of his predecessor, the equally conservative Jesuit cleric cardinal Augusto Vargas Alzamora, a native of Lima, who “officially” died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Cipriani Thorne was lucky as he had friends in high places within the Vatican who squelched any question that their favored archbishop might be a murderer.  Cipriani Thorne saw the accusations destroyed or rejected by the Roman curia eager to protect itself and its predatory priests.

The high-handed tactics of the Vatican enraged Perú’s best known writer and only  Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa.  Vargas Llosa became personally involved, and in a stinging attack in the Spanish newspaper El País, described Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne as a “representative of the Church’s worst tradition, its authoritarian and obscurantist tradition”.

Cipriani Thorne, even though many youth had come forward claiming that they had seen the future prelate frequent the Downtowner (a homosexual bar in Lima), was the leading Opus Dei cleric and only Opus Dei cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church.  He had support of many bishops, but not all of the bishops in Perú supported Cipriani Thorne.  The cardinal had some support among some intellectuals and politicians, but not all, as he was a staunch supporter of Alberto Fujimori and of dictatorship in Perú, which if it were under a Fujimori, could remove religious liberty from those not practicing the Roman Catholic faith. 

Catacombs below San Francisco church in Lima, Perú

While Cipriani’s Roman Catholic College of Bishops rule as if they were still sitting in the Torquemada’s torture carnivorously cruel chambers in Spain or sixteenth century Lima where human heads were piled in roles to celebrate forced conversions, closures of institutes and schools that sought private investigation, and the cranium of women and young boys savagely beaten to death. Early Spanish records noted what is still common today–that when landlord or priest wanted someone for sex and the individual refused, the penalty for refusal was instant death.  Many executed were thrown unceremoniously into the catacombs over which the clergy of Lima prayed, offered the Mass, and sang hymns to a god without mercy. The Council of Bishops were not pawns, however, for Cipriani to move across a chessboard already soaked in human blood with the past stained by both terrorists and police and Fujimori thugs.

Most schools are multigrade; many of them are also in very poor physical condition

In 2007, according to a report released by the World Economic Forum, out of 131 countries ranked in the world, Perú had the dubious distinction of being in last place in the quality of its elementary school education. In the areas of math and science it was in the 130th place. The high schools fared the same: they are bad throughout Perú and in all subject areas.  Much of it is due to poverty, and schools are multigraded and the structures are in poor condition that the governments of Peru historically ignore.

Poverty in Perú (2005)

Debilitating 96% of the people of Perú, the issue of poverty throughout Perú keeps education from expanding, libraries basically remain non-existent, and only the most desperate and ill-educated apply for teaching positions as most teachers need to teach in two or more schools in one day just to provide food for their families.  All governments throughout Perú history have uniformly ignored the need of future generations and squandered taxes for private adventures, personal pleasures, and family greed: from the Congressional representatives (such as “Señor Pollo” (a nickname for Jose Anaya who was convicted of illegal billing the Perú people and received a five year prison sentence; watch this video) billed Congress for “excessive” consumption of chicken dinners at the expense of the Perú people in two days (the actual charge reads: “pues retornó el 25 y 27 de abril, días en que consumió pollos por S/.428 y S/. 397, respectivamente, según consta en las boletas N° 00970 y N° 00979.” of chicken lunches).  Anaya was not unique in his brazen theft.  The Perú congress has long been known for its built in corruption, as if any one is elected to sit in Congress, that person collects a pension from the government as long as he or she is alive.  Bills are turned in for nearly expense, and the Treasurer of Congress signs off on the bill and issues a voucher for payment.  What was strange was the case that appeared with the sitting Treasurer of Congress.  The Treasurer of Congress, Lucía Bravo Roncal, billed Congress S/.4547 for a personal shopping trip to Italy while Congress was sitting.

All surveys and tabulations on the quality of education around the world point out one damning and devastating fact. One of the worse places for  an education is in Perú.  This is more humiliating when it is known that the worse place for education is within Perú’s universities. What each level of education (each grade) has in common is that none educate. All indoctrinate.  Teachers repeat the errors of their instructors who reiterated the fantasies of their former professors. Textbooks are considered nearly sacred since they are in print–even when illegal photocopies that are not complete are passed out to public school children–as what was considered adequate information in the past no matter how recent or far back the past was, it was considered acceptable for the students of today–and for their children. 

There are numerous private schools that I have visited that openly encourage students to copy any article, book, thesis, or other form of intellectual property.  The librarians at these schools claim that the publisher of any book a student sought gave the student the right to copy the material since the school or university had bought two or more original copies.  This is not just with impoverished schools or schools in the mountains or Amazons, but it includes universities and primary and secondary schools in Lima and capitals of provinces as well as towns and villages Perú-wide (read here and here and here where Blockbusters closed down because of the epidemic of illegal photocopying, copying, and illegal sharing).  While there are laws officially on legal registers, and police and judges are sworn to uphold them protecting intellectual property, copyright, trademark, and other similar means of retaining the owner or developer’s rights, judges, police, and other law enforcement officials ignore Perú’s copyright laws and in many cases break them directly.

The black market that is rampant throughout Peru has cost Perú over 100,000 jobs since 2005, and the number of those being  unemployed or underemployed climbs daily as the corrupt governments of Perú do nothing.  Blockbusters and other foreign businesses will never return to Perú because of the high rate of theft among all groups and levels of citizens. When I taught at the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism in Lima, the directors of different divisions bragged about how many illegal discs, CDs, books and so forth they had in their homes. They laughed at me when I read the Peru law against plagiarism–with each director, his or her secretary and all students who I taught in the official building in San Isidro telling me that copyright law does not apply to government workers “or those who can get away with it”.  Some snorted: “Americans/gringoes are too stupid.  They will continue to supply us with music, movies, and books. When they send them down here, we will steal them so that they are free for us.  Americans are rich. We are not–so we steal what we cannot afford to pay for”. 

I have found this to be the dicta and rubric of Roman Catholic, Adventist, and Baptist schools and churches; it is that widespread). I have watched lawyers, judges, principals, teachers, students go into a theater and film what was being shown.  I have witnessed the copying of books on a daily basis.  When I go down La Marina in San Miguel, or Jose Balta in Chiclayo, I see illegally copied movies that had not as of that date even been released to theaters in the USA–as I am told that there are Peruanos working in Hollywood who have access to new films before they are released, and copy them to send to their families in Perú so that the family makes money and eats.  There are so many mafias in Perú that is difficult to find anyone who is honest.  The poorer a person is, the more easily it is to get the person to steal: thus teachers are the worse offenders when it comes to protecting copyright material.

Peruano criminals look at illegal movies for sale on nearly every street corner

Teachers slouch forward repeating ancient myths they were taught without question, students are irresponsible and memorize just to pass in hopes of obtaining work that doesn’t include driving a taxi, and libraries (few and far between) are for social gatherings.

In 2007, Antonio Chang, the last of the competent and determined Ministers of Education, set out to test over 350,000 Perú teachers (a strategy praised by the largest percentage of Perú parents). SUTEP protested, as most of its members failed the examinations (read here and here  and here). One site claims that only 151 out of 185,000 teachers passed the basic competency and literary exam, which is 5,000 more teachers than I cite in several of my published articles (read here and here and here)  while  another writer cites 181,000). Wikileaks, some being published in El Comercio, noted that almost 50 percent of public school teachers were unable to answer simple questions about mathematics, and more than 30 percent were functionally illiterate. Primary school teachers (where the brightest teachers should be teaching) and those working in rural areas (where education is nearly impossible to achieve) received the lowest scores. In competitiveness, Perú ranked 83 in 2008.  Peru was 94th among nations in organizational competitiveness. In the area of innovation it was 83. In development Perú was ranked in the lowest tier. Perú is ranked low in business ethics (92:134), high in police corruption (123 with the lowest being 134: p. 288). Education remains stagnantly low. Perú has laws against plagiarism and intellectual property protection, but ranks 121 out of 134 for open infractions with crimes of plagiarism openly committed by the Department of Justice and all government, industrial, business and especially educational institutions. This has, over the years of growing corruption (especially in the presidencies of provinces and local government) to an overwhelming distrust of political figures and operatives (120:134). Business is strangled by complicated and heavy bureaucracy and regulations (123:134), with the result (127:134) that the infrastructure of Peru is one of the world’s worst. Primary education dropped to 133:134 (second from last in the world; in Bolivia, a nation Perú treats with scorn, the primary rating is 127:134), matching secondary and university education (in Bolivia it is 132:124), with the lowest scores in mathematics, sciences (in Bolivia it is 119:134 compared to Perú that is at 133:134) and foreign languages (especially English where teachers are hired on the bases of age (youngest preferred), and cronyism, with many, female and male, prospective teachers offering sex for appointments). 

Research is discouraged at all levels of academe, and university-industry research cooperation comes in at 107:134. Quality of scientific institutions is 121:134, with a large majority of professors in science and agriculture unqualified to teach or do basic research. Knowledge of business and business techniques and competitive advantage is 93:134. Perú educational institutions are ranked at second from last, but within Perú the ranking of Peru universities is unique as while the Pontifical University in Lima is first (not tied with San Marcus), private universities excel more than national universities (for example, Universidad César Vallejo is #19 while Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz is #36).

To do business in Perú or with Perú, at this time, is insanity, as investors are robbed of profits, manufacturers in Perú use shoddy material, and employees are overworked and underpaid and so steal (the average workday in Perú is 12-14 hours, the workweek is six days, and the average salary below S/600 (roughly a little over $200) a month–while attempting to buy a house costs an average of S/.748, to rent an apartment is S/.300, and to take one month of classes in many universities is S/300).

In 2010, only two nations had a worse record for unacceptable (bad) education: Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. The top two best educated nations are #1 South Korea, and #2 Finland.  The USA is #14, and the UK #20.

In the area of languages, the percentage is proportionately lower in Perú.  Teachers of foreign languages are woefully inadequate, ill-prepared, and poorly undertained.  Better schools of language learning are in Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Columbia and Brasil.  The main problem in Perú is the proliferation of Language Centers and shoddy universities, as, at present, anyone can start a university without faculty or facilities–and most do not have a traditional library.  There are schools (like Top Class [sic] English) that have websites that

Top Class English methodology webpage

are 100% in Spanish, where are English classes are taught in Spanish, and

Top Class English Evaluation page

where subject matter is elementary.

Top Class English anonymous recommendations page both in Spanish

I am uncertain how Top Class [sic] English had my e-mail address, so I wrote them to inquire about that and other questions that I would have appreciated an answer to inasmuch as I am writing a book on the teaching of English in Perú.  I never had a reply.  However, I have interviewed a few who have made application with Top Class, and they responded that the courses are taught in Spanish–a common practice among many institutes and schools.

UTP teaches computer use and programming, SENATI began as a trade school (primarily automotives) and branched out to teach languages–basically English as it brings in the greatest revenue, offering the First Certificate in English (FCE; I was its first teacher, and followed by those who had difficulty with pronunciation and grammar), and had one teacher ask me if I would pass him on the FCE examination.  When I asked why, he said he would more make more money, and I commented that it would best to learn correct English first, before attempting to teach the language.  I notified the director of SENATI who shrugged, and I never saw the “teacher” again.  Other institutes advertise for English teachers on the internet–the home and subsequent pages being in Spanish (as with Top Class [sic] English). 

All that is required is a diploma (of some sort) but no one seeks transcripts to prove authenticity, and few applicants have ever published anything.  Most teachers in Perú will never research even an article; it is a rare teacher who publishes–and in most cases the few publications that see print are self-printed. Peer review is unheard of and seldom  used; even when students at the “better” (private or Roman Catholic or church related) universities take an oral examination on a proposed thesis, there are no serious questions, and the committee is not made up of professors in the student’s field.  They are selected randomly.

Being a teacher of English, I find that most of my students in the fifth cycle have not passed the basic level of competency, still they have been and continue to be continuously advanced to higher cycles and even graduate, in many cases by teachers whose language skills are submarginal at best. This leads to a renewal of ignorance and the further decline of education in

A real e-mail from a student you considered herself a successful English speaker.

Perú. Students wrote me, frequently, begging for the lowest possible score, claiming that when they are teachers they will learn the language and prove they were worth the extra “boost” in grade.  Later, when I had the opportunity to interview graduating students for positions that required fluency and accuracy in the English language, and found none qualified–and shared that information with my class in English Composition and e-mail correspondence, I received condemnation as seen in this letter:

Student objected to me not recommended a Peru graduate for a major position because of the lack of fluency and accuracy in the English language.

I was told by many students and faculty in the English Department, that grammar rules, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure were unimportant.  The common comment was “if the message is understood, it’s sufficient.”  I disagreed.  I was fortunate as my Academic Dean supported me, and listened as I offered to teach a course for teachers that would enable each professor to present English correctly (and no longer speak as if he or she were Mick Jagger or Daddy Yankee).

At the beginning of this year’s January summer session, I was offered the rewarding challenge to teach a basic English grammar course to the professors of English at the university where I teach.  The course was to be a workshop requiring participation of all students. 
At the end of the eight week class (meeting twice a week for 2.5 hours a day), I was saddened, but not surprised, with the results. These results were based on (1) attendance, (2) participation individually and as a group.  This would count for 50% of the grade. The other 50% of the grade was based on in-class writing.  What each faculty-student wrote during the last hour of the class, I reminded the class every day, would be reviewed the following day as a group. I corrected the sentences at home, then made a PowerPoint presentation of the writing of each class member to show the next morning. This was repeated for each class that I conducted.
Each day the class covered a specific point of grammar. My Academic Dean, one of the finest and most resourceful leaders I have ever encountered, had made this course a requirement for all English teachers, and had informed the faculty that the course was mandatory. 
Even with the word “obligatory” spelled out by the Academic Dean not all teachers of English attended.  Many of my coworkers were absent–most of the time. 
Following the Academic Dean’s directive, I composed a review of what happened and my assessment.  This is the letter that I presented developing and explaining my evaluation of my peers.  I only change the tense now and delete actual student names to safeguard their privacy and cause no one undo embarrassment.

Summary of results of the Grammar for XXXX Professors, summer 2012:

Overview: It was my hope, and ineffectual ambition, to be able to offer the faculty of English the foundations for correct English grammar, and wean teachers at XXXX from vulgar (street) English—so common today. To achieve this goal, I followed classic pedagogical patterns that have been successfully used at major universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Carnegie, and so forth, even though many of these once stellar universities have given up established standards to ensure purity of speech for immediacy and modernism as found on the streets–as is now seen in Cambridge’s sponsorship of the bankrupt IB Programme).  

I appropriated the use of individual parts of a sentence:  beginning with Articles and ending with Direct Objects. Each part of a sentence was defined, discussed, and an invitation was issued verbally inviting argument, rebuttal,  discourse and analysis.

Modus Operandi:  The methodology for this course was to introduce each part of grammar as it appears in a well-constructed English sentence. At the beginning of each class, a presentation was given on a particular part of English grammar beginning with articles, then adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs and so forth.  After a brief overview with proffered examples and pregnant questions asked, the class was encouraged to engage in small group and class-wide discussion: questioning what was unknown or uncommon, refuting comments that I made, rebutting effectiveness of examples, affirming agreement but with caveats, examples, and so forth.  The final hour of each class was devoted to a classic (Aristotelean) workshop: all students were instructed to write sentences emphasizing the grammatical part discussed in class and use it in context within a complete sentence. Papers, requiring from seven to 20 such sentences, were gathered at the end of the time period to be graded that evening by me and then returned to the students the next day after the class, as a group, viewed a PowerPoint presentation of each essay (with the name of the author deleted for the sake of privacy).  Before scanning each paper, I highlighted any error, explained why the word, phrase or sentence was incorrect, and detailed how the sentence could be rewritten using perfect English grammar.

Results and reactions:  While it was made clear by both the Academic Dean and the Director of the Language Department that this was an obligatory / mandatory course, most faculty-students approached this requirement with a cavalier attitude. This is clearly seen in the number of classes students missed, assignments not turned in, and low scores on participation earned. Some students failed to attend any class after the first scheduled meeting. Other alumni selected to avoid various classes, and many were “unavailable” to attend the last week–it was their “holiday time”. 

A few did comment it was wrong for a co-teacher to teach them, even though they had not reached the master degree level and I have an earned doctorate and a plethora of publications.  As for publications, four students claimed that research and writing was a waste of time, as students (and faculty, they noted, including themselves) had better “things” to do than to research, read, write, or analyze. 

Two students stated that I was a fool to research, write, and publish when I could be in a restaurant drinking beer. There were some exemplary exceptions, but these exceptions were rare.

What was learned from this class? I found the exercise to have been worthwhile. It showed definite trends in the learning processes: a declination, not acceleration in the mastery of subject matter.  While I am not in charge of hiring or dismissing any teacher, and most teachers who I know have two or three jobs additional appointments at different universities and schools, their approach to the learning process is elementary at best, but in reality it is unacceptable: not only are the faculty’s students being robbed of a chance to learn, grow intellectually, and be better than their parents in the field of knowledge, and make Perú a better place to live, grow, and learn, but the teachers sitting in class with me failed to appreciate the opportunity the university was offering them: to learn more about English by someone who has written and taught more than fifty years. 

I sympathize with my faculty-students and their need to make living, and regret that in any other society those who had a score of less than 14 would not be offered an appointment at a university unless it was of dubious or marginal quality and was in existence to promote religious blind faith and not scholarship.  This is the case a low-ranked institutions such as at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, Liberty University and Regents University in Virginia (of Regents Law College first year law class, only 50% of its students passed the Virgina bar exam).

Those students who missed the obligatory grammar class(es) were invited to notify the Directora and myself and arrange for a recovery class. Those who did not turn in papers were invited both by e-mail and in person to create and present to me the missing paper. In nearly every case the students who were absent or did not turn in required papers made no effort to contact me or to find a way to make up the work.

It is true that I am but a teacher at XXXX, but when I was Area Coordinator European Studies (in charge of the departments of Languages, History, Social Sciences, and Art) at XXXX (a Roman Catholic University) in California, I visited with the teachers who showed no to lackadaisical interest in their subject area, teaching, researching or writing. Since university standards were high, turnover was equally high.  The university wanted the best teachers for their students. With unconcealed disgust with their professional responsibilities and obligations, holding random office hours and being short with students, I had serious reservations in renewing their contracts.  At departmental meetings I made my observations known, supporting my objections with concrete examples of inefficiency and lack of subject matter knowledge either by presenting student evaluations or films I made at the back of the classroom.  The faculty who were unresponsive to my entreaties, and irresponsible with the work assigned made no protestation.  I left their fates with the faculty senate.

At both universities (the one in Perú, and, earlier, the one in California) there was the personal gratification, warmly welcomed by me, when students questioned examples and even presentations.  This showed me that they were thinking independently. I cautioned them against being like Galileo who would renounce his own wisdom and discovery just to make the Roman Catholic Church give him peace and not put him through the tortures that awaited so many scientists, pushing the advance of science and knowledge backwards into past generations, in the same way that John Paul II cautioned Stephen Hawking against a too-rapid advance of science.  Benedict XVI has come out publicly stating that it is the role of science to prove the existence of a god–but that is impossible since science tests theories while faith accepts beliefs. It is true that many said what I was offering as commentary did not match their books, and I agreed.  I also noted that their books were wrong, that publishers today are more keen to make a profit than to print what is correct.  When I was student, a half-a-century ago, we would buy the complete works of Plato in paperback for 95 cents and Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary was $7.95 (it still has its paper jacket on which is imprinted the price)–that I still use.  We only made $1 an hour as laborers; still, we saw our investment in books as an investment in our futures.  I built my own library from one book to 65,000 volumes that I still maintain (very little of which is fiction).

One of the more mature students (I use this phrase to protect her identity; hereafter I will refer to her as Mrs. M) was uniquely agile in this regard and questioned several trends found commonly in Perú in the teaching of the English language. I noted that most came from either bad textbooks or canned courses such as the IB Programme or books such as Travellers.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language

The greatest problem is that there is no standardized English and vulgar English has taken over that would have dismayed Samuel Johnson who worked hard in the eighteenth century to standardize the idiom by publishing his massive dictionary on April 15, 1755. The Dictionary was  a work that took him nine years to complete with the aid of a single scribe.

Many Perú students have mastered British English (but only vulgar / street English; such as “using a cooker before chipping into a lorry”; in American English that would be “preparing a meal on the stove before getting into a truck”) while others have studied American English (the majority of it being slang; they spoke of “chicks” [girls] and “reeving  up” [becoming excited] before “taking a bath” [bathing; I always wondered where they would take that bath–would they really carry a tub or shower stall into the street?]).

While Perú born teachers worked to enhance their knowledge and skills, the American teachers, who generally were the worse teachers, hailed contemporary music (especially the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Daddy Yankee) as the best way to learn English.  That I was told by the sales force at Merck Pharmaceuticals in Ate, a suburb of Lima when I first moved to Perú.  They threw words around without any knowledge of their meaning, and justified their commentaries as “matching the language of the students” noting that it really “wasn’t all that important to teach proper English as most students” would end up driving Ticos (a small taxi).

Most of the American teachers I knew (I taught with five at a private Roman Catholic colegio, and when I resigned, the others resigned too; they told me that they came to Peru for a temporary stay: they were: “on holiday” or “seeking a chance to meet Perú men” for temporary partnerships.  Teaching was for “extra coins”.

SUTEP protesting required examinations in Lima 2007

While Perú has various “professional groups” from SUTEP (the teachers’ union established to maintain jobs even when the teacher is totally incompetent) to various “institutes” whose sole purpose for existence was to make money off the citizens of Perú who want to escape their native land to move to the USA.  Cinemas and tabloids spoke of the USA as if it really were a heaven lined with streets of gold. They were assured everyone had a job, could “get” a house with a swimming pool, and earn extraordinarily high wages with little labor and no need for an education.

No matter what I said, noting that they were living in a cinematic world of fantasy, I was reproached by those who viewed the luxurious lives of stars living in magnificent mansions and crusing on yachts.  Angelina Jolie was hailed as a prime example of what the USA offered once they viewed “her home” in “Tomb Raider”.  Others declared that Bollywood showed India to be a land of great riches, massive palaces, fine cloth, unlimited gold, and a cornucopia of food for all–there were, the students declared, no poor or hungry as existed in Perú, as those in India sang and danced all day and drank their fill at night as cool air brushed past silken curtains supported by marble pillars astride polished stone walkways.

My goal has always been to teach correct academic English that draws from all English groups: USA, UK, Union of South Africa, and so forth. My goal has always been that the individual student would benefit from the entire plethora of English phraseology. As a philologist, I wanted words used correctly. I thought there were others like me.  I went in search of them.

I was especially startled when I spoke with members of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL) in Perú who spoke street English. One TESOL teacher told me to “take a chair” when I entered her office. When I picked it up and carried it from the room the teacher was livid and barked out a question on how I could dare perform such an action. I shrugged, and then gently reminded her that she told me to “take a chair”—and take (in both Castellaño Spanish and English) means “to carry”. 

Politely I tried to refresh her memory by stating that she did not ask me to “sit down” and wait until she finished her conversation on the telephone. At that point she shreiked, “I wanna do this clear: you are to give English courses”.  At that point I laughed so hard (knowing that I would never affiliate with a school where she was employed) that she became more hostile and warned “Iza gonna hit you hard if you put this in my face”. Nearly spitting, she informed me that she had graduated from “a top university in the US”.  Gasping for breath, she asked me “why you trouble me, so?”

Dutifully I responded. As carefully as I could I worded my comments,  mentioning that there are no legitimate words such as  “wanna” “iza” “gonna” or even “US” in any competent dictionary.  I noted that US was not the USA, as there are other United States: as is the case with the United States of Brasil [the correct spelling”] as well as United States of Mexico (it has 31 states) and various other countries that consider and style themselves as united states. I made no mention of my own education even though my schools rank in the top ten—her university is in the lower 40s according to the evaluation published by Business Week.

I never did determine what I was “put[ting] in her face.”  I am totally inadequate with slang, and cannot comprehend gutter-speech.  Unfortunately the other TESOL teachers whom I visited with at different times for various reasons did not reassure me of quality of a TESOL education.  TESOL—it seemed too much like the rank rawness of the IB Programme.  TESOL, like TOEFL, is a certificate awarded when a student passes an exam.  Neither TESOL or TOEFL are degrees, as is a BA, MA, PhD, and so forth.

I helped an American woman who had a BA and a TOEFL to initiate an MA program at a national university in one of Perú’s provinces.  We were to be a committee of three, but the third person, a man who also had a bachelor’s degree—although he always styled himself as “Doctor”–came only to the first and last meeting.  He was concerned about his job as there was one more upheavel feared in the administration of the Language Department.

The National Univeristies of Perú have frequent administrator shifts.  They are all based on politics, and the national university where I taught the students ruled the teachers, demanding less homework, easier grading, and giving a “point-by-point” address that they could write down and use in their own careers.  I have never agreed with that ideology or pedagogy, and did not follow student rule during my first semester.

My career at the National University came to an end abruptly when my students denounced me as incompetent, trying to sell my own books: I wrote the only book that I know of on the subject that the class was focused on, and brought copies of it from the USA and told the students where they could buy the books at S/.25 — if they wanted the book (you cannot buy originally published book in Perú for S/.25 = $8).  The students complained that they had paid the national university $/.40 soles for materials and thus the book should be for free–even though I would not see the S/.25.  There final complaint was that I was not teaching the subject–a subject field I had created.

It was a pleasure to leave the university, especially following my “exit interview with the director of the language program in English who could not speak one word of English, necessitating that we have a student translate for us.   When he made mention that the university might call me back for a course, I did muster courage not to laugh but to to say “buena suerte”. 

I left with no regrets.  I reasoned it was better not to teach than to teach that which is incorrect or caters to ignorance of which there is a bountiful supply in Perú schools and universities.  There is no way I would ever teach at that university again.

Judgments or assessments, that I have had to make over my too-long of a career have been made based on test (oral and written) grades, participation, and basic academic standards: readings assigned were to be completed, papers required were written and not copied from Wikipedia, analyses were to be made and reasoning given, and so forth.  Outside of Mrs. M, who was certainly the best student in the class and would have received a magnum cum laude with any certificate (it would have been higher, but she was troubled with numerous cellular calls, was called out of class by students and even one professor who felt that the professor’s class was more important). Mrs. M exuded polish, poise and handled all emergencies even noting that she was being denied the opportunity to rank at the top with a full twenty points. Mr. D (I do wish he would have used his full name as is the custom in Perú as any quality education requires that the student adheres to the customs of the host nation and uses titles and names accordingly;  I have added my mother’s surname following that of my father’s surname on Perú publications and in my classroom).

Mr. D did well: he wrote clearly, addressed issues punctually, patiently and professionally, was not afraid to question me or call me out on an issue that he found in his textbooks. He listened attentively, helped peers when queried, and provided humor during rather dry periods of presentation. Mr. D scored high and would be entitled to a cum laude recognition.

It is impossible to make any judgment on the rest of the class.  No one other than Mrs. M and Mr. D participated to any level that raised their score. Of the students who did poorly (to be as generous as possible), I would urge each to accept some form of academic counseling or allow me to help them privately without charge.  My offer was received negatively. No one wished the extra effort by a “co-teacher” and “especially not during vacation”. 

My greatest disappointment came when I would repeatedly be forced by my own academic standards to remind Ms. S that the Grammar course was an English course and all communications (written and verbal) had to be in English. She was not alone in speaking Spanish in an English class. Even during the final, these students insisted on speaking Castellaño with me.

To illustrate my thesis, I prepared the following graphs and charts on Excel to detail the realities of the class. I have kept every paper written. I have marks on each student’s participation. These I presented to the Directora, and now to the Academic Dean in this letter.

Analysis of Results: The following analytic table shows that the highest score was earned by Mrs. M with 18.13. This was followed by Mr. D who merited a score of 18.00. The student body of 12, who participated in the course, had 50% who successfully complete the course (based on XXXXX standards). The other 50% did not pass. Ms. N scored the lowest with 1.25.

Universidad XXXX requires that test grades be rounded up once a grade is at .50. The negative effects of grade rounding have been documented by numerous educators, psychologists and scientists (read here and here). Grade rounding promotes a psychologically unhealthy look at the value of serious work and scholarship. Students whose grades are rounded up waste time. They generally fail in real-life skills. The red line (above) show which students passed based on skill.

Pass-Fail score ranking

Attendance and participation were markedly weak.  Most points were lost because of no attendance or very little, and in most cases participation did exist with the majority of the students, as seen in this graph:

Frustration with these results was overwhelming.  My faculty-students were no better, and some were worse, than my matriculating students ages 17 to 21. When teaching students who had not yet earned a degree, most of my students would tell me that going to discotheques (some within .5 km of a school or university, a few next door to an educational center uniquely styled a university) drinking beer and having sex is more important than learning. I became use to students asking for the minimum grade to pass the course, and when I failed any one of them (I once failed an entire class at one of the most expensive private universities before resigning my position at that university) I was stalked, threatened (physically and sexually, the latter I found unusual as I am an old man), and publicly cursed  on the street and get threatening e-mail from young females who failed my course.  

Teachers, in general, tell me that what is important is to get paid and make parents, families, and churches happy with the student getting a degree that is not merited but could win for the applicant a job that the individual could not handle and would ultimately leave to drive a Tico. Competent administrators support quality in education and demand expertise in a teacher’s knowledge of subject matter and fairness in grading. This, tragically, is not universally respected nor is it required everywhere in Perú. 

Most damning of the Perú education system is there is little subject matter expertise, and what exists is in short supply and short lived as once a faculty member has what is considered a permanent position, the teacher stops reading, researching, rethinking, and writing.  It is as if the teacher died: breathing out old comments read from withering aged yellow notes, or plugging in a projector to read PowerPoint presentations to students sleeping at their desks. No student challenges the teacher as if the teacher were a god or pope, and all I have queried have attested that they have been told since kindergarten that you neither defy nor interrupt a teacher.

I have listened to those who are acclaimed to be medical doctors tell patients that drinking cold water is bad for one’s health: leading to colds, indigestion, and influenza.  I have become weary listening to males state that a female is not a woman until she has had a baby (and stating that the function of a woman is to have sex with a man).  Sex is seen as obligatory made imperative through peer pressure in most Perú schools by the time the girl is eleven, and as one of my teacher-students wrote in his essay, even at the age of ten; the entire scope of human sexuality is not known, and religion in Perú forbids birth control so that it is not rare to see a pre-teenage girl pregnant and frequently married to a pre-teenage boy. 

Lena Medina (age 5, 1933)

Lina Medina (born September 27, 1933, in Ticrapo, Huancavelica Region, Peru) was the youngest girl to become pregnant at the age of five; the parents and local doctor thought she had a tumor, and only by consulting other “specialists” realize that she was 7.5 months pregnant.  Her son weighed six pounds at birth. Today she is 78 years-old. This is especially true in in Roman Catholic and evangelical protestant schools, but is rising rapidly in the public school system.

