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Roanoke, Virginia’s Christian cabal and the words of the New Testament Jesus

Some of Roanoke, Virginia’s Christian cabal has publicly demonstrated that they do not believe in the Jesus of the New Testament and have never heard or studied the message ascribed to him in what is today known as the New Testament.  Odiously opportunistic, in suppressive stealth, these calloused, cold, cruel covert canonists came with spray paint cans in hand or with wrapping paper and duct tape at the ready, to undo a message of good will to people.  Being more in keeping with veiled votarients vying for the selectivity of a jealous god who favored a few but not all as recorded in Luke 2:14 (written by Saul of Tarsus companion long after the inscription of Mark and Matthew): “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people He favors!” (Holman Christian Standard Bible 2009; cp. New International Version (NIV): “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” compare with Stephanus 1550 Textus: Δόξα ἐν ὑψίστοις θεῷ καὶ ἐπὶ γῆς εἰρήνη ἐν ἀνθρώποις εὐδοκία or the Vulgate: gloria in altissimis Deo et in terra pax in hominibus bonae voluntatis).

This is not a god for all people.  The deity worshipped by the cabal in Roanoke, Virginia is more like the Republican candidate for President of the USA in 2012, when the candidate rejected the idea that he would represent all of the citizens of the USA (read here and here and here and here with video with the promise to represent 100% here).

Roanoke’s staid and ossified orthodox partisans have defied every word that the Jesus of the New Testament is reputed to have said, the message allegedly preached, and the compassion and love that the magnetic leader of a small sect of pacifist Hebrews heralded.  Instead of using the spears, swords, and knives described in the Torah and Prophets, those who would root out evil in the form of any writing they found disfavor with, used paint and tape and paper.

The rogue Roanoke remonstrators rabidly wrote with slashes of black and tribulations of red during the unhistorical birth date of their god on December 25, 2012 (a month and date artificially created by the Imperial Church invented by the pagan Emperor Constantine I, their scorn for the message commonly found, seldom read, and even less understood in the Gospel ascribed to the authorship of a Matthew (7:1: Μὴ κρίνετε ἵνα μὴ κριθῆτε and the Vulgate: nolite iudicare ut non iudicemini) while with their actions denounced the spirited injunction in the Book of Acts of the Apostles (Πράξεις τῶν Ἀποστόλων, the title was not a part of the original composition but added by Irenaeus late in the second century CE; it is commonly ascribed to Luke, although the authorship is under debate and the earliest records do not make this notation before the second century CE to the fourth century CE; cp. Epiphanius, Panarion 51.11 where it is suggested that he was one of the “Seventy” disciples; with Luke’s historical accuracy questioned in Powell, Mark Allen (1989). What are they saying about Luke? New York: Paulist Press. p. 6. It is argued that much of the Book of the Acts of the Apostles is plagiarized from far older Greek accounts phraseology and plot elements from Euripides’ play The Bacch, cf. Helms, Randel McCram (1997). Who Wrote the Gospels? Altadena, CA: Millennium Press.  The debate on the authorship is summarized by Brown, Raymond E. (1997) in his Introduction to the New Testament, New York: Anchor Bible (1997), pages 267–268, and can be furthered with an analysis of the use of the plural first person pronoun “we” indicated multiple authorships and is sprinkled heavily in the Book of Acts: 16:10–17; 20:5–15; 21:1–18; 27:1– 28). 

The text in question is Luke 10:34: Ἀνοίξας δὲ Πέτρος τὸ στόμα εἶπεν Ἐπ ἀληθείας καταλαμβάνομαι ὅτι οὐκ ἔστιν προσωπολήπτης ὁ θεός or in the Vulgate: aperiens autem Petrus os dixit in veritate conperi quoniam non est personarum acceptor Deus).  Even English “translations” differ, and interpretations are as poor as in any department of language interpretation throughout the Third World universities and most schools of higher education in the First World.

Conversion of Saul (Caravaggio)

Conversion of Saul (Caravaggio)

Far worse is tortured truth that these weathered Christians, heralding back to the past when their ancient colleagues tore the flesh off of those who did not share their own sadistic séances with readings of Saul of Tarsus who never met the Jesus of the New Testament (1 Corinthians 9:1-2; Galatians 1:13-14).  Saul’s “conversion” was actually a temporal lobe epilepsy that most likely ended in a convulsion that led to temporary blindness (Landsborough, D. (1987). “St. Paul and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy,” Journal of Neurology Neurosurgury & Psychiatry 1987; 50; 659–64; Geschwind N. (1979). Cp.  “Behavioural changes in temporal lobe epilepsy”. Psychological Medicine. 9 (2: May): 217–219; and Stern, A. (1957). “Zur Problem der Epilepsie des Paulus”. Psychiatria et Neurologia (Basel) May;133(5):276–284; this problem may have affected the prophet Ezekiel: cf. Altschuler, E.L. (2002). “Did Ezekiel have temporal lobe epilepsy?” Archives of General Psychiatry 59 June (6): 561-562).  Saul, who admitted he never met the New Testament Jesus, allegedly wrote letters that rejected and raped the original message of tolerance, and were incorporated by imperial decree when they were not denounced and unpunished since they gave greater grandeur and authority to the male with the subordination of the female.

Paganism outlawed throughout Europe (390 CE). Christians began systematic holocaust of non-believers.

Paganism outlawed throughout Europe (390 CE). Christians began systematic holocaust of non-believers.

Using Pauline transmogrification of the Jesus message, the merchants of deceit moved toward Roanoke to add havoc to the winter holidays.  They tightened their theologically taught terrorist Christian act of vandalism and hooliganism so typical of the ancient imperial “catholic [universal] church” (that the Emperor Constantine created in 325 CE (Eusebius, Vita Constantini 36-37) when the centers of worship and homes of charity to the poor and elderly were dedicated to other gods were destroyed or forcibly converted into the pagan temples of Christianity, beginning under the emperor Theodosius I in 381 CE (Theodosian Code 16.10.11) that none were safe) that the right to express an opinion was sacrificed on the stained altar of fanaticism of blind faith in defiance of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the USA.

Christianity has never been a tolerant religion.  Like the bastardization of the ministry of Jesus fetiditly foisted onto the backs of the ignorant by the original Elmer Gantry (the tent revivalist Billy Graham) and subsequent televangelists from G. Pat Robertson to the Bakkers of PTL, today no one knows basic boundaries of decency and carnivorously cannibalizes the cerebrum abilities once thought to possibly exist in the corpus of the community of alleged human beings (at least in name).  The Roanoke, Virginia vandals, as if fresh out of the ancient Sunday school (a pagan institution in origin that was an institution to celebrate, capitalize on and capture the majesty of the Sun God: Sol Invictus, introduced into Roman religion by emperor Heliogabalus (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, ca. 203 – 11 March 222; the name is a reference to the god Elagabalus and is the Latinized form of the Syrian Ilāh hag-Gabal, which derives from Ilāh (“god” the prototype for Allah: الله‎ that translates as the God, not God, from the Aramaic “Alaha” or “the [supreme] god/goddess of the moon” (cf. Herodotus, Histories Apodexis, lines 131-132), and Allah’s three daughters: Lat (goddess of fate whose temple was at Mecca, and whom Muhammad worshipped until forbidden to continue with his prayers by the tribal deity Allah), Uzza (Venus, goddess of love and sex) and Manat, goddess of destiny).  These are found in the Qur’an (an-Najm 53:19-22) and constitute the infamous Satanic Verses that read in the earliest copies of the Qur’an but have been deleted in later versions (original text to the left, the redacted text is to the right):

Allah (god of the moon) and his three daughters (goddesses)

Allah (god of the moon) and his three daughters (goddesses)

Near it is the Garden of Abode. Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!) (His) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong! For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest! Have you seen Lat. and ‘Uzza, And another, the third (goddess), Manat? Near it is the Garden of Abode. Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!) (His) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong! For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest! Have you seen Lat. and ‘Uzza, And another, the third (goddess), Manat?
These are the exalted cranes (intermediaries) Whose intercession is to be hoped for. [Words of Satan Deleted]
What! for you the male sex, and for Him, the female? Behold, such would be indeed a division most unfair! (an-Najm 53:19-22) What! for you the male sex, and for Him, the female? Behold, such would be indeed a division most unfair! (an-Najm 53:19-22)

In the ancient world, the crane was a god or goddess (usually naked, since nudity represented purity as with the original “Adam and Eve”–clothing always has represented a sinful condition) who flew to heaven and the throne of the chief god or goddess with the prayers of mortals.  The crane (or stork) is also discussed in the ancient Apiru/Hebrew world (Isaiah 38:14 כְּסוּס עָגוּר כֵּן אֲצַפְצֵף אֶהְגֶּה כַּיֹּונָה דַּלּוּ עֵינַי לַמָּרֹום אֲדֹנָי עָשְׁקָה־לִּי עָרְבֵנִי׃; Jeremiah 8:7 גַּם־חֲסִידָה בַשָּׁמַיִם יָדְעָה מֹועֲדֶיהָ וְתֹר [כ וְסוּס] [ק וְסִיס] וְעָגוּר שָׁמְרוּ אֶת־עֵת בֹּאָנָה וְעַמִּי לֹא יָדְעוּ אֵת מִשְׁפַּט יְהוָה׃) and in medieval (Roman Catholic) Christianity’s bestiary.  In Mecca and the evolution of the myth of Allah, the daughters were the primary messengers for people’s petitions to the god/goddess of the moon (who became Allah).

Add to this the gabal (“mountain” (compare the Hebrew: גבל bul and Arabic: جبل‎ jabal)), and the result is “the God of the Mountain” being the Emesene manifestation of the deity formatted after Heliogabalus, the patron god of Emesa (modern Homs) in the Roman province of Syria, c. 220 CE as an offshoot of the earlier Sol Indiges. 

The Roanoke miscreants’ ministry manifested its Machiavellian materialism in its use of spray paint to deface one of the four Blue Ridge Coalition of Reason billboards in the Roanoke area. Their god is so weak, so petty and so jealous that its Stoßtruppen (whose Obersturmbannführer remained in hiding) had to defend the unholy name by vandalizing the misperceived aspersions on a billboard that merely stated scientific investigational logic: that which cannot be proved most likely does not exist.  Many accept science over faith and find no reason for the existence of a god that even Stephen W. Hawking argued against in his A Brief History of Time: from the Big Bang to Black Holes (Toronto ; New York : Bantam Books, 1988).

First vandal attack on reason in Roanoke, VA (December 2012)

First vandal attack on reason in Roanoke, VA (December 2012)

During the third week of December, 2012, the billboard at Virginia Route 419 at 1420 Lynchburg Turnpike, in Salem, facing east, originally read: “Don’t believe in God? Join the club.” The word “Don’t” was blacked out by paint on December 21, 2012. 

Martinsville, VA - Klan leaders Amanda and Chris Barker

Martinsville, VA – Klan leaders Amanda and Chris Barker

Faith was no longer a matter of choice for those who worked for understanding rather than bowing before indoctrination by an Inquisition as terrifying as it was in the darkest ages known to Europe.  This troop of tormenters that had spawn the Ku Klux Klan, adopted neo-NAZI symbolism and revered the machinations of US Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI) and his gaggle of priests was invigorated once more in the State of Virginia. Matching the theological students in Afghanistan known as Taliban (Pashto: طالبان‎, identical to the Hitlerjugend spawned by the Sturmabteilung; cf. Klee, Ernst (2005). Das Personenlexikon zum Dritten Reich. Wer war was vor und nach 1945, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, Zweite aktualisierte Auflage), the firebrands of evangelical extremism bred on hate and swallowed poisoned draughts of bigotry, creating their current curdled culture of predatory practitioners, pastors, priests, and pandering paternalizing  people taking up the challenge of the religious right to dismantle the Constitution of the USA and its First Amendment.  

Michael Jock

Michael Jock

Those who attacked reasoned debate, an environment of inquiry and dialogue were solid supporters of the NRA and those who argue that all teachers should arm themselves and that every home should have a gun so the homeowner could “stand your ground” if she or he felt threatened, as has happened throughout the USA.  Michael Jock, a man in Florida shot a customer, Randall White who was complaining about slow service  at Little Cesar’s Pizza and raised his hand against Jock’s pushing him, leading Jock to pull a .38 Taurus Ultralight Special Revolver and fired a shot into the White’s torso, claiming that he “feared for” his life.

George Zimmerman (left) shot and killed unarmed Trayvon Martin (right)

George Zimmerman (left) shot and killed unarmed Trayvon Martin (right)

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin who on December 28, 2012, was exposed for concocting an escape plan as if it was a scenario for a Hollywood film to get out of paying a security firm $27,027, according to court documents, to send armed bodyguards from Associated Investigative Services (AIS) to meet Zimmerman at the Seminole County jail and dress him in body armour before speeding him off in a rental vehicle previously checked for hidden GPS tracking devices, put him in a disabled stall in a major hotel’s main bathroom, change his clothes and put on dark glasses so that he could walk to a different vehicle that would carry him to a “safe house”.

Michael Dunn kills teen Jordan Davis over loud music in Florida

Michael Dunn kills teen Jordan Davis over loud music in Florida

Michael Dunn, also of Florida, used the Stand Your Ground law to murder an unarmed teenager over loud music (read here and here).  All of those who “Stood Your Ground” are god-fearing, “good Christians” with no tolerance for racial or other minorities.

New studies show more people are shot to death with ALEC/NRA “Stand Your Ground” laws.  The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a private non-profit and the largest economics research organization in the United States released a working paper showing that deaths due to the law increased between 4 and 8 additional deaths each month, and Texas A&M University researchers also released a study in June 2012, finding states that passed the laws saw an increase in homicides between 7 and 9 percent annually, which amounts to between 500 and 700 homicides cumulatively, with no drop in violent crime rates.  This is but an extension of the religious wars that have bloodstained history since the inception and invention of religion by mortal men.

dying for the same godThese are the people who claim to be men and women of god (but which god? or goddess?) who bark out demands that god be put back into school rooms, that prayers are made mandatory, and that reason and investigation be curbed.

Second attack on Coalition of Reason billboard (Roanoke, VA, December 28, 2012)

Second attack on Coalition of Reason billboard (Roanoke, VA, December 28, 2012)

A second of the four Blue Ridge Coalition of Reason billboards in the Roanoke area was found vandalized on December 28, 2012. The billboard at 32 Boulevard Street near the underpass and just north of Patterson, in Roanoke, facing south, originally read: “Don’t believe in God? Join the club.” But the “n’t” was blocked out with wrapping paper and duct tape, leaving the text to read “Do”, in keeping with the Christian assassins in Alexandria who pulled the famed mathematician, philosopher and librarian Hypatia (c. 350/370-415 CE), skinning her alive with their finger nails and throwing her onto a pile of burning ancient and new scrolls that did not praise their concept of a warrior Christ (Matthew 10:34) when she screamed “Do not destroy the works of the greats for the arrogance of the ignorant [the bishop Cyril was named the new Coptic [pope] Theophilius]”  Her murder marked the end of classical antiquity and academic scholarship for the next 1000 years (Wider, Kathleen (1986). “Women Philosophers in the Ancient Greek World: Donning the Mantle” in Hypatia, Vol 1 No 1 (Spring, 1986): pp. 21-62; Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University Press p. 49–50; Mangasarian, Mangasar Mugurditch (1915). The Martyrdom of Hypatia: The Death of the Classical World: A Lecture. Chicago, IL: Independent Religious Society; Teruel, Pedro Jesús (2011). Filosofía y ciencia en Hipatia. Madrid. Spain: Gredos.).  

Fred Edwords (National Director Coalition of Reason)

Fred Edwords (National Director Coalition of Reason)

Roanoke avengers with as little skill and intelligence as the ancient chrestianos, felt compelled to silence dissent, dissolve the conduct of inquiry, and demonstrate their own prejudice in raw refutation of John 13:34 and Ephesians 4:32. The prejudice in Roanoke against any one who would question religious faith is very real, leading Fred Edwords, national director of United Coalition of Reason to respond: “Prejudice against non-theistic and other non-religious people continues to be very real in America, so we are forced to speak out whenever these unfortunate incidents occur.”  This is more in keeping with the rage of Jeremiah 4:7 (עָלָה אַרְיֵה מִסֻּבְּכֹו וּמַשְׁחִית גֹּויִם נָסַע יָצָא מִמְּקֹמֹו לָשׂוּם אַרְצֵךְ לְשַׁמָּה עָרַיִךְ תִּצֶּינָה מֵאֵין יֹושֵׁב׃) and the segregation of Leviticus 13:44 (אִישׁ־צָרוּעַ הוּא טָמֵא הוּא טַמֵּא יְטַמְּאֶנּוּ הַכֹּהֵן בְּרֹאשֹׁו נִגְעֹו׃ : where lepers are condemned as “unclean”) demonstrating that nothing within the book matches the message of Jesus of the New Testament who even ate with “the unclean”—that had nothing to do with the lack of a bath—and visited with the adulteress in John 8:1-11.

On its website at, the Blue Ridge Coalition of Reason declares its purpose as “a joint outreach effort” to help the public connect with “local freethought [sic], humanist, atheist, agnostic, rationalist” and other such groups. It provides interested people “with information and a sense of community.” The coalition was officially launched December 19, 2012, when the billboards were announced.



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UNO Secular Student Alliance and Scott Voorhees attack on women and love of “fellow racists and extremists”

Scott Voorhees KFAB radio 2012

On July 18, 2012, the Leaders of the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Secular Student Alliance, along with student leaders of other campus groups, criticized a remark made last week by KFAB radio talk-show host Scott Voorhees.  Scott Voorhees (On air:  9-11 a.m.  Telephone:  402-558-1110 / 800-543-1110; e-mail: a member of the Omaha, Nebraska Tea Party has frequently been lauded as “standing up for democracy”. At the same time, all anti-Tea Party actions are labeled as conspiracies.

Records show that the Tea Party has never stood “up for democracy”. 

State Rep. Virgel Peck (R-KS)

Kansas State Representative Virgil Peck (R-Tyro) has suggested shooting “illegal immigrants like feral swine” (read here and here).  He is funded by the Koch Brothers through Americans For Prosperity, and has severe issues with Latinos “and other illegal aliens”.

The Tea-Party-controlled Utah legislature passed HB

Rep. Brad J. Galvez (R-District 6)

3117 legislation requiring the state to recognize gold and silver as legal tender in defiance of the US Constitution, introduced by Representative Brad Galvez (R-District 6).  Interestingly, there is an official cut-off, as all gold and silver had to be minted no later than 1965.  “The Utah Specie Tender Act of 2011” or “The Sound Money Act,” passed by the Utah legislature recognizes that the U.S. Constitution says no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts. It also notes that Congress granted an “exclusive franchise to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, acting as the central bank of the nation, to issue Federal Reserve Notes as legal tender of the United States.”  The time it took to debate the Tea Party sponsored issue and pass the legislation cost Utah taxpayers dearly.

Tea Party Joe Read MT legislator (2012)

In Montana, First-term Tea Party Representative Joe Read (R-Ronan), introduced House Bill 549 declaring global warming “beneficial to the welfare and business climate of Montana”.  In Georgia, the Tea Party Representative Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta) representing the 43rd District, introduced legislation (SB 315) to abolish driver’s licenses because licensing violates the “inalienable right” to drive (it is nowhere in the Constitution).  

Hal Wick (R-Sioux Falls)

Legislation proposed in South Dakota by Rep. Hal Wick (R-Sioux Falls) would require every adult to buy a gun (HB 1237), and Tea Party State Rep. Phil Jensen (R-District 33) wants to pass legislation (HB 1171) that would call any destruction of fertilized ova justifiable homicide if a killer is trying to stop harm to a fetus whom the Tea Party prefers to call an “unborn child” at the point of conception, even though it has no heart, brain, or other noticeable part that could be considered human.  The Tea Party in South Dakota also wants to ban Sharia Law even though South Dakota has but a handful of Muslims (0.3% or 2,088 people) out of 696,004 people.

