Bible Literalism & Ignorance from Iowa to Uganda

Bob Vander Plaats, President of The Family (Iowa)

It is astonishing to note the number of biblical literalists who exist–and their number swells as the economy sours. The majority are wedged into a mindset by those who are more glib of speech than clear of thought, as is the evolving case of the least credible: from Bob Vander Plaats of The Family network in Iowa, pastor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, and the hate mongering preachers Scott Lively of Defend the Family, Caleb Lee Brundidge, a self-described former gay man who leads “healing seminars”; and Don Schmierer, a board member of Exodus International, whose mission is “mobilizing the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality” who have called for the

USA Missionaries calling for the execution of homosexuals in Uganda

execution or murder of homosexuals ( and cf. cp. which is discussed at ) as they sing praises to a god more wrathful and cruel than loving and merciful.

Rolling Stone newspaper (Uganda) demanding "hang them" (all known or suspected homosexuals); paid for by USA Evangelical Christian churches

Rev. Ted Haggard

What is not unique is that all of these men, following in the footsteps of such ministers of the faith who extol Family Values like Colin Cook and Ted Haggard have been involved in homosexual encounters, only to “convert” and disclaim their own homosexuality and preach against that of others (see: Arthur Frederick Ide, Homosexuals Anonymous: A Psychoanalytic and Theological Analysis of Colin Cook & His Cure for Homosexuality. Garland: Tangelwuld, 1987 [Cook argued that masturbating a homosexual would cure him or her of the “disease” where he taught at the Seventh Day Adventist Andrews University in Michigan]; Exodus International: Foundations for Profit with Alleged Cures for Homosexuality by Abusing the Homosexual. Chicago: Sepore, 1993; etc.).  To hide their homosexuality, men and women of extreme evangelical communities turn to theological terrorism and elevate biblical literalism as being factual rather than interpretative, not only with a distortion of the “references to homosexuality” in their bibles (for example Genesis 19:5-7 while ignoring 19:8 and Lot’s incest with his daughters 19:33-36; but ignoring Ezekiel 16:49 and other verses) to the point that the State of Kentucky is

Creation Museum (Petersburg, KY) where dinosaurs exist with people

home to a Creation Museum ( where dinosaurs walk with people. This was done in an effort to prove that god created everything in the universe in six days (Genesis 1), even though both Old and New Testaments reject the idea that the Six Days were literally six days:  Psalms 90:4 (KJV; in Douai it is 89:4) and 2 Peter 3:8.  In Genesis 1:25-26, the beasts are created before man, but in Genesis 2:18-19 man is created before the beasts. Of course, when it comes time for the Great Flood, Noah takes seven pairs of clean beasts and two of the unclean in Genesis 7:2, but in Genesis 7:8-9, only two pairs are allowed to be saved from the impending doom.

To read the bible literally transmogrifies any message as errors in dating, accounts, even characters change draconically. The character of god also changes dramatically from a divinity of love (Psalm 145:9) to one of wrath, anger and unusual cruelty (Jeremiah 13:14). God is a creature of war and bloodshed (Exodus 15:3; Jeremiah 13:14) but later is one of tenderness and peace (Psalm 145:9; Romans 15:33; James 5:11). The New Testament has so many contradictions it is hard to keep them separate; for example, the foster-father of Jesus is Joseph son of Jacob in Matthew 1:16, but the son of Heli in Luke 3:23. Judaic tradition is patriarchal, but Jesus ancestry is run matrilineal. Allegedly, Jesus was equal to his Heavenly Father (John 10:30), but in another reference in the same work, Jesus is less than the Heavenly Father in power and attributes (John 14:28).

Wisdom is to be the principle goal of mortals (Proverbs 4:7), but one that will make mortals unhappy (Ecclesiastics 1:18) and in the end will be destroyed (1 Corinthians 1:19).  Wisdom, of course is to be defined along spiritual lines, yet the bible claims that rabbits (hares) chew their cud (Leviticus 11:6) which they do not have, and snails melt (Psalm 58:8) which is impossible to happen. In Genesis 1:20 fowl come from water, but in Genesis 2:19 they fly in the air. Genesis 3:14 has snakes eating dirt, which they do not consume.

Children are to be killed “for the sins of the fathers” (Isaiah 14:21) but such action is forbidden in Deuteronomy 24:16.  Schizophrenia is common in both the Old and New Testaments. Moses was meek (Numbers 12:3) and at times filled with anger (Numbers 31:14, 17, 18).  Judas Iscariot (the traitor) allegedly spent his silver coins on buying a field (Acts 1:18), yet in the Gospel of Matthew (27:5-7) he threw it at the feet of the priests of the Temple, who took it and bought a potter’s field.  Matthew 27:9-10 claims that the purchase of the field was prophesied by Jeremiah.  Actually, this prophecy is in Zechariah 11:12-13.

Sermon on the Mount (Dore Bible)

Jesus is unique.  In one place he delivered his Sermon from a Mountain (Matthew 5:1-2).  In a second place he teaches the people while on the plain (Luke 6:17, 20).  His last words while hanging on a stake (cross according to Justin Martyr) were “Eli, eli, lama sabachthani?” (Matthew 24:46-50) which translates as “My god, my god, why have you left me?”  Luke 23:46 gives a different account, proclaiming that Jesus’ final words were “Father, into your hands I place my spirit.”  The Gospel of John 19:30 is more plain; Jesus, according to the authors of this gospel merely report that Jesus exclaimed “It is finished.” (For additional information, see: Arthur Frederick Ide, Crucifixion: What the Bible Really Says. Chicago: Sepore, 2004).

According to John 3:13, only Jesus can ascend into heaven (no one else). This is a direct contradiction of 2 Kings 2:11 where Elijah ascends into heaven.

Antichrist beheads Enoch and Elijah as earthquake kills 7000 (Credit: Wellcome Library, London)

What is unique is that the Jesus of the New Testament had, textually according to the original scrolls and writings very little in common

John rests on Jesus' Breast (Detail from the icon of the Mystical Supper from Vatopedi)

with any Jew who lived during his alleged lifetime. The unit known today as the family is mentioned only in the Old Testament (mishpachah). It is not referenced anywhere in the New Testament.  Jesus denied his own mother and brothers (Matthew 12:48; Mark 3:13) which would have been highly unusual.  Far more unusual is the fact that there is no record that Jesus had a girl friend, and he never married. Instead he lived with twelve men, one of whom (John) “rested” on his “breast” [chest] (John 13:25, 21:20).  We know that the Jesus of the New Testament spent time with a naked young man in the Garden (after telling his closest disciples to leave him so he could be in the garden alone to pray; Mark 14:32-38) before the Temple Guards came to lead him away (Mark 14:51-52), a situation that was definitely rare and never tolerated for fear that such an action would be a homosexual affair or the degeneration made public by Romans and other non-Jews.


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