Civil engineers work in groups so that ten can watch one of the team dig a hole that has no circumvention. I learned the hard way how unfortunate the architectural engineering schools were in the provinces, as although I had blue print for my new home, the “architectural engineer” used no basic tools in laying out the perimeters for constructing the edifice. In my home there is not a single square room; the builders went by eye-sight (my kitchen is almost a trapezoid). The tiles on the floor show that each room is unique: there is no square, no triangle, no recognizable shape—it is like living as a character in Alice in Wonderland—yet the architectural engineer who assembled my home from bricks and motar, slopped down tiles was as accomplished as the carpenter where no window closes, gaps between the window and sill is so great the flies and crickets can enter withut difficulty and both men are lauded as being among the finest in Perú.

What solutions exist to solve the growing problems in Perú’s educational decline?

First, teachers must be subject-matter experts. Students are not inspired by teachers who read a book (I wish it were in the plural) at them. A subject-matter expert is not a facilitator. A facilitator is a person responsible for leading or coordinating the work of a group, as one who leads a group discussion and is not expected to have a wide or encompassing range of knowledge: a subject-matter expert does, and is the accomplished specialist or authority in a field who sits in a chair of knowledge as one proven to be brilliant, such as Stephen Hawking the former Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Students deserve nothing less than the best—not a token of knowledge and understanding.

Second, teacher must teach, and not depend on games, whistles, and bells—and definitely not on PowerPoint presentations of material plagiarized from Wikipedia. When I decided to continue my teaching appointment, it came when my Academic Dean told a troop of frustrated teachers who could not find overheads and computers that in the past teachers used chalk on blackboards.  I remember those days, and I taught without notes and wrote key words on blackboards with white chalk.

Teachers must teach as if there is no electricity, no magic markers, and no mechanical or artificial aids.  Those alleged educators who do not know their subject field must not teach–as it takes no less than twice the time to unlearn bad education and to study subjections seriously the first time and master content.

Google translator is not a good translator

Far more damaging is the misuse of the computer and the slavish devotion to Google interpretation software. For example, I received this note: (asi sea un minuto que tenga libre quiero estar con usted) that Google mistranslated as (so for a minute you have a clear wanna be with you). A teacher imparts knowledge or skill to others, as did Socrates and Christopher Hitchins or Richard Dawkins. They know the past, interpret the past according to the epoch in which something occurred, but they are able to relate it to the present and see beyond the parochial narrowness of established doctrines and designs. There is no acceptable word “wanna” as that is vulgar English: idiom of the alleys used by thugs, thieves and punks. (Qiero is correctly translated as I want to). I find it only in McGraw-Hill’s fourth edition of Spears, Richard A. (2007) Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions.

Without emotion or regret, I fail all papers that use street terms, including izza (it is a), gonna (going to), et cetera. It is not vindictiveness nor is it vengeance. If a word is temporary, those who come across it a generation from now will not understand its meaning.  Thus “gay” today means “homosexual” but “homosexual” was not a word until it was inventedin 1892, when it appeared in C.G. Chaddock’s translation of Krafft-Ebing’s Psychopathia Sexualis.  Gay

Merry Gentleman (illustration 1844) London

meant “happy” or “brilliantly colored”.  A “merry gentleman” was benevolent–not fat but a man concerned with others and tries his best to raise for them some money for food and drink (as so beautifully described by Charles Dickens in his Christmas Carol) and bring mirth and music into an impoverished world.

Third, students must take responsibility for their education (read here and here).  Students must be challenged and required to substantiate claims (read here  and here and here).  They must question all things, as Socrates spoke so eloquently (Plato, Apology 37e-38a), and ask questions of themselves, their peers, and most of all—of their teachers.

There is never a time when students should blindly accept what any teacher says without questioning (that was considered de rigueur from the days of psychical petrifaction of the mind with the alleged writings of Augustine of Hippo who loved the ladies and had a bastard he named Gift of the Gods (Adeodatus) through the dark damaged days of the Ox Aquinas who found misery to be satisfying as if he were an Albanian nun living sadistically in India, through the torturous trampling of Torquemada and into the nineteenth century), and no teacher should ever allow a student answer to be a single word: “yes” (or) “no”.

Instead of single word (there are no one-word “sentences” as by definition a sentence must have one noun and one verb) the student must detail the reason for the affirmation or negation, must offer concrete examples, and to reject the mythology of any one source or any one person being infallible on any point within the pursuit of inquiry. For over fifty years, I remind my students, daily, that all sentences must have at least one noun plus one verb; a “yes” or “no” does not qualify as a sentence, and it does not reflect knowledge or rejoinder to a question. The highlight of my life occurred when I was in England and enjoyed the tutorship of the world’s leading Cistercian scholar told me to prove him wrong. I did.

Emperor Constantine I burning Arian books (from a compendium on law c. 825 CE)

Mystified at my early ignorance the more I studied, I learnt that a learned scholar holds nothing sacred–there is nothing sacred–as the true scholar is married to the conduct of inquiry where there are no borders nor boundaries from which the learned person can dig, unbury, and bring into the light of knowledge that which was rejected or destroyed centuries ago, as when Constantine inanely and stupidly burned the works of Arius and other “heretics” and “apostates” in a frightening way to protect his own creation: a “catholic [universal] church” that he created in 325 CE at his Council of Nicea fashioning out the Jesus he sought with the advise both accepted and rejected by various groups from Sabellians to Montanists, Arians to numerous

Hypatia of Alexandria: philosopher, mathematician, scientist (murdered March 415 CE)

others, from the early days of chrestianos and christianos who lived in catacombs and burned what they considered to be pagan scrolls–but their actions were but a forerunner for other atrocities committed in the name of a god throughout history: from the attacks on librarians and the burning of libraries(such as at Alexandria, Egypt where Hypatia was martyred: the skin of her back torn out by the nails of Coptic monks who threw her living body on a bonfire of rare manuscripts) to the purge of Greek philosophers and their works on hydraulics (Archimedes) to irrigation, planting, crop rotation, medicine, birth control and other sciences that would not return to Europe until the time of Leonardo Da Vinci who not only drew the

Catacomb Christians burning books 125 CE

plans for an “air ship” but even for a self-propelled automobile. That the work of late medieval scientists survived and the classics were protected did not come from the charity or safeguarding by the Roman Catholic Church, but instead were rescued by Moors, Arabs, and Muslims who lived in

Renaissance Christians burning books

Europe from  400-1500 CE.  When Roman Catholic priests and bishops were not burning books, the early protesters who became Protestants with the rise of Martin Luther,  took over and added Roman Catholic studies and tracts to their bonfires of the vanities. The burning of tracts written by those who dissented from the ravages of wisdom by single-minded monsters from Martin Luther and John Calvin to John Knox and to the evangelicals in Lima in 2008 destroying Roman Catholic prayer books and missals, to the evangelical communities in the USA and UK burning the Harry

Harry Potter books burned in 2001

Potter books by J. K. Rawlings (claiming that they were about witches and spells and instruments of their imaginary devil; the congregation of the Christ Community Church in Alamogordo in southern New Mexico heard an anti-Harry Potter sermon in which Pastor Jack Brock claimed the character taught children to take up wizardry), and Protestant pastors burning Korans in Florida, led by evangelical Terry Jones of September 11, 2011, to USA military incinerating the Muslim biblein 2012.

With Nazi approval, German university students began burning books to increase German awareness

These were no less great than the mutiliation of thought under the Nazis of the Third Reich, with the blessings of the Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Protestant clergy, who allowed German students to burned books on May 10, 1933, on university campus.  Those volumes cast into flames were devoted to science,

Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Evangelical bishops and clergy supported burning books in Nazi Germany

philosophy, literature, and sexual therapy studies: especially those written by Jews and the “Godless Jew” Sigmund Freud with the aim of increasing German nationalism and a war to take control over the planet. In Berlin, the German Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels gave a speech to the students, declaring:

“The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism is now at an end. The breakthrough of the German revolution has again cleared the way on the German path…The future German man will not just be a man of books, but a man of character. It is to this end that we want to educate you. As a young person, to already have the courage to face the pitiless glare, to overcome the fear of death, and to regain respect for death – this is the task of this young generation. And thus you do well in this midnight hour to commit to the flames the evil spirit of the past. This is a strong, great and symbolic deed – a deed which should document the following for the world to know – Here the intellectual foundation of the November (Democratic) Republic is sinking to the ground, but from this wreckage the phoenix of a new spirit will triumphantly rise…”

New York Society for the Suppression of Vice (19th century seal)

From this the world would learn the truth of “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen”: Where they burn books, in time, they will also burn people.  It did not start with the Nazis, however, but was a part of the culture of the USA where purity crusades were determined to dumb down education and approve only select subjects.  People were denied freedom to read, and the government of the USA became as draconian as the Roman Catholic Church in establishing censorship laws, outlawing specific books and writers–a virus that multiplied for decades and grew catastrophically under the misrule of Congress led by US Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI), a Roman Catholic, and Richard Milhouse Nixon (R-CA) technically a Quaker. The greatest blow for justice came that momentous

Trial of Galileo

minute when Stephen Hawking demanded to see the Trial of Galileo by the Roman Catholic Inquisition during his visit to the Vatican (Hawking was born 300 years after Galileo died).

Fourth, students must be taught to understand that just because something is in a book or it is stated as fact by a teacher, preacher, priest or administrator does not mean it is true (for example, Pope Pius XII proclaimed Munificentissimus Deusas an attestation of the assumption of the mother of Jesus body and soul into heaven, matching directly the theology of ancient

Isis (Goddess of Creation, Queen of Heaven) with Maat (text reads: Isis: all that has been, is, or ever will be)

Egypt where Isis rose from the sea and soared into the heavens to wear the stars in her hair while the moon was at her feet (cp. Herodotus, Historia 2: 42, 156).  Scholars know that no single book contains all knowledge, and no one can use a book to prove the veracity of the book’s contents.

Fifth, true learners discard the myth that any one person is infallible on any thing (infallibility is derived from the pseudo-Siricus’ law c. 385 CE, a  bishop of Rome (there were no bishops in Rome before the third century as even the Catholic Encyclopedia details) resurrected in 1139 CE, and moved forward by those gold-seeking pontiffs who wanted to enrich the church by limiting academic growth and questioning church decided “true facts” (a redundancy in itself). Facts are theories: they must be continuously reassessed, reviewed, reinvestigated, and reproved—infinitely. Fact is not faith (faith cannot be proven as it is a private matter and as such has no place in the academic world and the conduct of inquiry).

Sixth, scholars show that nothing is certain. As the ancient Greeks knew, “Everything changes but change itself: Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 535 – c. 475 BCE).”  Euripides (ca. 480 – 406 BC) wrote: Question everything. It is by questioning the individual learns as there is nothing sacred that cannot be questioned (originally phrased by Socrates, defined by Plato, and refined by American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882).

Perú teachers protest competency tests

Seventh, all teachers and students must be tested. Schools must be evaluated and accredited.  Testing and accreditation should be yearly. In Perú this has been extraordinarily rare, with the teacher’s union SUTEP (composed of the least-learned teachers in Perú) fighting it vigilantly and violently on the streets of Lima and other testing centers. The end results were shocking, with most reports noting that out of the 180,000 – 185,000 teachers who took the most basic of exams determining primary competence and literacy, only 151 passed. Because of the interference of religious-based ignorance, science has become as backward as that in Louisiana and espoused by Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) who is running to be president of the USA (read here and here).  It should be noted that in the USA nearly 75% of all GOP USA Senators do not believe in evolution or science

Chavez”]In Perú, the greatest enemy of education and democracy is Congresista Martha Gladys Chávez Cossío de Ocampo a firm supporter of dictatorship and plutocracy as seen in her rewriting of the Perú Constitution to let mass-murderer and dictator Alberto Fujimori run for unlimited terms, her desire to destroy structures built by common people, her denunciation of those who called on the dictator Fujimori’s daughter Keiko and his other children to return the nearly $1 million stolen from the national treasury to fund their education in the USA, and her declaration that her Constitution was more sacred than any other document in the history of Perú.

Eighth, when it comes to hiring a teacher in any subject area, those in charge of filling academic appointments must look beyond the degree. Competency requires knowledge about the school and its faculty and their academic production and scholarship from where a degree. Of even greater importance are the credentials of the individual professors who taught the applicant and his or her own educational and academic progression of the teacher. There are no standard competency tests for teachers. Provided that the teacher passes at least half of his or her class, he or she will be invited to teach another cycle, as most schools (especially those that are private and for profit) keep faculty

Bruning "College" (Chiclayo, Perú)

that brings in revenue so that the owners of the schools, which now actually attempt to entice parents to enroll their children by dropping the Spanish colegio (school) for the English word college even for kindergarten and

I.E.P. American "College" (it is a kindergarten in Chiclayo in front of USAT)

primary/secondary centers. The true definition of a college is “an institution of higher learning, especially one providing a general or liberal arts education rather than technical or professional training” or “a constituent unit of a university, furnishing courses of instruction in the liberal arts and sciences, usually leading to a bachelor’s degree.” When one is done with college education, that individual moves up to the university and advanced education leading to a master or doctoral degree. Education does not stop when the diploma is proffered. Education is a never-ending journey that continues and does not stop until the learner is dead. The acquisition of knowledge is judged by the educator’s research and writing skills that must undergo peer review and be accepted for publication in a sound academic journal or by a scholarly press.

Cambridge University in the UK was once a credible institution of higher learning and not for more than four hundred years given to fantasy. In the twentieth century it has graduated those who mastered tricks to take degrees and then reject current research and publications in quest of elevating fantasies to facts while pushing sectarian superstitions. This is graphically seen with Stephen C. Meyer. Meyer took a PhD in “science” (it is actually a degree in the philosophy and history of science) from the celebrated university that had on its faculty such luminaries as Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. His books against Darwinism are published by the Roman Catholic press Ignatius and have nothing of science about them, but a repeat in new words the myths of the Judaeo-Christian Bible.

Meyer, like most imposters, has a self-written and promoted page on Creationwiki that allows for no responses nor does it give any criticism by any authority against creationism/Intelligent Design (read here and here).  Meyer has had only one essay published by a reputable, peer review journal: Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, but its own editor believes that its entry had a dubious origin as it does not fit the rigors of scholarly inquiry, and was paid to be included by Richard Sternberg who is one of the one hundred signatories who endorsed ID.  Meyer’s stand, saturated with misleading scientific citations more in keeping with a desperate freshman than a Cambridge PhD, is extraordinarily popular with the pseudo scholar Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (whose two doctorates are (1) theology, and (2) philosophy, and has no science or embryological study background) and other conservative bishops in the Roman Catholic Church who either never had a course in science or has rejected it as being unbiblical (Meyer’s photograph is opposite that of Benedict XVI).

Meyer quickly gave his degree the lie and now teaches creationism under the disguise of Intelligent Design. He has a video produced by the Chuck Colson Institute for Christian Values. Meyer uses any podium to propagandize a mythology debunked centuries ago, yet has marshaled an army to ensure that it enters public and private school curriculum—especially in educationally weak states where ignorance is celebrated in “tail-gating” parties pushed pedantically by parents in quest of watching a football game rather than enriching their minds and those of their children with serious discussion. This downgrading of education is especially true in such illiterate states as Texas (which has the rare exception of Rice University) where the public schools are more of breeding grounds for unwanted babies and ignorance, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi—and now finds Perú ripe for the misrepresentation that is patulously permeating through the pathosis of Opus Dei.

David Barton and wife at Republican National Convention (2000)

As unsavory as is Meyer is David Barton is more strange, bizarre, mentally unbalanced and unlearned. Barton delights in carrying large stacks of books that he has never read. He rules on textbooks in Texas as an “historian” but has no authentic historical education (he did not go to any reputable college).  The Texas School Board of Education chaired by Governor Rick Perry’s “right hand” (Gail Lowe) loves Barton, as “he is pure Texans” and without a clue.  Barton, like Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Sarah Palin (R-AK) transmogrify facts fancifully in revisions of reality, as when they claim that (1) all USA founding fathers were Christians (only five claimed that distinction), or (2) that the Blacks of the eighteenth and nineteenth century were better off as slaves than they are today.

Barton deliberately invents history to conform to his ontology and revisionist agenda that the Texas Board of Education is to undereducated/uneducated (or plain unintelligent) to know is false.  His poorly written “histories” have no legitimate citations, and Barton cannot even note or quote any reputable historian with even marginal accuracy.  It is not at all surprisingly that even on his website Barton cannot confirm his authorities or citations.  He admits as much—much like most of the professors that mutilate education in Perú today—especially in parochial institutions where they hold themselves as authorities—but are totally illiterate in their subject matter field.

While pretending to be a historian, Barton waltzes into science debates and claims that the discussion of creationism and Darwinism is destroying civilization today and leads to its ultimate death. Today, these political leaders are in the advance of the warriors attacking global warming as a myth, decry science (73% of the GOP US Congress does not believe in evolution; read here and here), and think that a corporation is a person, and that a fertilized ova is a

State Legislator Constance Johnson (D-OK)

baby at the moment that the sperm enters the egg.  One Oklahoma legislator, Constance Johnson, who had enough of the arrogance and ignorance of the males in the legislature arguing that they were the only ones to decide what any woman could do with her body–as if they were god and judge–became so enraged that she boldly scribbled by hand an amendment to be added to the proposed misogynistic legislation on “personhood”.  Ms. Johnson wrote quickly, clearly, and then with steel resolve dropped her proposd amendment into the legislative file to be considered and voted on.  What made Ms. Johnson’s proposed amendment startling and gaining for it and its author worldwide attention, was that the proposed amendment declared that every sperm cell a baby–and to release the semen without the intent to procreate a life would be tantamount to murder.  Thus masturbation was a crime of mass murder.

Constance Johnson's amendment SB1433 to declare sperm a person

The proposed amendment, she later admitted, was deliberately written  to show the stupidity of the embryo law passed in the Oklahoma Senate).  Perú is not immune from this chicanery and fatuous puerility where legislatures and leaders of communities expose their ignorance and contempt for people they feel are inferior to themselves and need, especially, a man’s hand to direct “the little ladies” to the path that the women are expected to walk.  This is especially true in religious schools at all levels where stagnation adles minds and makes scholarship a joke.  This is best seen in the tautological pronouncement of the bishop of Lambayeque, Jesús Moliné Labarte who succeeded Ignacio María de Orbegozo y Goicoechea (founder of Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Catholic University: USAT one of many schools in Perú where free inquiry and debate is discouraged, and Opus Dei theology pushed in all academic fields) one year and two months after the Spanish born Orbegozo y Goicoechea, a priest of Opus Dei since 1951 died. 

Labarte’s minimal intellectual prowes are common knowledge but he is entertaining for he sounds like and parades himself to be the equal of Darth Vadar, speaking out on topics he has never studied nor understands, and has won the enmity of Cipriani Thorne who sees him as an enemy of himself and Opus Dei.  Since 1997, the venom of Cipriani Thorne has been spat at the Perú College of Bishops, as Cipriani Thorne is determined that he will preside over all aspects of every individual’s life in Perú.

Lambarte is not the only “fool for Christ” (1 Corinthian 4:10 and 2 Corinthians 3:18 – 4:8-13).  Most professors at Roman Catholic (and some evangelical) universities who have adopted Opus Dei rules and regulations, have surrendered their own reasoning power and follow the words of a man who would beat himself with a whip until his bathroom was turned red with his own blood (read here and here and here and here where John Paul II would follow the example set by Escrivá who would whip himself at least one thousand times–a sign of severe sexual sublimation and sadomasochistic psychotic schizophrenia as a means of self-abasement and self-punishment or self-humiliation; it does not reflect humility but is seen as an act by people who abuse themselves while suffering severe mental problems), are under the hypnotic trance of Escrivá that they cannot think independently, but refer back to Escrivá’s tome The Way for “spiritual guidance.”  What most members of Opus Dei do not know or refuse to understand is that this form of self-whipping is actually a part of a pagan pre-Christian Roman cult known as the  Lupercalia when naked young men ran through the streets with thongs cut from the hide of goats that had just been sacrificed so that women who wished to conceive could put themselves in their way to receive blows (usually upon their hands) as a means to entice the goddess of fertility (Cybele, who was originally known as Bona Dea; her theology developed from Anatolia) to make them ovulate and conceive. The goddess of childbirth and safe delivery is Candelifer.  

Statue of the Goddess Cybele (queen of fertility) in Madrid, Spain

Eunuch priests of the goddess Cybele, known as the galli (from this word we get the word Galatians, which means “castrated priests” thus the Letter to the Galatians was to a group of castrated men–not to a city–who lived near the river Gallus that was believed effective in curing mental illnesses), flogged themselves until they bled during the annual festival called Dies sanguinis (days of blood), while in Greco-Roman mystery religions required at times ritual flagellation before their congregations as a testimony to faith and to appease any one of their crucified saviours who hungered for human blood that was considered to be the elixir of life.  It is depicted in the Villa of the Mysteries at Pompeii, apparently showing initiation into the Dionysian Mysteries. 

Once Constantine I established the catholic church in 325 CE, these rituals were incorporated into rituals known as the “Passion of Christ” but the writing of whippings were later editions to the gospel narratives; the original texts were focused on the spiritual mortification of the flesh through fasting.  The concept did not become radicalized until the thirteenth century, when monks were the first to fester their flesh with whippings by various corded instruments made of animal skin to boards dotted with metal pieces.  It is from this collective lunacy that Opus Dei brought the mentally unbalanced practice to the forefront of Roman Catholicism.

A Roman Catholic priest who teaches Christology at a provincial university uses Mel Gibson’s pulp-fiction “The Passion of Christ” that has little in common with any version of the Gospel by any group but was the written expression of the mentally illness and halucinations of the disturbed German nun Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774–1824; cf. Ide, Arthur Frederick (2004). Crucifixion: What the Bible Really Says. Chicago, IL, USA: Sepore) and sings the praises of Opus Dei to keep his job. Emmerich’s writings were embellished by the now discredited Clemens Bretano (the fraud is the subject of Winfried Hümpfner (1923), Clemens Brentanos Glaubwürdigkeit in seinen Emmerick-Aufzeichnungen; Untersuchung über die Brentano-Emmerick-frage unter erstmaliger Benutzung der tagebücher Brentanos Würzburg, St. Rita-verlag und -druckere; cp. Suzanne Stahl, “Between God and Gibson: German Mystical and Romantic Sources of ‘The Passion of the Christ'”, The German Quarterly Vol. 78, No. 4, Fall, 2005). Even the Vatican under enfeebled and Parkinson’s Disease suffering John Paul II stated that the writings historicity cannot be proven, but acclaimed the celebration of the nun’s religiosity–a religiosity that bordered on insanity.

While sociology is the study of the origin, development, organization and functioning of human society, another professor at a private university requires readings of religious fiction. The professor feasts on one Mexican author who is referred to, popularly, as a comic and defines the science as a study of God’s plan for the world. (The “professor” is Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez, who is described as “a fraud, a plagiarist, and an opportunist” by The Chronicle of Higher Education).  The “professor” is a member of Opus Dei, and is considered “an imposter”. He is styled “a writer of fiction” and has been exposed on YouTube, and is exposed elsewhere. Sanchez’ book A Desperate Cry (paperback, 1997) has been judged as “having no literary merit” “the worst” and “a fake trashy novel” that people should avoid wasting money on.  Sanchez’ entry in Wikipedia is self-written (using Google translator) as are the references to his works with Wikipedia issuing a warning that the writing does not meet Wikipedia standards. There is no mention made in the Perú provincial professor’s syllabus or lectures during a short four week course of such luminaries as Andrew Abbott (USA), Jane Addams (USA), Francesco Alberoni (Italy), Alwardi Ali (Iraq), Stanislav Andreski (Poland), Aaron Antonovsky (Israel), Anne Barges (France), Gregory Bateson (UK), Ulrich Beck (Germany), Walden Bello (Philippines), Mohamed Cherkaoui (Morocco), Manuel De Landa (Mexico), Georgi Dimitrov Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Jose Mauricio Domingues (Brasil), or others. Sadly, he ignores the limited contributions of his own peers, and sets himself up as being the great determiner. Students learn nothing about aboriginal or exogamous life, gangs or ghettos. The professor is a thief of students time, money, and learning, yet is free to roam the campus and spew nonsense and ignorance under the stained mantle of academe that he has self-appropriated.

Perú law states that to teach at the university level, the teacher must have at least one Master degree—yet few possess more than a Licentiate (to teach in a primary or secondary school a bachelor degree is required). A genuine doctoral degree is rare (and the few dissertations that I have read would qualify at best for a high school term paper with a few rare ones weighing in at the master level). Teachers are self-styled doctors (a term commonly used for lawyers, but now can be for any degree specialty) on their curriculum vitae and by feign-praising students seeking to ingratiate themselves with the teacher (I had one student write, angrily, that he would rather be loved as a “friend” than to be known as an educated man who could disseminate knowledge). This has to change—now. The longer the wait (poco a poco) the less value Perú has in the world and the more its wealth will be taken by those who will offer a few dollars for thousands of dollars of goods, natural resources, and artifacts. Science and economics have by-passed Perú as RPP notes. Unless the change is now, there will be no Perú tomorrow.

José Antonio Chang

Ninth, Perú needs more funding. While the government of Perú spends only 3% of its GNP on education, placing it the rank of 107 in the world, Bolivia spends 6.3% and is 25 in the world ranking (the USA spends 5.7% and the UK spends 5.3%). Perú excelled when Antonio Chang was Minister of Education under Alan Garcia Perez, but has fallen dramatically under the Humala presidency with SUTEP, a thoroughly corrupt union that protects the incompetent and does not demand its members be subject matter experts member Patricia Salas O’Brienwho claims to be a sociologist.  Salas O’Brien

Patricia Salas O'Brien, Minister of Education

wants to change the history textbooks—but with no promise that they will be objective, honest, factual—by adding, by 2013, a section on the Truth Commission (video is here); most likely when the books are reworked for a person in power, they will become a rehash of sectarian and special interest propaganda to delight the one Congresista who has little interest in the poor, the rural, and illiterate to barely-illiterate: Martha Chavez. It will be nearly impossible for Perú to ever win international accreditation—but Perú education can be purchased.  Salas O’Brien’s plan is ambitious (see video here), and if it works it will succeed only if vested interests intent on keep the conduct of inquiry suppressed are silenced and reminded that education is for students and educators–not for religious groups nor for industries that hold sway and define learning in a way that will further limit the future generations’ ability to make choices and enter a new life.

Tenth, it is past time to remove the influence of sectarian theology and churches from academic institutions. Academic studies require a critical appraisal of facts. Religion relies on a belief structure that cannot be scientifically proven. Too many students spend too much time in prayers and not enough time studying books and other records, doing analytical comparison, writing critiques and judgments, or questioning source material. Scholarship is a science—not a faith.

Juan Luis Ciprian Thorne

The one university of higher learning in Perú that has reached world acclaim and attention is the Catholic Pontifical University in Lima, but with its acceleration towards objectivity, Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, an Opus Dei cardinal and the son of two supernummaries (supernummaries compose 70% of the clandestine organization:  the article has been reprinted numerous times on numerous blogs) cardinal-archbishop of Lima, who is struggling to force the university, faculty and students under the iron fist of Opus Dei. While popular with predatory popes and cardinals, and with 52% of the poor of Perú, Cipriani Thorne lost four times an election to head the Peruvian Episcopal Conference (CEP).  In September 2011, the university rightfully rejected a request by the Vatican to bring its statutes in line with the apostolic exhortation Ex Corde Ecclesiae or risk losing its status as a Catholic and pontifical institution. This taut theological terrorist attack was rejected by the university who saw it as Cipriani’s way to force Opus Dei into the university and run a one-time highly respectable university so that Opus Dei can destroy the Pontifical’s credibility and worldview (read here and here).

Marcial Rubio (rector of the Pontifical University, Lima, Peru)

On September 20th the the courageous and democracy prone President of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, Marcial Rubio, the Research Vice-President, Pepi Patrón, and Legal advisor, Francisco Eguiguren, on behalf of a group of university authorities, faculty and student representatives, filed a petition before the IACHR claiming that the Constitutional Court of Peru has violated provisions of the American Convention on Human Rights and the Protocol of San Salvador, and the rules of due process in a March 2010 resolution (03347-2009-PA/TC) published a month later. The University filed an amparo petition before the Constitutional Court seeking protection against the threat to its autonomy and property rights posed by the Archbishop of Lima through his appointee, Mr. Walter Muñoz-Cho. The amparo petition noted that: The Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, is a leading member of Opus Dei, who vocally opposes PUCP’s autonomy. Peru’s Constitutional Court ruled against the University petition and distorted the amparo claim by introducing wrongful considerations regarding autonomy, property and even the nature of the relations between PUCP and the Archbishop of Lima. This resolution affects the individual rights of the members of the entire PUCP community. It threatens rights as freedom of association, and freedom of thought and expression, enshrined in the American Convention on Human Rights. It also undermines the right to education, as defined in Article 13° of the Additional Protocol on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights especially clauses relating to the relationship between education and effective participation in a pluralistic democratic society and promoting tolerance, the right to freely choose the type of education to receive and the right to establish and direct educational institutions under the laws in force.

Pontifical University in Lima, Perú

Attempting to throw its theological threats around, the Vatican ordered the rector of the Pontifical University to “visit Rome”.  

Cardinal Erdő

On October 24, 2011, according to the newspaper La Republica, Martin Mejorada, the legal representative of the Pontifical university said, “[i]n no way will we accept any imposition made by Cardinal Erdo. We are governed solely by Peruvian law”. Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne called in Cardinal Peter Erdo of Esztergom-Budapest, Hungary to threaten the university with a loss of its pontifical status since he was denied a seat on its board of directors.  The university, courageously and forcefully said “No!” out of concern for Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne’s Opus Dei views and membership as the Vatican makes the unfounded claim that the university is its property (in keeping with the medieval mortmain of absolute control and the rejection of human rights destroyed by the favorites of the popes and bought cardinaltes (“the red hat”) for their small children.  Among these recipients was the most notorious of the teenage cardinals: Guize de Lorraine, known as Louis I de (1527-1578). Guize de Lorraine was born October 21, 1527, made a bishop of Troyes (constituted a an administrator because he was not 27) before his 18th birthday on May 11, 1545, and was the nephew of Cardinal Jean de Lorraine (1518), and a brother of Cardinal Charles I de Guise de Lorraine (1547) whose scandalous life even surprised the French. He was the uncle of Cardinal Louis II de Guise (1578), and grand-uncle of Cardinal Louis III de Guise (1615) before having an illigetimate daughter named Anne de Arne; cf. Cardella, Lorenzo (1793). Memorie storiche de’ cardinali della Santa Romana Chiesa. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, IV, 335-336; Chacón, Alfonso (1630). Vitæ, et res gestæ Pontificvm Romanorum et S. R. E. Cardinalivm ab initio nascentis Ecclesiæ vsque ad Vrbanvm VIII. Pont. Max. 2 volumes. Romae : Typis Vaticanis, II, col. 1601; Eubel, Conradus and Gulik, Guglielmus van (1935). Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recentioris Aevi, Münich : Sumptibus et Typis Librariae Regensbergianae; reprint, Padua : Il Messagero di S. Antonio, 1960, III, 33, 71, 101, 242, 298 and 317; Fisquet, Honoré-Jean-Pierre (1864-1873). La France pontificale (Gallia Christiane); histoire chronologique et biographique des archevêques et évêques de tous les diocèses de France depuis l’établissement du Christianisme jusqu’à nos jours, divisée en 18 provinces ecclésiastiques. 2nd ed. 21 vols. Paris : E. Repos, vol. 19. “Sens et Auxerre”, 123-125; Gams, Pius Bonifatius (1957). Series episcoporum Ecclesiae catholicae. 3 v. in 1. Graz : Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, p. 293.