Lisa Brown (D-HD 39)

In Michigan the state legislature, Representative Lisa Brown (D-District 39), reprimanded a member of the House for saying the word vagina (watch video).  The Kentucky legislature labored to create a “sanctuary state” (HB 119) for coal, safe from environmental laws, while in Iowa Tea Party Legislator Annette Sweeney (R-Alden) pushed through a bill (HF 589) to make it illegal to film animal cruelty. Arizona’s legislature claims it has the authority to nullify federal laws, and took actions to make the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the official state firearm and to create a Tea Party license plate

Scott Walker (R-WI)

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) made a broadside attack on the right to meet, open speech, and curb the unions that made the state strong and progressive. An attempt was made to impeach Walker, but it failed as the Koch Brothers and other billionaires poured millions of dollars into his war chest to fend off the recall effort.  In exchange for the “assistance” he promised to cut concessions to unions.

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ)Arizona has the unique distinction of having the most racist governor in USA history (Republican Jan Brewer) who gave the Tea Party equal standing with the Stars and Stripes of the USA, and ushered through a bill for special Tea Party license plates.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law Tea Party license plates

Jan Brewer’s racism even has surpassed that of Alabama’s George Wallace and Mississippi’s governors who attended KKK rallies and lynchings, and is nearly equaled to the bumbling of Terry Branstad (R-IA) whose son, Eric, killed two people and never faced state punishment. Even California has its share of anti-democracy, anti-immigration, and anti-education Tea Party activists.

Scott Voorhees speaking to Tea Party (May 11, 2011)

Little is said by the staid and ossified media controlling and disseminating misinformation in Nebraska about Scott Voorhees womanizing, street vulgarity or masquerading as one seeking truth as he is limited in his quest to pursue the conduct of inquiry from any academic perspective. Nebraska’s tie to the KKK was strongest in the 1920s and 1930s, but remains a force to this day, cloaking their robes under flags (read here and here and here and here for a state-by-state breakdown).

KKK ceremony in Lincoln, NE in 1923 (Photo: Art Kuhr)

Nebraska and Iowa are two states with the fastest growing number of KKK and Neo-Nazi groups with Mississippi second to Iowa (with the KKK visiting Postville in full robes will police watch without moving) and closing in on Nebraska. Iowa, with a population of 3 million, has a dozen Klan groups with headquarters in Boone, Iowa–where the number of Klansmen is estimated to be over 4,000.  It is estimated that the KKK does thousands of dollars worth of damage and bodily assaults every year, even at state universities.

Postville, IA – Nazi Group and KKK claims it helped bring down Agriprocessors by exposing illegal immigrants

Mississippi, with a population of 2.9 million, has nine Klan groups, all active destroying private property of Jews, Blacks, LGBT citizens, and businesses that cater to them.  The KKK is believed to be behind numerous unsolved murders, and has a training ground for recruits who come from midwestern states, especially from Nebraska and Iowa. Mississippi is tied with Louisiana, which has 4.4 million with the majority being religious fundamentalists/evangelical extremists as with Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa, the leader of an organized hate group known as The FAMiLY (a state affiliate of and funded by the American Family Association a certified hate group), selling and spelling hate daily that is the spiritual home of Iowa’s neo-Nazis and KKK who basically control the state government.

Darling to Iowa’s Nazis and KKK: Bob Vander Platts, funded by the American Family Association (a recognized and certified hate group) 2012

These preposterous and undemocratic bills and laws have been fought by many, but the strongest opponents are students in public schools and university.  Among the least likely place to find defenders of freedom is in the Midwest, especially in Nebraska that hung black people and maintained cauldrons of the Khristian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan taking aim against Blacks, Jews, non-believers, and gays.

Rationalists, Empiricists and Skeptics of Nebraska

The UNO Secular Student Alliance is a democratic society of scholars dedicated to organizing, uniting, educating, and serving students that have an interest in a secular, non-theist philosophy while promoting the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human based ethics.

Luke Hoffman invited to speak

Speaking to the Omaha Tea Party, calling them “fellow racists, extremists” (watch here), Scott Voorhees regularly, menacingly mocks people who are on food stamps, who had no electrical power in their home (May 7, 2011) or depend on charity to sustain life.  He has done this often, especially when guns and the NRA are involved or when called upon by the Nebraska Tea Party to celebrate hate and stand against “entitlement mentality.”

Voorhees is typical of the Tea Party and its founder Judson Philips.  Closely identical to numerous people who claim scholarship and have none, Voorhees is similar to Texas pseudo-historian David Barton (founder of the fanatical fundamentalist fraternity known as WallBuilder–a group that rewrites history to give USA history a conservative Christian twist).  Neither holds  formal credentials in history or law, and scholars dispute the accuracy and integrity of Barton’s assertions about history.  Most historians whose publications have been peer-reviewed, none of Barton’s tomes have had critical academic scrutiny, have disavowed Barton and deny recognition of his writings except when discussing what inaccurate historical essays look like.  Barton’s prevarications are little more than the mincing of Voorhees that his radio station exempts, claiming “freedom of speech”.  Barton is, at best, a fraud in the judgment of his peers (read here and here; cp with former Senator Arlen Spector (R-PA)’s article: read Specter, Arlen (Spring 1995). “Defending the wall: Maintaining church/state separation in America”. Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 18 (2): 575–590; and, Eckholm, Erik (May 4, 2011). “Using History to Mold Ideas on the Right”. New York Times).  Voorhees, Barton,  and others of the same ilk all claiming a divine understanding: from Mike Huckabee (he has a bachelor degree from Ouachita Baptist University in religion, has no formal religious education dropping out of seminary after one year to become a Christian broadcaster) and Marion Gordon (Pat) Robertson who graduated from Washington and Lee University with a degree in history– and like George W. Bush had his powerful father (a US Senator) pull strings to keep him out of active military service (“Robertson’s libel suit by judge ex-congressman ruled the legal victor”. Philadelphia Daily News: p. 14. March 7, 1988) after which Robertson took a bachelor of laws from Yale—and failed the bar exam; he earned an initial degree in religion but without distinction.  All others, to whom they attach their political ambitions have had scant training in history or theology, and are woefully ignorant about US history as is Barton (video).  None has had hermeneutics training or any biblical language study for translation, interpretation, or encryption. 

The ignorance of what has happened and continues to happen in the USA is seen in the addresses and responses of Tea Party co-founder Sol Russo (watch here).  The Tea Party’s cause is quasi-silently supported by the administration of the University of Nebraska at Omaha as the university has connections with the station, and maintains the ties despite students calling on UNO officials to pressure KFAB for an apology and a retraction for Voorhees sexist remarks about atheist women. 

Voorhees called atheist women “easy”, during one interview, implying that atheist women are, in Rush Limbaugh’s words, “sluts.”  The President of University of Nebraska at Omaha said nothing.  There was no remonstrance, no demand for an apology, no denunciation of Voorhees, preferring to wash his hands of the matter similar to Pontius Pilot (Matthew 27:24).

The problem lies with the President of UNO and his advisors who are tightly controlled by the media and the legislature.  The remark under fire was made by Voorhees on July 10 on KFAB Radio 1110, in response to being informed by show guest Luke Hoffman of the UNO Secular Student Alliance that the UNO CRU Christian group had cooperated with the secular student group to put on a debate last semester. 

UNO Secular Student Alliance member

Hearing Hoffman’s fact, Voorhees declamatorily declared: “You know why the Christian kids [sic] helped you out in your debate? Because atheist chicks are easy. And a lot of them are Goth and hot.”  Hear the broadcast here.  The remark in question starts at the 14:16 mark.

According to Voorhees MySpace page, Voorhees bills himself as a “Christian – Other”.  The “other” is evangelical extremist, more on keeping with the NAR than any mainstream thought, and cuddles close to the satanist sentences of Scott Lively of California who is a trenchant advocate for guns arguing with the NAR that Jesus will ride out of heaven (ignoring the laws of gravity) brandishing a sword to separate families and slaughter unbelievers (Matthew 10:34). 

Jesus rides a white horse out of the heavens, carrying a sword (Matthew 10:34)

This myth can be traced back to Beowulf and even the legend of Muhammad’s second coming.  As with Christianity, ancient Judaism, the various religions found in India and throughout Europe, there is no mention of forgiveness, understanding, peace, or love.  The ultimate “anointed one” (the true definition of Christ) is not a peaceful sovereign, but an absolute tyrant who will destroy the earth to save his chosen few.  The same is prophesied for Muhammad and his Final Battle that would have more carnage and death than all of the Prophet’s many wars against Arab cities that did not bow down to him as he marched across the sands after erasing the ancient city of Yathrib and renaming it Medina.

Muhammad riding horse with a sword in his hand accompanied by the archangel Gabriel (8th century Qu’ran–before the prohibition on illustrating the Prophet carried with it the penalty of death)

It fits nicely with the New Apostolic Reformation and theological terrorism worldwide. 

Evangelicals like Lively and Voorhees are the first to cast stone, the last to see the mote in his own eye as he condemns or solicits those he opposes as if he were Ananias bar Annas High Priest of the Temple and a murderer.

Voorhees own education is limited.  Voorhees took a high school diploma (without distinction) from Ralston High School (NE) in 1995,  He was awarded a BA in journalism / mass communication from a small satellite school of the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2003, although he attended from 1995-1998.  His work career was equally mundane.

Before becoming a radio personality, Voorhees worked at Vanbros and Associates in Overland Park, KS.  Vanbros specializes in “talent management”–especially of beautiful girls in beauty contests.  It bills itself as a firm that are “Producers of Miss USA® and Miss Teen USA ® for the states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma” (see here). 

According to those who remembered Voorhees (but asked not to be identified by name), Voorhees was “always hot and after sexy chicks” as “being horny as a rabbit”.  It has been said that Voorhees claimed that was “god’s purpose in creating man” to have sex with as many women as possible.

Voorhees off-colored and totally inappropriate remark is within Voorhees character that has a shallow definition of and low esteem for women. Voorhees remarks are as odious as the political opportunists Todd Akin (R-MO, now running for US Senate), Tom Smith (R-PA, now running for US Senate), and Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) who argue against penalties for “legitimate rape”; Steven King (R-IA), Annette Sweeney (R-IA), and others who argues for dog fighting and opposes any law regulating cruelty to animals (read here and here).  Following the remark that was made on air about “atheist chicks”, some callers to the talk show criticized the host.  Voorhees made no apology. Since a recording of the show was posted online, other individuals have publicized the incident on the Internet.  

Voorhees, like most Tea Party cult members, believes the role of a woman is to have sex at the demand of the male and produce babies while staying “hot” in appearance.  His understanding of anything in the Bible (that no one saw him read) is marginal at best, and as there is no reference, anywhere, that women are to be treated as sex objects in the New Testament, although there function was to bear the burden in the Old (Genesis 1:28) in careless and corrupt contemporary translations that are more titillating than thought-provoking (the mathematical term “multiply” does not appear before the fourteenth century CE; before that time it meant to “increase in comprehension or wisdom”).  Although, like most theological thugs, thieves and liars, Voorhees thinks that women should be silent as the writers of the Letters of Paul put forward (1 Corinthians 14:33-35; this, too, is a corruption of the original that stated “prayerful” and “not to sing”) in their destruction of original Christianity in an effort to elevate Paulinity and support the Imperial directives of the Emperor Constantine.  The Emperor was hardly a “Christian.”   In 325, Constantine [real name Custennyn / Custennin] ordered the arrest of all cult leaders of major cults and their forcible attendance at Nicaea in order to form a new official religion—assisted and coordinated with Eusebius of Caesarea-the first Patriarch of Christianity (as Alexander).to silence dissent and to create a novel codex for the various groups of christianos and chrestianos. Original Christianity was slaughtered at the altar of expediency to opt for the bastardized version of Paulinity).

Constantine died in 337 near the city of Helenopolis (Altinova), on the southern shores of the Gulf of İzmit in preparation for a further campaign against the Sassanids. His death is clouded in mystery as it is claimed by the Vatican he died of sickness and invented the myth that Constantine in his final moments converted to his version of Christianity (Constantine I created the “catholic [universal] church” in 325 CE as a political move to ensure stability of the empire and ordered the burning of all books and tracts (Sozomen, Historia Ecclesia, Book 1,  ch.21; the original is in Greek and Latin) that did not support his concept of what he called Christianity (Constantine proclaims Jesus to be a god only in 312 CE), and rejects objections (Eusebius, Vita Constantini, Book III, ch.6ff; original is in Greek). 

The Roman Senate proclaimed the dead emperor a god. What makes the official Roman Catholic account more suspect, is the simultaneous death of his Patriarch Eusebius that solidifies the extant claim of Sassanid “Assassins” as probably more accurate.  This rewriting of history and falsification of data laden with aspersions is the mainstay of such frauds as David Barton, Rush Limbaugh, and Voorhees.

Hoffman attempted to go through university channels to have the matter addressed internally.  This proved futile.

After a week, with no commitment from the university that was under tight control of conservative Christians who refused to respond, Hoffman, on behalf of students and public outraged by the remark, emailed letters to the president of the University of Nebraska as well as the radio station. He made the content of those letters available to the media. The text appears below.


Gary Sadlemyer
Program Director
KFAB Radio 1110

July 18, 2012

Dear Mr. Sadlemyer,

My name is Luke Hoffman. I am the immediate past president of the
University of Nebraska at Omaha Secular Student Alliance. During a
radio interview July 10 with your talk show host Scott Voorhees,
Voorhees made a comment that I challenged on the spot and wish to
follow up on now. In reaction to the fact that a Christian club on
campus had networked with the UNO Secular Student Alliance to put on a civil debate, Voorhees went so far as to say, “You know why the
Christian kids helped you out in your debate? Because atheist chicks
are easy. And a lot of them are Goth and hot.” (You can listen to this
remark at starting at the 14:16 mark.)

In addition to this being another example of what has been termed the
“war on women,” it also impugns the motives of the Christian group,
suggesting that their cooperation was insincere. I called this sexist
remark disgusting at the time (after which I was immediately
disconnected) and, in response to numerous calls for further response,
wish to readdress the matter now.

The reason that Voorhees was discussing this matter in the first place
was because of the forthcoming Midwest Freethought Conference and the Omaha Coalition of Reason billboard on 72nd and Pacific here in the
city. This is the fourth Midwest Freethought Conference and, as such,
it contributes to Omaha’s economic development.

But instead of discussing this unique community event, Voorhees chose
to be dismissive while dehumanizing atheist women. Moreover, when
listeners called in to express their legitimate outrage at his comments, he ridiculed them for lacking a sense of humor. But isn’t that the usual cover for bigoted remarks against minority groups? How many times have people tried to excuse racism, anti-Semitism, and sexism under the cover of humor? Radio announcer Don Imus tried this in 2007 with his “joke” about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team and was fired as a result.

In the popular atheist blog “The Friendly Atheist,” Hemant Mehta
describes the interaction as “frustrating all around, and that was
even before he made his most inflammatory comment.” Voorhees’
misplaced hostility toward people with differing views was, I think,
demonstrated by his offensive remarks as well as his apparent
unwillingness to really listen to his guests on that occasion.

The membership of the UNO SSA and I, therefore, request that KFAB
repudiate Voorhees’ remarks against atheist women and that he
personally apologize.

Yours sincerely,

Luke Hoffman
Immediate Past President
UNO Secular Student Alliance

CC: media

President James B. Milliken
University of Nebraska
(402) 472-8636

July 18, 2012

Dear President Milliken,

As has already been brought to your attention by others, during a
radio interview of me on July 10 on KFAB Radio 1110 by talk-show host
Scott Voorhees, Voorhees made a comment that I challenged on the spot.

It was in reaction to the fact that the University of Nebraska at
Omaha CRU Christian group had networked with my group, the UNO Secular Student Alliance, last semester to put on a highly regarded debate. Voorhees declared, “You know why the Christian kids helped you out in your debate? Because atheist chicks are easy. And a lot of them are Goth and hot.” (You can listen to this remark at starting at the 14:16 mark.)

In addition to this being another example of the right-wing war on
women, it also impugns the motives of the campus Christian group,
suggesting that their cooperation was insincere. I called this sexist
remark disgusting at the time (after which I was immediately
disconnected). Now, in response to numerous requests for further
action, I wish to readdress the matter.

Reasonable people might have expected the UNO administration to act
swiftly and decisively in criticizing this remark against legitimate
UNO campus groups—especially after I brought it to the
administration’s attention last week. And not merely because the
remark attacked UNO students, both Atheist and Christian, but because
that broadcast also challenged UNO’s institutional reputation. After
all, Director of University Relations Tim Kaldahl appeared on the same
show and had to put up with attacks against UNO for hosting the fourth
annual Midwest Freethought Conference. Voorhees openly questioned
whether the university was still worthy of public support. And KFAB
pays UNO for rights to use the “N” logo and to broadcast Nebraska
football. The station calls itself “the Home of the Huskers,” which is
the UNO team. (For reference, KFAB is listed on the University website
as the Omaha affiliate for Nebraska football at: and,
on the KFAB website, the “N” logo is displayed on the homepage and at: .)

In an effort to resolve this internally, I talked with Tim Kaldahl,
spoke with Charlene Russel in the campus Equal Access and Diversity
office, communicated with Nancy in the Chancellors office, and sent an
email directly to the chancellor. I have also discussed the matter
with other student leaders on campus.

Adam Maley, immediate past president of the UNO Veterans Student
Organization, said: “This radio personality challenges a socially
unpopular category of people and, rather than discuss the issues, uses
prejudicial and disgusting stereotypes to distract.”

UNO Council for Humanist Thought President John Powers said: “Scott
Voorhees…clearly does not understand the issues of the growing local
secular community and the struggles of living an atheist or agnostic

Haili Copas-Starke, immediate past director for the Women’s Resource
Center, another student-run organization at UNO, showed her support
for the UNO SSA by saying, “Religion is a good background to formulate
your morals but it’s not the only method, and society allows for you
to do that without the guidance of religion.”

The UNO SSA provides valuable support for nontheistic UNO students, as Nicole Miller, the current UNO SSA president, noted when she said:
“The Secular Student Alliance has helped me grow on a personal level,
where I’ve made lifelong friends, have become more open to talk about
the issues. Especially family problems with coming out as atheist. I
feel like I’m making a difference in my community.”

In the wake of this reaction, I must ask why the UNO administration
has so far declined comment on an affiliated radio station’s slur that
is prejudicial to UNO students and the university itself—and this in
the face of a reaction across the Internet. (Just Google the phrase
“atheist chicks are easy” and see the online response, which is now in
the thousands of hits when, at the time of the broadcast last week, it
only garnered two.)

As an atheist, my moral compass compels me to stand up to Voorhees’
dehumanizing remark. Is it too much to ask UNO’s administration to
reconsider this opportunity to do the same? Radio KFAB [a member of Clear Channel:]  and need to hear, in no uncertain terms, that UNO finds the remark in question unacceptable. And UNO needs to demand a retraction and an apology.

Yours sincerely,

Luke Hoffman
Immediate Past President
UNO Secular Student Alliance

CC: media

There are many problems here, especially with President James B. Milliken of the University of Nebraska Omaha.  Milliken’s greatest failure is his lack of professionalism.  A President of a University works for students, faculty, and contributors.  Milliken showed no interest in addressing any student complaint; it was imperative to discuss the UNO chapter of the Secular Student Alliance and the travesty of KFAB.  When I made inquiry of Mr. Hoffman concerning the UNO Secular Student Alliance, asking for statistics on the organization, Mr. Hoffman responded as follows: 

1. Female to male ration is 50/50. One of the core issues that atheists face is that there is a lack of female participation in the community at large; however in my student organization we were able to overcome this social obstacle by reaching out to the LGBT and women student organizations to pool membership during weekly meetings to increase female participation.