Officially, the youngest cardinal was only twelve years of age when the red hat was placed on his head–a head to small to keep the hat in place.  The new cardinal was Robert de Nobili (1541-1559), the son of Vincenzo de’ Nobili, count of Civitella, and Maddalena Barbolani, of the counts of Montatoobili. Great-nephew of Pope Julius III (who made him a cardinal at age 12) in exchange for gold.  Julius III was a “brother” on his mother’s side. Robert had an Uncle [more like a brother] Cardinal Francesco Sforza (1583). Robert, who openly admitted he entered the church “to become rich” participated in the first conclave of 1555, which elected Pope Marcellus II, and participated in the second conclave of 1555 that elected the thoroughly corrupt Pope Paul IV. Read Burkle-Young, Francis A. and Michael Leopoldo Doerrer (1997). The life of Cardinal Innocenzo del Monte : a scandal in scarlet ; together with materials for a history of the House of Ciocchi del Monte San Savino. Lewiston, NY : E. Mellen Press, 1997. (Renaissance studies, v. 2), pp. 110-116; Cardella, Lorenzo (1793). Memorie storiche de’ cardinali della Santa Romana Chiesa. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, IV, 332-335; Chacón, Alfonso (1630). Vitæ, et res gestæ Pontificvm Romanorum et S. R. E. Cardinalivm ab initio nascentis Ecclesiæ vsque ad Vrbanvm VIII. Pont. Max. 2 volumes. Romae : Typis Vaticanis, II, col. 1601-1603; Eubel, Conradus and Gulik, Guglielmus van (1935). Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recentioris Aevi, Münich : Sumptibus et Typis Librariae Regensbergianae, 1935; reprint, Padua : Il Messagero di S. Antonio, 1960, III, 33 and 74.  That Robert was the youngest cardinal in the Renaissance / Counter Reformation Roman Catholic Church is in dispute, however, with evidence emerging that there was at least one younger cardinal.  He should not be confused with another Robert de Nobili who was a Jesuit who went as an unwelcomed missionary to Southern India, for he was born in 1577.  He alienated the Vatican through a policy he styled as accommodatio: adopting local customs and practices that he did not believe contradicted established Roman Catholic rituals and beliefs.

According to Burkle-Young, The life of Cardinal Innocenzo [Giocchi] del Monte, p. 111, argues that Luis Antonio Jaime de Borbón y Farnesio, son of King Felipe V of Spain, who was seven years old when he was the youngest cardinal ever created until December 19, 1735, by Pope Clement XII.  The cardinal’s hate was assured after the pope made the child perpetual administrator of the temporal matters of the archdiocese of Toledo on November 10, 1735.  He was not required and never took any “sacred orders” and was never a priest. He resigned his cardinalate because of his “strong sexual urges” in a private and secret consistory with Benedict XIV on December 18, 1754.  Read: Cardella, Lorenzo (1794). Memorie storiche de’ cardinali della Santa Romana Chiesa. 9 vols. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, VIII, 276-277; González, R. “Borbón, Luis Antonio Jaime de.” Diccionario de historia eclesiástica de España. 4 vols and Supplement. Dirigido por Quintín Aldea Vaquero, Tomás Marín Martínez, José Vives Gatell. Madrid : Instituto Enrique Flórez, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 1972-1975; Suplemento (1987), I, 274; Ritzler, Remigium, and Pirminum Sefrin. Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recientoris Aevi. Volumen VI (1730-1799). Patavii : Typis et Sumptibus Domus Editorialis “Il Messaggero di S. Antonio” apud Basilicam S. Antonii, 1968, pp. ; Tovar Martín, Virginia. “Ventura y desventura de Don Luis Antonio Jaime de Borbón y Farnesio, hermano de Carlos III.” Reales Sitios: Revista del Patrimonio Nacional, 101 (1989), 32-44.

Julius III's "Innocenzo"

Innocenzo Giocchi del Monte became cardinal at age 17, his own past sullied by numerous sexual “indescretions”: he was the son of a female beggar, was an illiterate but vivacious and good-looking 14 year old when he was picked up on the streets of Parma by Cardinal Giovanni Maria Del Monte (Pope Julius III who turned the Vatican into a homosexual stable and issued a papal bull declaring Innocenzo legitimate so that he could stay in the papal apartment.  The pope named Innocenzo “Cardinal Nephew”, effectively in charge of all papal correspondence, even though the “body of a god” the youth’s nickname, was barely literate and had difficulty reading and writing so was promoted to the office of Cardinal Secretary of State). Cardinal Giovanni Maria del Monte openly admitted that he had fallen in love with him, and who used favors to ensure the cooperation of the boy’s father, and their sexual activities became common gossip, that in time saw the youth moved to a monastery where he had “a free hand”. Read: Burkle-Young, Francis A. and Michael Leopoldo Doerrer (1997). The life of Cardinal Innocenzo del Monte : a scandal in scarlet ; together with materials for a history of the House of Ciocchi del Monte San Savino. Lewiston, NY : E. Mellen Press, 1997. (Renaissance studies, v. 2); Cardella, Lorenzo (1793). Memorie storiche de’ cardinali della Santa Romana Chiesa. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, IV, 297-301; Chacón, Alfonso (1558). Vitæ, et res gestæ Pontificvm Romanorum et S. R. E. Cardinalivm ab initio nascentis Ecclesiæ vsque ad Vrbanvm VIII. Pont. Max. 2 volumes. Romae : Typis Vaticanis, II, col. 1588; Eubel, Conradus and Gulik, Guglielmus van (1935). Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recentioris Aevi, Münich : Sumptibus et Typis Librariae Regensbergianae; reprint, Padua : Il Messagero di S. Antonio, 1960, III, 31-32, 61, 75, 76 and 246, “Mirapicen.”, n. 5; Weber, Christoph (1994). Legati e governatori dello Stato Pontificio : 1550-1809. Roma : Ministero per i beni culturali e ambientali, Ufficio centrale per i beni archivistici, 1994. (Pubblicazioni degli archivi di Stato. Sussidi; 7) pp. 149 and 630.; the youngest “pope” (a fiction) was St. Alexander I, who was 16 and deposed when he was 21 in Rome “for secret sins of the flesh”–he was homosexual [all original prints of the above references are in the private library in Perú of this author and can be found in the libraries of major universities), using words similar to that of the curia and Holy Inquisition during the trial of scientist Galileo Galilee on the unfounded charges of heresy (deny the validity of the Old Testament, Joshua 10:13 (a plagiarism from ancient Hittite cuneiform records), claim that the sun stood still in its circling the earth).  Opus Dei, following the Machiavellian maneuverings and protestations of the unholy scoundrel and flagellant Josemaria Escrivá, refuses free speech for dissent, women the right of determining the destiny of their own bodies, basic human rights and more in preparation to take over the world and make it into a martial and militant medieval Roman Catholic state (cp. Escriva’s The Way).  Escrivá and his nefarious organization was rightfully called “God’s Octopus” so meniacal was his greed, grasp and lack of principles, that numbers four bishops in the USA, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, and presidential candidate Rick Santorum, but most especially the sewage-tongued  Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne has referred to human rights as “that bullshit!” (in a 1994 interview with Caretas; the better educated in Perú have openly declared, the only “bullshit” is Cipriani Throne).

A strong supporters of dictators such as Alberto Fujimori and would-be queen, Congresista Martha Chavez, Cipriani-Thorne has publicly declared that the teenage students of La Cantuta who were murdered by the paramilitary thugs “who Cipriani Thorne has declared “dutiful sons of Mother Church”) of Vladimiro Montesinos who ordered that the victims be sodomized before being shot so “they will never enter heaven” were justifiably executed—a claim that has embolden Martha Chavez to demand her “right” to tear down a memorial raised to the innocents “until every pebble is discarded” (read here and here). Martha [Marta in Perú Spanish] Chavez has the support of most gangster elements in Peru and is quick to draw Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne’s support for her most draconian designs. A schizophrenic psychopath, Juan Luis Cipriani Thornea condemned the peasants who opposed the death penalty of being cowards, and became the insatiable blood-lusting cleric once Abimael Guzmán (the leader of the Shining Path) was captured–the applauded the death penalty but later changed his mind and now opposes capital punishment. Demented and with no training in psychology, Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne has referred to homosexuals as “damaged goods” and demonstrates he has never studied nor read a single medical and psychological treatise on this natural and normal (as defined by the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association among hundreds of other professional groups in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia and was removed from the classification of being “a disease” by the World Health Organization in 1977; only the most uneducated nations led by theocrats like Cipriani Thorne, radical Islamic ayatollahs [archbishops] and illiterate Christian and Muslim religious leaders in Nigeria and Uganda maintain that this natural state of sexuality is a perversion and demand the death of innocent LGBT people) state among all species. 

When not casting cruel aspersions on the increasing LGBT community in Perú, the calamitous Cipriani turns the torn earn of charity away from the pleas of thousands of Perú women to have a safe abortion when the zygote is conceived by an act of rape, incest, or without consent.  The stranglehold of religion on the schools prohibits medical specialists from teaching safe therapeutic skills for a save abortion, and outlaws even the discussion of fetal development unless the zygote and fetal cell growth is wrongly defined as being “a child.” Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne has actually outdone Adolf Hitler on duplicity and legislating against the people in an effort to make them forever ignorant, forever poor, and forever slaves of the dying Roman Catholic Church.

Through steamed lenses covered with blood of his victims Cipriani Thorn sees his greatest enemies as being the Jesuits who champion human rights in Perú, and closets himself with mentally mummified mortals. The same is true of Adventist and other sectarian evangelical schools where doctrine and indoctrination is considered of greater importance than inquiry, education and learning with the greatest damage done to the sciences (creation is still taught as the genesis of the world, earth’s solar system is detailed as the only universe, etc) and medicine (colds originate because of the drinking of cold water, headaches are the result of thinking evil thoughts inspired by a  chimerical Satan, and a woman’s priority is to have children following the Nazi proclamation patterned after a speech by their dead Kaiser Wilhelm II:

Kinder, Küche, Kirche -- Adolf Hitler

Kinder, Küche, Kirche  that was blessed by Protestant evangelicals and Roman Catholic clergy throughout the Third Reich).

Academically, religion belongs in a department of philosophy or literature if it enters a school—otherwise it must stay in a mosque, synagogue, church, temple or other religious edifice. Each religion must be compared to all other religions as well as philosophies opposed to religion: atheism, agnosticism, human sciences, free-thinkers and so forth; the comparison must be academic to broaden knowledge. To do otherwise negates intelligence, acquisition of knowledge unfettered with canons, codes, and contexts that cannot be proven; furthermore it limits the freedom of the learner and the quest for wisdom (σοφία or sophia). Giving preference to any god or goddess or to any religion is not only a disservice to the serious student but discourages objectivity and learning.  All religions are equal as all came out of an uneducated environment seeking some explanation for that which no one had the answers as science had not yet been born, and with the various clergy, science was stiffled or stripped of meaning in the same manner as it has been transmogrified throughout Perú as it is in Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, and worse in the USA in the state of Louisiana. Education to live, thrive, and grow must be supported financially, intellectually and personally: by teachers, administrators, and students who demand access to truth and are willing to pay the price by studying: reading, writing, analyzing, debating, and being able to critique that which is to determine if it is real and still pertinent.



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God so loved the world that he gave the world…


HIV sufferer, Menginggal Karena, immortalized in the Museum of HIV-AIDS in Thailand

While more women contract Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), since 1980 it has been labeled (beginning with Jerry Falwell and certified national hate group Focus on the Family) as the “gay” [homosexual] disease. 

AIDS in Africa where it was first identified in the 19th century

It is not.  AIDS is a disease that has been charted since the 19th century and has been  analyzed ever since then.  We can find records of similar health condi-tions in the ancient world that saw it as a “sleeping sickness”.  The symptoms of AIDS all point to the fact that it is  an equal opportunity virus that strikes women, babies, fetuses, as well as elderly.  This has been pointed out by the University of Iowa Medical College and other Medical institutions and the American Medical Association (cp. Ide, Arthur Frederick (1986). AIDS Hysteria. Dallas, TX, USA: Monument Press; second edition 1988).

AIDS in Hong Kong

AIDS affects the entire world.  No area is immune, no individual nor group can claim that it is not within the community or country–even Iran

Iran HIV / AIDS adult prevalence

(which officially declares that it has no homosexuals livingin Iran) has AIDS.

Unite for Children / Unite Against AIDS (Iran campaign poster)

The citizens are not listening to the ayatollahs, mullahs, or imams who tell them to walk away from AIDS sufferers and those who are HIV+, for the strikes families as well as individuals.  To this end, the people of Iran have united behind a call to fight the disease and issued posters to warn of infection.

Honor Killings

Honor Killing (Photo by Maryana)

god, especially in Pakistan, requires human sacrifices (known as honor killings) to avenge any infraction of the will of the deity: dating someone the parent(s) do not approve, rejecting the faith, having premarital sex, and more.  Honor killings of three teen-age daughters by Afghan parents have sent an avalanche of protests throughout in Canada while the parents protest it is their freedom of religion to deny others the freedom to live. 

Zainab Shafia cell phone several days before she was murdered (from CBC/Screengrab)

Polygamist (it is allowed in the Qur’an/Koran 4:3 (and in the Hadith Bukhari (62:2) for a man may have up to four wives and as many concubines as he can support; but he must deal justly but not equally with all of his wives, as Muhammad allegedly did: Bukhari (5:268) as his 7-year-old bride (Aisha) was his favorite above all others and considered by legend to be a Muslim scholar, and a disobedient wife can be replaced and displaced: Quran (66:5) without remorse as Muhammad had eleven wives at one time, and his successors had harems of wives)  Muhammad Shafia is accused of four counts of premeditated murder  (drowning the victims, whose bruised bodies were found piled inside a car at the bottom of the Rideau Canal) on June 30, 2009, along with his 20-year-old son (Hamad) and his second wife (Tooba Mohammad Yahya), the mother of the three dead girls: Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13, their crime against Islam, the parents and family, and god was that they dressed in short skirts (which led her parents to declare she was a whore) and flirted with boys.  Zainab had been previously beaten, scratches, isolated in her bedroom, and attempted suicide by swallowing pills.  Shafia responded to the accusations bitterly: “They betrayed humankind, they betrayed Islam, they betrayed our religion and creed, they betrayed our tradition, they betrayed everything.”  The father concluded: “May the devil shit on their graves.”

Honour Killing (2003) a worldwide epidemic for the glory of god

Every year there are more than 5,000 honor killings to appease god.  Canada has at least twelve honor killings each year and always hears that such barbarities are in the name of a pathetic predatory god (Allah) who is unable to defend his own laws and is subject to human intervention to carry out his will (cf. Qur’an / Koran 4:15).  It is estimated that a little under 700 women are killed by their husbands or male relatives in the first nine months of 2011 in Pakistan always with the claim that it is the will of god/Allah.  In the United Kingdom, babies born out-of-wedlock to a Muslim female, are prime targets for honor killings by Islamic fundamentalists.  Islam rules that it is always the female’s sin–a throwback to the ancient Iraqi myth of Gan Eden and a “woman” named “Eve.”  Since a woman created the evil, it is not uncommon for the mother of the woman to pay an assassin to kill her own daughter “for the love of Allah”.

Sami Sarwar gunned down by assassin her mother paid for and watched

One particular case is highly descriptive of fundamentalist Islam: Samia Sarwar, 29, mother of two boys aged 4 and 8, was shot dead today in lawyer Hina Jillani’s office by a bearded man accompanying her mother and uncle. “He’s my helper, I can’t walk,” said the mother, when Hina told the two men to get out. As the mother went to sit down in front of Hina’s desk, and Saima stood up from her chair, the bearded man whipped out a pistol from his waistcoat and shot Saima in the head, killing her instantly.

Banaz Mahmood executed by father and uncle

Every two weeks, a woman is killed in Jordan to redeem “family honor”.  Most assassins are parents, brothers and/or sisters, other relatives, or Imams.  It is a frequent argument that the killing is for honor especially if the woman executed refuses to wear a hijab (face/head veil), or is “immodest” in her walk and creates “gossip among the neighbors.”

Sati (widow murder / suicide) in Hinduism

Honor killings go beyond Islam.  A woman is expected to set herself on fire (or will be thrown on her husband’s funeral pyre) in a Hindu ritual known as Satī (सती).  This is most common in India, but also is found in other countries where Hindus have moved, or have been minorities (as in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other nations).  It was first known around 400 CE (coming from ancient legends of widows of sea captains who died would jump onboard a ship set aflame and pushed back onto the ocean to chart a course to a nautical afterlife; cf. Strabo 15.1.30, 62 and Diodorus Siculus 19.33 who argued that the custom was started to discouraging young wives from murdering old husbands; it was later recorded in 912 CE by Ibn Fadlan in describing Bulgars and Vikings), and not outlawed in India until 1829, but is still practiced as a religious act of faith.  Satī is a term derived from the name of a goddess who was also known as Dakshayani.  She self-immolated being “unable to bear her father Daksha’s humiliation of her husband Shiva who was presumed dead but

Junshi in Japan

was alive.  By self-immolation, the dying woman would rid her husband of any sins he had committed, and the women who took their lives were revered as saints, while those forced to die (were murdered) were seen as only being partially pure.  This led to the concept that the term Satī was tantamount to “chaste.”  It  bear a slight resemblance to the later tradition of junshi (literally: suicide through fidelity, where the vassal kills himself to follow the lord to the other world) in Japan, but was prized in India as a means of preserving endogamy (marrying within a particular group or caste; cf.  Singh, Nagendra Kr. (2000).  Ambedkar on Religion.  New Delhi, India: Anmol Publications, p. 214).

Sharia law

Woman stoned to death for marrying a man not accepted by her parents

Sharia law (شريعة‎) is the moral and religious law of Islam (قانون إسلامي), and is based on the Qur’an that was, by legend, delivered by an angel to an illiterate camel driver by the name of Muhammad who had wandered the desert for forty days and nights.  Few Muslims agree as to what the law means, and the law has divided Islam for centuries (Otto, Jan Michiel (2008). Sharia and National Law in Muslim Countries – Tensions and Opportunities for Dutch and EU Foreign Policy – Law, Governance, and Development. E-book: Amsterdam University Press. p. 7), and devout Muslims believe it to be original with Muhammad and his successors.  The truth is it is a combination of various Mesopotamian and Bedouin laws and each can be found antedating the legendary life of Muhammad.  

Tortured and disfigured Muslim girl (Time magazine)

Sharia is especially harsh towards women and petty thieves.  A woman who commits (or is accused of committing) adultery is to be stoned to death, while her male partner has his ears and nose sliced. 

A small child who stole “something that is useless” can have his arm bones crushed or his hands cut off (this does not include a series of photos that are inaccurately described on the internet as being the penalty for a boy stealing bread).  A trial is required and the crime must be witnessed–and the witnesses must testify in an open court.  The penalty is proclaimed by the judge that sets the penalty that the penalty is the will of a loving god.

The most extreme form of Sharia is among fundamentalist Muslims, with the prime nation being Saudi Arabia.  Under Sharia, and based on the Qur’an, a man can divorce his wife (she cannot divorce him) provided he does it in front of four witnesses.  While there does not have to be a specific reason for a divorce, apostasy, on the part of the husband or wife, ends a Muslim marriage.  A divorced woman with infants is allowed a “subsidy” until the age of weaning the infant–when all payments stop. 

Crimes are considered sins against god, and include

  • adultery (zina), which includes adultery, fornication, incest/pedophilia, rape, and pimping (based on a concept of theft)
  • apostasy/blasphemy
  • defamation (meaning false accusation of any of these things)
  • sodomy/lesbianism (or sodomy rape)
  • theft
  • use of intoxicants (alcohol/drug use)
  • “waging war against God and society” (hirabah, uniquely known as moharebeh/mofsed-e-filarz in Iran: armed robbery, terrorism, armed violence); this does not include jihad (originally it meant “internal” or “spiritual cleansing”)

Each of these crimes/sin against god can lead to execution, whipping, or torture–in the same way that the Roman Catholic church made itself supreme in medieval Spain. Among the most common cases where Sharia law is enforced is in the area of human sexuality.  Adultery is considered to be the theft of property (the woman is seen as belonging to the husband), and homosexuality is thought to be against the plan of god even though it happens in nature among all species.

Executing suspected homosexuals in Iran

To solve both crimes, death is mandatory, with executions public (as with stoning a woman until dead, decapitating a witch (as occurred recently matching the scandal of 2005 when one old illiterate woman was forced to fingerprint a confession that she could not read), or hanging sodomites (male or female; ref. Qur’an/Koran 4:16).  Once accused, there is little and frequently no excuse or evidence that is allowed to be admitted to clear the individual.  The age of the individual is irrelevant, especially in Iran, where execution of pre-teenage youths are carried out as quickly as accused teenagers or men and women over the age of twenty.

Public execution of gay men in Iran takes place anywhere

Homosexuality, like other crimes/sins, brings out hatred in fanatical Muslims. This hate is justified as being  a testimony of love, devotion, and dedication to god/Allah and is exemplified throughout the world with marches, protests, threatens to kill those who do not adapt to or adopt Islam and its precepts

Muslim protesters (Today 16/10/09, picture by Tal Cohen) outside Geert Wilders press conference in London

(even though, one of those precepts forbidding images of living things has been regularly circumvented and avoided), especially in the depiction of Muhammad (who appears in illustration format in eighth century and later Qur’ans/Korans). 

Cartoons on Muhammad that Muslims found to be offensive

When a Danish newspaper  group, known as Jyllands-Posten,  began a cartoon festival to emphasize free speech on the prophet of Islam, to high-light the abrupt differences between reality and rhetoric, Muslims were outraged.  Taking to the streets, the Muslims throughout Europe and the Middle East began shouting for death of the offending cartoonists and vowing to bomb the newspaper group.  The Muslims chimed that no one should be allowed to “insult The Prophet” and there should

Muslims protesting against free speech in London UK

be no freedom of expression or press, demanding a theocracy on the order lusted after by Congressional representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and heavy metal drummer Bradlee Dean Smith of Minnesota.  The newspaper published the cartoons when a Danish author complained that he could find no-one to illustrate his book about Muhammad.  On December 4, 2005, it was reported that Flemming Rose, the cultural editor at the newspaper said. “Religious feelings cannot demand special treatment in a secular society,” and added. “In a democracy one must from time to time accept criticism or becoming a laughingstock.”  The Pakistani religious party Jamaat-e-Islami and its youth branch promptly offered a bounty for anyone who murdered the Danish illustrators who drew cartoons of Muhammad.  Face with Islam’s religious intolerance and bigotry, France and other nations newspapers reprinted the offending cartoons (as I have done, see above). Under the headline “Yes, we have the right to caricature God”, France Soir ran a front page cartoon of Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and Christian gods floating on a cloud. It shows the Christian deity saying: “Don’t complain, Muhammad, we’ve all been caricatured here.” France Soir editor Serge Faubert wrote in a commentary explaining why his newspaper had printed the cartoons: “Enough lessons from these reactionary bigots! … Just because the Koran bans images of Mohammed doesn’t mean non-Muslims have to submit to this.”

Germany’s Die Welt  daily printed one of the drawings on its front page, and it was followed by Berliner Zeitung daily that printed two of the caricatures as part of its coverage of the controversy.

Clergy sexual abuse

Roman Catholic

Vatican gay prostitution at the highest level of the church

Angelo Badalucci—a member of a group of ceremonial lay ushers of the papal household called the “Gentlemen of His Holiness”—can be heard on the wiretaps discussing the physical details of the men he wanted brought to him and asking what time one man needed to be back at the seminary.

Ireland severed diplomatic ties with the Vatican because of rampant sexual abuse among the clergy (monks, priests, bishops, and nuns) who preyed on underage youth of both genders.  The abuse had gone on for decades before it was uncovered, having been hidden by clergy and police. One priest admitted abusing more than 100 children.

Primate of All Ireland Cardinal Sean Brady at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh, Northern Ireland

Another said he had committed abuse every two weeks for more than 25 years. Others detailed how they would pass a youth between themselves.  The Irish Commission, known as the Murphy Commission of Inquiry, concluded every bishop’s primary loyalty was to the church itself, and many followed Opus Dei that argues that a lie told to protect the church was not a sin against God nor an evil act of a believer.  The papacy attempted to deny the findings of the report, and only when Roman Catholics began to demand justice and leave the Roman Catholic church did a reluctant pope begin to apologize, although he is also under suspicion of sexual irregularities. 

Bishop Reilly

Similar problems surfaced in the USA: not just sexual assault that had been a regular fare for many friars, fathers, and faithful, but the coverup of pedophilia by bishops, priests, and cardinals: many who were themselves the predators. Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Providence, then later for 27 years serving as bishop of the Norwich, Connecticut, and Worcester dioceses, Daniel P. Reilly has been named in more than 30 lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct by priests under his charge and claimed that he was not consulted about sexual misconduct of his priests, even though some of the victims committed suicide.  J. Kendrick Williams, bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, was named in a lawsuit claiming he had unwanted sexual contact with a student (David Hall) at St. Catherine’s High School in New Haven in 1969.  Bishop Anthony O’Connell (then of Palm Beach, FL) and  Bishop Robert Brom (then of Duluth, MN, now in San Diego, CA) admitted to their molestation, but continued serving the church, while Bishop Matthew Clark of Rochester, NY, who wrote in 1990 that pedophile clergy were afflicted but not sinful allowed pedophile priests to preach and practice their rituals. Cardinal Edward Egan (then of New York, NY) allowed Rev. Walter Coleman to “stay on the job” for more than a year after the Bridgeport diocese concluded in early 1994 that he had abused the son of a woman with whom he had an affair and bought a house. The sacerdotal with the record of maintaining pedophile priests to continue to teach and preach is Boston, MA, Cardinal Bernard Law.  When bishops are accused of this crime, they are transferred to the Vatican, where the current pope, Benedict

Faked advertisement with the Pope kissing an Imam

XVI, is more upset over a Photoshop advertisement by Bettenton of ad featuring a fake picture of Pope Benedict XVI kissing Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb, imam of Al-Azhar mosque, a prominent Muslim house of worship in Cairo, Egypt than of rampant pedophilia in the priesthood.

Evangelical Protestant

Swaggart’s prostitute: Rosemary Garcia

Jimmy Swaggart paid prostitutes, including Debra Murphree who worked the red-light district of New Orleans, for sex while married.  He required one prostitute to have her daughter watch (cp. Ide, Arthur Frederick (1988). Heaven’s Hustler:  the rise & fall of Jimmy Swaggart. Dallas, TX, USA: Monument Press).  Swaggart’s son, Donnie, took over the family business of faith selling, before he also fell from grace.

Ted Haggard exposed in Denver, CO

Ted Haggard confessed to having at leasttwo homosexual affairs (although 

Mike Jones exposure of Ted Haggard

others have been reported). Ultimately, the fervent anti-gay pastor confessed to have lifelong problems with his sexual orientation. Mike Jones, his primary accuser, claimed Haggard paid him for sex over a three-year period on a monthly basis charging $70 – $90 an hour.  Most of this tab was paid for by Haggard’s spiritual flock and the church that he controlled as a “shepherd”.  The IRS has never investigated this misuse of church funds, and nothing has been said or written about it. 

Haggard’s situation is not at all unique.  Other Pentecostal pastors, many who run for and win sits in state legislatures seeking to erase the wall separating state and church find their own needs met by using money from their congregations for their own personal interests and pleasures, as was the case with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the PTL (Praise the Lord) Club, Pat Robertson and his 700 Club, and similar televangelists.

Mainstream Protestant

Lutheran, Methodist, and Baptist ministers have been accused of having nonconsensual sex with underage males and females.  This is surprisingly the case with conservative politicians who use religion as a base to win  election, as occurred in 1994, led by the four-time married and repeated adulterer Newt Gingrich, and talk show pundit Glenn Beck who, like Bill O’Reilly while on the air and off, has a difficult time with the truth


Two groups of mainstream Protestantism that keeps the media busy are the conservative Lutherans and Baptists.  Child molesting and prostitution are especially interesting after listening to those who feed on the young and poor complete pounding their pulpits as if they were an enraged Martin Luther or other reformer.  Lutheran pastor Robert L. Slegel has been accused by twenty men in Brick, New Jersey of having sexually molested, and sodomized, them over a period of years, and are now demanding over $30 million in restitution payment.  The lawsuit against St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Brick, alleges “It was and is the policy of (the church) to tolerate and keep secret the identities of pedophiles and other sexual offenders as functioning pastors/ministers in the Lutheran Church.”  However, in a statement issued by the church’s congregation council said: “St. Thomas Lutheran Church does not tolerate inappropriate sexual behavior of any kind.” claims that there have been several similar settlements against Lutheran pastors in various other states, citing the website of 

Terah Rawlings (top left), Raymond "Allen" Knight (top right), Franklin "Wayne" Knight (bottom left) and Jan Ocvirk

Terah Rawlings (top left), Raymond “Allen” Knight (top right), Franklin “Wayne” Knight (bottom left) and Jan Ocvirk

Southern Baptists are equal craven and carnal in thoughts and actions as can be seen by the sexual molestation  perpetrated by Terah Rawlings,  Raymond “Allen” Knight, Franklin “Wayne” Knight, and Jan Ocvirk of Hilltop Baptist Church, when former teacher, Terah Allyn Rawlings, 32, allegedly had sex with the then-15-year-old boy during the 2007-2008 school year and during the following summer in a “Christian school” in Colorado Springs.  The administrators and the coach (Rawlings’ uncle, Hilltop Baptist Church senior pastor Franklin “Wayne” Knight, 63; her father, former school athletic director and associate pastor Raymond “Allen” Knight, 57; and former principal Jan Ocvirk, 51) knew about the trysts but neither said a word nor acted to stop the child abuse.  

Heather Daughdrill

A similar case occurred in Louisiana where Heather Daughdrill, a 28-year-old Bible school teacher/aide was charged Monday with repeatedly having sex with a 13-year-old boy she met at Bible school camp, according to Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs.  She was booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center on 4 counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, 8 counts of sexual battery, 3 counts of second degree kidnapping, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and indecent behavior with a juvenile.  Heath Daughdrill, of Westlake, is accused of initiating the relationship while acting as a teacher and aide at a June religious retreat, where virtue was taught.  Similarly, Melissa B. Jones, 29-year-old woman from Decatur, Illinois,  has pleaded guilty to criminal sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy who attended the Salem Baptist church where her husband was a youth pastor; the  youth initiated sexual intercourse.

Political leaders

17-year-old Karima El Mahroug becomes mother was prostitute hired by Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi admits he paid a young exotic dancer at the center of a prostitution scandal $60,000 – but he swears it wasn’t for

Silvio Berlusconi and Ruby

sex! At least two of his mistresses were underage prostitutes, one who became an underaged mother who had sex with a nightclub owner more than twice her age.  Karima El Mahroug was an illegal immigrant from Morocco who was an exotic dancer – nicknamed Ruby Rubacuori (Ruby The Heartstealer) – and later was accused of trying to extort money from Berlusconi after she’d been arrested on suspicion of theft.  She was freed after Berlusconi intervened on her behalf.

US Senator Larry Craig (mugshot) (R-ID)

US Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) propositioned an undercover Minnesota police officer for sex in Minnesota. Before his arrest, he had been among the most outspoken foes of gay rights, and worked to ensure that LGBT military were denied all civil and human rights.

US Senator David “John” Vitter (R-LA) regularly kept prostitutes (including the “Washington DC Madam”: Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who brought prostitutes to The Family on C Street where evangelicals were planning on

Sen. Vitter (R-LA) and DC Madam

Armageddon and End Times) while running on “family values” and “sanctity of marriage”–and won reelection in 2010.  The prostitute who was to testify against him was murdered and it was ruled a suicide.  Most of the women that Vitter has paid have “disappeared” and The Family of C Street says that a member of the sacred group can commit no sin but is anointed to help rule the world at the time of the eminent Second Coming.

Domestic Violence

Rape, assault, and coercion are at an all-time high, worldwide.  They are especially noticeable in nations that claim to be highly religious and are controlled by church, mosque, temple, or synagogue.

Like Bible-based Christian women, women of Islam are required to submit to a man

In Afghanistan (and other Islamic nations) where the Taliban is a strong force or the Imams (religious leaders) are in control, it is common for males to throw acid in the face of  pre-teenage or teenage girls who go to school.  In Indonesia, Imam Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali argued that women should see themselves as “rotting” and “uncovered [spoiled] meat” and by not wearing the hijab they were inviting and soliciting rape.  For that reason, the Islamic cleric ruled, women must keep themselves covered from head to foot. The female form is considered hideous, and a woman who exposes herself to others is labeled a prostitute. 

Acid attacks on women in Saudi Arabia

Morality police from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan are ordered to whip with any weapon any woman who does not submit, for the common thought is that a woman has no intelligence to determine her own destiny–she is the property of a man. 

Death of a Princess (Saudi Arabia) charged with sorcery

Even a princess royal cannot escape from the morality police who can determine whether or not she was guilty of sorcery.  This was the modus operandi of Saudi’s guardians of virtue, as a television crew discovered when filming–and ultimately entitling their exposé Death of a Princess.

Acid attacks on women in Pakistan

Education for women is rejected by males in Islamic society. They will take every opportunity to keep a woman from studying.  No step is too severe.

Strict religious fundamentalists argue that a female was born to give birth to other children–that knowledge is unimportant, and all a female should do is memorize the Qur’an and encourage her children to fight and die for Allah.

Rape and disfigurement are equally common in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and what are considered more civilized nations.  In an effort to curb this problem, Women’s Shelters are built, but enraged males are able to break through security and attack their wives, girlfriends, and daughters or other females they feel betrayed them.


While homosexuality has always existed and for many cultures was considered a special grace that was the function of priests to perform to ensure fertility of land and people, religions have made it a crime while, wrongly, claiming it is against their scripture.  The word “homosexual” is not invented until the end of the nineteenth century, yet it is the word that justifies Islam to execute numerous young males (from age 4 and upward) in public, usually by hanging.

In traditional rank hypocrisy, evangelical Christianity led by self-styled ministers such as Bradlee Dean Smith, claim that homosexuals are damned to hell for even thinking about homosexuality. Documents and icons, however, show that not only did the early Christian community/church sanction homosexual marriages, but that homosexual partners were elevated to

Saints Sergius and Bacchus

sainthood, such as Saints Sergius and Bacchus, third century Roman soldiers (in the ancient text of their martyrologies they are called εραστές (“erastai” in the Greek, or “lovers”; cf. Ed. I. van den Gheyn (1895), “Passio antiquior SS. Sergii et Bacchi Graece nunc primum edita,” Analecta Bollandiana 14 pp. 373-95, and Halkin, François (1957).  Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca [BHG], Subsidia Hagiographica 8 (Brussels: Societe des Bollandistes, 1957) text is in Latin), Saint Sebastian in the third century, Juventinus and Maximinus who were martyred in 363 after being publicly paraded wearing women’s clothing (cp. Walter, Christopher (2003). The Warrior Saints in Byzantine Art and Tradition. Aldershot, Hants, England ; Burlington, VT. : Ashgate, and Saint Aelred. Homophobia develops quickly in the eleventh century in Western Europe.

Protestant reformers denounced “the secret vice” (that was not secret), yet many had homosexual lovers.  The most notorious was King James VI [Scotland] & I [England] who paid for a new translation of the Bible (King James Version) while having regular “encounters” (Kagan, Donald; Ozment, Steven; and, Turner, Frank M. The Western Heritage: from the earliest time to the present, Eighth Edition, Princeton, NJ, USA: Prentice-Hall, chapter 13, page 420; this work, considered a standard, should be read carefully as it ignores the Byzantines and Ottomans as well as giving short shrift to Russia and Poland and offers nothing concerning Islamic states, advances of women, children, minorities and LGBT are nearly non-existent; serious scholars will avoid this work. A better source would be Aldrich, Robert; Wotherspoon, Garry (2001), Who’s Who in Gay and Lesbian History: From Antiquity to World War II, New York, NY, USA: Routledge, pp. 226–7, and like most homosexuals, James VI & I denounced “sodomy”: a “crime” the king committed regularly: Bentham, Jeremy; Crompton, Louis (1978), “Offences Against One’s Self”, Journal of Homosexuality 3 (4): 389–405; continued in v.4:1(1978), Jeremy Bentham’s essay on “Paederasty,” written about 1785; cf. Bergeron, David Moore (1999), King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire, Iowa City, IA, USA: University of Iowa Press) with George Villier (1592–1628), Duke of Buckingham assassinated at Portsmouth by the renegade officer John Felton).

In the twentieth century numerous clergy (a sizeable number of Roman Catholic priests in Ireland, USA, UK, and other countries have been indicted for pedophilia, although the majority had male-female affairs), have been indicted for illegal homosexual activity, including Pentecostals Ted Haggard, bishop Eddie Long of Atlanta, GA, and others who had wives but paid or coerced males for sex, denying they are gay and even working to stop homosexual civil and human rights.



Georgia-Pacific paper spills toxic waste into Coffee Creek and Ouachita rivers in Arkansas

Koch Industries has long polluted the earth, its water and air in quest of obscene profits, especially with its Georgia-Pacific paper products industries in Crossett, Arkansas, that destroyed Coffee Creek, and Mossy Lake, Arkansas river and tributaries. Discharging 45 million gallons per day of paper-mill waste, including ammonia and chloride, and metals such as zinc, copper, and mercury, this toxic stew spewed from Koch Industries’ Georgia-Pacific paper plants combines with the town of Crossett’s sewage in Coffee Creek, the stream below the plant.  Fish die and pile u to rot along the river banks.

Koch Brothers

The Koch Brothers (headquartered in Wichita, KS) fight against pollution regulation by funding the neo-conservative Tea Party and openly buys politicians and pundits not only in the Arkansas legislature, but governorships from Iowa and Wisconsin, to Indiana and New Jersey. The Koch Brothers biggest coup was buying enough votes to put Scott Walker (R-WI) into a governorship to make broadsided attacks on organized labor, a fête that was matched in Indiana with Mitch Daniels.  At the same time the Koch Brothers own US Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and the majority of climate-change deniers in the Congress of the USA. 

Global warming

Global warming and disappearance of clean water

While more than 82% of all US Republican Senators reject global warming, Al Franken (D-MN) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) have passionately argued that science is the best basis for public policy, and with former Vice President Al Gore, presented conclusive proof of global warming, global ecological and environmental destruction, and the loss of irreplaceable natural resources.

Satellite Image Photo: San Quintin Glacier Northern Patagonia Chile (2002)

The ice cap (glaciers) on the Andes Mountains in South America are evaporating at a rate faster than anticipated.  Scientific predictions now state

Peru, where glaciers once existed

that Perú will have no water by 2030, and with the glaciers in Chile receding at a rate of one-half a mile a year, it is likely that Chile will also be without water before 2040. 

Dramatic retreat of the Chacaltaya glacier in Bolivia

Bolivia has lost most of its glaciers.  Bolivia depends on glaciers for most of its drinking water.

Arctic warming at increasingly rapid rate

The lost of glaciers and pure drinking water even affects the polar regions.  Antarctica is slowly disappearing, as is the Arctic.  Global warming is real.


Strip mining: showing the impact the tar sands have on land

Strip (or surface) mining does more ecological damage than most other man-made attacks upon the planet.  It began in the sixteenth century and is now worldwide, although North America has the greatest role in the rape of the land.  Strip/surface mining is becoming increasingly more frequent in South America, where corrupt congresses allow foreign investors to denude their lands in exchange for currency that lines their pockets but seldom benefits their poor.

The greatest problem of strip/surface mining is not merely the removal of vegetation that is seldom replaced, but unless the tundra is reclaimed, surface mining can leave behind large areas of infertile waste rock, as 70% of material excavated is waste.  This waste is compounded when rain causes further erosion.  Valley fills frequently bury headwater streams causing permanent loss of ecosystems.  Large tracts of deciduous forests has threatened several endangered species, especially in Perú and throughout the Amazons, and led to a loss of biodiversity, never to be recovered (M.A. Palmer et al. Mountaintop Mining Consequences, Science, 8 January 2010, Vol. 327, p. 148).

What little water exists is being wasted on strip-mining and washing ore for exportation as the congresses in poor/illiterate nations have short-sighted goals and little concern for the common people.  The mines are shoddily prepared, frequently collapse burying miners alive, and national and local governments in South America do nothing but wait for foreign currency to filter in. 

Water pollution

Tires span across ocean floors

Water pollution is especially critical as clear water supplies dwindle.  It is not even viable to try to attempt to turn salt water into drinking water, as the oceans and seas are already polluted by dumping.  Tires line large spans of

Coastal pollution in New Delhi, India

ocean floors.  Debris exists floating along ocean and lake coastlines from Perú

Pucusana (Lima, Perú) beach front

to Santa Barbara, from Spain to Libya.


Homelessness in the USA

Homeless in the United Kingdom

Homelessness in the UK is equally exhausting with no end in sight.  This is true everywhere, and religious groups encourage those unfortunates who suffer through this to “offer it up in prayer”.  This “celebration of suffering” was the backbone of one of the world’s greatest frauds: Mother Theresa of Calcutta, (born Agnes Gonk Bojaxhiu: born August 27, 1910, died September 5, 1997), Bharat Ratna, OM, was an Albanian Roman Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity in India, drained off millions of dollars, allegedly for the poor of India, but instead built retirement homes for priests and nuns: a charlatan who built death houses called “hospitals” but where no medicines were dispensed, no doctors admitted to attend to the suffering, and a “hotel” with cots not fit for an adult with basic comfort.

World hunger (map)

The real cost, worldwide, is hunger, homelessness, and illness: each benefiting organized religion.


Hunger a sign of sin?

Hunger is rampant everywhere: the USA (sharply rising in 2000 so that by 2011, over 2 million new people joined the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — SNAP, formerly known as food stamps — between January and September, with more than 50% of all retired people receiving less than minimum social security benefits daily debating to buy medications or  food for their one meal of the day; 48% of all USA citizens are living at low income or poverty level while child homelessness has jumped 38% since 2007), UK, Asia, India, Russia, the Middle East as a few become enriched while the Middle Class disappears into the folds of poverty.  In many religions, it is said that those who have been saved will not suffer but will benefit from their faith as an Elect of God. In others, as noted by Mother Theresa of India, suffering on earth will assure the faithful of a place in heaven and eternal life (Hitchens, Christopher (1995). The missionary position : Mother Teresa in theory and practice.  London, UK and New York, NY, USA : Verso). Mother Theresa was neither loved nor considered a saint in India, especially among the poor and those who suffered or the medical community who considered her miracles fraudulent inventions (read Shields, Susan. “Mother Teresa’s House of Illusions: How She Harmed Her Helpers As Well As Those She ‘Helped’,”  Free Inquiry magazine, vol. 18, no. 1)Those who spoke out against Mother Theresa were not just secularists nor people of means and education in India, but condemnations came from within her order of sisters, and the husband of the woman who allegedly received a miracle by praying to the diabolical dead nun who told reporters that the cure came with medicines not prayers.  The husband originally, it is reported, told reporters: quoted as saying: “This miracle is a hoax. It is much ado about nothing. My wife was cured by the doctors.” He later changed his mind, however, once he was paid handsomely by Theresa’s order, and told an interviewer: “It was her miracle healing that cured my wife. Our situation was terrible and we didn’t know what to do. Now my children are being educated with the help of the nuns and I have been able to buy a small piece of land. Everything has changed for the better.” (Emphasis mine, as additional documents saw the Sisters of Charity offering large amounts for those who would testify to the Albanian nun’s piety.) The Sisters of Charity are colleagues in crimes committed by Mother Theresa of Calcutta that an Alzheimer’s disease (a form of dementia) and Parkinson’s disease-suffering pontiff raised to the ranks of Blessed while those placed in her care were starving for food and thirsting for drink.

Homicide rates worldwide

With soaring rates of hunger and homelessness comes crime, which most religions consider to be a sin, yet is the result of social injustices. They work together.

World statistics on homicides


Sin, and social injustice, are the products of god.  In the end, god is praised for war, as with Hitler’s Gott mit unus that was sewn on NAZI uniforms, was the

Enlisted Prussian man’s belt buckle (front view)

motto used by Germans in World War I where it was inscribed on the soldiers helmets, and was the battle cry in the Roman and Byzantine empires (Nobiscum deus ), but has an ancient history, returning to the Hebrew word Immanuel. God has always been seen and hailed as the father of war and on this legend came the ancient apocalypses of ancient Egypt, Akaddians, and Mesopotamian nations.

USA and UK torture of Iraqi prisoners (2001-2008)

From George W. Bush’s claim that his god had selected him to be president, and to call for a “crusade” (a word that Muslims interpreted from its medieval counterpart to mean the slaughter of women and babies), the religion of Bush crystalized in unbelievable USA military tortures (many heinous acts were performed by women in the USA army, while others were done by UK combatants)–surpassing the great cruelty of the Spanish Inquisition where waterboarding (justified by law professor John Yoo) was a standard device.  Waterboarding is not new in torture methods, as it was a favored way of wringing confessions out of the accused by the Spanish Inquisition and even by later-

Illustration of Madame de Brinvilliers Being Tortured (c. 1847) to confess to poisoning several family members. She was beheaded in 1676.

day Protestant troops who attacked Roman Catholics in the Wars of Religion that culminated in the Thirty Years War in the belief that it was a holy act since prayers were said and the water was blessed.  It was first used in 1478 and called “tortura del agua”, consisted of introducing a cloth into the mouth of the victim, and forcing them to ingest water spilled from a jar so that they had the impression of drowning.”  It made a return into theological terrorism 1556-1559 as the Flemish Inquisition, used in the brutal persecution of Anabaptists in Belgium.  In the 1800s, waterboarding was known as “the common scold”. Scolding was a common punishment for antisocial women in early Europe and America. Water-based tortures were used to identify witches or inflict suffering on suspects as a trial by ordeal. Religious leaders argued that God would help the innocent by performing a miracle on their behalf (allowing them to live), as Satan would let them drown.  It was

Negro convict “showered to death” (Harper’s Weekly, Dec. 18, 1858)

used in 1858, at Auburn State Prison (New York) “to execute negros [sic] slowly”.  In what Harper’s Weekly called a “fearful picture of the mismanagement of our public institutions … a convict named More was, imprisoned in the State Prison at Auburn, was showered to death by the prison officials. … all the water that was in the tank — amounting to from three to five barrels, the quantity is uncertain — was showered upon him in spite of his piteous cries; a few minutes after his release from the bath he fell prostrate, was carried to his cell, and died in five minutes.” 

What the Bush-Blair administrations did surpassed even the diabolic dictates of Germans serving Hitler and brought severe penalties from the Nuremberg

Tony Blair (left) and George W. Bush (right)

Court–but the USA has repeatedly refused to recognize and join the World Court, as George W. Bush and his administration, like that of UK’s Tony Blair and his administration, having already been found guilty of crimes against humanity, fear a trial in an open court.

But GW Bush was not unique.  Wars have only

Torture of Iraqis by USA military

become more “sophisticated”, cruel, and more destructive with little concern for “collateral damage”: the loss of human life or property.  The military of the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan, following prayer sessions, were encouraged by military chaplains to “spread the Gospel” and to “harken” to the words of Bible messages stamped on their military weaponsand minds. Their

JN8:12, reads, “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

mission was to “serve the Lord” in the same style as Hitler’s troops were encouraged to be emissaries for the new Reich.  Most of the chaplains come from fundamentalist groups, and at the USA Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, dissent is not allowed, those who do not accept a rigid reading of scripture are ostracized and hounded, with many attempting suicide to get away from the daily indoctrination that haunts them.  Agnostics and self-proclaimed atheists are battered verbally and occasionally assaulted with the US military leaders doing nothing to protect the abused or to silence the indoctrination program. 

USA Air Force nuclear war over Japan

From the dropping of the atomic bomb on two Japanese cities filled with civilians and with no military in sight, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, leading to the loss of un-numbered tens of thousands or uncounted millions of innocent civilians to napalming innocent citizens in Vietnam and throwing “noncooperatives”, from helicopters. The greatest atrocity occurred at Mai

Mai Lai Massacre (published in Mother Jones)

Lai on March 16, 1968, committed by United States Army soldiers of “Charlie” Company of 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade of the American Division whose victims were women, children (including babies), and elderly people.) 

Agent Orange, a herbicide, that was sprayed like a mist over villages where

Vietnamese children affected by Agent Orange

Vietnamese “Cong” fighters or sympathizers were thought to be hidden, was more popular among the USA military, as it not only incapacitated but killed, and those who survived were disfigured and would be unable to give birth to healthy children.  What was unknown at the time (or a well-kept secret) was its adverse affect on USA military personnel who continue to have health problems because of it. This diminishing of the value of human life continued in future armed conflicts, usually over oil, as seen in the barbarities committed by drones in Afghanistan (one spy drone was brought down over Iran)–these wars exceed that of the Third Reich when six million Jews and millions of other citizens (White Russians, Poles, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and

Israel’s holocaust against Muslims in Gaza

others) were openly slaughtered–a holocaust repeated by Israel against Palestinians of all ages. This is not anti-Semitism, as Palestinians are also Semitic.  The word, well-known by linguists, means “a subfamily of Afro-Asiatic languages that includes Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Hebrew, and Phoenician.”  For Israel to claim that any exposure of its holocaust of the Palestinian people is anti-Semitic demonstrates clearly that Israel has neither a conscience nor an education in linguistics and is fanning the flames of hate as sharply as is Islam.  The Torah and the Qur’an/Koran equally show that the two Semitic people had a common source: Abraham (מָעֵאל or  إسماعي for Ishmael in Genesis 16:3 from Babylonian and Minæan cognates, with a covenant established in Genesis 15, cf. Qur’an/Koran  XIX: 54 and XIV: 35-41; and, Isaac: יִצְחָק  that is a 13th century BCE Ugaritic word for “He laughs” that was the name of the Canaanite deity El–which would ultimately be transmogrified to mean “husband”, “lord,” and “master”, but the individual in Genesis 11-25 is not clearly defined any more than he is in Qur’an/Koran XII:6, 38 or XXXVII: 12).  Abraham is questionable, especially in the Qur’an/Koran where the plural pronoun is used:

And We made them leaders, guiding (men) by Our Command, and We sent them inspiration to do good deeds, to establish regular prayers, and to practise regular charity; and they constantly served Us (and Us only).

—Qur’an, sura 21 (Al-Anbiya), ayah 72-73

The statement “god is love” is equal to “god is great” (الله أكبر: Allāhu Akbar).  In each case god is the tyrant and demonic power behind the designs of mortals who would be gods.


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Martha Chávez: Attack on Perú Democracy

Martha Chávez screaming at President Humala 2011

Martha Gladys Chávez Cossío de Ocampo (born January 12, 1953) is a Peru Congresswoman who represents the far fascist right.   First elected to Congress in 1992, she supported the murders and assassinations of Alberto Fujimori.  She is a vocal opponent of President Ollanta Humala, and used his inauguration, which was attended by most of the heads of state of South America and Prince Felipe of Spain, to rant against him in her adulation of Fujimori.

A woman without principles and, at best, mediocre intelligence, Chávez Cossio blared against President Ollanta Humala’s statement as he took oath that he would be loyal to the principals and values of the Constitution of 1979, rather than the current Constitution that was enacted, illegally, in 1993 (it was authored in 1992 by Martha Chavez who personally introduced the clauses of the Peruvian Constitution that allowed Fujimori to run for a second term and suggested that she might attempt to abolish all term limits on the presidency, noting her desire for a lifetime dictatorship of the rich over the poor  (Conaghan, Catherine M. (2005). Fujimori’s Peru: Deception in the Public Sphere. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, p. 57) that restricts the role of government in areas that are not being filled or served by the private sector to the delight of her private USA backers including the Koch Brothers of the USA who own Georgia Paper that openly pollutes streams and waterways as with Coffee Creek in Arkansas, who want to strip mind Peru, tear down the forests, and pollute the dwindling water supply that is available to the people, during the administration of ex-President Alberto Fujimori before the former dictator who was tried and convicted for numerous violations against human rights and civil liberties suspended the Constitution. 

A longtime supporter of dictators and of the former agricultural professor Alberto Fujimori and his children, during the 2000 elections in Peru, Chávez suggested that Fujimori would dissolve Congress if Peru 2000 did not win a majority of seats. She also said that she could not rule out a fourth election of

Martha Chávez with Alberto Fujimori (Carlos Castro/La Republica)

Fujimori, despite the fact that the Constitution of Peru which was written in part by Chávez herself allows presidents to be elected no more than twice in a row, and Chávez had earlier promised that Fujimori would not run in the 2000 elections. After Fujimori fled to Japan in disgrace, after carrying millions of dollars in gold to Japan, Chávez decided to run for the presidency to keep it occupied by Fujimoristas and selected as her running-mate Santiago Fujimori who went on trial over corruption charges, Alberto Fujimori’s brother who has long been associated with assassin groups.  In 2001, Chávez was suspended from active duty in Congress for corruption, her second suspension was in 2002, but she was acquitted in 2005, and suspended a third time in 2011.

An elitist without scruples, Martha’s goal is to further enrich the top 1% (who made their fortunes on land speculation and selling out to foreign investors such as Sika, Merck, and other international firms).  Chávez would let the people of Peru starve, remain ill-educated, and police, judicial end educational system (among the worse in the world) that has more than one million “beneficiaries” and thousands of employees, not counting the more than 300,000 teachers who are totally unqualified for their positions corruption

Dr. Jose Antonio Chang Escobedo, Minister of Education of Peru

continue (in 2005 Minister of Education Alberto Chang tested the teachers of Peru for basic competency, and out of the 300,000 teachers, only 151 passed; more than 50% of all mathematics teachers in Peru could not pass a simple math test; science and education were equally bad—but all were allowed to continue teaching, even though by 2007, Peru was ranked last in the world of education—Peru’s educational system and academic competency was worse than any other nation on the planet in all areas including mathematics and science as well as the liberal arts: ; by July 2011, Peru’s universities ranked basically from 5000 to nearly 10000 in the world, with only Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (a private university now under attack by Juan Luis Cipriani, archbishop of Lima, who wants to do away with academic freedom) ranking 841 and Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (now a public university in Lima where scholarship is prized)  ranking 876, with Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia inching into 1532 and the rest plunging to new depths; the second highest ranked public university is Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco ranked 4593 in the world).   As La Republica noted, 24 April 2011, concerning Martha Chávez: Y es que el fujimorismo es un sistema autoritario. No les gusta la oposición, no les gusta la democracia, salvo que esta se adapte a sus fines; tampoco el diálogo, que es para ellos una pérdida de tiempo.  Fue el estilo que utilizó  Alberto Fujimori tan pronto se instaló en el poder. Máximo San Román y Carlos García, sus primeros vicepresidentes, han recordado en más de una oportunidad la deslealtad del hombre que llevaron a Palacio. Los peruanos  estamos advertidos: el “futuro” del fujimorismo es el retorno al pasado y la época más oscura de nuestro país.

Education in Peru has historically be minimal; only children of dictators, like those of Alberto Fujimori who had his chief spy Montesinos raided national treasury to send his children to colleges and universities in the USA, have obtained a good education.  The amount stolen by Fujimori to educate his children exceeds even the wildest dreams of the average Peruano and highlights political corruption in Peru.

Money stolen by Alberto Fujimori from Peru's Treasury to educate his children in the USA

Martha Chávez and other Fujimoristas said nothing, as the Fujimori party since its creation has lived as if Peru was its private purse (where the average laborer earns $200 a week), and corruption in Peru’s Congress, especially as seen in the cases of Martha Chávez and Keiko Fujimori, has become legendary with each new generation of Fujimoristas believing that they and their children are entitled to a better (read USA, or in the case of Martha Chávez who went to the Pontifical University in Lima–a school now under assault by Cipriani who finds it too liberal) education than the rest of the nation.

Alan Garcia Perez

The era of corruption under Fujimori continued under his successors and rose dramatically during the second term of Alan Gabriel Garcia Perez (who fled first to Columbia then to Peru in disgrace in self-imposed exile in France in the 1980s after inflation passed 7000% and six months behind in debt payment, and returned to Peru only to run for a second, and more abortive, term in 2006, during which time he had numerous problems with the people of the Amazon that led to the ignition of a short civil war, did nothing to improve the quality of education, and was intent on rectifying his past record as president), and was to reach further into the pockets of the poor if Keiko Fujimori (who openly bought votes by carrying rice to the poor, playing on her Japanese heritage, etc.) was elected president

Ollanta Humala 2011 (elected President of Peru 2011)

in 2011 (she was defeated by Ollanta Moisés Humala Tasso, born June 26, 1962) Chávez first and only goal is to free Fujimori so that he can continue his

Fujimori's Grupo Colina assassins

pogrom against students and teachers that opposed his fascist move to silence dissent as with the massacre of the students at La Cantuta University and the invasion under the goons of Valdimir Lenin Montesinos Torres (born at Arequipa, 20 May 1945), the head of Peru’s notorious Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional

Javier Manuel Ríos Rojas (murdered by Fujimori assassins) age 8

(SIN), who murdered fifteen including an eight-year-old boy and his family in Los Barrios Altos who were preparing a barbecue on 3 November 1991 (the invasion of the home was based on a lie: Arteaga  informó que en dicho lugar se reunían los altos dirigentes de Sendero Luminoso. Por esta  información falsa, fue premiado y originó la intervención del grupo Colina en dicho lugar, el 3 de noviembre de 1991, cuyo resultado fue 15 personas ejecutadas extrajudicialmente, entre ellos un niño de 8 años; y otras 4 gravemente  heridas. Arteaga fue liberado tras cumplir 72 meses en prisión y sin obtener sentencia alguna por este caso; video and commentary is at, was caught on film bribing corrupt Peru congressional representatives, etc—all now released by the USA National Security archives,  including a video of Montesinos bribing a Peru congressman’s support for $15,000.   

Montesinos bribing Peru congressman (caught on video)

When the people of Los Barrios demanded an investigation into the role of the military and Montesio’s political police and armed thugs, Martha introduced a law that prohibited the judicial powers from calling low-level military officials to testify in court cases.  This gave Fujimori even greater power and the political assassinations escalated with the official blessings of his daughter Keiko, son Kenji, and Martha Chavez.

Luis Frank Aybar Cancho

Martha Chávez argued that the Aybar Cancho brothers were running drugs and armaments to the Shining Path revolutionaries.  National Security documents of the Government of the USA show the opposite—in fact that the charges the Aybar Cancho brothers, Jose Luis and Luis Frank, were on trial for resulted in a collective leverage to enhance Fujimori, and that one of the chief conspirators was Martha Chávez.  Fearful of the outcome, the attorney who was defending the Aybar Canchos (and others charged with drug trafficking and shipping guns to members of the Shining Path), Francisco Nuñez Peña, age 61, was getting into his car at his house in Lima on

Jose Luis Aybar Cancho

Friday night when gunmen wearing bullet-proof vests and black masks, arrived in an automobile and a racing motorcycle fired seven shots at him (the official report claims that one on the motorcycle appeared, pulled out a pistol and fired several times from close range).  The police later said that they were professionals.  The newspaper Peru 21 speculated that “The attorney may have been killed because he was unable to win a reduction of sentence for a drug trafficker he defended.”  Only later was it known that not only was Jordan and Columbia supplying weapons to insurgents, but so was Russia and Japan, and as wikileaks revealed, there were numerous “shoddy people” who were involved with various clandestine affairs with Alberto Fujimori and his supporters, including

“Muneo Suzuki (a former federal deputy jailed for bribery); Satomi Kataoka (Fujimori’s alleged paramour, accused in 2003 of tax evasion); Takeshi Igarashi (arrested for trade union racketeering); Torao Tokuda (a federal deputy accused of tax evasion); Shizuka Komei (a federal deputy involved  in a vote-buying scandal); Toshio  Yabuki  (arrested for defrauding 3,000 investors of $100 million, including the sale of commemorative Inca medallions, for which Fujimori was a principal advisor); and Yasuyuki Kitano (imprisoned for fraud)”. 

Inca gold disappeared from Cusco and other centers for Peruvian arts (while strip mining by Canadian and other interests increase as do the deaths caused by bad mining conditions) when Keiko Fujimori was involved in what some priests described as “evasive” actions, while at the same time during her father’s dictatorship, China was able to fly undocumented Chinese “people” into the USA.  Alberto and Keiko Fujimori ignored this, citing it as a way of helping people of Peru to “reach into the world” (known as La Diaspora Puruana).

USA NAS Document on Martha Chavez, drugs, guns

When there were initial and a number of growing objec-tions  before any formal protests were levied against the corrupt Peruana Martha Chavez and her role in the drug and terrorist war that was ascribed to the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso in Spanish: it is a Maoist guerrilla terrorist organization seeking land redistribution to the poor, a change from the oligarchy of the rich in power, and an elevation of education for the common people and laborers; today it is a mere shadow of its former group)  militants, subsequent complaints officially filed with the courts that the students were kidnapped, Chávez stated that the students must have staged their own kidnapping. 