2. GPA. This information is not gathered by the group due to privacy concerns. I understand this information might have been useful in retrospect, but it honestly was more important during last semester that we encourage civic participation in community events and outreach and network with other student organizations campus wide. 

3. Subject field of studies: a large portion of [the membership] field of study were in the Information Technology majors, Political Science majors, Education majors, and Sociology majors. 

Additional information is at the national SSA the website (can be seen here:

Much of the problem for fair-play and courtesy not extended by Voorhees or the radio station lays directly with University of Nebraska Omaha President James B. Milliken.  The UNO President is a product of Nebraska education through the bachelor’s degree.  Milliken took a BA in English (1979) University of Nebraska and a J.D. degree in law from New York University School of Law.   He is married and has two sons and one daughter. He was a legislative aide to US Congressional Representative Virginia Dodd Smith (R-NE) from 1975-1991; she was born in Randolph, Iowa, of Methodist parents, and buried in Shenandoah, IA.  Her main stand was for “a firm belief in God” and insisted that those who worked with her and for her affirm the same devotional allegiance.  This anointing undoubtedly carried over to her aide and his later attitude on human rights, enshrining bigotry and pardoning bigots in the name of religion.  The tragedy of Milliken is the fact that he is unfit to be a university president since he does not support the civil liberties and human rights of all students.

After a lynching in Omaha, the KKK burns the body of its victim.

The Nebraska KKK, that included both men and women of all age groups, was strong especially York County where most of the anger was against new immigrants and Roman Catholics, but those the citizens feared were atheists were treated the most harshly through the 1930s.  In 1921, the first Nebraska Klavern opened in Omaha with an agenda of expanding the anti-black plank to include Roman Catholics and all immigrants and soon included “free-thinkers and atheists”. That year, the KKK claimed over 1,000 members in Nebraska, 45,000 the following year and 4 million nationally by 1925. A parade in York claimed 2,000 marchers, while local organizations formed in nearly a dozen cities statewide.

Robert Henderson (KKK member and Nebraska State Trooper) 2012

Today the Invisible Empire in Nebraska has a toll-free phone number, a website and even an official T-shirt.  Nebraska’s KKK even has one of its own on the Nebraska State Troopers roster: Robert Henderson.  Its special targets are Blacks, immigrants, “non-believers” and gay women whom, the KKK argues, can be cured of homosexuality by being raped.

 The KKK continues to be a part of Nebraska with many being the backbone of the Tea Party movement. The KKK also continues to be strong in Iowa (around Boone and Ames), especially in Shenandoah, IA. 

Mephistopheles head for Innocents Society (University of Nebraska Omaha)

While a student at the University of Nebraska, Milliken was a member of the semi-secret Society of Innocents founded on April 24, 1903, through the efforts of notable University of Nebraska alumni, including George Condra and Roscoe Pound (read: Knoll, Robert E. (1995). Prairie University: a History of the University of Nebraska. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press: Alumni Association of the University of Nebraska).  The secret society is composed of thirteen men and women, who hold secret rituals and rites in a secret meeting room, and are pledged to combat “evil” that includes “non-belief” and has as its symbol for evil a red-head Devil.

108 Union (University of Nebraska) Innocents Society

The “innocent” nature of the society’s members paled in 1892 when a bell was stolen from a Seward, Nebraska church in 1892 by members of Delta Tau Delta and Phi Delta Theta fraternities.  The fraternities used the bell to award the winning football team at the end of the established Nebraska-Missouri football match.  This practice stopped when Nebraska entered the Big Ten Conference and began to play against the University of Iowa.  Some of the thirteen turned to piety, and a few organized to stand guard against those who would deny Jesus or god.

James B. Milliken, President of University of Nebraska at Omaha

Unfortunately for the multicultural environment of University of Nebraska at Omaha, James B. Milliken has held his post since August 2004. Coming from North Carolina, an arch-conservative state, Milliken holds faculty appointments in the College of Law (a graduate of New York University School of Law where he was a Root-Tilden Scholar. He practiced law on Wall Street before joining the University of Nebraska in 1988, and appears to be out-of-touch with any enacted civil rights legislation, starting with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and  Title 29 § (subsection) 1604.11 that forbids sexual harassment including comments that are sexual in nature as Voorhees breathed–or any unwanted verbal assault), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the School of Public Administration, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

The Society of Innocents was named after the thirteen popes who took the name of Innocent at the time of their elevation to the papal throne.  A look at the 13 Innocents who sat on the papal throne reveals more than one would suspect. 

Pope Innocent I

Pope Innocent I (died 417) demanded “purity of faith” and won imperial approval and support to root out anyone who did not follow the Imperial faith (Socrates, Church History VII.2; written in Greek).  Innocent I had the Photinian Marcus banished from the city and gave his approval for a drastic decree that Emperor Honorius issued from Rome (22 February 407) against the Manicheans, the Montanists, and the Priscillianists (Codex Theodosianus, XVI, 5, 40), who refused to submit to the Bishop of Rome. (Pontificum Romanorum, ed. Coustant, I (Paris, 1721); Jaffé, Philipp; Wattenbach, Wilhelm; Loewenfeld, S.; Kaltenbrunner, F.; and Ewald, Paul (1885). Regesta Pontificum Romanorum Ab Condita Ecclesia Ad Annum Post Christum Natum MCXCVIII, 2nd ed. (Leipzig, Deutschland: Veit)Vol. I (2nd ed.), 44-49; Liber Pontificalis, ed. Duchesne, Louis, I, 220-224; Langen, Joseph (1881-1883). Geschichte der römischen Kirche bis zum Pontifikate Leo’s I. (von Leo I. bis Nikolaus I., etc.-von Nikolaus I. bis Gregor VII., etc.-von Gregor VII. bis Innocenz III., etc.  (Bonn, Deutschland: 1881-1883) Vol. I, 665-741; Grisar, Hartmann (1885). Geschichte Roms und der Päpste im Mittelalter. (Hildesheim ; New York : Georg Olms) Vol. I, 59 sqq., 284 Sqq.; Wittig, Joseph (1902). Studien zur Geschichte des Papstes Innocenz I. und der Papstwahlen des V. Jahrh. in Tübinger Theol. Quartalschrift (1902), pp. 388-439; Gebhardt, Hermann (1901). Die Bedeutung Innocenz I. für die Entwicklung der päpstlichen Gewalt (Leipzig, Deutschland: Schmidt; this was a dissertation written in German) There was no “bishop of Rome” until the second century CE.

Pope Innocent II

Innocent II (died 24 September 1143) was an unpopular choice and a second pope was declared on the same day, leading to a schism.  This brought variations within doctrine and “purity of thought.”  When Innocent II was able to sweep control of the church, to remove the remnants and evil consequences of the schism, Innocent II called the Tenth Ecumenical Council, the Second of the Lateran. Rigid adherence to Innocent’s interpretation was demanded (read: Denzinger, Heinrich Joseph Dominicus. Enchiridion symbolorum: definitionum et declarationum de rebus fidei et morum a conciliis oecumenicis et summis pontificibus emanarunt. (10th ed., Freiburg, Deutschland: Br. Herder, 1907; in Latin; there is a Greek edition (coordinated by Adolf Schönmetzer; Heinrich Denzinger) published Barcinone [u.a.] : Herder, 1967), p. 167; my preferred edition is published in Wirceburgi: Stahel, 1856).

Innocent III

Innocent III (died 1216), elevated the role and rule of Rome over that of the empire, proscribed truth, and declared for blind obedience to the faith. Questioning religion or any tenet was forbidden, disbelievers, apostates and heretics were punished, and those who attacked atheists were praised.  Innocent is best remembered for convoking the Fourth Lateran Council, which he solemnly opened on November 15, 1215.  It was by far the most important council of the Middle Ages. Not only did he push through a general crusade to the Holy Land, under papal pressure the council issued seventy reformatory decrees, the first of which was a creed (Firmiter credimus), against the Albigenses (the Synod of Orléans (1022) required those who did not follow official church teachings to suffer the extreme penalty of death) and Waldenses (early Protestants who still exist in Rome), in which the term “transubstantiation” received its first ecclesiastical sanction.  By silencing dissent, the church in Rome reached its zenith. Weber, Nicholas. “Albigenses.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 1. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1907.

Innocent IV (1180/1195-1254) commissioned Dominicans and Franciscans to add torture to the Inquisition

Innocent IV allowed many abuses, provided they served to strengthen his position against the Hohenstaufen.  He was known for strict literalism, but did commission acts of charity, especially by recognizing the Poor Clares in 1253. A Short biography of Innocent IV was written by his physician, Nicolas de Corbia. It was published by Muratori, Lodovico Antonio (1723-1751). Rerum Italicarum Scriptores, Milano, Italia: Mediolani, ex typographia Societatis Palatinae. III.1, 589-593; in Latin.

Innocent V originally was Fra (Guido di Pietro) Angelico

Innocent V (died 1276) attempted to reconcile all conflicting interpretations of faith and religion, as the conflicting words of Jesus compared to the alleged writings of “Paul” who never met the Jesus of the New Testament at any time, created hostilities and led to bloodbaths.  Innocent V was the first Dominican pope who sought to reconcile Guelphs and Ghibellines (the families of the mythical Romeo and Juliet) in Italy, restored peace between Pisa and Lucca, and mediated between Rudolph of Hapsburg and Charles of Anjou. He likewise endeavored to consolidate the union of the Greeks with Rome concluded at the Council of Lyons.  Read more: Liber Pontificalis, ed. Duchesne (op. cit.). Vol. II (Paris, 1892), 457; Mothon, Joseph-Pierre (1896). Vie du bienheureux Innocent V (Roma, Italy: Impr. Vaticane; in French); Bourgeois, Thomas (1899). Le Bienheureux Innocent V (Paris, France: P. Lethielleux; in French)

Innocent VI

Innocent VI (died in 1362) tried to end feuding by establishing one absolute truth. This led to numerous frictions within Europe and the church.  Innocent VI strived to bring harmony, but basically failed. Consult: Baluzius, Stephanus (1693). Vitae paparum Avenionensium, Hoc est Historia Pontificum Romanorum qui in Gallia sederunt ab anno Christi MCCCV usque ad annum MCCCXCIV  Vol. I (Parisiis: Muguet), 321-62, 918-74, 1433-36; Liber Pontificalis, ed. Duchesne, Louis (1892), op. cit. Vol. II (Paris: Ernest Thorin, in French), pp. 487, 491-93; Martene, Edmond and Durand, Ursin (1717).  Thesaurus novus anecdotarum… Prodit nunc studio et opera Dmini Edmundi Martene et Domini Ursini Duran. Vol. II (Lutetiae Parisiorum: Sumptibus Fl. Delaulne: Foucault), pp. 843-1072. Böhmer, Johann Friedrich; Mühlbacher, Engelbert; Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Wien) Kommission für die Neubearbeitung der Regesta Imperii, Regesta imperii, Vol. VIII (Innsbruck: Wagner), pp. 782-93; Déprez, Eugène (1909), Innocent VI, lettres closes, patentes et curiales se rapportant à la France (Paris: A. Fontemoing, in Latin).

Innocent VII

Innocent VII died in 1406, and was a part of the Great Schism.  Innocent VII taught jurisprudence at Perugia and Padua before going to Rome to become a tax collector for the church and later to enforce conformity within the religious community.  While acclaimed for observable piety, Innocent VII was primarily recognized as an able manager of financial affairs.  He had no control over his biological family, with his nephews killing several cardinals, an act he was unable to stop.  A weak operator who made promises he did not keep, Innocent VII did nothing to stop the schism that he had originally (before being elected pope) promised to do even if it meant setting aside his tiara for harmony. He would not give up that crown.  Vita Innocentii VII in Liber Pontificalis, ed. Duchesne, Louis, op. cit. Vol. II (Paris, 1892), 508-10, 531-3, 552-4; and in Muratori, Lodovico Antonio (1723-1751), Rerum Italicarum Scriptores ab anno 500 ad 1500, Vol. III (Milano, 1723-51), ii, 832 sq.; Brand, “‘Innocenzo VII ed il delitto di suo nipote Ludovico Migliorati” in Studi e Documenti di Storia e Diritto, XXI (Roma: Editore: Tipografia poliglotta della S. c. de prop. fide, 1900; in Italian); Bliemetzrieder, Franz Plazidus (1904), Das Generalkonzil im grossen abendlandischen Schisma (Paderborn: F. Schöningh; in German); Idem, Die Konzilsidee unter Innocenz VII. und König Ruprecht von der Pfalz in Studien und Mitteilungen aus dem Benediktiner und dem Cistercienser Orden, Vol. XXVII (Brünn, 1906, in German), pp 355-68

Innocent VIII (Medici) 1484-1492

Innocent VIII died in 1492.  He did nothing noteworthy, and many bulls were forged with his signature with every indication that he knew what was happening. Read: Burchard, Johann; (1883). Diarium sive rerum urbanarum commentarii: 1483-1506: Texte latin publié intégralement pour la premiere fois a’apres les manuscrits de Paris… ed. Thuasne, Louis (1883), I (Paris, E. Leroux); Francesco Serdonati, Francesco and Angèl, Pietroi, Vita e fatti  d’ Innocenzo VIII. Papa CCXVI (Milano : Ferrario, in Italian); Pastor, Ludwig von (1899), Geschichte der Päpste im Zeitalter der Renaissance / 1 Geschichte der Päpste seit dem Ausgang des Mittelatters / bearb / bearb. Von Ludwig Freihern von Pastor. 3, Innozenz VIII und Julius II  (4th ed., Freiburg, Deutschland: Br. Herder, 1899), pp. 175-285.

Innocent IX

Innocent IX died in 1591.  He was another lawyer turned cleric who misgoverned universities but ultimately was elected pope.  He was named Patriarch of Jerusalem, a see far older than Rome, and became pope two months before his death. He prohibited the alienation of church property, and in a consistory held on 3 November, 1591, informed the cardinals of his intention of constituting a reserve fund to meet extraordinary expenses.  His death stopped this from happening.   Read: Ranke, Leopold von (1889) Die römischen Päpste, II (9th ed., Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot, 1889), 150, tr. Fowler, II (London, 1901), p. 157.

Innocent X (c. 1650)

Innocent X died in 1655, yet another lawyer more concerned with appearance than assisting others, especially minorities who felt the wrath of the unfettered church, but became pope despite his numerous shortcomings.  Innocent X’s policies were dictated by France in the person of the Queen’s lover and totally, carnally corrupt cardinal Mazarin.  Innocent X was totally dependent on Donna Olimpia Maidalchini, the wife of his deceased brother, which Vatican gossip had the pope as one of her many lovers, but that is gossip–as the only

Cardinal Camillo Astalli (later known as “Red Beard”)

true “attachment with affection” was for a  young boy.  For a short time Donna Olimpia’s influence had to yield to that of the youthful and beautiful Camillo Astalli (1616-1663), a distant relative of the pope, whom Innocent raised to the cardinalate for various reasons, and while Innocent X did nothing scandalous with Maidalchini, there is doubt about his innocence with the young cardinal who was known as a “sexual rogue for a price”. When the youth became a problem in the Vatican, the pope lamented being deprived of Donna Olimpia and summoned her to return to the Vatican.  At her instance Astalli was deprived of the purple and removed from the Vatican.  Ciampi, Ignazio (1878). Innocenzo X Pamfili e la sua corte (Roma : Coi tipi dei Galeati in Imola; in Italian); Ranke, Ludwig von (1906), Die römischen Päpste, tr. Foster, Vol. II (London, 1906), pp. 321-9; Palatius, John (1688). Gesta Pontificum Romanorum, IV (Venedig: Parè, pp. 571-94, in Latin); and, Bargrave, John (). Pope Alexander the Seventh and the College of Cardinals edited by James Craigie Robertson ([Westminster, England]: Printed for the Camden Society, 1867; reprint; 2009); and, Herman, Eleanor (2008). Mistress of the Vatican : the true story of Olimpia Maidalchini, the secret female pope. New York, NY : William Morrow; in English.

Innocent XI (d. 1689)

Innocent XI died in 1689, and was known for most of his adult life for his devotion to duty.  He studied law under the Jesuits at Como, and worked to feed the poor during a period of serious famine.  He was rigid in his private life and when he was elected to the papacy, he turned all his efforts towards reducing the expenses of the Curia, passing strict ordinances against nepotism among the cardinals whom he expected to live as parsimonious as he did.  He was not successful in that demand.  During his pontificate Louis XIV posing as a zealot of Catholicism, revoked the Edict of Nantes (in 1685) and inaugurated a barbarously bloody persecution of the Protestants and “non-believers”.   Louis XIV followed many of the messages penned by Martin Luther who called for the killing of Jews: “What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people, the Jews? Since they live among us, we dare not tolerate their conduct, now that we are aware of their lying, reviling and blasphemies. If we do, we become sharers in their lies, cursing and blasphemy. ….  

Title page of “On the Jews and their Lies” by Martin Luther (1543)

First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools and to bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians, and do not condone or knowingly tolerate such public lying, cursing, and blaspheming of his Son and of his Christians. For whatever we tolerated in the past unknowingly, and I myself was unaware of it, will be pardoned by God.  …. Second, I advise that their houses also be razed and destroyed. …. Third, I advise that all their prayer books and Talmudic writings, in which such idolatry, lies, cursing, and blasphemy are taught, be taken from them. …. Fourth, I advise that their rabbis be forbidden to teach henceforth on pain of loss of life and limb. …. Fifth, I advise that safe-conduct on the highways be abolished completely for the Jews” (Luther, Martin (1543). Von den Juden und Ihren Lügen (On the Jews and Their Lies), 65,000 words and was the antecedent for Adolf Hitler’s holocaust; first original edition in the private library of this author; it is in Luther’s Werke Vol. 47, pp. 137-306, in German).  Innocent XI was no less intent on preserving the purity of the Roman Catholic faith and morals among the clergy and the faithful and insisted on a thorough education and an exemplary life of the clergy, passed strict ordinances concerning the modesty of dress among Roman ladies, put an end to the ever-increasing passion for gambling by suppressing the gambling houses at Rome, and forbade the questioning of the existence of god (both attacking secularists, agnostics, and atheists).  At the same time the pontiff condemned sixty-eight Quietistic propositions (establishing psychical self-annihilation and a consequent absorption of the soul into the Divine Essence even during the present life) that were associated with Jansenism (none of its doctrines defy any Christian dogma nor standard Roman Catholicism, but were internalized without the need for a clergy—which most accepted).  Read: Immich, Max (1990).  Papst Innocenz XI, 1676-1689. (Berlin, Deutschland: Speyer & Peters; in German); Michaud, Eugène, Louis XIV et Innocent XI d’après les correspondances diplomatiques inédites du Ministère des affaires étrangères de France. (4 vols., Paris, France: G. Charpentier, 1882-83) written from Gallican standpoint; Gérin, Charlres (1876), Le Pape Innocent XI et la révolution anglaise de 1688 in Revue des questions historiques, XX (Paris, 1876); Idem, Le Pape Innocent XI et la Révocation de l’Edit de Nantes, ibidem, XXIV (1878); Idem, Le pape Innocent XI et l’Election de Cologne en 1688, ibidem, XXXIII (1883); Idem, Le Pape Innocent XI et le siège de Vienne en 1683, ibidem, XXXIX (1886); Fraknói, Vilmos; Innocentius XI. Papa.; Jekel, Peter(1902), Papst Innocenz XI. und Ungarns Befreiung von der Türkenherrschaft (Freiburg i.B. : Herder, in German) translated into German from the Hungarian by JEKEL (Freiburg, Deutschland:  im Br Herder); Giussani, A. (1901). Il conclave di Innocenzo XI (Como, n.p.).