La Cantuta students massacred in cold blood

Later, when the bodies of the students executed paramilitary style were recovered from unmarked graves, based on a map that a journalist in Peru was sent, Chávez responded by suggesting that the journalist be jailed because, by uncovering the graves, he had tampered with a crime scene (Conaghan, Catherine M. (2005). Fujimori’s Peru: Deception in the Public Sphere. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, p. 72).  When citizens demanded that Chavez be handed over to an international tribunal for crimes against humanity Chávez controversially characterized the judges on the Inter-American Court of Human Rights as leftist terrorist-sympathizers (Schmidt, Gregory D. “All the President’s Women” in The Fujimori Legacy: The Rise of Authoritarian Democracy in Peru, edited by Julio F. Carrión (2006). University Park, PA: Penn State Press). Chavez’ terrorist tactics were, in fact, partially pushed by the Republican Party in the Congress of the USA where there was sympathy for Fujimori and jubilation over the death of “leftists”.  The Republican Party’s role in funding Martha Chavez’ terrorism and support of Fujimori has not yet been fully declassified and released.

The transmogrification of the Constitution of Peru of 1993 (the fifth in the twentieth century) enabling a lifetime dictatorship passed after opposition lawmakers walked out of Congress in protest. Chavez smirked that the opposition was spineless and unnecessary as the Fujimoris would rule over everyone.  The 1993 Constitution of Peru was a setback for democracy.  Not only did it allow a president to run for unlimited terms (in effect allowing a dynasty to control Peru), but reduced the bicameral 240-member congress to a unicameral 120 Congress of the Republic, and allows the president to rule autocratically by decree laws as long as he first informs the Congress of his intent to do so. Article 117 of the 1993 Constitution of Peru states that the President of the Republic can only be impeached for treason–there is no provision for impeaching a president for corruption in any form from bribery to murder.

Alberto Fujimori is currently serving a 25 year prison sentencefor human rights violations and corruption charges stemming from his 1990 to 2000 administration, including a third term that, as the previous cardinal of Peru

Cipriani and Fujimori in 1997

declared, was illegal—before the archbishop of Lima was poisoned, as suspected, by the current primate Juan Luis Cipriani and member of several fascist organizations such as the Peru Council of Roman Catholic Bishops and Opus Dei controlled schools throughout Peru—a close friend of the Fujimoris and Chávez.  Cipriani is a strong supporter of the odious opportunistic Opus Dei movement that he joined in 1962 and feverishly supports even though the organization has no Biblical foundation and its director, like the archbishop are ignorant of Matthew 7:1 and Acts 10:24.  Like the Spanish Inquisition, Opus Dei demands blind obedience and goes further than Machiavelli’s Il Principe—but it has its detractors

Juan Luis Cipriani has a long history of being against civil and human rights for women, single men who are not priests, and the traditional “bad person”: the homosexual whom the Opus Dei defender and Peru’s primate claims “los homosexuales no estánen los planes de Dios” (“homosexuals are not in God’s plans”.  In 1997 Cipriani cackled “”homosexuals are damaged goods and not in the plans of God” (although for years there have circulated rumors that Cipriani is a closeted homosexual) and are not to be granted civil or human rights, the cardinal matching the words of Iran’s ayatollahs. 

Opus Dei is far worse and more dangerous than Tomás de Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition or Adolf Hitler and his NAZIs and more energumenically evil than its cacodemonic creator Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer whose book The Way is far more dangerous to life and property than Mein Kampf, Cipriani elects to ignore reality, and refuses to acknowledge that more than fifty percent (the published figure is 23% to 58%) of the Roman Catholic clergy are homosexual (it is estimated at least 33% of the priests an 90% of the priests in Miami in the USA are gay) and up to 70% of all bishops in the USA are homosexual: sex scandals involving Roman Catholic bishops including Juan Carlos Maccarone in Argentina in 2005 and Francisco Domingo Barbosa Da Silveira in Uruguay in 2009, and in 2011, a scandal involving Roman Catholic bishop John Favalora in Florida became public and produced an outcry Cipriani never addressed (Saunders, Kate and Stanford, Peter (1992), Catholics and Sex: from Purity to Perdition. London, UK: Heinemann, and Berger, David (2010). Der heilige Schein: Als schwuler Theologe in der katholischen Kirche.  Berlin, Germany: Ullstein), with the percentage higher in Latin America. Not surprising, the rate is even higher among Protestant clergy, with at least ten percent having nonconsensual sex with pre-teenage boys, and 40% to 60% being forced from their pulpits.

In his attacks on human and civil rights in Peru, Cipriani has the support of Martha Chávez and the Fujimoristas.  Like Chávez, Cipriani styles those who oppose him to be terrorists, and uses aspersions and falsified charges against other bishops whom he considers “immoral”–a code word used in many assassinations by religious extremists. It must never be forgotten that Cipriani was the first Opus Dei cardinal who sees himself as a victim and a future martyr.  He found strength and succor in Peru in the Fujimoris, Fujimoristas, and Martha Chavez.

El Ojo de Llora (Jesus Maria, Peru) memorial to those killed by Fujimori's assassins

When Chávez returned to Peru’s unicameral Congress, she was given flowers by her followers and hailed as a saviour. The promise of returning Peru to a totalitarian dictatorship hung pregnant over the Congress, as Chávez openly endorses and supports violence against Peruanos, as was noted by local papers after a band of Fujimori sympathizers held a guard at gunpoint and heavily damaged the “Ojo Que Llora” (“Crying Eye”),  in the Campo de Marte de Jesús María, a memorial to the victims of Peru’s Internal War waged by the Grupo Colina (a paramilitary anti-communistic death squad created by Fujimori and Montesinos in Peru that was active from 1990-1994, and was responsible for the deaths and human rights abuses of Barrios Altos massacre including that of an eight year-old child) (the only survivor of Barrios Altos, Tomás Livia Ortega who was permanently paralyzed, testified against Fujimori at his trial,   La Cantuta massacre: the National University “Enrique Guzmán y Valle” (La Cantuta), and the Santa massacreof nine campesinos carried out by Grupo Colina in the Santa Province of the Ancash Region of Peru. The massacre occurred on May 2, 1992. Carlos Alberto Barrientos Velásquez, Roberto Barrientos Velásquez, Denis Atilio Castillo Chávez, Federico Coquis Velásquez, Gilmer Ramiro León Velásquez, Pedro Pablo López  Gonzáles, Jesús Manfredo Noriega Ríos, Carlos Martín Tarazona More, and Jorge Luis Tarazona More all died in the massacre, none were terrorists, but

El Ojo que Llora (Martha Chavez wants to personally destroy this monument)

Martha Chavez claimed that they were and endorsed Montesino’s purge of “the evil” that included erasing the names of victims of government death squads that operated under Fujimori such as Grupo Colina.

Ojo que Llora (stones have names of those murdered; families set out photos of the dead) a memorial that Congresista Martha Chávez wants to personally destroy

Chávez chortled that she applauded the attack, showed open contempt for the child killed at Los Barrios, and called the memorial “a garbage monument”.  The “garbage monument” was made more so by the Fujimoristas who saw it as a reminder in Lima to the 70,000 people killed in Peru’s war with Shining Path, as was defaced with orange paint (the color of Fujimori’s party) by a group of vandals.  The crass cavalier chortling of Chávez can be found in her own words

Cano sostuvo también que otra prueba de que Chávez no ha cambiado es que dice que jamás iría al “El ojo que llora”.

“No iría jamás a un sitio donde se juntan víctimas con victimarios. Es más, si tuviera un pariente ahí sacaría el nombre de mi pariente; es una afrenta”, sostuvo cuando le preguntaron si iría al memorial “El ojo que llora” del Campo de Marte de Jesús María, un espacio de reconciliación de los deudos de ambos bandos de la violencia interna de las décadas pasadas.

Chávez indicó, además, que “ya no es necesario” repetir un escenario  como el del autogolpe del 5 de abril de 1992. “Nos retroceden al pasado  con lo negativo y no con lo positivo. Nuestro presente y futuro tiene que ver con nuestro pasado. La propuesta de Keiko parte del pasado, donde  hemos tenido más aciertos que desaciertos”…

[Translation: Cano also argued that another proof that Chavez has not changed is that she says would never go to “The eye that cries”. “I will not ever go to a place where victims meet with perpetrators. Moreover, if I had a relative there I would take away the name of my relative, as it is an insult”, she responded when asked if she would go to the memorial at “The eye that cries” in the military cemetery in the suburb Jesus Maria, a space for reconciliation of the relatives of both sides of the internal violence of the past decades.

Chávez also indicated that “there is no need” to repeat a scenario such as the coup of April 5, 1992. “We move back in time with the negative and not [forward with the] positive. Our present and future has to do with our past. Keiko’s proposal for the past, where we had more hits than misses]

Her hatred for the memorial was so strong that Martha Chavez, one of Fujimori’s staunchest supporters and allies, who declared that “With pleasure, I would have destroyed the memorial myself.” (See video at Chavez is an outspoken enemy of democracy and the people of Peru. With Chávez’ maneuvering, Peru has no future.  With the Fujimoristas in Peru’s Congress, Peru will easily become the twin of the Third Reich. No one is safe.  With the support of Juan Luis Cripiani, Peru will disappear into a South American Reich of the Rich with death waiting for anyone who disagrees with it.

 Chávez’ interest and support of a military dictatorship was starkly unveiled when Nicolás Hermoza Ríos, Commander General of the Armed Forces, put tanks on the streets and declared that he would not tolerate the Congress insulting the armed forces. Congress largely backed down. Today there are few military (Ejército del Perú), where its senior officials are involved in drug trafficking with General Paul da Silva coordinating illegal drug shipments and Peru’s army commander-in-chief, Edwin Donayre black marketing 80,000 gallons of gasoline that benefited drug dealers and traffickers who channeled the purloined gasoline through a gas station owned by Fredy Marcelo Hurtado (a reminder of when Former Joint Chief of Staff Pablo Carbone and 12 other officers were being investigated by Judge Jimena Cayo for their alleged  involvement in the illegal channeling of $32.4 million U.S. dollars to SIN, which had been commanded by Fujimori’s former presidential adviser Vladimiro Montesinos and links Fujimori to and with the very terrorists he claimed to be fighting–yet was aided by a corrupt diplomatic corps), or police in Peru who are honest and can be trusted.  Humala removed 30 of the 45 police generalsbecause of their rampant corruption. This corruption is not only in Lima, but throughout the nation: from Chiclayo in Lambayeque Province, to Areoquipa and Ica. It is common knowledge that both extort money, kill with impunity, and are waiting for Chávez and other supporters to

Pentecostal Radolfo Gonzales Ruiz

call for an armed uprising against the people of Peru.  The corruption that is rampant in the churches in Peru will not stop as long as the state is handcuffed by religious leaders such as Cipriani, the evangelist Lay (now a member of Congress), and Pastor Rodrigo Mora Rodríguez and Pentecostal televangelist Radolfo Gonzales Ruiz who has been denounced by several family members for running a scam to acquire property, build schools (that are not used) to indoctrinate but not educate, and radio centers and headquarters (the one in Chiclayo, Peru towers over Plaza Real and is in receivership with the court system).


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Psychology of Suicide and Bullying–and how religion, school/classmates and family affect both

Katherine van Wormer, MSSW, PhD and Chuk Odiah, M.Sc, PhD of the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, presented a study on suicide-murder and the death penalty, in 1999 (van Wormer, Katherine and Odiah, Chuk (1999). “The Psychology of Suicide-Murder and the Death Penalty” in Journal of Criminal Justice, 27(4), pp. 361-370). The UNI professors detail suicide to be not only a violent act but an act that is frequently the result of violence.

Violence is perpetrated by bullies: parents, children, religious and government figures, schools (teachers, principals, classmates, and so forth) and at the workplace by coworkers, supervisors, bosses, and owners.  Violence is also the weapon used by others who wish to appear and take on the trappings of authorities. 

Bullying leads some people to commit violent acts against others in quest of paying the supreme penalty for their actions: “Suicide, in other words, [is] not as the consequence of murder but, rather, … its cause”, van Wormer and Odiah claim.  Those who want to die, but are afraid of the believed pain in suicide, will seek out someone to kill them: either by putting themselves in harm’s way, paying an assassin, killing another person in hopes that law enforcement officials will end their existence, or killing and then taking their own life in fear that state retribution could be more painful.

As I noted in my earlier book, Evangelical Terrorism, suicides and violence are especially prevalent among fundamentalists groups and those that preach hatred is peace and tolerance is weakness, as found in Islam, Pentecostalism, The FAMiLY, and Latter Day Saints and is increased among evangelical fundamentalists to the point that they form a psychological dictatorship that destroys hope and personal self-esteem (Ide, Arthur Frederick (1986). Evangelical Terrorism: censorship, Falwell, Robertson, & the Seamy side of Christian Fundamentalism. Irving, TX, USA: Scholars Books).  Religion, while many psychologists have not commented on it because they have not studied it and its effect on others, is one of the greatest tools for subordination of people and the illusion(s) it fosters can weigh heavily leading many into reprehensible acts or violence, as with the jihad movement in Islam and Christian terrorists in India, Norway, and elsewhere.

Suicide is never the “coward’s way out” as popular legend has it–suicide takes courage.  It is not an action that is haphazard nor accidental.  It is not committed rashly, or suddenly.  It is premeditated, and is usually a response to violence that the victim can no longer endure, or is the product of neglect. The suicide victim sees no alternative and no place to go as the family, church, school, and coworker offers no understanding, help, or proffer solutions, and as said earlier, usually are the reason for the suicide.

Bullying in groups

Most young suicide victims take their own lives because they feel estranged and left-out of a significant circle of others, or are harassed and ridiculed by others for any number of reasons, as I will detail. 

Those who ultimately commit suicide frequently see themselves as outcasts.  Older students bully younger students; better built students bully those who are frail and appear unable to take care of themselves.  Older girls will bully younger boys: especially within families where the older child is the girl and the victim is a second son who appears as a threat to the ranking order of the siblings, since in many families there was a partiality or preference for a male child. The same is true if the first-born is a boy, the second born is a girl, and the third and subsequent are either gender but when the first-born is a boy, the boy tends to look upon others within the family as rivals unless the family unit treats all children equitably.  It is a primitive animalistic form known as a “pecking order” as is common with poultry and other animals where the senior member retains control rights by pecking at new members of the group or those introduced into the group without the consent of the leader.  Alfred Adler, who worked with Sigmund Freud, called it Ichgebundenheit.

Older children will bully younger children

When the suicide victim feels abandoned or neglected by his or her family there is ans increased potentiality and possibility of the lowering of self-esteem in the estimation of the one contemplating suicide.  If the one contemplating suicide believes that he or she is ostracized by a religious, fraternal or familial group, or is being bullied by someone who feels that by bullying another he or she is superior (whereas in reality they are suffering from an inferiority complex) the potential suicide victim withdraws more from the family or fraternal circle, finds escape in cyberspace and makes “friends” (acquaintances) who can be imaginary or implants by those who oppose the individual and desire that he or she commits suicide. 

Stronger and larger people will bully weaker and smaller people

Suicide is seen as a way of escape, as well as a way of asserting the victim’s final right of control over the self and to leave the confines of the primary unit: the family, church, school, or group, which the future suicide victim  internalizes, consciously (openly), subconsciously, or unconsciously as a way of fighting the bully by depriving the bully of his or her conquest over the victim.  The victim of bullying is afraid to, justifiably, strike out and hit the bullying parent, grandparent, son or daughter, niece or nephew, uncle or aunt, religious leader, teacher, or classmate regardless of age, gender or physical condition of the bully.  The idea of “respecting one’s elders” and “authority figures” has been ingrained by all religions as a way of maintaining their hold over the congregant (e.g. Sirach 3:1, ‘Mata Pita Guru Daivam’ in Hinduism, Exodus 20:12, Koran 4:36 and 6:151, Ephesians 6:12), but none of the world’s religions consider the reality that some parents are bad people, hurt and harm their children (Abraham did attempt to slay his own son: Genesis 22:5, Koran 37:100-111, a prototype for John 3:16, where god demands that Abraham “sacrifice a son” to him) to the point where the child commits suicide (it is a statistic that 44% of all suicides are the result of abuse at home; while the statistics vary from 60-90% accusing the father as being less sympathetic, especially in Australia, there is little mention of the social climate the father was brought up in, as in most patriarch societies, the male is taught to be aggressive and violent).  By not striking back as some victims are now doing by learning judo and other self-defense techniques including carrying pepper spray or weapons (read here and here and here and here), suicide becomes the last resort, especially when the future suicide victim believes that his or her religion rejects protestations against bullies if they are in the family or the religious center.  This is equally true when the person contemplating suicide is castigated or slammed because of a perceived lifestyle that is labeled as being outside the scope of what the faith has codified as acceptable and there is no one to talk to about personal matters.

Bullying by grade level (USA)

The rise in cases of bullying are getting more notice.  There are new studies and demographics illustrating this paralyzing phenomena.

Bullying can be emotional or psychological as well as physical.

Until recently, few have looked at the bully and what motivates bullying. The bully is anyone: a parent, classmate, religious figure, sibling, etc. Because bullies are found in every walk of life, every vocation, every religion and social outlet, it is critical to understand the psychology of a bully if we are to better understand the psychology of the person committing suicide. 

A bully is any individual struggling for attention, authority, and sadistically revels in causing emotional, psychological, and/or physical pain. The bully can be a narcissistic bully, imitative bully, impulsive bully, accidental bully.  What they have in common is low self-esteem and the desire to control–which is the reason for such bully organizations as Opus Dei (international, but originally started in Spain) and the Tea Party in the USA. This is especially true among religions seeking absolute control over the individual as occurred in the Roman Catholic Spanish Inquisition that led to the death of millions and thrives to this day in such nefarious groups as Opus Dei, Councils of Bishops or Elders, one-dimensional religious groups such as  the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church (WELS), Pentecostalism, Mormons and evangelical communities such as within the New Apostolic Reformation of the twenty-first century.  It is found from Poland to Peru, the USA to UK, Canada to Chad, and throughout the world. 

With today’s advances in technology, sadism of the bully is made easier.  Sadism is a mental disease (Holt, S. E., Meloy, J. R., & Strack, S. (1999). “Sadism and psychopathy in violent and sexually violent offenders”. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. vol 27(1) 1999, 23-32), and most sadists are mentally ill, especially those who use religion as a cover for their hatred and bullying: seeking pleasure by creating, watching, and continuing suffering in those who submit to their cruelty (Kernberg, O. F. (1983). “Paranoid regression, sadistic control, and dishonesty in transference.” Revista de Psicoanalisis Vol 40(2) Mar-Apr 1983, 323-328; Lloyd, D. W. (1991). “Ritual child abuse: Understanding the controversies”.  Cultic Studies JournalVol 8(2) 1991, 122-133; and, Radomski, J., & Sulestrowska, H. (1988). “Aggressive-sadistic behavior as a major symptom in schizophrenic psychosis in a 13-year-old boy”.  Psychiatria Polska vol 22(3) May-Jun 1988, 269-271; the role that sadism plays in religion is acute, especially in such sadistic groups as Opus Dei; cf. Sorensen, A. (2003). “Evil between ontology and inner experience – Georges Bataille”. Psyke & Logosvol 24(1) 2003, 361-389, and Hammand, J. (2000). “The Rod of Discipline: Masochism, Sadism, and the Judeo-Christian Religion,” Journal of Religion and Health. vol. 39.4,  pp. 319-328, as found in Proverbs 13:24, and enjoined by such sadists as the Roman Catholic church–especially Opus Dei, Martin Luther (Luther, Werk 54:157, 234-235, in German) and Jean Calvin (who defined anyone who rebelled against religious authority as a child, and decreed that “children can be executed” for rebellion, with young children being hanged, and very young children being hanged by the arms; Picot, History of Geneva, in 8 vols., t. II, p. 264, p. 355, cf. Robert M. Kingdon, Adultery and Divorce in Calvin’s Geneva. Cambridge, MA, USA: Harvard University Press, 1995, pp. 355-357 seq; Calvin also demanded the death sentence for adultery and blasphemy: “Sur les paillardises, adulteres, blasphemes, juremens et despitemens de Dieu”), most Protestant groups, and Islam, and hate groups such as Focus on the Family and the state legislature of Michigan). Today’s bullies can cause irreparable mental anguish and suffering by spewing hate messages on the internet: the most common means of choice being Facebook, MySpace, or other popular sites. 

What is a bully?

The bully has a distinctive pattern of deliberately harming and humiliating others in order to get what the bully wants: attention, subjugation of others to order them around as he or she wishes, adulation, and reverence.  To this end the greatest bullies in the world are members of the clergy, and those who claim to be defending “the faith”, who insist on a common lifestyle of and among the faithful, with the leaders of religions being the most bellicose, braying “you must stay married even if your partner has no love for you,” “you must marry to keep the precepts of god to ‘go forth, be fruitful, multiply,” “you must carry an unwanted zygote/fetus even if it is the product of rape, incest, has little to no chance for survival, or will be complete at the time of its birth,” and so forth (cp. Chernus, Ira (2006). Monsters to Destroy: the Neoconservative War on Terror and Sin. Boulder, CO, USA: Paradigm Publishers). 

Realities of bullying

Religion, in most cases is a shield to protect the sadism of the bully.  Those who bully in the name of religion use their assorted scripture to justify their actions.  They claim that what they want, their deity also wants. The bully sees himself or herself as the hand of god–a god of raw vengeance and cruelty whose will must be done if there is to be peace on the planet (cp. Luke 22:42 and Psalm 40:7-8).  Furthermore, the bully uses the idea of his or her god as his or her way of spreading the faith, being obedient to the faith, and having unquestioned loyalty to the faith: the basic foundation of the most odious and opportunistic organization known as Opus Dei.

Opus Dei New Hampshire protesting abortion

Abortion is among the favored bully clubs of the conservative religious, especially among the Roman Catholic hierarchy where none of the men could become pregnant (if they could, as I have written earlier, abortion would be proclaimed a sacrament), but still belt out “No abortion!” This mantra is ministered to those without measure, regardless if it is a child who has been repeatedly raped by a family member, or been sexually assaulted

Children abandoned on streets of Peru

by a classmate, teacher, religious official, or any other person—even though carrying the fetus to term can irreparably scar the student emotionally and psychologically. Children who are raped and become pregnant are abandoned on the streets of towns and cities, from Los Angeles, California to Lima, Peru–and beyond (The Consortium for Street Children’s State of the World’s Street Children: Violence report (2007) p. 17).  While the “Pro-Life” forces want to “protect the unborn” they do nothing to help it once it is born and, in the case of Roman Catholic countries, abandon the baby and the mother to poverty and life in the street–with the sole source of income frequently being prostitution, but the infant, if it survives its early years, is set to work in bazaars and open air markets.  The churches, schools, and communities do nothing but bully the abandoned children, especially those who become pregnant, by screaming “No abortion.” Those who are born have little chance of any future in any nation, and are subject to bullying.

Abandoned girl working in market in Peru

Many poor, around the world, turn to drugs before contemplating suicide. 

Glue sniffing in Peru

While drugs are expensive, they can be stolen, purchased with prostitution, or found in inexpensive formats, such as glue sniffing that is becoming increasingly popular among the poor in Latin America and other Roman Catholic controlled countries.

Bullies seek out those who lack assertiveness and radiate fear—telltale signs that bullies gravitate to in the same manner as sadists and masochists find each other.  After religion and religious leaders, the second greatest number of bullies comes from within the family: with the bullies being older siblings in most cases.  Sex is often a criteria, with older siblings worried that younger ones will masturbate and will either encourage or take the child to a prostitute—the reason being that the sin of Onan was masturbation (it was coitus interruptus: Genesis 38:8-10), while prostitution is referenced repeatedly in the Old Testament, even with Onan’s father having sex with his daughter-in-law in Genesis 38:15-16, and so forth).  The story of Onan and his “sin” has become a mainstay for Opus Dei.

Opus Dei is the greatest and most powerful organized hate group in the world, its tentacles reaching out and controls schools around the world, strangling personal identities and suffocating the flicker of democracy and freedom, teaching hate and doing nothing to counter bullying.  It continues to live the story of Judah and his whoring ways while distorting reality and rifling in on human sexuality as a target to control people. 

In Perú bullying is especially common in Opus Dei colegios, and in other religious schools—where celibacy and virginity are preached as admirable goals but seldom practiced and little is said unless a girl comes to class pregnant (some as young as the age of ten and eleven)—and then to be bullied for becoming pregnant while at the same time denied an abortion or offered comfort if the fertilized zygote/fetus is the result of rape or (more commonly) incest.  When I taught, for a short time, at one of the more exclusive Roman Catholic secondary schools in Lambayeque Province in Peru, it was common to hear 12 and 13 year-old girls warn female classmates that if they did not have sex with boys they would not be allowed to participate in their groups.  Those who refused the orders barked out by the wealthier students were hounded both on the patios and open areas, chided as being lesbians, and were physically attacked: their hair pulled, stomachs punched, and notes slipped to them urging them to commit suicide; when I reported this to the principal—who has since been transferred to Rome—the religious Order in charge of the school did nothing.  The priest only nodded and returned to his prayers. 

When I complained to those who claimed to be psychologists, I was informed “it is the culture, here” and instructed to say nothing.  Sexuality was far higher than contraceptive use because of religious leaders’ disapproval, and it was not on infrequent occasions that I would enter the restroom to find students from ages 12 to 18 engaged in sexual acts.  

After reminding students who were openly fondling one another during a video in the library that such action was inappropriate behavior and I would not accept it, I was denounced by the students as being against “our culture” as such action “is better than homosexuality.”  There is such an overwhelming fear of homosexuality, with the Biblical story of Onan being used as an example of incorrect sexual activity, that anyone who is not involved in heterosexual sex is automatically ridiculed, bullied and, as I heard on numerous occasions, told that they would “be better off dead”—statements that brought a rigid orthodoxy of concurrence from the priests.

The cruelty of bullying in school

Students who did not conform to the sexual code of the school had their lockers vandalized, obscene graffiti sprayed on the doors and on their personal belongings, books destroyed, and material stolen.  This matched what I had heard at other parochial (basically Roman Catholic, but equally prevalent in Baptist, Adventist, and other Protestant centers), private, and secular schools, and was intense at public schools. More than 70% of all students (85% female, 60% male) had gone through this form of sexual harassment and bullying, with teachers and classmates equally prone to bullying those believed to be “virgins”.  While I was teaching in the provinces, the same was common in Lima, but the percentage was higher in the shanty towns surrounding the capital city–especially in the public schools where education is at best a farce (the teachers are unprepared, their educational background minimal, their understanding of engaging students nonexistent, and their purpose for teaching was to earn money), as demonstrated when Antonio Chang, then Minister of Education, tested 300,000 teachers in 2005, and only 151 barely passed (surprisingly, 76% of the population approved of the testing).  I quit within a few days and began publishing on corruption in Perú’s education system and schools and universities.

The twisted standards on human sexuality were everywhere I taught: not to be engaged in heterosexual sex brought bullying, becoming pregnant presaged bullying, and seeking out and possibly obtaining an abortion did not assuage the bullying but intensified it frequently leading to the rape/incest victim to committing suicide even though abortion to save a woman’s life is technically legal although Cipriani (a close friend and supporter of the Peruvian dictator Fujimori and his daughter Keiko and son Hiro, as Cipriani’s goal has always been total and complete control over all of Peru; read Footnote 1, below) continues to chortle that such an abortion is murder (while the cardinal has been investigated as an accomplice in murder in Lima, and regularly interferes with the private life of all Peruvians—including non-Catholics) even if the carrier of the fetus dies (there are between 350,000 and 400,000 abortions each year in Peru) and is supported by 53% of the people polled, there is the other side that notes: Este tipo de discrepancias revelan las verdaderas intenciones de la ley. … controlar la capacidad de las mujeres de tomar decisiones sobre su cuerpo. Permitimos que el aborto se practique, pero no de manera abierta porque esto último daría demasiada libertad a las mujeres en una decisión que sentimos que afecta el sostenimiento de la sociedad. [Such discrepancies reveal the true intentions of the law. … control the ability of women to make decisions about her body. We allow abortions to be carried out, but not in an open manner because that would give too much freedom to women in a decision that we feel that affects the sustainability of society] also read here.  The youngest female became a mother at age five

Women in Peru protest in favor of abortion

Watch what happens in Peru here: given the current ignorance of Carlos Alberto Tejada Noriega, Head of the Ministry of Health in Peru.  It is past time to say no to the Roman Catholic church that is destroying Peru and Latin America by its antiquated and illogical ideology that is not supported by medical science.  Bans on abortion risk the lives of women and increase poverty: twin goals sought by Lima’s cardinal Cipriani and Opus Dei.  In Peru and Latin America, religion is the greatest and most deadly bully with the bully club swung against the young by Opus Dei and Lima’s Juan Luis Cipriani. 

Josemaria Escriva (founder of Opus Dei)

Opus Dei uses sex, intimidation, religion and its assorted paranoia of promises of perdition and persecution in this world and “the next” as a means to control its members and those people with whom its members associate.  The leaders of Opus Dei have declared war on dissent, demand censorship of books, magazines, articles, even open forums at universities.  While Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code is fiction, the account of Opus Dei is based on fact (read Footnote 2, below), including the claim that scruples and traditional values are to be rejected if it can lead to converting anyone to “the faith” and self-flagellation required of believers, while the flagitious founder of Opus Dei—Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y Albás (9 January 1902 – 26 June 1975) who had the support and endorsement of Karol Józef Wojtyła—the agathokakological man who would become Pope John Paul II and was instrumental in declaring Escriva a saint as a political move depraved of any charitable characteristics—wrote in his book The Way that the faithful will use secrecy to obtain end results (The Way, No. 839), compromise is a form of laziness and weakness (The Way, No. 54), true Roman Catholics must follow blindly “in obedience” all Church teachings (The Way, No. 617 and in 941): “Blind obedience to your superior, the way of sanctity. Obedience in your apostolate, the only way; for, in a work of God, the spirit must be to obey or to leave.” Submission to religious authority is understood to be a good in itself, while calling non-Catholic schools, “pagan schools” (The Way, No.866).  Modern enlightened thinkers, such as Voltaire (The Way, No. 849) were/are instruments of darkness.   Opus Dei is like the Vatican has spent its history on suppressing truth, distorting what was said, and codifying rules to maintain a docile following. Private interpretation of anything is forbidden; students engaged in interpretation must interpret and translate according to the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church. Bullying of those who do not conform or follow The Way is at the forefront, especially if celibacy is determined for a student by a numerary (one of the chosen followers of Opus Dei whose election is foretold: John Allen (2005). Opus Dei: An Objective Look Behind the Myths and Reality of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church. New York, NY, USA: Doubleday Religion; while the complete list of Opus Dei members is not available to the public, some lists do exist).  

As corrupt as is Opus Dei, Opus Dei is equally matched in the USA by numerous certified hate groups:  Focus on the Family, The FAMiLY, Americans for Prosperity, Lion and Lamb Ministries, Eagle Forum, and so forth, where bullying is seen as a challenge to “fight back with the gospel” and those who complain are considered weak for not “offering their pain to Jesus.”

The third greatest number is found in the workplace or school (a typical bully is Donald Trump, who was known as a bully since he was age 13).   Bullying in the workplace is on the rise: the bullies being coworkers, supervisors, managers, corporate leaders, and owners (cf. Sperry, Len (ed., 2009). “Workplace Mobbing and Bullying” in Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research. 61.3 (September), pp. 190-201; cp. Kilburg, Richard R. loc. cit., pp. 268-275; and, MacDoanld, Geoff and Jensen-Campbell, Lauri A. (2010), Social Pain: Neuropsychological and Health Implications of Loss and Exclusion. Washington, DC, USA: American Psychological Association). 

Women are among the greatest offenders of bullying on the job

Frequently it is “the boss” who is the bully, making unreasonable demands, telephoning the employee at the employee’s home at unusual hours, and requiring evaluations only to ridicule them showing the boss’ insecurity and frequently inability to do the work required, while self-glorifying himself or herself by degrading the individual who does the most, has the greatest talent and offers the soundest solutions that could profit and benefit the company and coworkers.  Forms of workplace bullying include: moving employes without advanced notice,  replacing long-existing contracts with new short-term contracts on less favourable terms with the accompanying threat of “agree to this or else”, increasing workloads, changing work schedules, changing roles and assignments of employees, blocking or terminating career progression paths, making sexual demands, insisting on conformity, requiring “favors” including menial and demeaning tasks. At the same time as bullying is increasing in the workplace, so, too, are workplace suicides, mass murders followed by the killer taking his or her own life.  In Canada, one out of every six people are bullied in the workplace, and for many it is god’s vengeance and the fulfillment of the promise of Opus Dei.  In the USA, 70% of all employees experience bullying at work, while Spain records only 14% report being bullied (but that is because Spanish workers are afraid to come forward and admit to being bullied and have been threatened by employers and the churches if they speak out against bullying, as employers and religious leaders claim that such actions are the will of god).  Most bullied people consider god to be the architect and enforcer of bullying.

Lori Drew and daughter Sarah Drew

Many of those who are bullied are not only bullied at work or in school, but it is increasingly more common to be bullied in cyberspace: over the internet.  Cyberbullying has led to numerous suicides, and the cyber bullies are not just other classmates or coworkers, but their friends and family, as is the case with 50-year-old Lori Drew of Missouri who was found guilty cyberbullying in a federal court for her role in the suicide of 13-year-old Megan Meir (United States vLori Drew, 259 F.R.D. 449 (C.D. Cal. 2009). The judge later acquitted Drew who admitted to her instigating the bullying, claiming that she did it to protect her family and was working to help her daughter Sarah take action against the friend who had decided against remaining a friend of her daughter after transferring to a local Roman Catholic school and had made new friends.  Drew knew Megan Meier personally: the

Megan Meier

young girl lived only four houses down the street from the Drews. This led the Drews to create a fictitious internet lover: Josh Evans.  Drew, who wrote as if she were Josh, wrote to Megan that the world would be a better place if she killed herself–a common ploy among cyber bullies.  Megan, after reading the e-mail from Josh was found a few minutes later having hanged her self in her bedroom closet.  This repeated itself in Missouri when Elizabeth Thrasher (age 41) cyber bullied the 17-year-old daughter of her ex-husband in May 2009 by putting the teenager’s photo, workplace, e-mail address and cell phone number on a section of Craigslist for people seeking sexual encounters.

Elizabeth Thrasher

Suicide is the eleventh largest killer in the USA.  It has equally astonishing statistics worldwide.  No less than one million people succeeding in killing themselves every year around the world. It is the third main reason for deaths among the young: ages 15 to 24, with suicides now occurring even in those who are in their pre-teenage years.  To actually commit suicides depends on factors such as fearlessness and being able to tolerate pain and to act impulsively.  Fearlessness is a conditioned response that leads to enduring abuse: whether from abuse by others or by their own hands, and it grows gradually until the suicide has grown tolerant of physical discomfort but cannot cope with the mental anguish that bullies from the pulpit, at the table, in the classroom or school yard heap out like sewage from their own twisted mentality to torture those least able to understand aspersions and defamation and have no one to whom he or she could turn for succor or for understanding. 

Cyber bullying

While most adults age 40-65 turn to suicide as a way to avoid facing financial bankruptcy, job or family loss.  In the USA it is primarily an escape route for men, with in the US is 17.7 per 100,000 among men compared to 4.5 per 100,000 women committing suicide in 2005

Women, more than men, attempt to harm themselves (which is wrongly labeled as attempted suicide) because of living in overcrowded conditions, conflict with their families (extended and internal), with disrupted childhoods, history of drinking, criminal behavior, and violence. Individuals under these stresses become anxious and depressed and then, usually in reaction to a single particular crisis, they attempt to harm themselves and frequently their children. 

Bullying statistics

Children commit suicide because they are ridiculed about their weight, size, perceived sexual orientation, or academic and social performance.  Those most responsible for suicide among children are classmates, teachers, and family members.  Religion has its role as well, in child suicides, especially in Islam where children are openly recruited to be suicide bombers to prove their love for their god (Allah).  The rise in child suicides in Muslim lands in the Middle East has grown sharply, with children as young as four and five committing suicide in religious devotion.

Child suicide bomber in Muslim world encouraged by the family

Suicide affects both the victim and those who remain after the death. The most common response is denial.  The immediate family, most commonly, rejects that there was any estrangement within the family, arguing that all were happy and mutually loving, and that the act was not suicidal, but the result of an unfortunate accident.  Research shows the opposite:  the suicides are frequently the result of family bullying: a parent or sibling or other relative attempting to control a weaker member or a member who is different from the bully or the family.  This is commonly the case with a homosexual member who is bullied by heterosexuals in the family into having a “companion” of the opposite gender. 

In many Latin and Muslim communities the presumed homosexual family member is taken to a prostitute if a male as early as age ten, or raped if the suspected homosexual is female (Hovey, JD (1999). “Religion and suicidal ideation in a sample of Latin American immigrants.” Psychological Reports 85:171–177; the article further notes fear of religion stops many Latin Americans from completing a suicide attempt). There is no claim within the article that religion is good—or bad—but that fear can control actions, something that all dictators have learned and used against people throughout secular and religious history.  It was fear that sustained and led to the raison d’être for Christian and Arab crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, the current curia in the Vatican and the protestations of the German pope, and the Latter Day Saints Apostleship.  The same is true if the victim placed himself or herself outside of the family’s religious beliefs, circle, or institution, especially if the victim was homosexual and his or her religion denounced/condemned homosexuality and enjoined reparative therapy (a malpractice that has been denounced by every professional psychological and psychiatric association (cf. Kjaer R., and Selle, M.S. (2004). Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen.  September 23, 124(18):2396, cp. Saocarides, CW and Kaufman, B. (1994). “Reparative Therapy” in American Journal of Psychiatry January 151(1):157-159).

Homosexuality is a major problem of perception.  Orientation is genetic (in a private communication I received from Professor Katherine van Wormer at the University of Northern Iowa, Dr. van Wormer noted that she is not convinced that homosexuality is genetic; as she wrote: I’d say biological; it seems to stem from activity in the mother’s womb. I agree it’s not a choice….; I will do further research on this issue for another article. My thanks to my colleague, as I took an early graduate degree from UNI in 1968, and feel the university to be one of my many homes) and not chosen nor conditioned according to the American Psychiatric Association and all other health organizations.  Homosexual orientation is not a mental disorder. Bigotry (cf. Vedantam S. “Psychiatry ponders whether extreme bias can be an illness.” Washington Post. December 10, 2005: A1; and, Dunbar E. (1997). “The relationship of DSM diagnostic criteria and Gough’s Prejudice Scale: exploring the clinical manifestations of the prejudiced personality.” Cultural Diversity and Mental Health 3:247-257), homophobia, xenophobia, however, are mental disorders (read here and here).

Homophobic bullying in the UK

The individual who commits suicide because he or she is labeled, discriminated against, or bullied as a homosexual may not be homosexual—but the stigma placed on homosexuality through ignorance codified as religion will inspire and encourage some to commit suicide.  This ignorance about homosexuality is especially true in fundamentalist religious movements (especially among Mormons, WELS, Orthodox Jews and Roman Catholics) where parents, religious officials, and family read bad translations of ancient literature and attempt to instill and include the word homosexual within the alleged sacred text—even though the word homosexual was not even coined until the end of the nineteenth century (Albert Philibert Franz von Schrenck-Notzing; Charles Gilbert Chaddock (1895). Therapeutic suggestion in psychopathia sexualis (pathological manifestations of the sexual sense), with especial reference to contrary sexual instinct. Philadelphia, PA, USA: F. A. Davis; it does not appear in any English American Bible before 1973 (New International Version: NIV), and does not appear in any of the original languages: Hebrew, Greek, Latin, etc.).  The cruelest religions in this regard are Judaism, Christianity, and especially Islam and the Latter Day Saints (Mormons), even though homosexuality is not mentioned by name, yes same-sex love is (as with the case of Jonathan and David (1 Samuel 18; if one reads the Bible literally), Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:14 seq, cp. Genesis 2:24), and others; Romans 1:26-27 is about shrine prostitution if read in the original and not through a faulty translation, cp. Aristides, Apology Sec. 16, paragraph 2).

Those who reject suicide as a motive to leave torment behind are mistaken.  While Ernest Becker (1973), argued that the human notion of death is strongly psychoanalytical, views the fear of death as a universal phenomenon, this is incorrect, as it implies that all people fear death because of some divine punishment (such as hell) awaiting the suicide or that there might not be an afterlife (Becker, Ernest (1973). The Denial of Death. New York: Free Press).  This ignores the material showing that the suicide victim wants to escape pain and suffering brought on by any degree of bullying: from name calling and erroneous biblical recitations as Dakota Ary preachificated in Fort Worth Texas, or protestations by grandstanding teachers such as Viki Knox of New Jersey who prophesied “eternal damnation” for any member of the LGBT community, to the mealy mincing of reality by Iowa’s religious Fuehrer Bob Vander Plaats—a theocrat seeking the end of democracy in the USA and establishment of a theocracy on the order of Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann,  Rick Santorum and Governor Sam Brownback who converted from evangelical Protestantism to Roman Catholicism are both members of Opus Dei who want a government in the USA on the order of Iran, and others who has no training in theology or psychology (in this quest they are supported by the four USA Opus Dei bishops: Archbishop José Gomez of San Antonio, Archbishop John Myers of Newark, New Jersey, Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph in Missouri and Bishop Nicholas Anthony DiMarzio of Brooklyn, New York all who have opposed any anti-bullying legislation or rights for women; there are a total of 24 Opus Dei bishops in the Roman Catholic church.   This has not stopped Vander Plaats who has set himself up as an authority on human emotions and psychophysical identification, justifying the survey that shows that two out of three people in the USA believe that organized religion (churches) actively contribute to suicides among LGBT people even though all religions have homosexuals in their leadership roles from pastors and rabbis to priests and bishops, even in Islam that claims it has no homosexuals (as with Iran) but where Imams and ayatollahs also have mortal sexual desires and needs equal to anyone else.   

One point that Becker is correct about is that some suicides are committed as a way to show the world (the family, the religious organization, the community and so forth) that the person committing suicide has strength, fortitude and the ability to carry out a deed: an act of heroism.  However, it is also, at times, a way for the suicide to blame others without resolution to refine, define and establish his or her own identity as a person of self-worth.  If the suicide fails, the individual who sought the solace of death fails to achieve the role and laurel of a hero.  This can lead to further mental illness and/or antisocial behavior.

Those who are either unable or unwilling to end their own life, will kill another in quest of having someone kill them (Thomas, E. (1997, July 28).  “Facing death”.  Newsweek, 20-30. Karwarth, R. (1992, November 7).  Death-his own-was killer’s goal.  Chicago Tribune, 1. Kennedy, D. Homant, R. and Hupp, T (1998), Suicide by Cop, The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin67, 30-48). In this case, death is the promise of peace.  This is more common among believers in some external force, such as religion, but at the same time those who profess a religion are less likely to commit suicide or seek out ways of exiting life in fear of “other world judgments” and concepts of heaven and hell, than are those without a religious affirmation, confirmation or indoctrination.  Atheists have the least difficulty in committing suicide successfully (Dervic, Kanita; Oquendo, Maria A.; Grunebaum, Michael F.; Ellis, Steve; Burke, Ainsley K; and, Mann, J. John. “Religious Affiliation and Suicide Attempt.” The American Journal of Psychiatry. December 1, 2004, vol. 161. pp. 2303-2308).  However, one must be cautious when using this statistic as the authors note, as religious countries, especially those that are controlled by the Roman Catholic Church under-report suicides because of the stigma the Roman Catholic Church attaches to suicide (cp. Kelleher MJ, Chambers D, Corcoran P, Williamson E, Keeley HS: “Religious sanctions and rates of suicide worldwide.” Crisis 1998; 19:78–86).  A more accurate reporting, although still under-reporting is found in the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations (UN), where Roman Catholic countries are showing a greater number of suicides since 2003. The lowest rate of suicides, evidence shows, is in Islamic controlled nations, such as Malay, where Islam strictly forbids suicides, and an attempt at suicide can bring capital punishment and the death sentence that carries a stigma to the family as a whole. Again the problem is religion as Islamic leaders (civil and religious) prohibit full reporting, and many suicides are not investigated because of family objections, while many are considered “honor killings” that are both voluntary (suicide) and involuntary (murder) which is seldom reported and less often dealt with given its religious and family overtones. In China, over 75% of all suicides are in the rural areas and the majority of suicides are among women lacking dowries. Suicides in Japan, where there is one suicide every fifteen minutes by the year 2006, are high among students, given the emphasis on academic success and the movement of a class into a profession. Those who claimed that they were /are atheists or had no religion had abandoned religion as a consequence of depression or hopelessness, frequently because of terrorism within religion itself: the concept of unforgiving god, the fright of the existence of a possible hell and torment in an afterlife, and family pressure to practice the community faith. 

In the USA, the greatest pressure is found in Mormon families where, regardless of the stress a family member feels, or because of depression commits suicide, the family is quickly on the defensive, arguing that the family is loving group, compassionate, caring, and they have no idea of why the suicide occurred.  This is classic denial (abnegation) of reality, as the family protestations are an effort to shore up the family itself as being the foundation for growth and community (cf. Neeleman J, Halpern D, Leon D, Lewis G. (1997). “Tolerance of suicide, religion, and suicide rates: an ecological and individual study in 19 Western countries”. Psychological Medicine 1997; 27:1165–1171).  The tragedy is that it is universal as seen in the World Health Organization statistics on suicides 2003.

As Sigmund Freud noted, abnegation is a personal or family defense mechanism in which the existence of unpleasant internal or external realities is kept out of conscious.  In psychodynamic psychology, denial is found in any person who unconsciously puts up a barrier to experiencing what is too painful to consciously bear, especially the loss of a family member, personal pride, or reputation.  While the person rejects the idea that a family member committed suicide, that is a ruse for denying responsibility: being open to talking with the person before the suicidal act took place, or defending “the family honor” or the “family name” or reputation.  To this end a family will argue against anyone who claims the suicide was the result of a dysfunctional family situation, the inability to communicate interactively with the family members (the one in denial will protest that she or he was always receptive to a discussion)—but not about certain aspects, such as human sexuality, which is why most LGBT members leave the home, seek a life of their own without family encumbrances, and when faced with bullying for others or the bullying of silent distance between them and their families or significant others will commit suicide. (cf. Freud, Anna. (1937). The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense, London: Hogarth Press and Institute of Psycho-Analysis. (Revised edition: 1966 (US), 1968 (UK)); and, Paulhus, D.L., Fridhandler B., & Hayes S. (1997). “Psychological defense: Contemporary theory and research.” In Briggs, Stephen; Hogan, Robert Goode; Johnson, John W. (1997). Handbook of personality psychology. Boston: Academic Press. pp. 543–579).

Numerous studies show that members of the family: from parents to siblings as well as grandparents and cousins, actually bully those who are less prone to defending themselves and their individual rights.  Highly critical parents and older siblings can have a negative effect on the self-esteem of the younger children in the family (cf. Safer, Jeanne (2002). The Normal One: Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling. New York, NY, USA: The Free Press).  Families deny that children have rights, and in many cases, because of strong religious ties, especially within the Mormon, Roman Catholic and evangelical communities, praise parents who are overly strict with their children.  This leads to a rise in both bullying and suicides.

It is the feelings of guilt, embarrassment and shame by a family when one of its members commits suicide that leads to outbursts, denial (frequently denials even of the death or cause(s) of and/or for the suicide) that accompanies the advent of the feeling of anxiety.  Anxiety is felt as an increase in bodily or mental tension and the signal that the organism receives that allows it the possibility of taking defensive action towards the perceived danger by claiming another source, reason, or person is responsible for either the actual suicide or for mistranslating the cause célèbre that created the anxiety.  This, of course, is psychological transference neurosis. 

Sigmund Freud saw transference neurosis as occurring in patients who would not accept reality by arguing that the blame lay with the physician or therapist [today it could be a writer, newspaper, or other source], stating that transference neurosis is: “a whole series of psychological experiences are revived not as belonging to the past, but as applying to the person of the physician at the present moment”  (Sigmund Freud, “Case Histories 1 – Dora and Little Hans”, The Penguin Freud Library, Volume 8, 1990); cp. Freud, Sigmund (collected 1959). Clinical Papers. New York, NY, USA: Basic Books, vol. 2, p. 125, 251, 344, vol. 4, p. 43).  It is at this point, as Freud argued at length in several works, that religion takes over; while the illusions offered by religion can temporarily satisfy, religion and its confessional stands can lead to neurosis that are both egotistic and self-protecting, as well as antisocial where guilt is fostered by “giving into temptation” rather than eschewing it in favor of prayer or corporal acts of mercy and charity.  As Freud wrote: “Unredeemed backslidings into sin are even more common among the pious than among neurotics, and these give rise to a new form of religious activity, namely, the acts of penance of which one finds counterparts in the obsessional neurosis (Freud, op. cit. vol. 2, pp. 33-34; cp. Freud, Die Traumdeutung) leading to the repression of reality and what occurred (Freud, Collected Papers, vol. 4, pp. 86-87, 90-91 with emphasis on countering unbearable thoughts in vol. 1, p. 155).

Bullying is abusive and aggressive behavior of a person who is mentally ill.  It is expressed emotionally, physically, and verbally and frequently leads to thoughts of suicide or the act of suicide. It is most commonly found in the school, church, and the family—and it is in these three areas that it is most commonly denied and little is done to stop bullies braying from pulpits as they pound their religious literature, or from the teacher’s desk where the instructor rants about a student’s clothing, hairstyle, selection of friends or life style, or at the breakfast or dinner table where the authority of the patriarch is preached as if the family leader was somehow divinely ordained.  To question authority is forbidden, and to differ from the family leader invites the same corporal punishment that was dealt out to Martin Luther by his parents who beat him until the blood ran from his skin, allegedly for stealing one nut (Roland H. Bainton (1950), Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther. New York: NY, USA: Abingdon-Cokesbury, p. 23; cp. Erik H. Erikson (1962). Young Man Luther: A Study in Psychoanalysis and History.  New York: NY, USA: Norton Library, pp. 67-68 seq.). Numerous studies, both clinical and historical, show that bullying is linked to family violence, which explains Martin Luther’s verbal and written assaults on both the Jews of Germany but on the peasants in rebellion in his Wider die räuberischen und mörderischen Rotten der Bauern (1525), but the writings of those who take to cyber bullying and physical bullying as with the two students who were bullied into killing their bullies before committing suicide in 1999 at Columbine High School.

Eric Harris (left) and Dylan Klebold (right)

More than two-thirds of the academically brilliant students are bullied. More than one-third harbor thoughts of violent revenge; about half will enact or act out their scenarios for revenge.  The was the case with two senior students, Eric David Harris (April 9, 1981 – April 20, 1999) and Dylan Bennet Klebold (September 11, 1981 – April 20, 1999), who decided to hunt down their bullies and taking charge of their own lives.  On April 20, 1999, the two youths killed  thirteen classmates and wounded another twenty-four at Columbine High School in Colorado.  Harris and Klebold were among the most gifted—and the most bullied—at Columbine. Peer rejection, ridicule, and bullying—all of which create a lifelong tendency to depression—was a daily experience for Harris and Klebold that would erupt like a smoldering volcano.

Harris and Klebold shot their tormenters, giving expression to their growing hatred of being targeted by others who had nothing but scorn for them. Harris kept a log of the troubles he faced, and wrote about his growing hatred for the school and society, and began to pen death threats against those who bullied him, including calling both young men homosexuals (which several students said was wrong, as neither use was gay; in fact in the reports left by Harris and Klebold, the two acknowledged they called others “fags”: this is popularly known as “pecking order” psychology, first discussed in 1921 as Hackordnung by Thorleif Schjelderup-Ebbe in Zeitschrift fuer Psychologie, 1922, 88:225-252, and in teenagers, it is commonly linked to bullying (read here and here);  the two felt left out and had, over a year plotted revenge), while the athletes at the school taunted them as not being “men” who were involved in other “manly actions” and were accosted for dressing “differently” (Goldberg, Carey. “For Those Who Dress Differently, an Increase in Being Viewed as Abnormal.” New York Times. May 1, 1999) being known as the “Trenchcoat Mafia”. 

No one at Columbine took notice or action to intervene; even the families of the two youth and their victims remained silent save for one mother who was ignored. It remains the scenario for today’s talented and today’s bullies—the bullies who write on Facebook and on bathroom walls for their victims to commit suicide as the victims now speak openly of killing classmates, teachers, deans, preachers, pastors, priests and parents who bully them.  It is an epidemic—one that no religion can halt nor erase (Kim YS, Leventhal B; Leventhal (2008). “Bullying and suicide. A review”. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health 20 (2): 133–54). The solution is tolerance, acceptance of differences including multiculturalism that the Norwegian Christian terrorist Anders Behring Breveik rejected, and giving space and attention to those who appear troubled. Conformity is not essential for a fluid and dynamic society.  People commit suicide when there is no tangible, immediately ascertainable hope—religion cannot fill that void.  People fill the void as people are real and tangible.


Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani of Lima, Peru

(1) “No abortion!” is the maniacal mantra chanted by one of the most ignorant and cruel bullies in South America: Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne cardinal presbyter of St. Camillus de Lellis (the first Peruvian cardinal from the clandestine and dangerous Opus Dei movement), who is supported by two other Peruvian Opus Dei bishops and the collective college of bishops of Peru.  Although Cipriani has been under prolonged investigation for the murder the liberal Jesuit and his predecessor, Monsignor Augusto cardinal Vargas Alzamora (1922-2000), the majority of the clergy in Peru rallied behind him because of his position in the church in Peru.  Vargas Alzamora—a stern and stalwart critic of Fujimori—was poisoned after suffering a “long illness” following his mandatory retirement when Cipriani was installed in his place. 

Cardinal Augusto Vargas Alzamora

While Vargas Alzmora was more liberal that his successor, he was no liberal, but declared that there was room to co-exist with the guerrilla faction that was attempting a take over of the government, insisting that the Roman Catholic Church sought justice and peace but not at the point of a gun—and that the Church would always align itself on the side of the poor—the exact opposite view expressed by Cipriani who supported the dictatorship of Fujimori.  Vargas Alzamora established his own social welfare structure, known as Fe y Alegria (Faith and Happiness) and for a long time as the primate of Peru, took young people who wanted to develop their spiritual life to see the overwhelming poverty of the shanty towns on the outskirts of Lima so that his students could see exactly what social injustice means. On the other hand, Cipriani only stands with the wealthy and powerful;

Peru politics and church interference

he condemns women who seek equal rights, self-determination and choice, denounces students who demand greater freedom in the church, and rejects the spirit of democracy, fitting Peru to meet the identification of Cardinal Josef Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) that follows Nazi unofficial ideology of Kinder, Küche, Kirche (it was actually defined by Kaiser Wilhelm II (Depew, Chauncey Mitchell and Champlin, John Denison Champlin (1910). Orations, addresses and speeches of Chauncey M. Depew. New York, NY, USA: privately printed (8 vols), p. 260), but taken over by the Nazis and instilled in the Nazi Wahrmacht of which Ratzinger was a part until he deserted and became a temporary prisoner of war in 1945). 

Cipriani is widely unloved and denounced by clergy and faithful as returning the church to its ignominious days of the Inquisition. When Cipriani’s elevation was announced, it was publicly denounced, and when an open-air Mass was held in celebration, it had few who attended, with the exception of the militantly conservative New Catechumenate movement and fraternity dedicated to the Lord of the Miracles. Cipriani denounced anyone who questioned his word or interpretation of anything as traitors.  The Peruvian Conference of Bishops condemned the protesters’ “disrespectful behavior” as an “anti-witness” and declared that Pope John Paul II’s decision to include Cipriani in the newest group of cardinals “must be respected and accepted by the faithful. Therefore, no offense against [Cipriani] is justified, let alone during a sacred celebration.” This cost the Peruvian Conference of Bishops popular support, especially among students who saw it as a return to the Dark Ages, leading many to abandon the Roman Catholic faith, and the bullying of its priests and bishops.

While Vargas Alzamora had worked as a member of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, and helped with the official re-evaluation of Liberation Theology acknowledging the right of the poor for political and social freedom, the work was rapidly undone by Cardinal Josef Ratzinger who saw in it too much of Marxism.  This delighted the small minority of Spanish-Peruvians who celebrated their enrichment at the expense of the poor—and quickly swung to the one-time professor of agriculture Alberto Fujimori—whom Cipriani championed.

Vargas Alzamora rejected Fujimori.  When the Japanese born president declared that he had won a second term (technically, by the Constitution that Fujimori suspended, he could not be president since he was not Peru born), Augusto Vargas Alzamora declared the second “re-election” illegal. From that day forward, many knew it was a matter of time before Vargas Alzamora would be “replaced.”  Those who supported him were openly bullied: students, parents, clergy, other Peru bishops, leading many to seek his death.

There is debate if the assassination was at the hands of Fujimori’s now-jailed spy chief, Vladimiro Montesinos who had Los Barrios residents and students from various universities murdered on the orders of Fujimori who was encouraged by his daughter, the current Congresista Keiko Fujimori who (at age 18) replaced her mother as First Lady and tried to cover up her father’s physical assaults on his wife; or if Cipriani did or had an aid do the actual murder. Former Justice Minister Fernando Olivera traveled to the Vatican in 2001 with letters purporting to show Cipriani sought the “elimination and incineration” of videotapes linking him to Montesinos after the church took money from the spy chief and requested an additional $120,000 “donation”; read:, the article is a reprint from the 2004 publication in The Wall Street Journal and various other publications; the accusers of the nefarious prelate include two other Perú bishops; the Vatican later declared the letters to be fake since they cast aspersions on a cardinal within the church). 

Cipriani’s crepitating actions match the barbaric “Right to Life” movement in the USA, which is identical to that of Nazi Germany, that demonstrates in front of schools and clinics using Photoshopped images of aborted “fetuses” and warning women that they will “go to hell” if the women “abort your child [sic]”, and their spiritual ancestor: Adolf Hitler who prohibited “Nordic stock” German women from obtaining an abortion (while forcing abortions on Jewish women without their consent).  This was a common occurrence under Dictator Alberto Fujimori in Perú who had more than 200,000 mountain women forcibly sterilized in his crusade to cut down poverty. 

Fujimori saw the “mountain women” as ignorant women who were not adding to his wealth or the fascist state he had created after suspending the Perú Constitution and ordering the mass execution of dissenters: La Cantuta: the National University “Enrique Guzmán y Valle”, July 18, 1992, pulling students and teachers out of the classroom; two years later a corrupt military court sentenced ten of Fujimori’s special assassins to prison terms from one to twenty years, ignoring evidence provided by generals that Vladimir Montesinos, Alberto and Keiko Fujimori’s closest friend and various military generals were the primary parties responsible. On June 14, 1995, one year after the bankrupt trial had ruled obediently to the presidential bully, Fujimori’s congress approved a law (many claim that Keiko Fujimori was the author of the legislation) granting amnesty to military, police and civil officials involved in human rights violations committed from 1980 through that date; those sentenced for the Cantuta massacre were freed; later Cardinal Cipriani was ordered to testify about what he knew, as many saw him as a conspirator eager to dispatch all students who he considered to be leftists or even terrorists.  This was but a copy of the La Rochela Massacre in January 1989, where paramilitary groups were organized to “persuade” [bully] anyone who opposed them, including children and students.

(2) Brown, Dan (2004). The Da Vinci Code (New York, NY, USA: Doubleday) is correct in the assessment and pictorialization of Opus Dei.  Followers (numeraries) do self-flagellate their flesh/skin; wear a spiked chain (known as a cilice) around the thighs for at least two hours, and kiss the floor saying “Serviam” (Latin for “I will serve).  The majority of Opus Dei bishops and cardinals come from South America and Spain, but there are four in the USA who demand unwavering loyalty to themselves and their “calling” to refute “liberalism” and bring “strayed Catholics” and Protestants back to a conservative church that hails the Spanish Inquisition as a glorious past in Roman Catholic history–complete with the millions of murders the sacerdotal clergy committed “in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord.”  The members take cold showers and sleep either on a board or on the floor in memory of the misery Jacob and Jesus is alleged to have experienced–without a pillow (cp. Genesis 28:10-19a, Matthew 8:20, which is even incorporated/plagiarized in Islamic theology).  They attend Mass daily, hear lectures on selflessness, and strictly segregate the sexes. 

Opus Dei rejects Vatican II as it gave recognition to individual consciences and ideals and did not place much authority on the magisterium of the church. This was apostasy to the founder of Opus Dei and to such renegade popes as John Paul II and Benedict XVI who are strong admirers of Josemaria Escriva, whom John Paul II, over the objection of many in the Roman Catholic church denounced as a fraud and imposter, raised to “sainthood”–most of Escriva’s opponents reject that title and imposition by a pope many believe was already senile. 

Father John McCloskey, a prominent member in Washington, has attacked the “liberal establishment” in the USA.  McCloskey has won the support of one-time US Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), as pose seek a theocracy to replace democracy.  McCloskey urges the creation of schools to teach Latin and Greek, devotion to the Mass and strict obedience to the bishops, but also demands solid educational training (minus theories such as evolution and human rights) so that the future generations can be similar to Escriva.

Opus Dei $75 million headquarters (New York City)

Opus Dei has no respect for labor, and in France forced workers to toil for free. Girls as young as fourteen have been forced to work from seven in the morning until ten at night, seven days a week–and when given a paycheck are forced to endorse it and turn it over to Opus Dei.  Corporal mortification of workers is applauded, and the organization notes that Mother Theresa of Calcutta and John Paul II practiced their concept of corporal pain and hunger, winning the support of Benedict XVI who is considered a closeted member of the group.  To “fan out across the world”, Opus Dei raised from middle-income to wealthy Roman Catholics in every walk of life (US Senators, British Members of Parliament, sports figures, entrepreneurs on every continent, entertainment figures, and so forth) over $75 million to build its headquarters in New York City, USA.  It is tightly attached to powerful bishops in the USA and throughout South America, finding support especially among the hierarchy of Peru, led by Cipriani of Lima, and Darío Castrillón Hoyos, of Columbia.  Its stated goal is to take over the world and

Opus Dei central headquarters Rome

force everyone to be Roman Catholic–Opus Dei’s idea of what Christianity must be: from the end of human and civil rights, the glorification of the male head of the household, strict obedience of children, rejection of bullying charges against priests and nuns, and the silencing of complaints and lawsuits against clerical pedophiles in the Church, in the same way as John Paul II ignored the issue and worked against those who levied charges, and Ratzinger (Benedict XVI who is openly called the Inquisitor General of the 21st century) has been especially effective in silencing dissent.