Innocent XII

Innocent XII died in the year 1700.  Innocent XII was basically known for his acts of charity.  Towards the poor, whom he called his nephews, he converted part of the Lateran into a hospital for the needy an act that led numerous cardinals and bishops to denounce him as “offending Our Lord Jesus the Christ” who many saw as a secret capitalist, erected numerous charitable and educational institutions, and completed the large court-house “Curia Innocenziana”.  Today it serves as the Italian House of Commons (Camera dei Deputati).   In many ways Innocent XII was like Jimmy Carter who rejected the wealthy and brought aspersion upon his honor while, at the same time, creating his habitat for humanity, arguing that all people deserved a home and a hearth.  Innocent XII required of all of his attendants and those who followed him to perform corporal acts of kindness and mercy: to build homes for those who had no shelter, feed the hungry, and assist in ways of achieving peace–with his pontificate being the first in hundreds of years–nearly a millennium–where any pope followed the teachings of the Jesus of the New Testament.  Read: Ranke, Leopold von, Die römischen Päpste, tr. Foster, History of the Popes, II (London, 1906), 425-7; Klopp, Onno. Hat der Papst Innocenz XII im Jahre 1700 dem Könige Karl II von Spanien gerathen, durch ein Testament den Herzog von Anjou zum Erben der spanischen Monarchie zu ernennen in Historisch-Politische Blätter, LXXXIII (Munich, 1879), 25-46 and 125-150.

Innocent XIII

Innocent XIII died in 1724. Noble born, the son of Carlo II, Duke of Poli, was a nepotist of the worse order, where his nepotism filled churches, abbeys, priories, convents, and courts.  When he was enthroned as Innocent XIII the new pope elevated his brother to the cardinalate, but did not allow his revenues to exceed 12,000 scudi as had been stipulated by Pope Innocent XII.  Few Roman Catholic leaders listened to him or his numerous protestations, but he was hailed by the poor and homeless for using church wealth to help a limited number of poor. He had no control over his cardinals, the majority of whom were licentious and vitriolic in their dealings with others, with many being great “whore-mongers” with women and children. Read: Mayer, Max Ernest von Ritter, Papstwahl Innocenz’ XIII (Wien: Wilhelm Braumüller); [NA] Leben Papst Innocentii XIII ([Cologne] 1724); Michaud, La fin de Clément XI et le commencement du pontificat d’Innocent XIII in Internationale theologische Zeitschrift, Vol. V, pp. 42-60, 304-331.

The one thing that the thirteen Innocents had in common was a basic sense of charity that was frequently eclipsed by their failure to aid human or civil rights.  However, human and civil rights were not considered during the formative years of the church, and played no basic role, any more than they do under the German pope Josef Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). 

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini of Milan (d. 2012)

What the popes did was attack non-believers and those who questioned ecclesiastical authority or clerical interpretations and erroneous translations, demanding a rigid belief in a god who did not change with time and a church that kept regressing back into the dark past of ignorance, rejection of science, and silencing dissent. This has continued throughout the history of the Roman Catholic church that still ignores the warning of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini of Milan.  Before the prelate died on August 31, 2012, he gave his last interview.  Printed in the daily newspaper  Corriere della Sera [The Evening Courier], Martini said: “Our culture has aged, our churches are big and empty and the church bureaucracy rises up, our rituals and our cassocks are pompous. … A woman is abandoned by her husband and finds a new companion to look after her and her children. A second love succeeds. If this family is discriminated against, not just the mother will be cut off but also her children.”  He sought justice for all, the embrace of the sciences, and ending of past rituals and pompous clothes for priests and prelates.

Why any public school would name a secret society (much alone tolerate one) to be named after nefarious and odiously opportunistic pontiffs is difficult to understand. However, the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s maintenance of this secret society based on the thirteen popes says a lot about the psychology of today in Omaha: rigid, raw rejection of those who do not conform, the unwillingness of lackluster and craven administrators and leaders to treat all equal and see to the equality of all, and the quest for personal glory over the human and civil rights of marginalized people.  UNO, in this instance, has exposed its darkest side and is obviously in tune with Voorhees and those who would cast aspersions on its students.

George Washington was among the most outspoken for religious freedom and the rejection of religion. In a letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island on August 18, 1790, George Washington wrote: “The citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy — a policy worthy of imitation. All possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship. It is now no more that toleration is spoken of as if it were the indulgence of one class of people that [sic: who] another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights, for, happily, the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions their effectual support … May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in this land continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other inhabitants — while every one [sic] shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid.”

The United States of America was never founded as a Christian nation. No single religion was given preference (Amendment 1). This was expressly declared in Treaty of Tripoli, ratified by the U.S. Senate in 1797. Article 11 states: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility [sic], of Mussulmen [Muslims]; and, as the said States never have entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan [sic] nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

The tenth president, John Tyler, in an 1843 letter: “The United States have adventured upon a great and noble experiment, which is believed to have been hazarded in the absence of all previous precedent — that of total separation of Church and State. No religious establishment by law exists among us. The conscience is left free from all restraint and each is permitted to worship his Maker after his own judgment. The offices of the Government are open alike to all. No tithes are levied to support an established Hierarchy, nor is the fallible judgment of man set up as the sure and infallible creed of faith. The Mohammedan, if he will to come among us would have the privilege guaranteed to him by the constitution to worship according to the Koran; and the East Indian might erect a shrine to Brahma, if it so pleased him. Such is the spirit of toleration inculcated by our political Institutions.” (Robert Seager II (1963).  And Tyler too: A Biography of John and Julia Gardiner Tyler, Norwalk, CT: Easton Press, p. 109).

Ignoring America’s past history and the laws of the USA, Voorhees sounded out against those without a belief structure, casting aspersion on atheists as only being “hot” (implying easy sexual targets) without rational capacities.  This rank denigration of others shows the true psychology of the radio personality to be marginal (ref. Klein, Kristen M.; Apple, Kevin J.; Kahn, Arnold S. (2011). “Attributions of blame and responsibility in sexual harassment: Reexamining [sic] a psychological model.” doi: 10.1007/s10979-009-9216-6. Law and Human Behavior, Vol 35(2), April, 92-103; Leskinen, Emily A.; Cortina, Lilia M.; Kabat, Dana B. (2011). “Gender harassment: Broadening our understanding of sex-based harassment at work.” doi: 10.1007/s10979-010-9241-5, Law and Human Behavior, Vol 35(1), February, 25-39; Krings, Franciska; Facchin, Stéphanie (2009). “Organizational justice and men’s likelihood to sexually harass: The moderating role of sexism and personality.” doi: 10.1037/a0013391 Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 94(2), March, 501-510), and for the University of Nebraska at Omaha to be led by a faulty president who does nothing to protect and support his students (ref. Leonard, H. Skipton; Goff, Maynard (2003). “Leadership development as an intervention for organizational transformation: A case study.” doi: 10.1037/1061-4087.55.1.58. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, Vol 55(1), 58-67; Townsend, Joellyn; Phillips, James S.; Elkins, Teri J. (2000). “Employee retaliation: The neglected consequence of poor leader–member exchange relations.” doi: 10.1037/1076-8998.5.4.457Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Vol 5(4), October, 457-463; Michener, H. Andrew; Tausig, Mark (1971). “Usurpation and perceived support as determinants of the endorsement accorded formal leaders.” doi: 10.1037/h0030998, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 18(3), June, 364-372), it is impossible to say more than the UNO administrative soundness is lacking and pathetic.  Neither Voorhees nor Milliken have anything in common with the founding fathers of the USA but instead are as vile and full of feigned fraternity as Pat Robertson and Michelle Bachmann in their drive to drive out democracy and install a theocratic state based on dominionism.  Dominionism is as bad as is developing under the dictatorial reign of terror of Vladimir Putin and Patriarch of Moscow Kirill whose shrill “there is an attack on established values and the family” matches the outcry of racists who hide behind the robes of the new KKK and neo-Nazi parties in the USA who bear the name of the Tea Party.


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Bulgaria, Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Bibliolaters and how Religion turns Politics Insane and Dangerous

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church – Bulgarian Patriarchate (Българска православна църква – Българска патриаршия, Balgarska pravoslavna tsarkva – Balgarska patriarshiya) is an autocephalous (self-governing with no superior leader or bishop) Eastern Orthodox Church with some 6.5 million members in the Republic of Bulgaria today.  It is the oldest self-governing Slavic Orthodox Church in the world, the least educated, most bibliolateric / bibliotaphic religion that has nothing in common with the ancient Jewish reformed movement of the New Testament nor the New Testament Jesus.  Its ignorance and total lack of charity is equalled only by the Pentecostal pretenders who call themselves clergy. 

The novel, imperially created religion called Christianity,  invaded and raped the ancient Bulgarian tribes, who were Turkic from Central Asia, and had nestled in the Balkans in the first century CE to war against prehistoric civilizations that had cultivated the land generations before their arrival. These prehistoric cultures were more developed, richer, more tolerant, and more committed to the general good of their individual commonwealths than anything the initial Bulgars carried in their war bags. 

Those who came before the Bulgars began developing on what would become known as Bulgaria during the Neolithic period  dating to 1,400,000 BCE. Prehistoric cultures in Bulgarian lands were composed of numerous communities. However, three civilizations stood out, paling the pathetic paternalism and patriarchies that would eventually destroy ancient Bulgaria’s productivity and peaceful nature with the introduction of a bastardized form of Christianity that followed neither the teachings of the Jesus of the New Testament nor any of the apostles who preached in the first century CE.  Instead, the religion that would enter, slash and burn villages, crops, and boats were sprung from the misogyny of the stylized Paul by a school of redactors in the second century CE.  They became the keystone for later Paulinists whose plagiarized writings were eagerly adopted by seventh century Bulgarians eager to do away with the feminist orientation of the past, to squelch human and civil rights that past tribes accepted, and to object to any more of human or sexual expression that was not in compliance with the innovations of the Pauline community. 

Hamangia Culture, Bulgaria and Romania, 5000-4600 BCE

The earliest civilization that left its mark on Bulgaria was the Neolithic Hamangia culture (began around 5250/5200 BCE and lasted until around 4550/4500 BCE) that was matriarch in nature and government and excelled in pottery usually making vessels in the shape of standing, faceless, naked women with large breasts and buttocks (Vladimir Slavchev, Vladimir (2004). “Monuments of the final phase of Cultures Hamangia and Savia on the territory of Bulgaria,” Revista Pontica vols. 37-38 (2004-2005), pp. 9-20; cf. Berciu, Dumitru (1966). Cultura Hamangia. Bucureşti: Editura Academiei Republicii Socialiste România (1966), text is in Romanian). 

An anthropomorphic Vinča figurine with incised lines depicting clothing

Successors to the Hamangi wereknown as the Vinča.  The Vinča established their own, more advanced culture (5500–4500 BCE; read Chapman, John (2000). Fragmentation in Archaeology: People, Places, and Broken Objects. London: Routledge, p. 239).  They engaged in copper metallurgy, long before it became an art in what would become known as Europe, when not involved in agriculture, animal husbandry and hunting and foraging and producing high yield cereals:  introducing common wheat, oat and flax and wool (used to make fine fabrics and actually set into place the movement to various fashion cultures, as described by Cvekic, Ljilja (12 November 2007). “Prehistoric women had passion for fashion”. Reuters) to temperate Europe, and made greater use of barley than other cultures, products that were marketed worldwide along with sculptures and jewelry that was fashioned in the form of women since they were also matriarchal, worshipped the divine female, and had rituals similar to the Qadesh in ancient Canaan (Chapman, John (1981). The Vinča culture of south-east Europe: Studies in chronology, economy and society (2 vols). BAR International Series. 117. Oxford: BAR, pp. 117-131; cp. Vasić, Miloje (1932-1936). Preistorijska Vinča I  (1932), Preistorijska Vinča II (1936), Preistorijska Vinča III (1936), Preistorijska Vinča IV  (1936). Beograd [Belgrade] Serbia: Izdanje i štampa državne štamparnje kralevine Jugoslavije, 1932-1936, all are published in Croatian).

Burial at Varna (Bulgaria) with some of the world’s oldest gold

The third group was the eneolithic Varna culture (4400-4100 BCE).  The Varna culture was hard working and made excellent, highly desired and sought after polychrome pottery.  It culture was enriched with elaborate cemeteries, the most famous of which are Varna Necropolis, the eponymous site, and the Durankulak complex.  These two burial grounds comprise the largest prehistoric cemetery in southeastern Europe. 294 graves have been found in the necropolis, many containing sophisticated examples of copper and gold metallurgy, pottery (about 600 pieces, including gold-painted ones), high-quality flint and obsidian blades, beads, and shells, emphasizing that the Varna civilization had extensive trade with far distant nations.

The Varna civilization had a sophisticated religious structure and a belief in an afterlife, but near its decline became patriarchal and had declined to patriarchalism by the end of the fifth century BCE and entombed an elite male in much the same way as the Biblical accounts of the entombment of Jesus took place, to mark the final transition to patriarchy. 

Khebela’s (Cybele) temple in Bulgaria fifth century BCE

The Varna’s followed the goddess Cybele as the source of life, agricultural, and productivity.  Cybele’s temple in Bulgaria was carved into a mountain side, of which it is written:

Това са останки от храм на Кибела. Той се намира на север от тайнствените гробници, където видяхме изсечената глава на бик.

Възрастта на храма е около две хиляди и петстотин години. Това не е сериозна възраст, защото до него е  каменно селище на комай осем хиляди години.

То се намира в Добруджа и е най-старото в континентална Европа.

Cybele’ -Çatal Hüyük

Автентичното име на древното селище (съществувало от  5 400  до  4 100 години преди Христа) не е известно. Затова си позволявам да го нарека Езерния  град.

that can be translated as: These are the remains of a temple of Cybele. It is located north of the mysterious tombs hewn where we saw a bull’s head [a symbol of the ritual of the god Mithras].

The age of the temple is about two thousand five hundred years. This is not a serious [old] age, because until it is [a] stone village that is eight thousand years [its antiquity is not considered].

It is located in Dobrogea and is the oldest in continental Europe.

The original name of the ancient settlement (existed from 5400 to 4100 years BC) is not known. So I venture to call it Lake City.

The decline of the Varna civilization can be addressed to the direct evidence of the incursion of horse-riding warriors who brought with them, muck like the illiterate Abrahamic cults from Iraq carried into Canaan, the concept of male superiority, the mythology of a world flood, male superiority, and the need for redemption (Todorova, Henrieta (1982). Kupferzeitliche Siedlungen in Nordostbulgarien. München, Germany: Beck 1982. Materialien zur allgemeinen und vergleichenden Archäologie 13. In German).

Constantine burning Arius’ books 325 CE

Varna’s ancient history was marred by the presence of the Thracians who were invaders and occupiers of settlement on the order of Lot who commanded a seat in the gateway of the City of Sodom. The Tracians were followed later by the Greeks and Romans. Ultimately the Christians came carrying a message of “convert or die”. It was the Christian clergy who pushed the invented religion by Constantine I crafted at his Council of Nicaea in 325 CE.  Much of what had been ancient Christianity was destroyed in the fires lit by the Emperor to silence opposition; this silencing was hailed as a divine revelation by those who traveled from Bulgaria to the city that then was known as Constantinople, and would be taken back as a method to convert the Bulgars and other people by force.

The Christians who were two separate groups (chrestianos and christianos) emerging from violent paganism that some wanted to be the standard of the new faith from the Middle East, based on Matthew 10:34: that Jesus came as a warrior who would use his sword to separate families and communities: Да не мислите, че дойдох да поставя мир на земята; не дойдох да поставя мир, а нож.  The most radical of the group held a belief in the supremacy of man and subordination of woman based on the mangled message found in Paulinity (Ephesians 5:22: Жени, [подчинявайте се] на своите мъже, като [длъжност] към Господа).  They demanded that all dissenters submit to the emperor (Mark 12:17: Исус им рече: Отдавайте Кесаревото на Кесаря, и Божието на Бога. И те много се зачудиха на Него)and his attendants fatalistic fantasies that were restyled from the theology of Constantine’s soldiers who worshipped and followed the gospels of the god Mithras (Μίθρας) a religion found in Old Persia and in Sanskrit lore (Ulansey, David (1991). Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries. New York: Oxford University Press. p. 8.). 

It did not become a dominant religion until the early fourth century and then only with the aid of the Roman (Eastern) Empire.  Christianity was not universally loved nor wanted by the majority of Bulgarians.  They revolted against its proscriptions and slaughtered its missionaries until the emperor sent out troops to suppress the rebellion against his religion in which he saw himself as a god before he died (he never converted to Christianity–that is a popular myth that has circulated on the Internet for years, and in fundamentalist schools and churches; the only remaining texts state that Eusebius of Nicodemia baptized the emperor as he was dying; after the emperor’s death, the Roman Senate declared Constantine to be a god, and his church declared him to be Saint Constantine the Great even after he killed his wife and son) and was acclaimed as a god after his death (May 22, 337 CE).  Constantine’s establishment of a “catholic [universal] church” was not supported by many, leading the emperors who followed Constantine to quicken the penalties for what they defined as heresy and apostacy that were termed the enemies of Rome and Constantinople. Christianity was to be a stablizing force, but it was not until Constantine brought pagan statues into the Church, elevated Mithras to the “sun of righteousness” and changed the day of rest from Saturday to Sunday in honor of Mithras.

St. and Tsar Boris I of Bulgaria

In an effort to stop the divisions and exodus from the Bulgarian church, Boris I (died 907 CE) known as the Knyaz (Prince Борис I / Борис-Михаил) of First Bulgarian Empire (852–889) shuttled between the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Roman Pope from 865 – 870 CE in an effort to gain autonomy for the Bulgarian church.  It was finally granted at the Fourth Council of Constantinople, and its patriarch took charge of appointing its first primate, clergy, and determining “theological books” that were redactions of earlier texts and had excised from them any writing deemed unfit for the empire by Constantine I in his infamous book burning (and all were Greek Orthodox propaganda).  For his efforts, Boris I was called Tsar (emperor: Бакалов, Георги. Средновековният български владетел. (Титулатура и инсигнии), София 1995, с. 144, 146, Бобчев, С. С. Княз или цар Борис? (към историята на старобългарското право). Титлите на българските владетели, Българска сбирка, ХІV, 5, 1907, с. 311) of Bulgaria, and after he died was proclaimed a saint and declared Equal-to-the-Apostles ( Ὁ Ἅγιος Βόρις – Μιχαὴλ ὁ Ἱσαπόστολος ὁ πρίγκιπας καὶ Φωτιστῆς τοῦ Βουλγαρικοῦ λαοῦ. 2 Μαΐου. ΜΕΓΑΣ ΣΥΝΑΞΑΡΙΣΤΗΣ. In Greek).

Cyril and Methodius missionaries to the Slavs

It was not until the arrival of the disciples of Saints Cyril and Methodius (whose historicity is questionable) in 886 CE that Bulgaria had the appearance of enjoying some freedom, for the disciples were instructed to teach future Bulgarian clergy in the Glagolitic alphabet and Slavonic liturgy prepared, allegedly, by Cyril.  Cyril’s edition was based on the vernacular Macedonian Slavs from the region of Thessaloniki.  Once this was done, Boris expelled the Greek clergy and replaced the Greek language with the Slav-Bulgarian vernacular with testaments elevating the recent Bulgarian version of Christianity complete with many sadistic traits of pagan Bulgarian theology to the level Boris I considered acceptable.  This was necessary as Boris was attacking the Byzantines at Acheloos and Katasyrtia (the last city near Constantinople). 

Byzantium, attempting to buy time, ordered that the Bulgarian church be recognized as autonomous and its archbishopric as autocephalous and equal in rank to a Patriarchate in 919 CE.  Religion became a weapon for emperors and tsars to rule people.  Prelates and patriarchs were nothing less than princelings who followed royal dictates so that their luxuries would be paid for out of the thin purposes of the poor and the foolishness of the wealthy who were told they could buy their salvation from misery in the current life to everlasting joy in the life that was promised to come after death.

The final peace between the warring nations was concluded in 927 when the Patriarchate of Constantinople recognized the autocephalous status of the still-primitive Bulgarian Orthodox Church and acknowledged its patriarchal dignity.  This favor would not be granted to the Russian Orthodox Church until 1596.

In an effort to keep Bulgaria on a war-footing, various restrictions were made in theological definitions.  The role of the woman was to be a mother and produce children for the war machine and sons for the church that had, by that time, become intertwined with the government. Unlike what would ultimately happen in the west, the eastern churches encouraged their priests and prelates to produce more children, as celibacy was considered against the will of god. Any deviation, such as a person refusing to marry or produce children or to remain a virgin by taking holy orders (primarily men, as women were expected to give up any idea of sex) met with severe judgment and the penalty of death, with the Bulgarian church citing scripture’s mythology that the gods had mandated that all people “be fruitful and multiply” a contradiction to Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 7:9 where marriage was held to be the last resort rather than sin: εἰ δὲ οὐκ ἐγκρατεύονται γαμησάτωσαν, κρεῖττον γάρ ἐστιν γαμεῖν ἢ πυροῦσθαι. 

Basil II (Βασίλειος Β’ ο Βουλγαροκτόνος)

When Bulgaria fell to Byzantium in 1018, the Bulgarian church was divided again along Greek lines while its clergy began to preach more in earnest for Bulgarians to marry and raise families to fight the Emperor Basil II Bulgaroktonus (Βασίλειος Β΄Βουλγαροκτόνος: Basil II the “Bulgar-Slayer”) who had reduced the Bulgarian people to a second class role. For his cruelty in war that was hailed as bringing souls to the Church, Basil II was acclaimed a saint upon his death.

Ivan Asen I coin

Bulgaria did not re-emerge as a force until 1185/1186 when the brothers Peter IV (Петър IV tsar 1185-1197; his real name was  Theodore (Todor) but it was changed at the time he was proclaimed emperor, and indication that he was not a native born) and Ivan Asen I (Иван Асен I) laid the foundations for a new (second) Bulgarian state (while Bulgarian apologists insist both males were Bulgarians from birth, the Byzantine historian Nicetas Choniates (Νικήτας Χωνιάτης, ca. 1155 to 1215 or 1216), refers to the people of Peter and Ivan Asen as “the barbarians around Mount Haimos, who were earlier called Mysoi, and are now called Blachoi” (Choniates, 482 in Nicetae Choniatae Historia, ed. Jan Louis van Dieten, Jan Louis (1975) Berlin,

Nicetas Choniates

Germany: Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae #11, p. 368).  This was achieved when the brothers restored the Bulgarian Patriarchate (that the Greeks had reduced to an archbishopric) which occurred when Bulgaria united with the Roman Catholic Church in 1203 to the dismay of the Greek Church who worked to call a council in the town of Lampsakos to restore the dignity of the Patriarchy as an Orthodox Church and return to writing along Slavic lines: sermons addressing the obligations of the woman (including remaining silent) and the need for marriage and the production of children.

When the Ottomans (Muslims) conquered Bulgaria (cf. Васил Н. Златарски, История на българската държава през средните векове, Част I, II изд., Наука и изкуство, София 1970), the majority of Bulgarian churches and monasteries (including the Patriarchal Cathedral church of the Holy Ascension in Tarnovo) were razed to the ground, although a few churches were converted into mosques, and the majority of the clergy killed, with the rest of the clergy and most people being converted subtley to Islam, as Thomas Walker Arnold wrote that Islam was not spread by force in the areas under the control of the Ottoman Sultan.  A 17th century author wrote:

Meanwhile he [the Turk] wins [converts] by craft more than by force, and snatches away Christ by fraud out of the hearts of men. For the Turk, it is true, at the present time compels no country by violence to apostatise; but he uses other means whereby imperceptibly he roots out Christianity…

(Arnold, Sir Thomas Walker (1896). The preaching of Islam: a history of the propagation of the Muslim faith. Westminster, UK: A. Constable & C., pg. 135-144). 

Ottoman Janissaries – I Turchi. Codex Vindobonensis 8626

Arnold is not totally correct, as there were exceptions.  For example: The Sultan imposed the infamous blood tax (кръвен данък), also known as devşirme, whereby every fifth young boy was taken from his family (the families were very large then due to the Christian preaching of being “fruitful and multiply) to be trained as a warrior of the Empire. The boys who were taken from their families (although some were sent by their families who wanted their sons to have a comfortable life, and gain some coins for themselves) went through harsh religious and military training that turned them into an elite corps subservient to the Sultan. These corps were called Janissaries (yeni çeri or “new soldier”) and were an elite and loyal unit of the Ottoman army.

When the Muslims first entered Bulgaria, some monks and faithful escaped to Mount Athos, where the preserved Bulgaria’s language, heritage, culture, and religion along with an inbuilt hatred for all things Greek and with a renewed zeal to repopulate the Bulgarian lands with Bulgarians and the Bulgarian faith.  This led to a surge of intolerance for anyone or anything that did not follow the Bulgarian Patriarchate interpretation of the meaning of life and a reemphasis on the most violent penalties described in the Old Testament: stoning homosexuals and adulteresses, shunning or executing non-believers, and repelling foreign influences.  Biblical literalism became bibliolatry, and the custom of kissing the Bible was made mandatory under pain of death. Those who refused were tortured, and if the refusal was by a female she was literally branded a whore without chance of marriage or forgiveness–a branding that  became not only of hot metal but also of words that are found even today in the ranting of autocrats and theocrats such as Rush Limbaugh and Scott Voorhees who claim to be Christian but follow in the footsteps of the Grand Inquisitor immortalized in The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Paisius of Hilendar

Under Paisius of Hilendar (Свети Паисий Хилендарски: 1722-1773), a monk from the southwestern Bulgarian town of Bansko (who is now considered a saint), a volume (История славяноболгарская or History of Slav-Bulgarians; I am using the Cyrillic edition; the modern Bulgarian edition is: История славянобългарска, Istoriya slavyanobalgarska) was written in what was then modern Bulgarian vernacular, called for a national awakening.

Bulgaria national call written in 1762 by Macedonia-born St Paisius of Hilendar

Paisius called for the erasing all traces of Greek language and culture, and ending any connection with the Greek Empire.  His guide was his version of the Bible (Daskalov, Rumen (2004). The Making of a Nation in the Balkans: Historiography of the Bulgarian Revival. Central European University Press. pp. 7–8; the monk’s life is the subject of “История на България”, Издателство на Българската академия на науките, т. 5, София 1985, с. 128).

This changed first with the world wars, then with the takeover of communism, although the Bulgarian Communist Party attempted to work with the Bulgarian church and the Bulgarian church cooperated. The main point of agreement was the distain for human and civil rights that the church claimed were not Biblical rights (although many disagree in Bulgaria).

Following the decay of many societies, Bulgaria continued to oppress marginalized groups through the draconic power of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.  Women demanding equality with men were denounced as lesbians even if they were married and had children. Racial injustices were ignored by the patriarchate, and priests from small villages openly, targeted the LGBT community with violence, social stigmatization, and so forth. The Human Rights Watch, an international non-governmental organization (NGO) has been at the forefront cataloging, filming and taking depositions of these abuses dedicating their organization to defending and protecting human rights. One of the main targets of the NGO is against the special mephostophelean ministry of the flagitiously foul Father Evgeni Yanakiev from Sliven.  Identical to Adolf Hitler of Germany or Charles Worley of Maiden, North Carolina, USA, Father Evgeni Yanakiev cries out for a genocide of all LGBT by stoning. 

Uttering only words of evil that have been embellished  energumenical, ejaculations, Evgeni has repeatedly denounced the phantom devil that has a firm old over his withered mind in an effort to control villagers to act as mass assassins.  His carping  cacodemonic ramblings have brought in international observers to see the fireband in action, and led Human Rights Watch to send a letter to the Bulgarian minister of justice, Diana Kovacheva. 

Diana Kovacheva. Minister of Justice (Bulgaria)

In the letter, the Bulgarian minister of justice Diana Kovacheva was urged to publicly denounce the statements inciting hatred and violence against LGBT people made by the parochial predatory priest in defiance of the European Union and Bulgarian law.  She smiled. She is a loyal daughter of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church that takes precedence over law.

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle, founder of St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation, decried the words of Yanakiev and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. He went on record, stating:

It is a sad day when clergy who proclaim the gospel in churches to love one’s enemies and “let him who is without sin cast the first stone” can turn around and incite the faithful to act violently toward others who are different from them. … The church has an obligation to respect the dignity of every human being even when we disagree with them. For church leaders to align with violence and persecution of any minority by the state or the mob is a gross violation of the values and call of Jesus to his followers.

The attitudes of Yanakiev and the Bulgarian church are throwbacks to horrid attitudes of the past, Ogle said:

The history of the Orthodox churches has been tragically marred by persecution, violence and martyrdom by political and religious zealots in the name of God or of the state. We should learn from our own history not only how we should be treated but how to treat others who hold different views than our own.  If we forget our own history and our gospel values, we have lost the intrinsic value of our Christian heritage.

It is a sad day when the secular state appears more Christian than the church itself. We not only diminish our credibility but align ourselves once again with the same religious movements who persecuted the Jews of Europe and asked for state sanction and laws to do so. It is not so long ago that the church justified this attitude towards their fellow neighbors and citizens and Europe nearly destroyed itself in bloody and violent acts. The sin of amnesia can cause us to make the same mistakes. If the church has forgotten her own history of persecution and of being the persecutor, we are part of the problem and have lost our ministry of reconciliation in our time.

Human Rights Watch noted for the minister of justice Article 4.1 of the Bulgarian Protection against Discrimination Act that Bulgarian law prohibits all direct or indirect discrimination on many grounds, including sexual orientation. Evgeni elevates himself above the law as if he were a new Elijah and a witness to a new era consumed in the fires of hate.

Father Evgeni Yanakiev is from the town of Sliven, where I had once planned on buying a house, building a library and school. The more I knew of Sliven, the more rapidly I changed my mind and unpacked my library and furniture. 

Stoning LGBT people (common in 79 countries)

In an interview for the Bulgarian ‘Standard’ on 6 June this Prince of Darkness in clerical robes roared: “Our whole society must in every possible way oppose the gay parade that is being planned. For this reason today, I appeal to all those who consider themselves Christians and Bulgarians-throwing stones at gays is an appropriate way.” 

Pastor Scott Lively

Like the Nigerian Neanderthals and unctious Ugandans who claim they are Christians and sponsor legislation to “kill the gays” urged on by USA fundamentalist preachers like Scott Lively (who hired a convicted sex offender to operate his coffee shop) who have never studied the original scrolls, Father Evgeni Yanakiev yells for a holocaust showing his total ignorance of the message of the Jesus of the New Testament, and the injunction in Matthew 5:9: Блажени миротворците, защото те ще се нарекат Божии чада. that in the Greek reads: μακάριοι οἱ εἰρηνοποιοί, ὅτι [αὐτοὶ] υἱοὶ θεοῦ κληθήσονται.  Yanakiev shows no comprehension of the depth of interpretation of Matthew 7:3-5: И защо гледаш съчицата в окото на брата си, а не внимаваш на гредата в твоето око?(4) Или как ще речеш на брата си. Остави ме да извадя съчицата из окото ти; а ето гредата в твоето око? (5) Лицемерецо, първо извади гредата от твоето око, и тогава ще видиш ясно за да извадиш съчицата от братовото си око with the Greek reading: τί δὲ βλέπεις τὸ κάρφος τὸ ἐν τῷ ὀφθαλμῷ τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ σου, τὴν δὲ ἐν τῷ σῷ ὀφθαλμῷ δοκὸν οὐ κατανοεῖς; 4 ἢ πῶς ἐρεῖς τῷ ἀδελφῷ σου· ἄφες ἔκβαλω τὸ κάρφος ἐκ τοῦ ὀφθαλμοῦ σου, καὶ ἰδοὺ ἡ δοκὸς ἐν τῷ ὀφθαλμῷ σοῦ; 5 ὑποκριτά ἔκβαλε πρῶτον ἐκ τοῦ ὀφθαλμοῦ σοῦ τὴν δοκόν, καὶ τότε διαβλέψεις ἐκβαλεῖν τὸ κάρφος ἐκ τοῦ ὀφθαλμοῦ τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ σου.

Father Evgeni’s mental immaturity includes the repeating of fables created to discredit the LGBT when he stated that he could not remain indifferent if someone is “debauching children” and called on his religious followers to throw mayors and state ministers who allow gay pride marches “in the deepest part of the sea with a millstone hung from their necks” misquoting Matthew 18:6 which specifically uses the word “offend” that must be translated as to strike against or cause anger (стачка или причина гняв): А който съблазни едно от тия малките, които вярват в Мене, за него би било по-добре да се окачеше на врата му един воденичен камък, и да потънеше в морските дълбочини. A week later the priest repeated his words in an interview on the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), proving total illiteracy in his Bulgarian bible misinterpreting John 8:7:  Но като постоянствуваха да Го питат, Той се изправи и рече им: Който от вас е безгрешен нека пръв хвърли камък на нея. Cp. With the Russian Synod of 1876: Когда же продолжали спрашивать Его, Он, восклонившись,сказал им: кто из вас без греха, первый брось на нее камень.

On Monday, June 11, the organizing committee of the fifth annual Sofia Pride Parade (the largest human rights event in Bulgaria) issued an open letter to the Holy Synod (the highest authority in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church that consists of poorly trained linguists and philologists (and does not have a single psychologist or psychiatrist on staff) who have no understanding of Acts 10:34: А Петър отвори уста и рече: Наистина виждам, че Бог не гледа на лице).  The committee asked the archbishops to withdraw any calls for violence from the Church, following the injunction of Jesus of the New Testament that not one on the Holy Synod has ever met in literature or in life who said in Matthew 7:7: Искайте, и ще ви се даде; търсете, и ще намерите; хлопайте, и ще ви се отвори. 

On the following Wednesday, the Holy Synod reaffirmed its strong stand against homosexuality (a word that does not exist until 1862, and is not used to address any psychological action or stte of being until 1892) and “immoral manifestations”.  This Christian terrorists argued that it held immutable and immature convictions that homosexuality is “an unnatural lust” that “unconditionally harms both the personality of those who commit and the society as a whole”, thereby going on record in favor of genocide.  What these “saviors of mankind” (спасители на човечеството) ignore is that homosexuality is found in all species in nature (Bagemihl, Bruce (1999).  Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity.  New York, NY, USA: St. Martin’s Press), and who live a normal or traditional life. The archbishops, many who have been accused of pedophile practices, asked all parents and teachers to keep children “away from even seeing the parade” in order to “protect them from seduction.” All major psychological and psychiatric organizations have noted that vocalized homophobia is frequently an indication that the persons condemning a natural state such as homosexuality are most likely closeted homosexuals (cf. Zeichner, Amos; Reidy, Dennis E. (2009). “Are homophobic men attracted to or repulsed by homosexual men? Effects of gay male erotica on anger, fear, happiness, and disgust,” Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Vol. 10(3), Jul 2009, 231-236. doi: 10.1037/a0014955; Sánchez, Francisco J.; Westefeld, John S.; Liu, William Ming; Vilain, Eric (2010). “Masculine gender role conflict and negative feelings about being gay.”  Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. Vol 41(2), Apr 2010, 104-111. doi: 10.1037/a0015805. Herek, Gregory M.; Gillis, J. Roy; Cogan, Jeanine C. (2009). “Internalized stigma among sexual minority adults: Insights from a social psychological perspective.” Journal of Counseling Psychology. Vol. 56(1) Jan 2009), 32-43) doi: 10.1037/a0014672).  From the statement released by the Holy Synod, it is more than likely that either a large number or the most vocal opponents of personal freedom are homosexual.

The archbishops’ message was read from church and to public gatherings, including in the erstwhile priest’s town. There is a house is for sale only 30 km from Father Evgeni’s graffiti (here and here) and it is a background for the spewing of more hatred.  The graffiti also indicates that most likely Evgeni is a homosexual and is desperate to hide its reality even though he is subject to the laws of the European Union of which Bulgaria is a member.

Bulgaria, as a member state of the Council of Europe, is subject to a recommendation (CM/Rec (2010) 5) of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to member states to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. The recommendation was unanimously adopted by the Committee of Ministers on March 31, 2010.

Paragraph six under B Hate Speech reads:

Member States should take appropriate measures to combat all forms of expression, including in the media and on the Internet, which may be reasonably understood as likely to produce the effect of inciting, spreading or promoting hatred or other forms of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons. Such ‘hate speech’ should be prohibited and publicly disavowed whenever it occurs.

The archbishops of Bulgaria ignored openly The international NGO expressed concern in the letter that ‘the call to stone gay people is incitement to hatred and violence’. The letter added: ‘therefore, it should be condemned by you in the clearest terms and in the most public way possible’.  “The call to stone gay people is a heinous threat to the security of peaceful people who want to use their freedom of assembly,” said Boris Dittrich, advocacy director of the LGBT Rights Program at Human Rights Watch. “It is incitement to hatred and violence and should be condemned by the justice minister in the clearest terms and in the most public way possible.”

4th annual Sofia Pride 2011

The Human Rights Watch document, furthermore, contains information about the two previous editions of the gay parade in Sofia which took place in 2008 and 2011. The organization recapped that in 2008 right-wing extremist groups and football hooligans violently attacked participants in the first LGBT pride parade in Bulgaria, while in 2011, three volunteers from the parade in Sofia were attacked and beaten. 

5th annual Sofia Gay Pride parade 2012

In 2012, the march was for equal rights of persons of different sexual orientation or gender identity.  One person was attacked, but gay participants went to his rescue and the attackers disappeared without any police stopping them or their attack.

The human rights spokesperson reminded the justice minister that Bulgaria, as a member state of the Council of Europe, was subject to Recommendation CM/Rec (2010) 5 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, advocating member states to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. The letter revealed that article 4.1 of the Bulgarian Act for protection against discrimination prohibited all direct or indirect discrimination on many grounds, including sexual orientation. In addition, the NGO stated the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, to which Bulgaria is a party, prohibited explicitly in its article 21 discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Human Rights Watch urged the Bulgarian minister of justice to ‘publicly disavow this call for violence and to investigate if Father Yanakiev’s statements can be prosecuted under Bulgaria’s Penal Code’.  Father Yanakiev’s statements equal those of Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin.

It seems that Bulgarian society is not ready to accept the LGBT ostentation yet. It has stimulated a lot of discussions, but it has fueled even more protests and negative reactions. The debate remains fierce, but the only difference is that LGBT ostentation is more and more supported by people of high standing in the country, like former foreign ambassadors for example.