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Pat Robertson: God is Hate–but loves Michele Bachmann

Pat Robertson's House in Virginia

Pat Robertson speaks directly with, and to, God.   The two are equals.  God creates wealth.  Robertson, like Jesus, saves.

Evangelist Bradlee Dean (did he read Lev. 19:28?)

Robertson demands that his personal friend tell him what “He” will tell no one else: what is going to happen in the future.  Robertson’s god is close and uses the televangelist to reveal the deity’s designs for doom and Armageddon.  Pat’s pal is closer to him than “He” is with “His” self-proclaimed Minnesota prophet: Bradlee Dean (who, obviously, never read Leviticus 19:28:  וְשֶׂרֶט לָנֶפֶשׁ* לֹא תִתְּנוּ בִּבְשַׂרְכֶם וּכְתֹבֶת קַעֲקַע לֹא תִתְּנוּ בָּכֶם אֲנִי יְהוָה׃) who is as poorly trained and ill-educated as Pastor Rodolfo Gonzalez Ruiz who uses his pulpit to enhance his own temporal wealth by enigmatically discombobulating evangelical extremists in Latin and South America who only knows his own language and none of those that formed what would become the Bible (he was denounced for corruption by his own son:

Pentecostal Pastor Rodolfo Gonzales Ruiz of Perú

Una historia de malversación de dinero se repite, hace tres meses fue  denunciado el líder de la secta “Pare de Sufrir”, a quien se le acusó de beneficiarse  económicamente de los ingresos de su iglesia. Esta vez le tocó al pastor Rodolfo González Cruz, líder de la Iglesia  Cristiana Pentecostal Movimiento Misionero Mundial INC, en Perú.

Fernando Moreno, ex vicepresidente del movimiento por varios años y a la vez yerno, es quien lo acusa a González, de poseer muchos bienes de la organización a su nombre y tal vez por haber sido expulsado Moreno decidió denunciar a su suegro.

Según Moreno, González, inscribió astutamente en 1992 más de 176 propiedades que el movimiento acumuló en el Perú bajo una nueva razón social que se llama “Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal Movimiento Misionero Mundial del Perú”, en la que figura González, como presidente y dueño absoluto (en lugar de la institución real: Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostés Movimiento Misionero Mundial INC), registrada en Washington D.C. cuyas oficinas principales radican en Puerto Rico.

La fundación Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostés Movimiento Misionero Mundial INC, tiene 2.300 iglesias en el Perú y alrededor 80 mil fieles. González, es propietario del canal 45 que se emite en señal abierta, a unos 50 canales en provincia, de 40 emisoras en todo el país. Posee 13 colegios.

(read: from El Comercio at  For example: Tuesday, January 2, 2008, god told Robertson that a terrorist attack on this country would cause “mass killing” later in the year. “I’m not necessarily saying it’s going to be nuclear,” Robertson revealed to his eager listeners, as “The Lord didn’t say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that.”  Pat paused.  Then he intoned: “The Lord” never gives full details.

Pat’s god speaks to Robertson much like a drunken sailor: in parables, asides, and latent images that hint at things that might happen. Pat’s god also told the wealthy preacher (net worth is speculated to be over $1 billion) that major cities and possibly millions of people would be affected by the attack, which should have taken place sometime before the end of Obama’s first year in office (read:

Dede and Pat Robertson

To Robertson, god is a pathetic, evil-minded pornographic-loving violator of women and children and the elderly in a constant hunger to see slaughter, war, pestilence, famine and a few jolly tortures—much like the god of the Old Testament.  God, in the strictest of confidence, but with the most poignant admonition to Robertson ordered the preacher to “go forth into the world and spread the news” of the celestial Tyrant who delights in tragedy.  While many consider such a profession of faith to show one’s election to sit among the chosen ones among the choirs of angels, to a psychologist (such as his wife, Dede) this is a sign of dementia (consider the video and comments at; cp. Ide, Arthur Frederick (1987). Robertson! The Pulpit and the Power: Plotting, planning, pretending—Pat’s putsche for the presidency. Austin, TX: AAP, chapter 1 and footnotes).  

Harold Camping and his Bible predicting the End of Days

Pat cannot be stopped.  He will not be silenced.  His predictions are yearly and sometimes daily.  In many ways he imitates the Gates of Heaven’s founder, as well as the radio star Harold Camping who predicted that the world would end on May 21, 2011.

Robertson predicted that Russia would invade Israel in 1982.  It did not happen.  The multimillionaire minister projected a worldwide economic collapse in 1985.  It did not happen.  And the televangelist tantalized his cult followers by predicting that US Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) would be elected president in 1996.  ( [from the Associated Baptist Press; Robertson is a Baptist]).   Bill Clinton was elected President of the USA.

Pride flag flying over Orlando, FL

In 1998, Robertson warned Orlando, Florida, it was to feel the wrath of God.  God would never forgive the city–nor Disney World–for offending the terrible deity.  All were to be punished by god who would strike the city with hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.  Robertson’s warning, his angry announcement of the vengeance that his god would wrack upon the popular tourist attraction and on the homes of its citizens came after Orlando, Florida, city officials voted in 1998 to fly rainbow flags from city lampposts during the annual Gay Days event at Disney World.  Speaking for his god, Robertson issued the city this deprecation denouncing their tolerance of the LGBT community: “I don’t think I’d be waving those flags in God’s face if I were you. … [A] condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It’ll bring about terrorist bombs, it’ll bring earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor” (full text is at:

On September 11, 2001, Robertson justified the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the USA.  He pontifically predicated:

World Trade Center on the front page of New York Times

“We have allowed rampant pornography on the Internet, and rampant secularism and the occult, etc. to be broadcast on television. We have permitted somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40 million unborn babies to be slaughtered by our society.

“We have a court that has essentially stuck its finger in God’s eye and said, “We are going to legislate You out of the schools and take Your commandments from the courthouses in various states. We are not going to let little children read the commandments of God. We are not going to allow the Bible or prayer in our schools.”

“We have insulted God at the highest level of our government. Then, we say, “Why does this happen?” It is happening because God Almighty is lifting His protection from us. Once that protection is gone, we are vulnerable because we are a free society” (Full account is at

US Supreme Court Justices (2003)

In July 2003, Robertson came close to calling for the assassination of US Supreme Court Justices, but backed off, urging the 700 Club audience to pray for God to remove three justices from the Supreme Court so they could be replaced by conservatives. “We ask for miracles in regard to the Supreme Court,” Robertson said as he launched a 21-day “prayer offensive” directed at the Supreme Court. Robertson is quoted in a letter on the CBN website that the court “has opened the door to homosexual marriage, bigamy, legalized prostitution and even incest;” None of which had occurred or even is before the current conservative justices. The same letter targeted three justices in particular: “One justice is 83-years-old, another has cancer and another has a heart condition. Would it not be possible for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire?” (; and, and for a totally different rejoinder from archconservative anti-gay Ralph Reed (who many claim is gay and have seen him attend homosexual functions and bars which brought out the far-right in denunciation at, see the video at  

In 2004, Robertson predicted that George W. Bush would win a second term “by a blow out”  (Read: Bush won with 51% of the vote, many votes, especially in Ohio, still are contested.

Hugo Chavez meets with Jewish leader Rabbi Isaac Cohen

In August 2005, Pat Robertson demanded that the USA assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez: “We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability. We don’t need another $200 billion war to get rid of one, you know, strong-arm dictator. It’s a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with.” He noted, “You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war … and I don’t think any oil shipments will stop” (

Plaintiff Tammy Kitzmiller, seen with fellow plaintiff Steve Stough, is the Kitzmiller in the Dover ID case caption, ‘Kitzmiller v. Dover.’ successfully suing that Intelligent Design is a religion and not science.

Dover (PA) Area High School rejected ID (creationism)

In November 2005, Robertson turned bitterly against the citizens of Dover, PA, barking that since the of the people of Dover had rejected God by voting their school board out of office for supporting “Intelligent Design”, “I’d like to say to the good citizens of Dover: if there is a disaster in your area, don’t turn to God, you just rejected Him from your city… And don’t wonder why He hasn’t helped you when problems begin, if they begin. I’m not saying they will, but if they do, just remember, you just voted God out of your city. And if that’s the case, don’t ask for His help because he might not be there” as Robertson’s god is not only intolerant but will maintain hatred for those who defy him or his prophets ( and read:

In May, 2006, Robertson said God told him that storms and possibly a tsunami were to crash into America’s coastline. Even though the U.S. was not hit with a tsunami, Robertson on Tuesday cited last spring’s heavy rains and flooding in New England as partly fulfilling the prediction.

Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush

On the January 5, 2006, edition of Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) The 700 Club, host Pat Robertson suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s recent stroke was the result of Sharon’s policy, which he claimed was “dividing God’s land.”  Robertson, like many biblical fundamentalists, refuse to read or reject that the land the Apiru (or Hapiru: Hebrews from India although some claim they came out of Egypt, while others argue that they evolved out of ancient Canaanites {}) claimed as their homeland (Cana: כנען) was stolen from the Canaanites (which

KAnaan in 13th century BCE Egyptian hieroglyphs

had been conquered by Seti I of Egypt in 1290 BCE; cf. Redford, Donald B. (1993) Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press;  cp. Schweid, Eliezer (1985) The Land of Israel: National Home Or Land of Destiny, translated by Deborah Greniman; Fairleigh Dickinson University Press) whom the ancient Jews murdered in cold blood (Numbers 34:2, with Job 40:30, and Proverbs 31:24 used to describe a group of merchants; the slaughter is detailed in Nevi’im Rishonim [נביאים ראשונים] The Former Prophets: Joshua, Judges, 1st & 2nd Samuel, 1st & 2nd Kings that includes the myth of Moses making the Hebrews into a nation; cp. Silberman, Lou H. (1971-1991) The Making of the Old Testament Canon. in The Interpreter’s One-Volume Commentary on the Bible.  Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 1971-1991, p. 1209).  Robertson admonished: “I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the EU [European Union], the United Nations, or United States of America.” Although Robertson professed that “Sharon was personally a very likeable person,” he nonetheless declared that “God has enmity against those who, quote, ‘divide my land’ ” (  

In January 2009, the televangelist predicted that there would be a terrorist attack on the US causing death and destruction equivalent to that of a nuclear war sometime before the end of the year—the same as he did in 2007 (,2933,240841,00.html and and 2008—which would bring about a major recession (

Earthquake in Haiti 2010

In January 2010, Robertson argued nationwide that the devastating earthquake in Haiti results from a “pact with the devil” made by the people of Haiti in the early 19th Century just prior to their revolt against the French.  (See the video at  In this, Robertson was following the advice and publications of Martin Luther, the spiritual father of Adolf Hitler, who wrote and declared from the pulpit that no subject ever had the right to revolt against his or her lord or ruler (see: Martin Luther, Wider die räuberischen und mörderischen Rotten der andern Bauern : On Rebellion Against Rulers, chapter 19; a translation into English is at What is unique about Luther and Robertson, is the only person who incited the Christian Peasants to violence in 1524 was Luther himself who did so in a 1522 pamphlet entitled Against the Spiritual Estate of the Pope and the Bishops Falsely So-Called (4 July 1522), writing:

It would be better to kill all bishops and to annihilate all religious foundations and monasteries than to let a single soul perish, not to mention losing all souls for the sake of these useless dummies and idols. What good are they, except to live in lust from the sweat and labor of others and to impede the word of God? They are afraid of physical rebellion and do not care about spiritual destruction. Are they not intelligent, honest people! If they accepted God’s word and sought the life of the soul, God would be with them, since he is a God of peace. Then there would be no fear of rebellion. But if they refuse to hear what could be better for them than to encounter a strong rebellion which exterminates them from the world God’s word and rather rage and rave with banning, burning, killing, and all evil, ? One could only laugh if it did happen, as the divine wisdom says, Proverbs 1[:25-27], “You have hated my punishment and misused my teaching; therefore I will laugh at your calamity and I will mock you when disaster strikes you.”

Not God’s word but stubborn disobedience [to God’s word] creates rebellion. Whoever rebels against it shall get his due reward. Whoever accepts God’s word does not start unrest, although he is no longer afraid of the masks and does not worship the dummies…

(Luther, Martin (1522). Werks vol. 39).  Like Luther, Robertson used scripture to justify what he wanted people to believe, even when he used it out of context–but then Hitler was known to do the same thing as would contemporary politicians around the world.

Religious Tolerance in USA (2011)

On January 4, 2010, on “The 700 Club,” Robertson predicted on air during his 700 Club broadcast that there would be troubled times for the USA in 2010, saying that the USA was “under the wrath” of his god, yet Muslims would ease the wrath as Robertson also said Islam “is losing its grip” [sic] on adherents around the world, leaving nominal Muslims open to accepting Christ. “The violence and bloodshed has turned many against this religion of hate,” Robertson said. “And the Lord said: ‘Expand your outreach to Muslims. They are ready to listen'” (

In 2011, Robertson went full tilt (watch:  The USA was doomed but not his Regents University (originally known as CBN [Christian Broadcast Network] University that was established with funding from beer moguls Joseph Coors, Sr. and The Coors Foundation and has long been a center for hate indoctrination, best seen in the speeches of Michele and Marcus Bachmann of Minnesota) nor his daily soap opera The 700 Club, for whom it will be a prosperous time”, claiming that his god told him personally: “Your country is in grave peril. The leaders have harkened to the demands of interest groups, and have led your nation into bankruptcy. In two years will come a time of reckoning” (; cf.   Then Robertson’s god concluded with a special note: that he shared Robertson’s politics.  According to Robertson, his god told him:

“I will protect My people, [2 Corinthians 6:16]” but He says, “Warn them now about what is coming—tell them to get out of debt and restrict purchases NOW.” Because you know, if you own your house and you have whatever you have and there’s no debt against it, you get to keep it regardless of what happens. But if you have debt against it, you lose.

Well the Lord said, “My glory will shine throughout the earth. Everywhere men will be seeking solutions to their problems. Many will turn to Me, many will curse and revile Me. There’s going to be a division coming up,”—it already is, but it’ll be worse. “It will not be a time of happiness. Bitter recriminations, revolutions, increasing turmoil. In the midst of that, CBN will prosper, Regent will prosper, the ACLJ will be needed as never before.”

(Read:; the transcript is at 

After the New York State Legislature voted to legalize same-sex marriages, Robertson dourly predicted Judgment Day was at hand:

“I think we need to remember the term sodomy came from a town known as Sodom and Sodom was destroyed by God Almighty and the thing that they practiced was homosexual activity and even they tried to rape angels who came down there, so that’s the kind of people they were,” Robertson said. God “sent an angel down there and He said to Lot and his family, ‘get out now because I’m gonna destroy this whole area.’”

“We’re heading that way as a nation. In history there’s never been a civilization ever in history that has embraced homosexuality and turned away from traditional fidelity, traditional marriage, traditional child-rearing, and has survived. There isn’t one single civilization that has survived that openly embraced homosexuality. So you say, ‘what’s going to happen to America?” Well if history is any guide, the same thing’s going to happen to us,’” he predicted.

Robertson also admitted that Jesus “didn’t say anything about the homosexuality.”


The tragedy of the televangelist’s outburst is it showed the world Robertson’s lack of education, non-existent knowledge of language or word meaning, and exposed his ignorance.  The word “homosexual” appears no where in either the Jewish nor Christian Bibles, nor in Islam’s Koran (it does not even invented before the end of the nineteenth century).  Not only does the bible reject the contemporary fundamentalist interpretation of the City of Sodom being destroyed because of gay marriage or same-sex sexuality (Ezekiel 16:49), it clearly states that the sin in Sodom was Lot’s incest with his two daughters, making both pregnant (Genesis 19:33 f).  His translation skills do not exist (he barely has a command of the English language) but his interpretation skills are a fantasy.  This necessitates that educators start teaching language not only as a tool of communication, but one that can lead to legitimate, unbiased and correct word meaning and cogent interpretation.  Bad translations and interpretations from one language to another has long been the culprit leading to wars, pogrom, and holocausts.  Robertson is just making it worse by decrying that which he has little (or no) knowledge (ref, which helps to explain why education, everywhere, is dying, and what needs to be done; cp. and what must happen is that teachers tell students to stop using Google (and other similar electronic/computer) translators, which are inefficent and frequently 100% wrong:

What is the most interesting facet about Robertson is his unusual love of money: his net worth is estimated to be between $200-million and $1-billion (  Not only does he invest heavily in the USA (see his home in Virginia), but was from the beginning a

Charles Taylor (1990) after claiming to convert to Judaism.

business partner specializing in the theft of diamonds and gold from Liberia with the full knowledge and support of Liberia’s dictator President Charles Taylor who seized power in a violent coup in 1996, and became president after an election, widely considered tainted, held the following year.  Robertson demanded that George W. Bush leave the dictator alone so as not to spoil his business interests in the war-ravished African nation; however, how sincere a friend or Christian Taylor is/was is unknown, as in 1990, before Charles Taylor became dictator over Liberia, he was a rebel leader (shown in the photograph heading toward the capital of Monrovia) and claimed that he had embraced Judaism (according to his wife Victoria)–a conversion that was not welcomed nor well-received by any Jew in Liberia nor in Israel who acknowledged that they already had enough “bad” Jews, that they did not need more. 

Charles Taylor of Liberia

Conversion for Taylor was similar in extent and sincerity as it was for ancient Emperors or Reformation kings.  As Henri IV (1553-1610), the leader of the French Huguenots (a member of the Reformed or Calvinistic communion of France in the 16th and 17th centuries) said: “Paris vaut bien une messe” (Paris is well worth a mass) when he converted to Roman Catholicism to become king (there is debate about the authenticity of the statement; G. de Berthier de Savigny in his Histoire de France (1977 p.167) claims that the Calvinists in revenge attributed the phrase to him).  On Charles Taylor, read more: and with Robertson referring to Taylor as a Christian, a good Baptist, and a friend (  Charles Taylor stood trial for his war crimes that included rape, murder, using child soldiers, and genocide ( with his alignment to Pat Robertson and Michele Bachmann made public.  The trial lasted three years, but a retrial required because of a technicality (

The rest of his sons were ultimately charged for crimes, and like Charles McArthur Emmanuel Taylor (born 1977, and lived in Florida until he was 17 when he returned to Liberia to become the commander of the infamously violent Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU), commonly known in Liberia as the “Demon Forces”), laughed when they saw their country people tortured. The dictator’s wife ultimately divorced Charles while reflecting on Pat Robertson’s praise for her husband as “a good Baptist” and their ties she no longer wanted. Robertson had failed her family. Her dictator husband, like the Virginia televangelist, had numerous mistresses and affairs, and like Pat Robertson, Charles Taylor’s “indiscretions” led to the birth of at least one recognized bastard: Charles McArthur Emmanuel Taylor.  The child was born to a New York college girlfriend he had met at Bentley College in Boston where he was an economics student: Bernice Emmanuel.  Bernice later married and legally changed Charles McArthur’s name to Roy Belfast, Jr, the name of her husband. 

Charles McArthur Emmanuel Taylor

Charles Emmanuel (as he became known) had his first brush with the law in Florida in 1990.  He was charged with auto theft, according to court records. In 1993, court records show, he was arrested on six counts, including aggravated assault, retail theft and grand larceny. The most serious charge came in 1994, when sheriff’s deputies said he and two friends tried to rob a young man on a west Orlando street. When confronted by the victim’s father, Emmanuel pulled out a .38-caliber handgun and pointed it at his head, according to a sheriff’s report.

When the court psychiatrist noted that Charles Emmanuel had serious anger management problems, the troubled youth fled to Liberia.  Chuckie, as he was known, joined his father in Liberia once he assumed the Presidency in 1997. From the moment he stepped off the plane he spent his time in prayer and preying on the poor, raping young girls, and beating elderly people.  He moved to Trinidad when his father was overthrown, and then attempted to return to Miami.  In Miami he was arrested for carrying a fake passport.  A short time later Charles McArthur Emmanuel Taylor was accused of helping his father during the 14-year civil war that left more than 200,000 dead.

Charles Emmanuel has been incarcerated in a Miami prison since 2007, being convicted of beating people to death, burying them alive, rape and ordering his forces to coerce prisoners into engaging in sexual acts while Emmanuel laughed and read the bible that Pat Robertson sent to him ( and

Human rights groups say the American-born and raised son has followed in his father’s footsteps, allegedly employing child soldiers, torturing victims and cutting off the arms and legs of men, women and children.  Chuckie was ultimately sentenced to 97 years in a USA prison for his role in the human slaughter (

Lt. Col. Oliver North

Taylor was not the only international criminal or dictator that Robertson regularly did business with in Africa (and later helped the Nicaraguan Contras with the USA traitor Colonel Oliver North to rob their homeland and with illegally funneled money by the Reagan Administration who broke every USA law in regards to overthrowing governments, supplying armaments to terrorists, etc (read:,  attempted to overthrow the legally elected government).  He founded Operation Blessing, a charity that allowed its planes and pilots to be used to shuttle gold-mining equipment around Zaire for another Robertson enterprise, African Development Company (ADC).  As with Taylor and Liberia, ADC was a diamond-mining

Mobutu Sese Seko Dictator of Zaire and business partner with Pat Robertson

operation. Robertson had more than a mild interest in ADC as Robertson was ADC’s founder and sole stockholder, and he had a close working relationship with Zaire’s brutal dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko.

While Mobutu was embezzling $6-billion from his nation’s coffers, Robertson established a huge farming operation outside Zaire’s capitol city, and he was granted extensive lumber and mining permissions along the upper Zaire River. Robertson socialized with Mobutu on the dictator’s yacht, and publicly referred to him as America’s ally in the war on communism. The US State Department charged that Mobutu’s regime had committed massive violations of human rights including torture, murder, censorship, and religious persecution.  Later, when Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota Congresswoman running for the Tea Party and GOP endorsement to become President of the USA in 2012, was found to be closely associated with Frank Vennes—a convicted money launderer and narcotics dealer, along with his colleagues Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) and Tom Petters ( who channeled tens of thousands of dollars into Bachmann’s political war chest (— Robertson advised her to “pray” over the matter as the people would forget if she prayed with them, preying on their goodness of heart and short memories.

Much of what Robertson has shoveled into his bank accounts comes from tithing that he styles as an “irreducible minimum”. Tithing, however, does not mean only the Biblical 10%–but Robertson refined/redacted the biblical account by demanding that followers of his cult engage in anticipatory tithing: defined asthe income that you anticipate receiving, and tithe as if you already had it.” 

Jerry Falwell leader of the Moral Majority in the USA

It was the same Ponzi scheme as worked by Jerry Falwell who told his congregations that they were not saved until they gave until it hurt. Falwell was one of the most nefarious preachers in USA history; from his pulpit Falwell supported South African apartheid, and opposed Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. Days after the September 11, 2001 attacks on America, fellow evangelist Jerry Falwell was a guest on Robertson’s 700 Club.  When Falwell said the attacks were triggered by “pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the ACLU and the People for the American Way”, Robertson agreed wholeheartedly.  The gods of Robertson and Falwell rejoice in human suffering and pain.  Both satellite predatory preachers publicly remained silent about 2 Corinthians 9:7: Let each man give according as he has determined in his heart….  εκαστος καθως προαιρειται τη καρδια μη εκ λυπης η εξ αναγκης ιλαρον γαρ δοτην αγαπα ο θεος (Compare with Exodus 25:2: דַּבֵּר אֶל־בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל וְיִקְחוּ־לִי תְּרוּמָה מֵאֵת כָּל־אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר יִדְּבֶנּוּ לִבֹּו תִּקְחוּ אֶת־תְּרוּמָתִי׃ )

Robertson is firmly against homosexual marriages.  However, he did not marry because he loved the woman (Dede, full name is Adelia Elmer, a registered psychiatric nurse who stated in the first edition of Shout it From the Housetops that her husband was more than fanatical, but mentally unbalanced; ibid., pp. 27-28) who would become his wife—ten weeks before his first son was born.  Robertson married because he had premarital sex—and got her pregnant—and mourned that his “swinging days” were over as he was a rake at a very early age (Robertson, Pat [Marion G.] (1972) with Jamie Buckingham, Shout it From the Housetops (Plainfield, NJ: Logos International), p. 21, cf. p. 13), which upset his very wealthy parents (see: Ide, Arthur Frederick (1987). Robertson! The Pulpit and the Power: Plotting, planning, pretending—Pat’s putsche for the presidency. Austin, TX: AAP, pp. 4 sq.) Pat’s father (US Senator A. Willis

US Senator Absalom Willis Robertson (father of Pat Robertson) who married his cousin

Robertson who married his cousin Gladys Churchill Willis in 1920; the Senator was a confirmed racist and a staunch supporter of Jim Crow laws and for his outspoken criticism of the US Supreme Court’s Brown v Board of Education decision, ending segregated schools. Furious at the Democratic Party’s attention to civil rights, Sen. Robertson was one of the architects of the Republican Party’s “Southern Strategy” of using racism to win votes in Southern states) took Pat, Dede and their babies off of his filed income tax in 1957, claiming them all as dependents.  He never denied being a member of the Ku Klux Klan, nor of having burned crosses outside of Black churches, as he argued that Black churches did not have the same rights as those for Caucasians since Black people had been condemned and damned by his god when Noe’s (Noah) son, Ham saw him naked and laughed about his father laying drunk on new wine on the ground (Genesis 9:21-27; there is no reference to Ham’s skin turning black, only that he had a “dark curse” [cast out of the presence of his father] and it represents more of the Oedipus story than it indicates racial overtones; see my book Noah and the Ark.  The word “Ham” means “dark”–not black and refers to heat; the curse was put on all Canaanites including Palestinians, Phoenicians, and Carthageans and all others the Jews would conquer–the condemnation being created to justify the holocaust of other people. The Black race is not even mentioned before 1460, but was widely used throughout the Reformation period and the early days of the USA, leading to Jim Crow laws and atrocities not sanctioned anywhere. Slavery of any captive was permitted throughout the days of biblical Israel, and was continued based on bad translations as many people voluntarily became slaves (or sold their children into slavery) to get out of debt, which began as early as the Code of Hammurabi {Leviticus 25:44-46; Exodus 21:7-11, etc}).  Absalom Willis Robertson had no theological training, but his thoughts on the sins of Ham and the separation of the races was common when he was a US Senator.  This “sin” was used by Christians for hundreds of years to justify slavery and the abuse of Black people.  Yet this is still the argument of many politicians such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and their supporters: the Tea Party and GOP.


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Education in Perú, USA, the world, and why it is getting worse–and what can be done to change it

Today’s educational standards are being diminished because of a lack of interest in teaching by teachers, their discontinuing educational advancement and taking extra courses, and by their dwindling reserves as state legislatures attack their salary base.  Students are equally apathic to contemporary education with the resurgance of religious intolerance, blindness and ignorance based on private interpretations without the keys to legitimate understanding and base bibliolatry instead of a genuine conduct of inquiry transversing to discovering, determining and detailing reality. 

The disinterest in education and the quest of knowledge is not just in states or nations chained to taut theological immovable ideologies, but is also found in secular states where beer, sex, and drugs are considered more important and used more often than one finds a book being opened, read and discussed or used as a tool in determining the author’s intent or purpose for its creation.  The evaporation of excellence in education is especially true in the USA where education is cannibalized by the least educated Americans, like Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) and Rep. Michele Bachman (R-MN), but also by the pseudo inteligensia ranging from Mitt Romney to Rand Paul and Glenn Beck, where once-reputable and once-respectable universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, and Harvard and Yale in the USA, are now pathetically approaching the point of nearly selling degrees to those who reject the very disciplines they were taught, as with the case of Stephen C. Meyer (who helped found the Center for Science and Culture (CSC) of the Discovery Institute (DI) and is a spokesman for creationism) who took a doctorate in history and science.  These institutions, once considered seats of true learning, must be looked at with caution.  Their graduates now are disproving the very motto of each university’s quest to seek out the light of wisdom, by returning to the deathly dark ages a millenium ago.  Meyer, like other graduates, wrote the appropriate papers as required to earn his prestigious degree and then rejected every principle of serious research when they had their degree in hand, selling out all patent principles of science in favor of biblical creationism, racism, discrimination, and values more in keeping with fascism than democracy and education. 

Tammy Kitzmiller

Once he had his degree, Meyer helped push the myth of creationism into public classrooms in Delaware, to the dismay of students and colleagues. Fortuantely, those brave enough to challenge the idiocy of ID had a champion to pick up the sword in quest of justice and stab into the darkness of past myths, leading to a lawsuit that resulted in the [Tammy] Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District where ID was ruled to be religion and not science.  The eight Dover school board members who voted for the intelligent design requirement were all defeated in a November 8, 2005 election by challengers who opposed the teaching of intelligent design in a science class.

Instead of being an objective researcher, Meyer is a proselytizing Presbyterian preaching creationism from feigned fifteenth and later centuries garbled translations of his Bible as if the stories in the book were fact and literally true actually written by the Finger of God, rather than the stories being allusions and legends, metaphores and myths created by a host of writers in an effort to explain what few understood–but that perspective was banished by Meyer who argued that such declarations came from “liberal theologians”–not from intellectuals based on ancient textual translations and interpretations. 

Like Islamic jihadists and their theological students (Taliban) and other fanatical fundamentalists that blanket the globe with intolerance, Meyer argues that his Bible is the only valid source for science and all other subjects.  With funding by the super-rich in the USA and abroad, Meyer now writes and publishing books that border on the ludicrous and absurd, rejected by the leading experts in his own field who have worked more years and harder in the field of research than Meyer has while sitting at his desk–but his publications are but a quaint imitation of his university’s greed for cash and so embosses its coat of arms and imprints it name upon books without merit or value, such as the IB Programme texts that glorify and subtly encourage theft of copyrighted material (as found in the FCE textbook and disks).  By sending out the draconian IB Programme to hapless Third World Nations, Cambridge University is transmogrifying the English language into vulgar street expressions so that in time few will understand the merits of a regulated language.  Already there are professors in minor universities and colleges which claim that rules of grammar are constantly changing, while at language institutes underpaid and poorly educated instructors tells their students not to worry about grammar as “the medium is the message” further dumbing down erudition and education.

At present 7000 students in the USA dropout of high school every day (one every 26 seconds).  Illiteracy has risen to more than 45 million people who cannot read, write, or think independently.  As a friend and correspondent wrote to me the previous day in an e-mail:

I’m finding that the largest faux pas here in this city is that
students are trying to use poor dictionaries to find English words,
and their writing ends up being a word-by-word translation, which
makes no sense whatsoever.  The second largest mistake is that I have
heard (from a few foreigners I’ve met) institutions do not appreciate
foreigners here.  Why could this be?  Perhaps since the teachers think
they “know” English, they do not come to learn and be corrected.  This
is a huge oversight.  In the south, I had teachers coming to me daily
for cultural input, questions, feedback, etc… to learn.  I would
assume this is because due to the number of foreign influx there, the
instructors knew their English was far from perfect and needed
improvement, while here… maybe since there are no tourists, the
local teachers may not know. What is your idea about this at UCV? ….