Plovdiv Bishop Nikolay of Bulgaria has handed out awards to the Mayor of the city of Pazarzhik Todor Popov and the Pazardzhik Prosecutor Stefan Yanev for “standing up for Christian values, defending Orthodox Christian morality and spirituality, the sanctity of marriage, family, and statehood,” the Sofia News Agency reports. Plovdiv bishop Nikolay awarded the highest distinction of the Plovdiv Bishopric to Pazardzhik mayor Todor Popov and prosecutor Stefan Yanev for upholding a municipal ban on displaying one’s sexual orientation, reports

Nikolai metropolitan Plovdiv awarded mayors and others who supported his program of family values and “kill the gays” 2012

Metropolitan bishop Nikolai, who is notorious in Bulgaria for his hardline Christian stance, praised the Pazardzhik officials for “honorably upholding of Christian values and defending Orthodox morality” and went on to muse on the unity of law, ethics, and religion.  Life has no value to this cleric.

Nikolai metropolitan of Plovdiv

After blessing children, the Metropolitan (bishop) quickly lost himself in prayer begging his god to murder those who opposed him as Moses called on his god to dispatch those who warred against his design to steal Canaan from its rightful owners. He was but the church’s Joshua, sent to preach war against disbelievers.

“With his professional position, Prosecutor Yanev has shown that when looked at through the prism of common values, law and morality can be in harmony with each other, which harmony lies in the foundations of the Orthodox understanding of a legal order based on faith in Christ and the norms of public propriety and order confessed by Christians,” reads the official statement of the Plovdiv Bishopric.

Nikolai Metropolitan bishop of Plovdiv

Metropolitan Nikolay has thus effectively expressed his desire for formal legislation based on what he considered to be Christian scripture and dogma. Nothing he has said follows anything found in Q or other ancient gospels, but follows the transmogrified texts in Constantine’s bible that he had the Arian bishop Eusebius prepare for 50 churches in the east.

Prosecutor Oleg Yanev upheld the Pazardzhik municipal ordinance in an official decision filled with extensive deliberations on human sexuality, “natural law,” and “propriety”, and essentially determined that public display of one’s sexual orientation constitutes “debauchery.”

Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim celebrates the occasion of his 95th birthday (40 years as Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church)

The Pazardzhik ban was manifestly seen as directed against gay persons and has provoked ire from rights organizations and glee among some in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.  Meaning, they have been leaders in stomping down the gays:

About a month ago, the local authorities in Pazardzhik stirred a controversy after coming up with an order banning the displays of one’s sexuality in public, a measure which was directed at homosexuals. The ordinance came about a month after Bulgaria’s third ever gay pride parade in Sofia that rallied several hundred people in June. When a gay rights organization appealed the ordinance before the local Prosecutor’s Office, Prosecutor Yanev upheld the Pazardzhik municipal ordinance in an official decision filled with extensive deliberations on human sexuality, ‘natural law,’ and ‘propriety’, and essentially determining that public display of one’s sexual orientation constitutes ‘debauchery.’ Yanev’s decision was subsequently overruled by the Supreme Administrative Prosecutor’s Office in Sofia.

Nikolay said:

There is something called public morality. The society is not obliged to watch how somebody is sticking into its eyes their own travesty, and to watch how somebody is destroying the souls of our children, and pours poison into the very idea about the sanctity of the bond between a man and a woman that forms a family. The task of the Orthodox Church assigned by our God Jesus Christ himself, is to protect the moral and ethical principles of scripture. The job of the church is to condemn the devil when he tries to destroy this holy order…The Holy Synod is resisting decisively any public and shameful demonstration of sodomic sin that destroyes the traditional foundations and values of the Bulgarian people and brings enticement into the views of our children and youth.

Jesus said nothing about homosexuality.  His only comment made about sex was that he would forgive adultery but then the person committing adultery was not to repeat the act (John 7:53-8:11, with special emphasis on 8:11: И тя отговори: Никой Господи. Исус рече: Нито Аз те осъждам; иди си, отсега не съгрешавай вече; the Greek reads ἡ δὲ εἶπεν· οὐδείς, κύριε. εἶπεν δὲ ὁ Ἰησοῦς· οὐδὲ ἐγώ σε κατακρίνω· πορεύου, [καὶ] ἀπὸ τοῦ νῦν μηκέτι ἁμάρτανε. The Latin Vulgate is quae dixit nemo Domine dixit autem Iesus nec ego te condemnabo vade et amplius iam noli peccare with the Russian concurring: Она отвечала: никто, Господи. Иисус сказал ей: и Я не осуждаю тебя; иди и впредь не греши). 

Yanev’s decision was fortunately overruled by the Supreme Administrative Prosecutor’s Office in Sofia. Large billboards have appeared in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv condemning the upcoming LGBT parade in the capital Sofia, declaring:

Billboard in Sofia taunting gay parade by far-right in Bulgaria

The gay parade is allowed! Smoking is banned! Which is more harmful for the nation?

The name of marginal far-right party VMRO-NIE is written below.  The “smoking banned” part of VMRO-NIE’s billboards refers to the full smoking ban in closed public spaces introduced in Bulgaria at the beginning of June.  

In a declaration, VMRO-NIE says it “respects the rights of everyone to have a sexual choice.” However, the party states it cannot tolerate a group of people “brutally imposing their sexual orientation to [sic: on] us, demanding special attention.”  The party further claimed that the LGBT parade would be harmful and confusing to children, who will “not understand why men are walking around in pink thongs.” Yet psychological studies show that there is no confusion with children who are not indoctrinated by force.

Skinheads in Pazardzhick (Bulgaria) attack 6 gay activists

Skinheads in the central Bulgaria town of Pazardzhik attacked a group of six activists who had arrived there from Sofia to protest the city council’s ban on displays of homosexuality in public. Novinvite reports:

The (activists) arranged large banners on which they started writing articles from the Bulgarian Constitution and the UN Human Rights Charter. No local gay rights activists joined them, Darik Radio reported. However, about 100 local young men most of them with shaved heads and in black clothes staged an anti-rally claiming they had gathered to express their support for the order issued by the City Council. As several of skin heads members attacked the gay rights activists they were immediately knocked down to the ground and arrested by the policemen guarding the rally, who were led personally by the head of the Pazardzhik Police Directorate, Commissar Stoyan Stoyanov. No-one was hurt during the skirmish. However, the anti-rally protestors shouted offensive slogans directed against the gay rights activists such as ‘No one wants you, losers’, ‘Out of Pazardzhik’, ‘Go to Uganda, freaks’.

Novinvite reports:

Yane Yanev, head of the conservative party RZS (“Order, Law, Justice”) on the right

The posters say that the gay parade is being organized by the Bulgarian Socialist Youth, an organization attached to the Bulgarian Socialist Party; “Spartacus”, a gay/straight disco club in downtown Sofia which was shut down several years ago, and the RZS party, and with the media support of SKAT TV… The message of the posters seems to play on the allegations made by the nationalist party Ataka that the RZS leader Yane Yanev is gay and should admit his sexual orientation because otherwise he would be susceptible to blackmailing – something which Yanev has refuted; various publications over the years have point to former Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev as being gay of which there has been no evidence.

The creator of the posters has not been identified, but the date and location on the posters “coincide(d) with the national protest rally organized by the conservative RZS party.”  The RZS has frequently been compared in Bulgaria to the NAZI party in Germany and the Tea Party in the USA.

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Jessica Ahlquist and Rhode Island Roman Catholics: the attack on the wall separating state and church

Roger Williams defining wall separating state and church

Roger Williams (c. 1603 – 1683) founded the colony of Providence Plantation to provide a refuge for religious minorities. An early proponent of religious freedom, Williams was deeply dedicated to maintaining a firm separation of state and church. A Puritan minister, he argued against any public display of religion by any sect, cult, or group, and was especially found distasteful the Church of England (Anglican) and its sister-in-faith, the Roman Catholic cult.

Roger Williams was the first to use the phrase “wall of separation”.  It was later incorporated into a letter to the Danbury Baptist church in Connecticut to define the relationship of state and church.  Both Williams and Jefferson warned that when religious fanatics within the Christian communities rose to defend their own sectarianism no one was safe.

Roger Williams "The Bloudy Tenent" (on injustice; original in private collection of this author)

His primary tract, a robust denunciation of the King of England and the growing authoritarianism of religion in the colonies led to his being summoned before the General Court of Boston to hear charges of unorthodoxy levied against him. The clergy in the seventeenth century were especially determined to maintain an Old Testament theocracy where women were to remain silent, children seen but not heard, slavery was the design of their god who used the color black to mark the sins of the mythological Ham in the tale of Noah and his ark, and to make certain that education was focused only on a literal reading of the English Bible.  While some ministers knew Greek and a few were competent in Hebrew, the scriptures used were called out to demand allegiance and obedience to the pastors of congregations, and women were to sit silently in obedience to their men–a continuation of the misogyny of Martin Luther and the crippling of theology by various Fathers of the Church from the fourth century forward. Denouncing the High Church authorities of the Anglican communion as men in trappings, Williams was ordered to stand trial in Boston–a trial that had every trapping of the Spanish Inquisition.

List of Crimes for which a person could be executed in Massachusetts Bay Colony (1641; original in this author's private library)

Following a travesty of justice his tract was publicly burned as was the fate of most dissenters and those who defended the right of people to believe or not believe as their “spirit” dictated. The burning of books, tracts, and tomes was not new to Christianity in the New World.

Emperor Constantine orders Arius' books burned (from compilation of canon) 327 CE

It began with the very foundation of the Christian Church by the Emperor Constantine the Great (the First) when he ordered the writings of Arius to be burned at his Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, and has continued through every

Florida Pastor Terry Jones burns Koran March 20, 2011; Pakistan Muslims later burned him in effigy

epoch and in every church in every land to the present where no scripture of any kind for any theology has been safe.

Map of Rhode Island (USA)

Today, the colony of Providence has become the theocracy of Rhode Island.  Rhode Island is a state where no one is free to dissent, and where the rulings of a judge against the public display of any religious ideas are mocked and the plaintiffs and judge threatened. 

The messenger who has followed in the footsteps of Roger Williams called for her right to disbelieve and found the Christian mind-control of her school to be rightfully unconstitutional has been accused of everything from being the mythological anti-Christ to being the subject of vile epitaphs and notes on Facebook and Twitter—this done by “saved” Roman Catholics and Protestants, although she did score the help of one Protestant minister, and later support from some Protestant ministers who initially hesitated to act.

Cranston High School West (RI)

The Roman Catholic cult that controls Rhode Island and has infested the town of Cranston, continues to sharpen its hatred equal to any blustering of the Spanish Inquisition and the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada, a one-time Jew, turned mass murderer. Torquemada issued the same threats of rape, assault, and assassination as has the gaggle of goons who metaphorically goose-step through the halls of Cranston High School West in Rhode Island. 

Prussian coat-of-arms (1933)

The hatred in Cranston High School West is so loud that one can nearly hear the famous proclamation: Gott mit uns proudly publicly belched from 1940-1945 and emblazoned on the Wehrmacht belt buckle that had represented the Prussian coat of arms in 1933 (it actually was a late Roman Empire war cry: Nobiscum deus, which after the Christian church was founded by the emperor Constantine in 325 became a part of his self-created “catholic” [universal] church that he never attended nor accepted but created to silence dissent; Haldon, John (1999).  Warfare, State and Society in the Byzantine World.  London, UK : UCL Press, p. 24 ), exceeding Deus vult in 1095, following the blood-demanding raw rhetoric of one of the least holy and most evil of medieval popes: Urban II (Tyerman, Christopher (2006). God’s War: A New History of the Crusades. Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, p. 65), the prototype for the sadistic and unsaintly Jeanmaría Escrivá and his nefarious Prelatura Sanctae Crucis et Operis Dei, whose maleficent organization has issued more hatred for women, the right of protest and individual choice than any other evil that has covered this planet.

Josemaría Escrivá and Opus Dei

The cult of Escrivá and his embrace of the dictatorships of Generals Francisco Franco in Spain (1939-1975) and Augusto Pinochet in Chile (1973-1990), were but the least disguised attacks on dissenters, that would come to fruition in Rhode Island in 2012 (Luis Carandell, Vida y milagros de Monseñor Escrivá de Balaguer, fundador del Opus Dei (Madrid: Editorial Deriva, 2nd ed., 1992), and von Balthasar, Hans Urs (1964), “Friedliche Fragen an das Opus Dei” (in German), Der Christliche Sonntag 16: 117).  The people of Cranston who oppose free speech and the First Amendment of the US Constitution are far worse than Escrivá who would whip his body until his bathroom was red with his blood, for they seek the blood of a young girl who had the courage to defend the US Constitution.

Jessica Ahlquist (photo by Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times)

The one who has brought out the worse in Christians in Rhode Island is 16, the daughter of a firefighter and a nurse, a self-proclaimed nerd who loves  the fictional character Harry Potter created by J K Rawlings and, like most young people, is addicted to the privacy-invading social-media Facebook.  Her name is Jessica Ahlquist. In addition to being a student, an avid reader, and a Facebook devotee, the teenager is an outspoken atheist and has won the hatred of her heavily Roman Catholic city and its predatory priests having successfully sued the public school to get a prayer removed from the wall of her high school auditorium, where it has hung for 49 years.

Jessica Ahlquist in law office to discuss case

Federal Judge Ronald R. Lagueux ruled in January 2012 that the prayer’s presence at Cranston High School West was unconstitutional. Like many others in Rhode Island, he is Roman Catholic, but like John F. Kennedy, he would not be owned nor controlled by the Vatican and concluded that banner bearing the prayer violated the principle of government neutrality in religion. In part, the judges rulings were based on in part based on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, and US Supreme Court Cases Lemon v. Kurtzman, Lynch v. Donnelly, and Lee v. Weisman.

Jessica Ahlquist enters federal court

In Lemon v. Kurtzman 403 U.S. 602 (1971), the Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania’s 1968 Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which allowed the state Superintendent of Public Instruction to reimburse nonpublic schools (most of which were Roman Catholic) for the salaries of teachers who taught secular material in the nonpublic schools, secular textbooks and secular instructional materials, violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and upheld a decision of the First Circuit that had struck down the Rhode Island Salary Supplement Act providing state funds to supplement salaries at nonpublic elementary schools by 15%.  In Lynch v. Donnelly, 465 U.S. 668 (1984), while the Supreme Court upheld the right of communities to display sectarian holiday scenes (a crèche) and ruled that the crèche is a passive representation of religion and that there was “insufficient evidence to establish that the inclusion of the crèche is a purposeful or surreptitious effort to express some kind of subtle governmental advocacy of a particular religious” view. The Court, in a 5 to 4 decision, also stated that the Constitution “affirmatively mandates accommodation, not merely tolerance of all religions, and forbids hostility toward any.” There was dissent, however by four judges, who argued dissent argued “The effect on minority religious groups, as well as on those who may reject religion, is to convey the message that their views are not similarly worthy of public recognition nor entitled to public support. It was precisely this sort of chauvinism that the Establishment Clause was intended forever to prohibit.”  In Lee v. Weisman, 505 U.S. 577 (1992), came to litigation when the principal of Nathan Bishop Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island, Robert E. Lee, invited a Jewish rabbi to deliver a prayer at the 1989 graduation ceremony. Again, in a 5-4 decision, resulted, with the majority voting against Nathan Bishop Middle School, with Justice Kennedy, the swing vote, writing for the majority noted that the non-sectarian nature of the prayer was no defense in light of the Establishment Clause: “Through these means, the principal directed and controlled the content of the prayers. Even if the only sanction for ignoring the instructions were that the rabbi would not be invited back, we think no religious representative who valued his or her continued reputation and effectiveness in the community would incur the State’s displeasure in this regard. It is a cornerstone principle of our Establishment Clause jurisprudence that it is no part of the business of government to compose official prayers for any group of the American people to recite as a part of a religious program carried on by government, and that is what the school officials attempted to do.”  Rhode Island had become the exact reverse of Roger Williams original intent for establishing Rhode Island as a safe haven for the expression of all religious and non-religious people, where there would be, as he wrote, a wall separating church and state.

The judge’s understanding of the law was lost on the majority of what appears to many as miscreant Cranstonians where Roman Catholic churches have a stranglehold on rational thinking and hate is more common than are flowers in stores and gardens, when ruling for Jessica Ahlquist. In the weeks since the ruling, the repugnant residents crowded invidiously into school board meetings to demand an appeal to force the retention of the pestiferous poster. 

Cranston High School West prayer banner

The prayer, eight feet tall, is papered onto the wall in the Cranston West auditorium, near the stage. It has hung there since 1963, when a seventh grader wrote it as a sort of moral guide and that year’s graduating class presented it as a gift. It was a year after a landmark Supreme Court ruling barring organized prayer in public schools.

The prayer begins: “Our Heavenly Father, grant us each day the desire to do our best, to grow mentally and morally as well as physically, to be kind and helpful.” It juggernauts goes on for a few more lines before concluding with “Amen.”  

“Amen” is the most sectarian, offensive and repulsive of all the words in this pushed prayer.  It appears only in six of the Old Testament/Hebrew bible (twice in the Torah for the Orthodox Jew) books where it (אָמֵן) translates as “so be it” (cf. Numbers 5:22; Deuteronomy 27:15-26; 1 Kings 1:36 repeated in its redaction 1 Chronicles 16:36; Nehemiah 5:13 and 8:6; Psalm 41:13, 72:19, 89:52, 106:48; and Jeremiah 28:6). For some later-day Hebrews it was the name of an angel (Isaiah 65:16: a “god of truth”). On the other hand “Amen” is found in twenty-three of the books of the Christian New Testament as ἀμήν, where it translates as “standfast” (cf. Matthew 6:13. 28:20; Luke 24:53; John 21:25—notice that it appears nowhere in the Gospel of Mark which was the first of the gospels to be written—and the Pauline texts written by colleges of writers: Romans 1:25, 9:5, 11:36, 15:33, 16:20, 24 and 27; 1 Corinthians 14:16 and 16:24; 2 Corinthians 1:20 and 13:14; Galatians 1:5 and 6:18; Ephesians 3:21 and 6:24; Philippians 4:20 and 23; Colossians 4:18; 1 Thessalonians 5:28; 2 Thessalonians 4:18 and 22; Titus [a spurious letter] 3:15; Philemon 25 (the text was not an original Pauline essay as it was written by Onesimus, an alleged servant of Paul who was illiterate; it is tantamount to claiming that the Koran was written by the illiterate camel driver Muhammad); Hebrews 13:21 and 25; 1 Peter 4:11, 5:11 and 14; 2 Peter 3:18; 1 John 5:21; 2 John 13; Jude (of dubious authorship) 25; and the horror tale that can be found in Hittite, Hyksos, Egyptian and other Canaanite sources, known in the Christian Bible as Revelation of Apocalypse 1:6, 7 and 18; 3:14; 5:14; 7:12 (where it is repeated twice(, 19:4; 22:20 and 21) and is a battle cry to suppress dissent and push a sectarian agenda.  In the Arabic it is آمين‎ and reflects a resurgence of emphasis (“Verily” or “So be it”) and was an afterthought coming after the word Dua (دعاء “supplication” or “invocation” and comes from Muhammad’s conversations with Jews living in Mecca before he wandered the desert and received the Koran from Allah through his messenger Gabriel).  It is a basic triconsonantal root word for most Semitic languages and people and is a derivative of the name of the Egyptian god Amun, dating before 1000 BCE (read: Bonwick, James (1956). Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought. Indian Hills, CO, USA, Falcon’s Wing Press.  pp. 123-125; originally published in London, UK: K. Paul & Co., 1878) the Egyptian hieroglyphic language shows the deity’s name as

Egyptian alphabet (a, i, u were not considered vowels)

having only three letters: AMN, as vowels in the earliest days of the language

First use of "Amen" (Egypt: 1520 BCE) to summon the sun

did not exist.  It shares the same root as the Hindu Aum.  All the initial statements by Jesus begin with Amen—which has no parallel in Hebrew scripture and makes the banner a distinctly Christian document. This alone makes the prayer at Cranston sectarian singling out Christianity as a church as the New Testament Greek word for church is ekklesia (εκκλησία) that correctly translates as “a calling out” being a meeting or a gathering (an assembly or a congregation and is singular—the only time that plural is used (Acts 19:37) is a direct reference to heathen temples. 

To claim that a church is a kuriakon or kyriakon refers to a building (εκκλησιών), not any people inside it, and was a reference to the goddess Circe to celebrate the return of the god sun (Apollo).  Christianity was a religion invented by the Emperor Constantine as the only religious source to provide values and direction.  It is definitely against the US Constitution and the framework of the founding Fathers as “Amen” is not found in the Constitution nor in any congressional papers or the writings of any founding Father nor in any recorded/written speech.  It does not exist. That makes it and the banner offensive, demeaning, and badgering and belittling to Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Farsi, Jews, and people of other religions and no religion and shows total contempt of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the USA.

Prayer on T-shirt (photo by Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times)

Today the predacious prayer has become a coat-of-arms, a decoration for T-shirts being sold to students, faculty, and citizens to raise revenues to appeal the judge’s decision and restore theocracy of theological thugs and evangelical extremists over the public school system to forcibly enshrine Christianity as the only acceptable faith.  To determine if the school would appeal the federal judge’s ruling, the school board held a public forum on the question.  This assembly was held at the Western Hills Middle School.

Supporters of the prayer banner sang and clapped their support of the banner, while booing students who spoke out against it (Source WJAR CNN)

The meeting was neither cordial nor constructive, and it did not address the issues of education but, as reporters, noting the words of the federal judge who ruled against the banner, the Western Hills Middle School at times had the atmosphere of a religious service for Tuesday night’s meeting during which a crowd of more than 200 zealots sang hymns and took turns demanding the School Committee appeal a court ruling ordering the banner removed.

The meeting was distinctly, recognizably, and offensively a sectarian exercise that was clearly in defiance of the Establishment Clause, and while Americans have freedom of speech, no American has the right to force any religious idea on another person by turning the meeting into a revival meeting, hurling epitaphs at Jessica Ahlquist that compared her to a Christian Mephistopheles, and chided and derided others who defended the removal of the offensive Christian prayer.  In a meeting that had a plurality of Roman Catholic apologists who blustered in the same way as the Coptic Christian monks under the sway of the Coptic Pope Theophilus in the fifth century, not only pulling the atheist librarian (Hypatia) from her chariot while they were busy burning “offensive” [Arian and secular] books, and tearing her skin from her back while she was still alive only to throw her into a burning holocaust fed by scrolls and other writings being incinerated to destroy evidence of opinions that went counter to state sanctioned religion, the denizen of deniers of human and civil rights voiced their support for a theocracy similar to the church-tie state between the Vatican and medieval Spain and Franco’s fascist Spain.  Because of a fear that such unreasonable and un-American activity would break out, the meeting included police escorts for those who took an “un-Christian” attitude and wanted the rule of law and the US Constitution’s First Amendment upheld. 

Tolerance and respect for the law was spat upon and shouted down by a resident of Cranston, Lisa French, who hurled dollar bills towards the dais (she was later arrested and escorted out for rushing the stage in response to another speaker’s opinion that the protesters were “ignorant” of the fiscal crisis in the city), loud cheers and some boos, the Cranston School Committee on Tuesday heard from a crowd of nearly 250 residents demanding they appeal a court ruling ordering the prayer banner at Cranston High School West come down. The rally (official a public meaning to discuss budget plans for the school) had spiraled further down and there was little difference between it and the rallies and book burning of Nazi Germany when even living professors were hurled into the flames as SS (Schutzstaffel: Protection Squad) raided schools and with student aid, the majority were Roman Catholic who were encouraged by their Roman Catholic priests and the Generalsynode  who were the pastors of Lutheran, Calvinist and other Protestant churches merged into the Church of Germany and  carried “offensive books” to the bonfires or irrational state-controlled religion.

Although the highlight of the night’s agenda was Superintendent Peter Nero’s fiscal 2013 budget presentation that was consigned to an afterthought, the auditorium at Western Hills Middle School was packed in the first School Committee meeting since Judge Ronald Lagueux ruled in favor of plaintiff 16-year-old Jessica Ahlquist and the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, ordering the banner removed.

Many wore signs, provided by Christopher Young.  Young is a radical and mentally disturbed zealot (cp. Spilka, Bernard, Hood Jr., Ralph W., Hunsberger, Bruce, and Gorsuch, Richard (2003). The psychology of religion: An empirical approach (3rd Ed.). New York, NY, USA: Guilford Press) who sees anything not Christian or Roman Catholic to be the work of the devil and claims to be a member of St. Paul and St. Charles Roman Catholic Churches in Cranston.  Young once ran for mayor of Cranston and is viewed as a perennial candidate for elected offices.

Chris Young Mayoral Candidate Ejected from Debate over Statue of the BVM

Young is a staunch Roman Catholic who believes that the rulings of the Pope carry greater weight than the laws of Congress or decisions of the US Supreme Court, who was once arrested for disorderly conduct for tossing an anti-abortion DVD boxed movie at US Representative Patrick Kennedy and screaming anti-abortion slogans in November 2009, while Kennedy was speaking at Brown University (Young was arrested, see video here) and announced he would not seek re-election; Young has described himself as the “servant of the Virgin Mary” (see the video where Young carries the statue of Mary to a mayoral debate, here; cf. Postman, Neil (1976). “Fanaticism”. Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk: How We Defeat Ourselves by the Way We Talk and What to Do About It. New York, NY: Delacrote Press. pp. 104–112: a fanatic sees any action that violates his or her concept of what is right as a violation of what he or she sees as normal and the will of a god or goddess, singular or plural; as Lloyd Steffen wrote in his book Holy War, Just War , “[Religious] fanaticism … invokes the idea of ultimacy, and its presence in religious life is undeniable” … “[Religious] fanatics are persons who attach to some object an ultimate valuation and then attend to that overvalued object with what is recognizable as a kind of religious devotion” such as the worship and protection of a “virgin” statue, the proclamation that any book is “the true and actual word of a god” and so forth; read: Steffen, Lloyd (2007). Holy War, Just War: Exploring the Moral Meaning of Religious Violence. Lanham, MD, USA: Rowman & Littlefield, p. 81) and “unequivocally Roman Catholic” as with his singing Revelation as seen in this video (denoting religious fanaticism that was excused by Jeanmaría Escrivá and the Polish pope who suffered from various physical and mental illnesses) where the Vatican is the last word for mortals and the Pope is the only mouthpiece of god, and repeats that in 2010, he attends St. Charles Roman Catholic Church on the corner of Cranston and Dexter Streets in Cranston. In my professional judgment, Young is a danger to himself and his community, and is quite capable of killing Jessica Ahlquist or any who dissent from his Opus Dei viewpoints and excessive Roman Catholicism).  The signs that Young handed out screamed “APPEAL – or vote them out!”

The vast majority in attendance were there to call for an appeal and decry the court decision, though several speakers did urge the committee not to appeal and said it would be a lost cause, including Ahlquist herself, who was led in and out of the auditorium by an entourage of Cranston Police officers.  Only one person was allowed to speak twice: Pastor Richard Lehe who claims he speaks directly for god (see video here).

Ein feste Burg (Luther's original signature and composition) 1529 ed.

Before the meeting started, the crowd broke out into song, at first by singing God Bless America and eventually drifting into Christian hymns, a type of group psychosis exhibiting a collective psychotic mood formation bordering on harbingering violence.  Many lustful voices echoed through the room, with tears swelling, and damnation of Jessica interspersed between prayers, strangely similar to the marching Lutheran armies spilling carnage and bloodshed in their wake to confiscate Roman Catholic holdings during the Protestant Reformation (Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott a paraphrase of Psalm 46, sung by all invading armies throughout northern Europe) with the Lutheran cult being forcibly established throughout Scandinavia in the same manner as Roman Catholicism forced itself on the Moors of Spain and the advanced civilizations of the Inkas in the Andes of South America: the cross was used as a war weapon. It was as if the god of Rhode Island could not protect himself but needed the physical support for him to enact vengeance upon the unfaithful.

Patrick McAssey, a 17-year-old student council president at Cranston public school, began the public comment by stating he believes the prayer is “not in fact a Christian prayer,” bur rather a “positive statement that reaches all walks of life.” McAssey said “Heavenly Father,” and “Amen,” which is how the prayer begins and ends, could relate to many religions, not just Christianity. That’s why he believes the banner should stay.  The greatest problem with McAssey is that the young man selectively or unintentionally (or lacking refined education) either ignores history, has not been taught history truthfully, or transmogrifies history, for “Heavenly Father” goes back beyond 5000 BCE when it was a term for the Egyptian sky god: a cow, detailed in The Book of the Heavenly (Celestial, Divine) Cow, Funerary text of Egypt’s New Kingdom, and we also find fairly complete versions of the book in the tombs of Seti I (KV17), Ramesses II (KV7) and Ramesses III (KV11); read Hornung, Erik (1999). Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife, Cornell, NY, USA: Cornell University Press).  I discuss the ancient Egyptian use of “Amen” (the name of another Egyptian god: Ἄμμων) in another place in this essay, but note here that it is a universal word, with Sanskrit foundation, and has nothing to do with a religious ejaculation nor payer before the advent of redacted records for the Emperor Constantine’s catholic [universal] church after 325 CE when all opposing books, especially by Arius and Gnostics, were burned publicly to silence dissent.

McAssey, like a wounded soldier fighting a lost cause that was created out of a lie, marshaled on in a psychological syndrome of self-invited persecution and paranoid ideation, declaring: “Despite all the unwanted attention brought to this school, we should appeal this case.  If we’re going to go down, let’s go down fighting.” (Cp. Read, John, and Argyle, Nick (1999), “Hallucinations, Delusions, and Thought Disorder Among Adult Psychiatric Inpatients with a History of Child Abuse,” Psychiatric Services November 1, 1999, vol. 50, No. 11; ref. Goff, DC; Brotman, AW; Kindlon, D; et al. (1991). “The delusion of possession in chronically psychotic patients.” Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease179:567-571, and Blackwood, Nigel J.; Howard, Robert J.; Bentall, Richard P.; and, Murray, Robin M. (2001). “Cognitive Neuropsychiatric Models of Persecutory Delusions,” American Journal of Psychiatry, Apr 2001; 158 (4); 527-539).

Cranston resident Lisa French, who from my research has no educational background nor license in law, declared the judge’s decision “an unconstitutional ruling” and warned the committee that a precedent is being set.  She stated: “How should a small minority be able to decide what should stand and what should not stand? I don’t know what kind of math you’re using but when I went to school, two is greater than one.”

French reiterated a frequently made point during the meeting, that many believe since “separation of church and state” does not explicitly, word for word, appear in the constitution, which is correct.  Her assertion, however, that there is no reason why the government can’t sponsor prayer and religion has been rejected repeatedly by all degrees of jurisprudence (e.g. Bradfield v. Roberts , 175 U.S. 291 (1899), Quick Bear v. Leupp , 210 U.S. 50 (1908), Schneider v. State of New Jersey , 308 U.S. 147 (1939), West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette , 319 U.S. 624 (1943), Everson v. Board of Education , 330 U.S. 1 (1947), Torcaso v. Watkins , 367 U.S. 488 (1961) that addresses the issue of a required belief system, Engel v. Vitale , 370 U.S. 421 (1962) that can directly apply to Cranston, RI, as it states that state officials may not compose an official state prayer and require that it be recited in the public schools the state, even if the prayer is denominationally neutral, Chamberlin v. Public Instruction Board , 377 U.S. 402 (1964), Wooley v. Maynard , 430 U.S. 705 (1977) that prohibits any government or agency from disseminating an ideological message by displaying it in a manner and for the express purpose that it be observed and read by the public, Stone v. Graham , 449 U.S. 39 (1980) rejecting that a Kentucky statue requiring the posting of a copy of the Ten Commandments, even purchased with private funds, is unconstitutional, Wallace v. Jaffree , 472 U.S. 38 (1985) that a one-minute of silence violates the Establishment clause of the First Amendment, Edwards v. Aguillard , 482 U.S. 578 (1987) that Louisiana’s “Creationism Act” violates the First Amendment since it lacks a clear secular purpose; etc.).

Following the collective psychosis in the auditorium (cp. an interview by Harry Nutt with Gertrud Hardtmann on Eine Bewegung, die keener mehr kontrollieren kamm in Tageszeitung No. 5766, February 19, 1919), French warned that the entire committee would be voted out if they didn’t choose to appeal. “If you don’t defend the banner, you will not be reelected,” French shouted. “Any of you!” 

French demonstrated, effectively, illusions of grandeur and hysterical mob psychosis (cf. T. W. Adorno, “Freudian Theory and the Pattern of Fascist Propaganda.” In Vol. III of Psychoanalysis and the Social Sciences. Ed. Géza Roheim. New York: International Universities Press, 1951, pp. 408-433. Reprinted in Vol. VIII of Gesammelte Schriften. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1975). Any veneer that Christianity was a religion of peace or love was firmly erased and exposed the stagnant skeleton on which faith was drapped in Cranston having been cannibalized by hate honed from pulpits, priests and pastors, parents in homes and sidewalk evangelists.

Taylor Grenga, a junior at Cranston West, said she thought that although the banner contained “a good moral message,” that is not a reason to keep it because the school already has a school creed hanging in the auditorium. Grenga was booed by some members of the audience, which prompted Nero to scold the crowd for not setting a good example, he said. What the general attitude did was show not only mob psychosis, but borderline personality disorder among the opponents to Grenga’s arguments (cf. Goodman, Marianne; Hazlett, Erin A.; New, Antonia S.; Koenigsberg, Harold W.; and, Siever, Larry (2009). “Quieting the Affective Storm of Borderline Personality Disorder,” American Journal of Psychiatry May; 166(5); 522-528). Nero continued: “The last few days, we’ve seen attacks — some of them which we have no control over, which are on blog sites. And you wonder where everybody’s getting down on kids for saying these things but you folks who boo — you’re setting the example for these kids [sic]. We have not sent a good sample and you folks need to set a good example.”

(L-R) Secretary of State Mollis and Andrea Iannazzi

Even before the public comment period began, School Committee chairwoman Andrea Iannazzi warned the crowd that anyone speaking ill will of Ahlquist “clearly does not understand the intent of the banner and will be asked to leave”. Iannazi added that even if she doesn’t agree with Ahlquist, “we can all recognize her bravery for standing up for what she believes in.”

Some in the crowd couldn’t contain their frustration, including French, who screamed that she was being slandered when Kerri Kelleher spoke and refuted an assertion by a previous speaker — who identified herself as a Narragansett resident — that the district has a $133 million budget and could easily afford to continue the legal battle.  Lisa French charged the stage, throwing a fistful of dollars toward the committee, screaming “Here’s your money!” Iannazzi ordered French to be escorted after the room by police.

 Ahlquist, herself, addressed the committee and urged its members not to pursue an appeal. She noted that Judge Lagueux is a conservative Catholic and “and even he sees this is not to be in a public school.”

“This is not about religion,” Ahlquist said. “This is about the Constitution and it always has been. Religion does not have a place in public school and this country was not founded on the idea of Christianity and Christian principles. It was founded on the idea of religious freedom. If you want to defend the Constitution, you will remove the banner.”

Ahlquist was seconded by Ray Bosscia, a longtime Cranston resident who said he initially was in favor of keeping the banner, but after reading Lagueux’s decision, he has begun to think “he may be right.” Bosscia, unwilling to make a deeper commitment to the Constitution, said maybe an “Our heavenly father” and “amen” could be removed from the banner to keep it in place. That was a suggestion from the ACLU early on, but the committee rejected it.  Bosscia noted: “If we had done that in the beginning, would we be here now?”

The committee did not take any immediate action on the banner issue at the meeting. School Committee Member Frank Lombardi said he appreciated everyone who showed interest in the issue and “think it provides for spirited debate.” The Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty, which takes direction from the Vatican and provides legal services to the school district, is reviewing the case, promising to let the committee know if an appeal is worth considering. That means no action will be taken anytime soon, Lombardi said.

Allan Fung first Asian-American mayor of Cranston elected 2008

Since the ruling, the prayer has been covered with a tarp. The school board deliberated for some time before deciding delay consideration on an appeal—an appeal that would drain off the last revenues the school had reserved for education: books, teachers, staff, and so forth.  On January 13, 2012, the Mayor of the city, Allan Fung, was among those who disagreed with the decision to remove the banner, but noted the expense that the city would incur in an appeal

Jessica continues to receive online threats from students, parents, priests, and others, despite the fact that Rhode Island has an anti-bullying law (Bullying/Harassment Statute 16-21-24 (2003) and 16-21-26; H7213 (2008) includes “electronic communications” in the definition of harassment, intimidation or bullying that is aimed at cyberbullying, a favorite form of tormenting others by psychopaths and schizophrenics. Statute 11-21-2 (1956) makes hazing, defined in detail in Statute §11-21-1(1909), a misdemeanor offense, punishable of up to a $500 fine and/or imprisonment from 30 days to one year) A similar, national statute was initiated by one-time

David Cicilline

Providence Rhode Island mayor  who later ran for the US Congress seat vacated by Patrick Kennedy: Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI) who became the fourth openly gay member of Congress: (read here and  here).  Cicilline has been consistently vocal in his opposition to any form of bullying, and has declared his support for divergent views. What happened in Cranston was overwhelming,

 The local police have escorted her at school as even teachers along with classmates have vowed to “punch her in the face”, commit rape, and assassinate the youth (read here) and the observations of her uncle who has kept a video log of school board meetings and comments made by citizens of Cranston.  Jessica received many from her school. Here are a select sampling of hate messages sent to Jessica Ahlquist from classmates:

Unquestionably, AJ St. Angelo has serious mental problems, for his Tweets stand out among the others that rampaged across the airwaves. He is in need of psychiatric help. To discuss rape is one thing, but to threaten rape, even by an imaginary being is deranged. Rape is an element in the crime of murder and genocide–the rapist has one intent: that the person (female or male) is unable to reproduce and thereby cannot educate a new generation in what the rapist considers to be heresy, blasphemy, or irreligiosity.  While AJ St. Angelo shows definite sadistic psychological imbalance, his protestations also indicate a suppressed libido that makes him feel sexually inadequate either to penis size or observed or feared inability to complete a normal sexual act (Rice, Marnie E.; Lalumiere, Martin L.; Quinsey, Vernon L. (2005). The Causes of Rape: Understanding Individual Differences in Male Propensity for Sexual Aggression (The Law and Public Policy.). American Psychological Association (APA) or impotence). St. Angelo’s introduction of Satan into his screed indicates that his ability to think rationally is impaired by religious imprisonment of his mind, that he has been taught that Satan is the author of crimes against people and the ultimate punisher–in keeping with late medieval Roman Catholic theology and an emerging Protestant embrace of demonology. The introduction of Satan as the instrument of rape also demonstrates an attraction to the abnormal or supernatural forces, and may indicate a suppressed desire to experience similar penetration. At the same time, it is a covert cry that St. Angelo feels that Jessica Ahlquist is attached to the illusionary being that represents the base of evil since rape is generally by someone the victim knows rather than by a stranger.