My friend was most kind in her choice of words.  I would not have been, but then the difference is she has friends and I do not.  I, admittedly, offend people quite deliberately to make a point: to get them to think, to enable them to ask the famed Socratic question:  Why?  Most people prefer not to think; t hey would have others do their reasoning for them.

School children in Nazi Germany 1943

This problem of not wanting to determine one’s own destiny is not isolated to Perú or Bolivia (which ranks at the bottom of the world’s academic rating scale) but is everywhere; it is found in the home, the school, the government and is seen in the passivity of the German people who said nothing while all knew that Hitler was exterminating millions of people, it occurs in the USA with the ongoing and senseless wars in the Middle East, and it exists in Perú where many voters will cast blank ballots as they do not like either candidate and thus hand the presidency of Perú over to one who never worked even one day in her lifetime.  Sadly, Perú tends to elect the least competent, as seen in the second election of Alan Garcia Peréz who fled Perú in disgrace, first to Costa Rica and then to France, allowing for the entronement of Perú’s bloodiest dictator:  Alberto Fujimori (who robbed the Perú treasury of a little under $1 million to send his four children to schools in the USA).

Detroit graduation rate based on attendance

The students in Detroit are, for the most part, functional illiterates.  In part it is because of the high crime rate, but most of it is because of extremely poorly prepared teachers who do not even have a basic knowledge of the subject matter they are teaching.  As Michigan Governor Rick Snyder admitted: “In grades fourth, seventh and eleventh statewide, less than 50 percent can write proficiently at their grade level. Only 16 percent of all high schools in Michigan can claim to have all of their students college ready when they graduate. In the alternative, 238 Michigan high schools, a staggering 33 percent have no [let me repeat ZERO] students college ready according to ACT scores.”  What the governor failed to mention is 95 percent of all school children do not meet grade level reading scores and it wasn’t so long ago the high school graduation rate was less than 30 percent. Michigan’s high school graduation rate is somewhere near 75 percent (  

Much of the problem in Michigan schools, as in other schools throughout the USA, and especially in Latin and South America lies with “bad teachers”.  These teachers are not subject matter experts.  They do not seek out other, more advanced and better prepared teachers for assistance, reject continuing education courses, but are more interested in methodologies and strategies than content matter, and as several of my students at the National University of Pedro Ruiz Gallo in Lambayeque, Perú told me by e-mail, want “friendly and kind teachers” who do not require much work and will give out appropriately high grades.  The graduate students in the School of Language have as their goal to be teachers who are “loved by the students” and, add as an afterthought, the students learning anything is inconsequential.  Worse yet, teachers throughout the world seldom give meaningful comments on student papers or orations, and when I publish online (or in class in a PowerPoint presentation) student papers (deleting the student’s name) to go over errors and explain how the paper could be better written (and facts added along with academic citations) I am openly verbally accosted as a Neanderthal as “education is not important as I have a friend who will get me a job [cronyism]” or “I can always work for the government”.

Governing bodies want to correct tenure problems (tenure seldom exists in Latin or South American nations) since “firing bad teachers is too costly” (  72% of the teachers in Michigan who have been asked to leave, were requested to vacate their positions due to “gross incompetence”–but before those who were judged incompetent were allowed to hold their posts until they were given generous severance packages to the economic detriment of the state and school district ( Perú, to the surprise of many and delight of most parents, actually tried to determine who the bad teachers were

José Antonio Chang (2011)

in 2005, when Minister of Education Antonio Chang (who resigned from the government of Alan Garcia Peréz on March 18, 2011, where he served also as Prime Minister) required Perú’s 300,000 teachers to be tested for basic competence — and only 151 passed marginally).  Protests were launched by SUTEP, a corrupt teachers’ union, but the tests were given as scheduled.  Those who failed rioted, leading protest marches, and demanding Chang’s ouster and their return to the classroom where they would say little, and what little was said was nearly always incorrect–with one teacher telling me that he taught his class to sing Beattle classics in an effort to teach them the English language.  Perú’s weak, vacillating, and self-promoting president, Alan Garcia Peréz, caved in and the bad teachers returned.  Many shrugged, and noted that Perú is used to inferior education as it accustomed to inferior goods.  Most Peruanos will buy items made in China than by the same goods made in Perú in order to save a few pennies, but this is a reality created by a government out of control, overtaxing everything while delivery little in the form of services or education as the average worker labors 12-14 hours a day six days a week.

The problem in Michigan and Perú is that governing bodies tend to fire teachers with seniority and get higher wages to cut costs, while maintaining novice teachers who are barely out of school and whose knowledge  is limited and teaching skills undeveloped.  A Licentiate (Lic.) in Perú took this added qualifier (it is not a degree, but given for time earned after the baccalaureat is completed) comes from many universities in Perú in hopes of effectuating their return for the master program.  It is barely equivalent to a high school diploma in the USA, and the bachelor’s degree in the USA is less than a high school diploma.

With the rejection of grammar rules and rise of street English, the removal of real science in classrooms and laboratories in favor of biblical science, and the rewriting of history (now a priority in Texas) to meet the dictates of racists, religious fundamentalists, and conservative, the USA is becoming a Third World nation in the area of education.  Worldwide, the doctorate in most fields, is a consolation prize for spending exorbitant amounts of money to sit in a classroom and, in a majority (not most) cases writing a worthless dissertation that makes no significant contribution to the area of study and is never published.  In Perú, the few doctoral dissertations that I have read (the degree is primarily offered only in Lima) are not even worthy of a high school term paper; and in Lambayeque, BA and MA theses are the equivalent of eighth or ninth grade term papers.  At one private university I visited in March of 2011, I was mildly surprised to read a thesis authored by five students consisting of twenty pages. When I taught at UNPRG I never received an essay that was more than two pages, and the three that I did receive were triple-spaced (leading) with 2.5 inch margins–the total word count being under 250.

Another problem in Michigan is that the Tea Party government now is cutting funding for public education (up to $300 per student, over the existing $170 cut; read: 

Ithaca Michigan Education statistics

The legislature spends more money on Michigan prisons than it does on education, as Nathan Bootz, Superintendent of the Ithaca Public Schools,  a district with about 1,300 students, noted when he called on the legislature to make his school a prison.  Bootz noted in his letter to the legislators:

Roof over their heads, clothing on their backsides, three square meals a day, health care, access to a weight room, access to a computer, access to an education — all that stuff we provide them because they have Constitutional Rights.  But what about the Constitutional rights of children?

( and  This is true throughout the USA where the Tea Party has taken over state governments, following the failed policies of right/fascist governments of South America (in Perú, under Alan Garcia Peréz, the national budget for education was under 5% but far higher than under its former dictator Alberto Fujimori–whose daughter Keiko Sophia Fujimori is running for the presidency and wants to return Perú to the days of her father’s imperial rule and his politics of assassination using paramilitary assassins).

Texas Board of Education: Run by the least competent

Texas education is worse than the education in Michigan and is rapidly approaching the intolerably low-level of learning in Perú and South America.  Much of the incompetence in Texas schools is because education in the Lone Star state has been cannibalized by evangelical extremists pushing faith over facts and demanding a rigid Christian education.  This became critical when the Texas Board of Education came under the threat of a possible head of the education department. Dunbar, who home schools her own children and has spoken out publicly against the public

Cynthia Noland Dunbar Texas Board of Education

education system (which she calls a “subtly deceptive tool of perversion” and calls public schools “unconstitutional” and “tyrannical”) that many wanted her to run, has been criticized for a number of things, including her 2009 claim on the Christian Worldview Network Website “… that a terrorist attack on America during the first six months of an Obama administration ‘will be a planned effort by those with whom Obama truly sympathizes to take down the America that is threat to tyranny.'”  In her book, One Nation Under God: How the Left is Trying to Erase What Made us Great [HigherLife Development Services, 2008], Dunbar claims that the USA’s founding fathers created ‘an emphatically Christian government’ and that government should be guided by a ‘biblical litmus test.’ She endorses a belief system that requires ‘any person desiring to govern have a sincere knowledge and appreciation for the Word of God in order to rightly govern ( Texas Governor Rick Perry (Tea Party/GOP), in the end did not select Dunbar, but one far worse: Gail Lowe. 

Gail Lowe is not “just religious” (to the far right) but as one reporter wrote:  “Lowe’s penchant for mixing education and political agenda — especially her efforts to cast doubts about evolution and global-warming theories — troubles us as inappropriate” (  She is as anti-science as Robert Vander Plaats in Iowa, who matches Adolf Hitler in style and word choice in his attacks on science and education, and 74% of the Tea Party/GOP Senators in the US Senate. 

Gail Lowe on Texas Board of Education

In 2003 and 2009, Ms. Lowe supported dumbing down the state’s public school science curriculum acknowledging that she did not “have a clue” on most educational requirements and needs, but  with unrestrained enthusiasm, Lowe voted to include unscientific, creationist criticisms of evolution in science textbooks and curriculum standards.  Lowe noted the last science textbook turned down [by the state board] was an environmental science book [that was not in keeping with her Christian Bible]. She went on record as saying “she guarantees she will turn down any book encouraging population removal or blaming global warming on the normal activities of everyday people” (  Lowe’s appointments have all been religious cronies: evangelical extremism, where the student is short-changed in knowledge by having to master biblical principles as if they were in a similar jihadist Islamic school (Madrasah ʿāmmah (Arabic: مدرسة عامة‎) public schools, or Madrasah dīniyyah (Arabic: مدرسة دينية‎) religious schools, even Madrasah ʾIslāmiyyah (Arabic: مدرسة إسلامية‎) Islamic [fundamentalist] schools).


Texas Textbook Controversy

The illiterate right-wing of the Tea Party has always been after transmogrifying and rewriting history, in keeping with their economic supporters (the Koch Brothers) interests in an ill-educated electorate and workforce.  To this end Lowe and the Texas Board of Education, like that emerging in Iowa, is prancing gaily for the removal of agriculture union organizer César Chavez, Anne

Anne Hutchinson (17th century)

Hutchinson (baptized July 20, 1591 – August 20, 1643) who became the leader of a dissident church discussion group and began to preach her own interpretation of the Bible, and the first Black U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. The evangelicals demanded that these historic figures be replaced with Sam Houston and Billy Graham, applaud George W. Bush’s war in the Middle East and erase any mention of the LGBT community while glorifying US Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI) for his witch hunts.

Not all teachers are innocent in Texas any more than they are elsewhere, and there are some who are child molesters, alcoholics, and so forth ( and they must go.  The main problem, however, in Texas (as is elsewhere) is that few actually continue their studies unless required by their individual school boards. Many use weathered notes, outdated by current research, and others just refuse to read or study on their “own time”, who, as Linda Chavez noted, should be fired (; cp.; but as Anne Foster points out, part of the blame lies with the parents who do not get involved with their children’s education nor visit with the teachers, which is especially true in other Latin/South American nations (  Good teachers, however, do exist in Texas (
Similar problems exist in Iowa.  Bad teachers are retained and others moved into the State Legislature.  Tenure is a problem in Iowa, and elsewhere, when it protects bad teachers ( but government

Gov. Chet Culver (D-IA)

efforts to end the teachers’ unions exposes good teachers to the pressure of vested interest group, such as the Tea Party that wants all qualified and gifted science teachers out of the classroom for fear that they will teach evolution or other material that is contrary to their bibles.  Under former Governor Chet Culver (D-IA), the Iowa Department of Education was revamped to include criteria on teacher excellence and encouraged parents to actively participate in the education process, visit classes and their children’s teachers, and become involved in the learning process (  While bad teachers must be removed from the classroom, good teachers will not stay if they do not have the tools to train the minds of their wards, nor have the opportunity and finances for further studies, or use bad textbooks, dictionaries, and other learning material–all which lies with state legislatures where those states under the control of the Tea Party are cutting back on education essentials while ignoring the real problem leading to student and teacher apathy: the knowledge that their society, their state, does not care (

One of the biggest problems of having incompetent teachers lies with the hiring bodies themselves: the people who hire the teachers.  More than thirty states in the USA hire teachers on temporary or emergency licenses without having completed preparation or having met other licensing requirements and in most cases hiring teachers without degrees or nowhere near completing the degree. From the late 1980s through the early 1990s, at least 50,000 emergency or substandard licenses were issued annually by states, in most cases as the result of cronyism and with the majority of those hired being known as incompetent but good church goers who would instill religion and prayer back into the classroom.
The rigor of these restricted licenses varies from little academic work having had to be taken at accredited schools (some states, such as Oklahoma and the southern tier, with teachers actually being hired from Regency University

Pat Robertson (televangelist)

(home of Pat Robertson [and his 700 Club] and Michele Bachman of MN and Cynthia Dunbar of TX in Virginia), Oral Roberts University (Oklahoma), and Bob Jones University (South Carolina) which has as its charter to “instill Christ in the classroom” with a blanket rejection of any scientific finding or an understanding of history. States like Minnesota will issue a restricted license only to a teacher who has already been fully prepared in a teaching field but who needs to complete additional coursework in order to enter from out-of-state or switch to a new field or teaching level. Such a license from Minnesota is only good for one year while the necessary coursework is completed. Others, like Louisiana and Texas, will issue an emergency license to a person who does not even hold a bachelor’s degree, and will renew it for several years while the candidate makes little progress toward becoming licensed and no requirement for a definite date for completing the course work and receiving the diploma.

Whereas twelve states required a major in the field to be taught in addition to education training, nearly as many did not require even a minor in the subject area for prospective teachers, thus teachers who studied biology were put in positions teaching English, those who studied religion were put in charge of science classes, and those with one or two courses in education were made coaches. As of 1994, the proportions of mathematics teachers teaching with less than a minor in the field ranged from less than 10% in Missouri to more than 55% in Alaska (Alaska, historically, has always been a state where unqualified teachers can find jobs easily).  Similarly, the proportions of academic high school teachers teaching with both a license and a major in their field ranged from a low of 52% in Alaska to more than 80% in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Wisconsin ­p; all states that routinely score near the very top of the distribution on rankings of student achievement in reading and mathematics on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.  Tenure laws were enacted by state legislatures to keep the highly qualified teachers in their state, but with the ascendancy of the Tea Party, tenure and incentives for good teachers have been dashed in a mad rage by Tea Party/Koch Industries funded governors and their compliant legislatures, such as Terry Branstadt (R-IA), Scott Walker (R-WI), Christi (R-NJ), Daniels (R-IN), Kaisch(R-

Zack Kopplin (Louisiana)

OH), all of whom are facing recall for their bombardment against the established laws protecting competent teachers in their zeal to end all collective bargaining rights.  This means that a student in one state might have only a 50/50 chance of being taught by a teacher who is well-prepared in his field, while in another state, nearly all students are guaranteed a fully prepared teacher.  Louisiana is uniquely the worse state in the USA in the area of teachers of science, as the science courses must stress creationism and “expose” the “evils” and lies of evolution, which led to Zack Kopplin calling for a debate against presidential candidate and Canadian born Michele Bachman who trumpets Biblical literalism in all areas of science (  The Louisiana State Board of Eduction finally rejected creationism in 2010 (, while Bachman has not responded to Kopplin’s challenge.

What must be done to ensure a quality education is not an option.  It is what Academic Deans, Directors, Department Heads and legislators must do, and do it rapidly.

Good study habits - and - Bad study habits

When a bad or poorly performing teacher is known to the leadership, or concerns are reported by students, the person responsible for the teacher must sit in on several classes to see if the reports justify counseling or expelling / firing the teacher.  Textbooks must be reviewed for currency and accuracy–neither partisan nor parochial should be used in any classroom unless there is a second volume that refutes the first so that students are required to make their own judgment on veracity, credibility, and reliability/probability that can be proven more than once from and of the sources required to be studied.


Peer review in Australia (process)

The teacher must be offered the option of visiting with a senior teacher who has a more substantial education, or taking remedial courses at a local college or university–on the time and at the expense of the deficient teacher.   When education (or anything) is free, it is taken for granted, used/understood haphazardly, and easily discarded; when a person pays for something of value, such as an education, that individual will study harder, read more, write with greater clarity and accuracy with sources cited (not plagiarized), and speak more eloquently with real information that must be defended and justified especially during a peer-review.  All educators must give a public presentation within their subject field to strengthen their own understanding by discussing the subject and also to gain the invaluable feedback of peers and other experts in their field.  No teacher has a right to any position because of age, race, or other criteria, nor a right to teach if the teacher is not thoroughly knowledgeable in the area being taught, and that erudition must be known by students and other faculty.  Credibility of the speaker is paramount.

Deans, Directors and other leaders must raise standards while equalizing workloads and allowing for individual development and growth.  Many states in the USA have successfully eliminated shortages and improved teacher quality by linking increases in salaries to increases in standards. This, unfortunately, is not the case in Perú or other South American and Latin American nations where salaries are fixed, standards are weak, and demonstration of continued mastery of subject matter is ignored.  Prospective teachers must be examined for knowledge mastery as well as presentation of the subject in a meaningful and enlightening way that with get enthusiastic responses, questions, and dialogue. 
Unfortunately in South and Latin American nations, and especially in Perú, teachers seldom call on students to participate, and few students volunteer answers and remain silent throughout the educational process.  In teaching English as a foreign language, students must be informed that the course requires conversation and that each student must speak with the teacher and other students–not just in the classroom, but also between classes and at any other available time.

Scholarships (program) for Teachers in the Classroom (USA)

To make teaching exciting for both the teacher and the student and to meet the needs, demands, and goals of parents, communities, and governments,  scholarship programs must be funded that function like forgivable loans.  This will enable fully prepared candidates to move into high-need fields and high-need locations in professions like medicine as well as teaching in poorer areas, weaker school systems, and distressed environments.  Teaching must recognize the reality of global warming and climate change despite the millions of dollars thrown against such teaching by those who profit from polluting the earth, air, and waters, be they the Koch Brothers of Kansas or Alabama lumber and mining interests in Perú and throughout South America. 

One of the most successful state programs is the North Carolina Teaching Fellows.  It fully underwrites the college education of hundreds of high-ability students annually, and receives, in return well-trained professions in all areas of academic needs.  Programs of this nature and calibre has shown a marked increase in the supply of male and minority teachers, both desperately needed in education which had been (and still is considered in Latino areas and nations) considered a female employment area,  as well as individuals in shortage fields like mathematics, science and languages.  Sciences must be carefully scrutinized so that students understand reality based on verifiable, provable, repeatable fact, void of the myth and mystery of Intelligent Design and its proponents who labor at dumbing-down education in the name of religion.
When the bad or incompetent teacher does not accept or shows no enthusiasm for learning his or her subject matter, nor assumes the responsibility of teaching it in an informed manner, it is imperative to severe the academic and employment relationship with the teacher.  If candidates come to fill the vacancy of the bad or incompetent teacher are equally incompetent and ill-prepared it is essential that the hiring authority declines, graciously, any further communication, save to say that the individual was not a successful candidate.  To continue to employ or hire inferior, incompetent and poorly prepared teachers is what undid the results in Perú when Antonio Chang tested the teachers.  The bad teachers were allowed to stay–and they did not improve because of cronyism, favoritism, or some familiarity with the hiring and retention authorities of the schools. 
Teachers resisted being tested for competency in Perú Teachers in Perú claimed teacher testing was “State Terrorism”
Graffiti reads: “State Terrorism” and appeared during the teachers protest

Most Perú schools remain bad as neither the students nor the teachers care–the students are in class to be awarded a degree, and the teachers are in class so that they receive a paycheck.  This is especially critical in teaching a foreign language, as when I was in the hospital next to the university where I teach English as a foreign language, I visited with numerous nurses and a dozen doctors–all who told me that they studied English at the local National University–but not a one could say even three words in English that made any sense–and all the nurses had graduated from the National University the year before after completing four years of English studies.  It is for that reason that Stephen C. Meyer took a Ph.D. at Cambridge University in the UK in science and history and today is a proponent of ID which has been roundly condemned by all Noble Laureates in science, and all competent historians–still Meyer finds religious and partisan publishing presses that will print his books and give him a veneer of academic respectability and authority.


"Discourse on the Arts and Sciences" by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Education must become a thorough training, not only a four-year (or more) investment in time to gain a diploma.  Learning must be open to the true concept of  φιλοσοφία (philosophia: philosophy): a love of wisdom / knowledge–not a mere study of the words of Socrates or other thinkers, but the understanding and appreciation of the plethora of all arts and sciences (les sciences et les arts as defined by Jean Jacques Rousseau), of which each is based and grounded in the area of φιλοσοφία.  It is the Weltanschauung that is a praxeology (or methodology) or theory of action:  “How should we attain our goals?”  It is by educating ourselves, our coworkers, our students, our world (cf. Tadeusz Kotarbiński (1929), Elementy teorii poznania, logiki formalnej i metodologii nauk; reissued in 1990 at Wrocław by Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich, 426 p.).

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Corruption in Perú and the Fujimoris

The Fujimori mafia is determined to put their less-than-stellar candidate, Keiko Fujimori, on the presidential throne of Perú.  Following the schema initiated by her dictator father, Alberto, Keiko and her erstwhile brother Kenji

Kenji Fujimori arrested for hitting a police officer, resisting arrest and "violence." (May 2010)

are going the extra mile to intimidate opponents and silence a free press–identical to the tactics of Alberto Fujimori who led a reign of terror, violence, bloodshed and assassinations during his ten years at the helm of the ship of state of Perú.

The menacing backdrop to Ms Fujimori’s campaign has intensified. Cesar Levano, editor of La Primera, has been sent funeral wreaths, while Soledad Piqueras, an organiser of an anti-Fujimori group and the Facebook page, says she has received telephone death threats and dead rats delivered to her home. Mario Vargas Llosa, have signed an open letter against presidential hopeful Keiko Fujimori and in support of opponent Ollanta Humala.

Some Perú authors speak out against Keiko Fujimori (May 2011)

Led by the 2011 Noble Laureate in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa, the Perú writers opposed to Keiko’s candidacy for the presidency of Perú, as a united front,  wrote passionately:

It was a criminal decade whose disastrous consequences we should not forget,” the letter says. “In the last few years, the triumph of Peruvian democracy has been to reject this dictator, the judicial proceedings against its leaders and the legal punishment for the innumerable offences and crimes that it committed.”

“The writers who sign this letter come from very distinct places in the Peruvian political spectrum and we have different ideas on the economic and social management of Peru,” the letter says. “We believe, however, in the value of liberty, the rejection of criminality and state violence, in the defense of legal order and respect for human rights. We believe that those are the foundations for a just nation.” (Read more at:

Mariela Barreto assassinated by Fujimori's "Colina" paramilitary

The crimes of Alberto Fujimori are not easily forgotten by many. Alberto Fujimori had no problem ordering the assassination of women (including pregnant women) at the urging of his daughter Keiko and his friend Vladimiro Montesinos (as was the fate of his Intelligence Officer [spy] Mariela Barreto who was tortured, cut into four pieces and beheaded, then each part tossed into a bag and buried), nor children who were shot to death in cold blood even though many of the children wre as young as eight as occurred at Los Barrios Altos.  Keiko sees nothing wrong with what her father did and proclaims his innocence–which is why she is running for President of the Republic of Perú.  Her supporters claim Keiko will free the former dictator who was convicted for crimes against humanity and sentenced to 25 years in a private, exclusive and comfortable prison (read:; Two brothers and two sisters of the former president are on a list of 55 government-linked fugitives, read:

Susana Higuishi speaking about her daughter Keiko Fujimori

Keiko’s mother has gone on record, both in the newspapers of Perú and on video, as claiming her daughter is a “devil” who was responsible (along with her one-time husband Alberto) for her being tortured and threatened before and after she was divorced from her husband. Susana Higuishi had been repeatedly beaten on her back, deprived of sleep, and denied food–tactics that were common among the Colinas and others who would torture for the Fujimoris (Alberto and Keiko and her siblings to ensure a Fujimori dynasty would continue in Perú, thus Keiko became First Lady and advised her father regularly).  

Fujimori has denied that Higuchi had been tortured. He said the scars on her back and neck were not from torture but from a traditional Japanese herbal treatment called moxibustion she underwent to help her stop smoking and for back troubles.  Moxibustion, however, does not leave scars.  The word “moxa” comes from Japanese mogusa (艾), with the u unpronounced. Moxa is also called yomogi (蓬) in Japan.  It is used in the treatment of chronic problems, deficient conditions (weakness), and how essential it is in gerontology. Bian Que, one of the most famous doctors of antiquity and the first specialist in moxibustion dicusses the benefits of moxa over acupuncture in his classic. He explains that moxa can add new energy to the body, and can be used for both excess and deficient conditions.

The Perú constitution prohibited a president from consecutive terms, but Alberto suspended the constitution, illegally, and dissolved the Perú Congress so that he could be “elected” for three terms (he served from 1990 to 2000 before fleeing to Japan where Keiko had taken silver stolen from Paititi) during which time students, professors, and small children and their families were murdered in cold blood. (On Susana Higuishi’s claims and film footage of her beatings see: and also 

Keiko’s brother Kenji, surprisingly was elected to sit in the Perú Congress although he has no recognized political history or even a marginal knowledge of politics and the needs of Perú (cf.  Perú for Kenji is a play ground, and its wealth is meant for him to use to enjoy himself, as Kenji has shown repeatedly.  Throughout his life he was a party animal who used army helicopters for personal pleasure which was filmed along with Kenji simultating sex with a dog and masturbating the macho (male dog).  He is hot-headed, and was arrested for hitting a police officer, resisting arrested and disturbing the peace.  (see:  On the campaign trail he laughed about “misfortunes” and said little of substance–save that he would support his sister whom he was convinced would be president and restore Perú to the glory of his father (see:

A long record of accusations of crimes ranging from covert operations to narcotrafficking against Keiko come not only from political opponents but many Fujimoristas and even a Salasian priest (Juan Carlos Polentini; see: when it became common knowledge that many sitting in the Perú congress were being investigated for illegal drug trafficking (read:, and other Roman Catholic clergy.  

Three Fujimoristas were exposed by WikiLeaks, then La Republica, a Lima newspaper, exposed two other Fujimorista congressional aspirants suspected of having contacts with drug trafficking cartels: Karina Beteta (prosecutors suspect that Beteta, a lawyer, helped cover up the illicit origin of assets owned by her brother-in-law, Luis Egoavil, who has a criminal record for drug trafficking) and Juan Almonacid.  Both from the central province of Huanuco where coca leaf and cocaine is produced in the Upper Huallaga valley.  El Comercio, another Lima newspaper, published a diplomatic cable from the U.S. embassy in Peru dated Nov. 28, 2006, alleging that Rofilio Neyra, a businessman, had links to the drug trade.  This charged was renewed in 2011, based on another USA State Department cable published by WikiLeaks, expresses concern about the influence of “narco-politics” in Peru.  Neyra was a congressional candidate for Fuerza 2011.  When the cable accusing Rofilio Neyra was published Keiko Fujimori defended him and kept his name on her list of candidates (read:  Keiko has been similarly accused, even by priests, showing cronyism even when faced with evidence of her select inner circle being linked to crimes, of being involved in the illicit drug trade.  Consistently, like her father, Keiko Fujimori has denied all involvement (

Keiko, during her campaign, took credit for some of the “advances” that occurred under her father Alberto, especially as in the area of education.  Of the 3000 new schools that Alberto started, most were funded by private interests who saw the schools as a way to make more money especially in the creation of private universities that offered computer science and courses in English (in the case of the latter, the teachers were Peruanos or American tourists who had little to no education in their own language or its grammar, and where teacher education was focused around role-playing and methodologies as to when to play a disk or engage in some form of oral conversation garnered by tossing chocolates to students who did modestly well; read at  Fujimori’s schools were nothing to boast of, for most were staffed with loyal supporters who had little education and even less ability of disseminating information and bringing education to all people; it was because of this that in 2005 Antonio Chang (then Minister of Education) attempted to test 300,000 Peruano teachers (with the support of 76% of the population)–of which only 151 barely passed the examination (read: and  Keiko says nothing about how over 300,000 women were sterilized against their consent by the Fujimori government (300,000 mujeres que fueron vejadas y agredidas en su dignidad con la campaña de “esterilización masiva”, todo por ser pobres y campesinas). 

Keiko’s supporters are paid (with USA dollars, or in the case of the poor, with bags of rice) for their endorsements and future votes on June 5.  It was the least she felt she could do after the people of Perú, without their knowledge, paid nearly $1 million USA dollars for her (and her brothers and sister) education in the USA.

Statistics released on the cost of the education of the Fujimoris children (La Republica, April 4, 2011)

Statistics released on the cost of the education of the Fujimori children (La Republica, April 4, 2011)

 The rich (basically centered in the better areas of La Molina, San Isidro, and Surco) fully support her in anticipation of a return to the days when they could have “voluntary” slave labor to take care of their homes and grounds, and where their children are given preferential treatment in schools and international universities (primarily going to Spain, as few know English–including those who have “studied” it for years, many learning vulgar (street) English under the pathetic IB Programme, as I detailed at and  At the same time the private schools (colegios) that charge the most have teachers who win their teaching posts based on whom they know far more often than chosen for being subject matter experts.  These schools, in quest of greater revenue, have transmogrified their names to read “college” in an effort to attract more students and more money and emphasizing English language programs that seldom have competent teachers who know the language and use it correctly.  Precise pronunciation is marginal, grammar basically ignored (at one such school, the students are taught that modifiers are verbs although a modifier can be a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective; and many entering the various new or recently created universities have a skeleton structure for English and even for other subjects; they see gaining a diploma is more important than learning any subject since they anticipate cronyism to help them secure a job and subsequent paychecks. Teachers are informed that they have a quota: that they must pass a certain number of students to retain their job, even if the student sleeps through class, does not read assigned texts, prepares papers or takes examinations).  Those students who have a better score, like the Fujimoris, apply to foreign (usually USA) universities that are accredited as most Perú universities are like on-line learning centers, like the University of Phoenix or York University in Alabama, where anyone can graduate if they pay enough money to meet tuition expenses.  The misuse of language, especially English, is common as few students use a non-Castellano language once they leave the classroom.

This is not only true in Lima, the capital city where the majority of Peruanos live, but also in the provinces, such as Lambayeque, where kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools are now labels “colleges.”  For example, in Chiclayo, Lambayeque Province:

Bruning School: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary (Chiclayo, Perú)

With advertisement for the “college” showing children

Life-size poster advertising the "college" for the young in Chiclayo (2011)

In Pimentel, Lambayeque Province:

Bruning Colegio in Pimentel, Lambayeque Province, 10 minutes west of Bruning College (operated by the same family)

These are not unique nor rare examples, even within poor provinces:

Appul College, Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Perú

Keiko’s opponent is blasted as a “socialist” with few Peruanos knowing what socialism is, but assume it to be similar to the government of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and create stories that the poor can arbitrarily move into homes and declare the residences their houses since the structures have extra bedrooms. This fantasy is perpetuated by “intellectuals” in Florida who “hear about it from friends” and spread the tale as if it were holy water.  These, too, have their websites, with Chavez being the primary speaker.


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