Eric Rosa has been submerged too far in the cult of the cross, where he suggests that Ahlquist must be “nailed to the cross”.  This can be read two ways: (1) that Jessica is the new saviour, although that is not his intent, and/or (2) that Jessica deserves to die (strangely by crucifixion as was the alleged lot of the New Testament Jesus).  In both cases, Rosa is fixated with religion and sees any attack on it as an attack upon his personal god (cp. Roberts, Laura Weiss Roberts; Hollifield, Michael; and, McCarty, Teresita (1998). “Psychiatric Evaluation of a “Monk” Requesting Castration: A Patient’s Fable with Morals” American Journal of Psychiatry, March 1998; 155 (3); 415-420).

Taylor Crocker shows classic borderline personality disorder and the desire to destroy to elevate herself as a sage, while recognizing that she is mentally unstable. While Crocker is speaking for herself, she writes that “everyone” will go after Ahlquist as if that was a commonly accepted requirement, emphasizing pathological comorbidity (multiple diagnosis) that is usually associated with opioid addiction where psychiatric symptoms and disorders may be drug-induced, independent, or interrelated. Substance use and addiction can mimic, exacerbate, or precipitate psychiatric personality disorder symptoms leading for calls for violence and homicidal ideation (cf. Robins, E, and Guze, S.B. (1970) “Establishment of diagnostic validity in psychiatric illness: Its application to schizophrenia.” American Journal of Psychiatry. 1970;126:983–6).

Rev. Brandon Smith (RI)

Cranston, a city confounded and cursed with raw hatred has little to brag about as the city has run out of money, the school nearly bankrupt, and with the abhorrent aberration of despicable displays of Christian charity championed in churches, chapels, and among clergy, many of whom have brought dread with the rise of priestly pedophile preying (Jeffrey Thomas, of Massachusetts, and Helen McGonigle, of Connecticut, who have gone on record saying that they were raped as children by the Rev. Brendan Smyth, an Irish priest who had been assigned to Our Lady of Mercy in East Greenwich from 1965 to 1968), the  city of 80,000 just south of Providence, has throbbed with raw emotion as if it were aroused erotically—in the same manner as was the sport of those who participated in the religious torture of nonsubscribers and nonbelievers throughout the Roman Catholic world.  This is not just the verbal ejaculations and barbed insults hurled at

Peter G. Palumbo

Jessica Ahlquist coming from the twisted mentality of residents, but also barked by the execrable State Representative Peter G. Palumbo, a Democrat from Cranston (16th District), who damned Jessica as “an evil little thing” on a popular talk radio show and publicly shows his contempt for anything that offends his religious views.  His denunciation will win him votes for he represents the worse and most bigoted element in his constituency, lacking all respect for the struggle for equality and civil rights in the USA. While Palumbo does represent the bigots and the Roman Catholics in Cranston, he does not represent the ideals of the USA nor the stated platform of the Democratic Party in the USA.  He is more in keeping with the Dixiecrats and the numerous hate organizations listed by the SPLC and other groups.

Alexandra Vachon’s Tweets show the greatest instability over the issue of Jessica Ahlquist’s right to express her opinions on matter of religion.  She vows violence but retreats under fear of being punished.  This is classic schizophrenia and falls into the comorbidity classification since there is obviously a part of her life she keeps hidden (it could be alcoholism, which seems most plausible, or any other drug of choice) as each of her Tweets indicates a joyful celebration over the possible defacement (a “punch” in the mouth, etc.) that shows sadism at its worse.  It is no longer “child’s play” or a “teenage tantrum” but rather a blunt statement of intent. Ms. Vachon vouches psychiatric problems for herself and for others, not just Ms. Ahlquist. On the nature and evaluation/elevation of hurtful words, read: Tiecher, Martin H.; Samson, Jacqueline A.; Sheu, Yi-Shin; Polcari, Ann; and McGreenery, Cynthia E. (2010). “Hurtful Words: Association of Exposure to Peer Verbal Abuse with Elevated Psychiatric Symptom Scores and Corpus Callosum Abormalities,”  American Journal of Psychiatry, December 2010; 167 (12); 1464-1471; ref. Siever, Larry J. (2008). “Neurobiology of Violence and Aggression.” American Journal of Psychiatry, April; 165 (4); 429-442).

There has been no effort to shore up or defend Ahlquist’s right of descent against enforced religiosity, but there have been concerted efforts to make her life the Christian concept of hell on earth. Three separate florists refused to deliver her roses sent from the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation, a national atheist group. The group, known as the FFRF, filed a complaint with the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights, where it languishes as several clerks fingered their rosaries.

Annie Laurie Gaylor

Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the foundation, told reporters, when the news broke that the flowers would not be delivered, stated, “I was amazed.” This led the organization to give the young woman $13,000 from support and scholarship funds, with other people and groups setting up similar funds for Jessica’s future college education. Gaylor noted, “We haven’t seen a case like this in a long time, with this level of revilement and ostracism and stigmatizing.”

Jessica was baptized as a baby in the Roman Catholic Church.  She stopped believing in God at age 10 when she learned that prayer was talking to herself and that no god answered prayers.  Because of this realization, Jessica saw the prayer was an affront. “It seemed like it was saying, every time I saw it, ‘You don’t belong here,’ ” she said the other night during an interview at a Starbucks in Cranston.

Ahlquist’s action was not hasty. It took time.  It required thought.  A friend brought the prayer to Jessica’s attention in 2010, when she was a high school freshman. She said nothing at first, but before long someone else — a parent who remained anonymous — filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who has as its goal “to defend and preserve individual rights and liberties”. That lawsuit intimidated the school board, as the school system was running low on money given the deteriorating economic conditions in Rhode Island. The Cranston school board began to hold hearings on whether to remove the prayer, and Jessica spoke at all of them. She also started a Facebook page calling for the prayer’s removal (it now has almost 4,000 members) and began researching Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island as a haven for religious freedom.

In March 2011, at a rancorous meeting that Judge Ronald Rene Lagueux of United States District Court in Providence, of whom several complaints were launched against him, described in his ruling as resembling “a religious revival,” the school board voted 4-3 to keep the prayer. Some members said it was an important piece of the school’s history; others said it reflected secular values they held dear. Lagueux was nominated a federal judge by Ronald Reagan on January 21, 1986 and was an associate judge on the Rhode Island Supreme Court 1968-1986. He received an LL.B from Harvard Law School in 1956, earning an A.B. in 1953 from Bowdoin College in Maine (he was born in 1931 in Lewiston, Maine). No one explained how a prayer could be secular.

The Rhode Island chapter of the ACLU then asked Jessica if she would serve as a plaintiff in a lawsuit. She agreed.  The lawsuit was filed the next month.

Lincoln Chaffee defends "holiday tree" as RI tradition

New England is not the sort of place where battles over the division of church and state tend to crop up. It is the least religious region of the country, according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.  Rhode Island is an exception.  Rhode Island is the nation’s most Catholic state, and dust-ups over religion are not infrequent. In December 2011, several hundred people protested at the Statehouse after Gov. Lincoln Chafee (who is among those who want the banner removed), an independent, lighted what he called a “holiday tree” in honor of Roger Williams who founded Rhode Island.

The most evil force, as would be expected, demanding the retention of the prayer banner to save souls is the rank Roman Catholic Church of Rhode

Bee England (left) and Marie Ferrazzano (right) defend theocracy over democracy

Island.  Bee England, a parishioner at St. Charles Borromeo in Providence, and Marie Ferrazzano of St. Mary parish in Cranston wore signs indicating their support for an appeal of the federal judge’s ruling against the prayer banner, and later boasted that only the Vatican should speak on matters of law when the issue was education as all people should be trained to be servants of the Roman Catholic Church. The assistant pastor (the fulltime Pastor is Rev. James. R. Collins) of St. Matthew Parish (it was forced to close its school at the end of 2010 because of diminishing enrollment from 299 to 119, and a fire that cost too much damage to be able to afford to rebuild), 15 Francis Avenue in Cranston, was among those who attended school meetings to show his support to keep the offensive banner on the school wall, commenting in a manner similar to the Dominican Inquisitors of the fifteenth century when faced with rebellion in Spain: “If we go down, we go down with a fight.” This same smugness was reiterated by the Spaniards when the conquered the Inka Empire in the sixteenth century and murdered its king and most of the court. There was no religious tolerance then, nor ever in the Roman Catholic Church’s history.

Roman Catholic Inquisition torture of women

What the people who assembled to denounce the judge’s opinion based on law and the Constitution want is a world matching the fifteenth century where all dissenters were tortured and put to death by garroting, auto-de-fé, Iron Maidens, water-boarding and other devilish devices that John Choon Yoo who worked in the US Department of Justice suggested to George W. Bush (a man that the one-time US Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) called a “better Roman Catholic [sic: Bush is a Methodist] than John F. Kennedy” (read here and here  and here) that recounts how Santorum saw himself as a Roman Catholic missionary while in the US Senate, with some claiming that the assassination of JFK was a Vatican-

Waterboarding was common during the Spanish Inquisition (15th-17th centuries)

Jesuit conspiracy) that torture and water boarding were acceptable means of

Torture of women was especially popular with the German Inquisition

extracting critical information and had been used by the Roman Catholic Church for more than 1500 years.

The Roman Catholic Church in Rhode Island has the support of the Washington, DC based Becket Foundation for Religious Liberty, a non-profit Roman Catholic interest legal and educational institute that works to protect the freedoms of Roman Catholics and “reasonable” Christians who might convert to Roman Catholicism. The most odious opportunist was Monsignor Richard Sheahan, pastor of Holy Apostles Church in Cranston (read the official Roman Catholic biography), who argued that the ruling further “secularized” society by “attempting to remove God from public view” but never clarified his comment on when god was ever seen in Rhode Island.  Clergy comments

Thomas J. Tobin, bishop of Rhode Island

were endorsed by Rhode Island bishop Thomas J. Tobin, who had long protected pedophile priests in Rhode Island parishes and church schools

The Rhode Island bishop , Thomas J. Tobin, admitted that 125 Rhode Island priests had been accused of molesting children (without any reference to the numerous adults) of both genders, but, following instructions from the Vatican under the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, only allowed 29 of the pedophile priests who admitted to sexually molesting young girls and boys, to be publicly identified (read here and here), claiming that as much as he opposed the ruling, “resorting to personally insulting and even threatening language in such public controversies is totally unacceptable, especially when directed at a young person such as Jessica Ahlquist who has every right to promote her beliefs and express her opinion.”

Bishop Thomas Tobin has a long record of double-talk and negative actions.  While protecting pedophile priests, he has denied communion to those who practice contraception or do not adhere rigidly to official Roman Catholic Church dogma and denied Congressman Patrick Kennedy communion because of his pro-choice convictions.    As Ruth Moore of Hull, Massachusetts, stated for the record: “He claims that it’s important that we protect the unborn. But it’s equally as important to protect those who have been born and those young children who have been raped and sodomized by clerics and priests. But yet he seems to protect those clerics.”  This was echoed by Randi Rhodes who comments regularly, that the bishop’s stand is “Love the fetus, hate the child”.  This is especially common among the Roman Catholic clergy in Cranston who say nothing about the death threats directed against Ahlquist by their parishioners but mourn the covering of the prayer banner in a public school. Where Opus Dei is strongest in Rhode Island, Tobin is championed as a “soldier of Christ, armed with shield and sword” to fight against those who would deny “the message of Jesus”. The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts called Tobin’s action an “act of courage, fidelity and charity, intended to prevent scandal and sacrilege.” 

1997 Vatican letter requiring hiding child abuse

The Vatican, in 1997, with the knowledge of Pope John Paul II, warned bishops in the USA as it warned Irish bishops not to report sex offendersin the clergy for fear it would lead to defections from the church in a letter that emphasized the church’s right to handle all child-abuse allegations and determine punishments in-house rather than give that power to civil

Archbishop Luciano Storero

authorities; the letter was signed by the late Archbishop Luciano Storero (who wrote the canon on sexual abuse by priests; Benedict XVI continues the cover-up; with child sex rapes by priests and nuns (read here and here), Pope John Paul II’s diplomat to Ireland, the letter instructs Irish bishops that their new policy of making the reporting of suspected crimes mandatory “gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and canonical nature.”  John Paul II’s duplicity in the cover-up has been exceeded only the rank retaliation of Benedict XVI who demands total allegiance to Vatican rule.

It was decreed by the Vatican that it is “far more important” to protect symbols to hold the “church base” together, especially catering to the elderly who could leave their money to further church goals.  The plight of children meant nothing until droves of Roman Catholics left the Vatican’s church, and thousands of sexually abused boys and girls (now men and women) have brought lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Church in state and provincial courts from Canada and the USA to Ireland and Europe, and as distant as Spain (see video here), Ireland (see the video here), Australia (that has a record of nuns selling babies see video here) and New Zealand (see video here).  It is a common practice, worldwide.

Roman Catholics in the public school meeting on the issue of appealing the banner were quick to call on the school to use public funds (which include taxes paid by non-Roman Catholics) to protect the sectarian prayer. The elderly, fearing death and for their souls (read here and here),  were among the most outspoken, calling Ahlquist “the devil” and “a whore of evil”—while being noticeably upset when asked if they had ever done something they did not confess to a priest or question as to their sexuality or spirituality. Threats were hurled endlessly, not only at reporters and the Ahlquist family (Jessica in particular), but also at any supporters seeking the removal of the banner.

Many alumni this week said they did not remember the prayer from their high school days but felt an attachment to it nonetheless. According to published

Don Fox and family (Facebook)

reports, Donald Fox, a 1985 graduate of Cranston West, gun enthusiast (“shooting” is his avocation) an unsuccessful Republican candidate for the 47th District in 2010 losing by 196 votes, and endorsed by the Tea Party for a run in 2012 for the Rhode Island legislature, noted: “I am more of a constitutionalist but find myself strangely on the other side of this. The prayer banner espouses nothing more than those values which we all hope for our children, no matter what school they attend or which religious background they hail from.”

Brittney Lanni (Facebook)

Brittany Lanni, who graduated from Cranston West in 2009, said that no one had ever been forced to recite the prayer and, identifying herself as a “daughter of Jesus,” called Jessica “an idiot.”  She could not remember what Matthew 5:22 or 7:1 said. Instead, Lanni excused her argument by comparing the prayer banner to economic solvency: “If you don’t believe in that, take all the money out of your pocket, because every dollar bill says, ‘In God We Trust’.”  The first time “In God We Trust” appeared on our coins was in 1864 on the new two-cent coin, and by 1909 it was included on most the other coins. The slogan was forced on all of the citizens of the USA during the Age of Fear under Roman Catholic US Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI) in 1955 when Red Baiting (anti-communist hysteria that is applauded by the Roman Catholic Church: coming from the anti-democratic Catholic League of the USA) was at its pinnacle (see an apologia pro vita Joe McCarthy by the Jesuit Crosby, Donald F. (1978). God Church, and Flag: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and the [Roman] Catholic Church, 1950-1957. Chapel Hill, NC, USA: University of North Carolina) , when, during the height of the cold war, on July 11, 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed Public Law 140 making it mandatory that all coinage and paper currency display the motto, making the slogan the official motto of the USA over the protestations of many.

Raymond Santilli, whose family owns one of the four flower shops that refused to deliver to Jessica, said he declined for safety reasons, knowing the controversy around the case (the flower shop has a gross income of $98,000 a year and employs two people). People from around the world have called to support or attack his decision, which he said he stood by even after being offered police protection. Santilli reasoned that the publicity would chase away steady clients, giving the lie to his claim he was worried about employee safety (video here).

A second bigot is the hate-filled owner of Twins Florist (who has a business located at 1083 Park Avenue with an income of under $500,000 a year)  in Cranston owned and operated by Marina Plowman who chortled that discrimination is her right as a form of freedom of speech. Floral Express located at 30 Phenix Avenue in Cranston was the second Cranston, RI, floral shop that employs between one and four people, and has an income under $500,000, refused the order and earmarked the right of the business to openly discriminate dispute US Supreme Court rulings to the contrary.

Sean Condon and Stephanie Ewart-Condon co-owners of Glimpse of Gaia (photo Emily Groves: Norwich CT Bulletin)

Lawsuits are being filed against all three Cranston florists for discrimination, defamation of character and other charges infringing upon human and civil rights. Co-owner of Glimpse of Gaia Florist Sean Condon (video here), drove all the way from Connecticut to deliver the flowers, stating that “we don’t discriminate against people for any reason” unlike the rampant discrimination that is found everywhere in Cranston, Rhode Island.

As it is true everywhere, money has greater weight than charity, justice, or kindness.  It was the greed and quest for money that led by Pope Clement V in 1307 (a Frenchman born at Villandraut in Gascony in the Bordelais region c. 1260 – died April 20, 1314 at Roquemaure, Provence, and known as a mercenary with a greed for gold) to order that all Knights Templar (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici name; “Poor Fellow-soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon) were to be executed so that he could confiscate more than 9,000 properties as well as countless pastures, mills and other commercial ventures (the trials of the Masters of the Order were shames, reaching the same nadir depths as the inquisitions under John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Many knights abjured their oaths, but the leaders of

Pope orders the torture and assassination of the Knights Templar; depicted is the execution of the Grand Master De Molay and Geoffrey de Chamey who warned against the encroachment of the Vatican

the Order, the elderly Grand Master Jacques de Molay, who had confessed under torture, retracted his forced statement. His close  associate Geoffrey de Charney, Preceptor of Normandy, followed de Molay’s example and insisted on his innocence. Both men were declared guilty of being relapsed heretics, and were sentenced to burn alive at the stake in Paris on March 18, 1314. De Molay reportedly remained defiant to the end, asking to be tied in such a way that he could face the Notre Dame Cathedral and hold his hands together in prayer. According to legend, he called out from the flames that both Pope Clement and King Philip would soon meet him before God. His actual words were recorded on the parchment as: “Dieu sait qui a tort et a pëché. Il va bientot arriver malheur à ceux qui nous ont condamnés à mort” (free translation: “God knows who is wrong and has sinned. Soon a calamity will occur to those who have condemned us to death”).  Pope Clement died only a month later, and King Philip died in a hunting accident before the end of the year); the pestilential Pope Urban II called for the First of numerous crusades that led to the butchery of Jews, women and infants throughout Europe and the Middle East, forced the conquest and destruction of Constantinople so that it would fall ultimately to the hordes of Muslims, and give reason for Roman Catholic nuns from Ireland to Australia to kidnap and sell babies to the highest bidder. None of this mattered to Santilli, although, thinking of Jessica, he said, “I’ve got a daughter, and I hope my daughter is as strong as she is, O.K.?”

Jessica was not surprised at the contemporary Christian response for it matches the reality of Christianity since its formation and forceful spread under the slogan “convert or die”.  Jessica had been used to it since a child.  She knew that the Jesus of the New Testament was schizophrenic, according to his numerous biographers who ended up with their various writings declared canon by various church councils. Jesus was portrayed as loving little children (Luke 18:16), and coming to the earth not to bring peace but a sword (Matthew 10:34).

Ahlquist said she had stopped believing in God when she was in elementary school and her mother fell ill for a time.  Jessica told reporters: “I had always been told that if you pray, God will always be there when you need him,” she said. “And it didn’t happen for me, and I doubted it had happened for anybody else. So yeah, I think that was just like the last step, and after that I just really didn’t believe any of it.”

Reporters asked Jessica if she empathized in any way with members of her community who want the prayer to stay.  Her response was: “I’ve never been asked this before,” then paused, and said: “It’s almost like making a child get a shot even though they don’t want to. It’s for their own [sic: reflexive pronoun is incorrect] good. I feel like they might see it as a very negative thing right now, but I’m defending their Constitution, too.

Jessica’s charity towards her attackers and columnists defied any Christianity in the Cranston community. While Christianity requires charity (1 Corinthians 13:1-10 ff), atheists, it appears especially in the case of Jessica Ahlquist, are naturally charitable, forgiving and understanding–not needing a god to help others or to speak out for equal rights and self-determination.

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