United Nations Votes Against Human Rights

Homophobic bigotry has its historical roots in a misreading and mangled translation of ancient Babylonian myths that were plagiarized and incorporated into various Abrahamic (The people and languages Abrahamic religions arose from were in fact of one people—Jews, Christians and Arabs [many who were converted to Islam, usually at the point of a sword] who all claim to be descended from Shem) are among the Semites] writings in the Middle East–starting with the myth of Abraham (who was nothing less than the Apiru (it is found in Akkadian cuneiform texts that show a uniqueness near ancient Sanskrit. The corresponding name in the consonant-only Egyptian script appears to be PR.W, conventionally pronounced Apiru) transmogrification of the Hindu god Brahama (move the

Akkadian script: Peoples of the Battle of Kadesh

final “a” to the front of the name) who was carried along with a petty agricultural god (YHWH) into Canaan where the northern barbarians, who later were known as Israelites who created the mythology for a desert deity encased in a large black stone and known as Allah, rewrote history. (The earliest recorded instance of the term is dated to the reign of king Irkabtum of the north Mesopotamian, known in the bible as Amorite of the central kingdom of Yamkhad (c. 1740 BC), who had a year named “Year when king Irkabtum made peace with Semuma and the Habiru.” This has been taken to show that the Habiru led by Semuma already wielded such influence in the neighborhood of Alalakh that the local sovereign felt obliged to conclude a treaty with them.  There was nothing peaceful about the Apiru—on the contrary they were known as a filthy and evil foreign people who could not be trusted. It was for that reason the character of Lot was developed—a man so distrusted he had to sit in the outer gate to the brilliant and enlightened city of Sodom.)

Lot's cave where he impregnated his daughters (Gen. 19:36) outside Zoar

The original texts of ancient Apiru mythology details how a “Lot” (actually a word for a separating group of people from the original nomadic followers of Brahama who had made war plans to sack and destroy the City of Sodom, which in its day was known as “the Golden City of the Gods”) was rejected because of the Apiru demand for war when the Cities of the Plain were in armed conflict. Lot had to sit in the gate to judge “his” own people (Gen. 19:1)–and only was allowed a house within the walls to protect him and his extended family. When messengers (malak [in Arabic ملاك, Hebrew מַלְאָךְ, Aramaic מלא]: the original meaning of the ancient script in the Akkadian language), and Lot addresses them as “My Lords” conferring upon them military distinction (nowhere do we find the word for “angels” in the original scripts) came, they were rushed in without going through proper channels of the registration of foreigners. When (according to Genesis 19), the city council learned of Lot’s deception, “all the people, young and old together”, including women (Gen. 19:4), gathered before the house of Lot to demand to know (register) the messengers.  Lot refused and offered them his daughters (a common action) “to do with as you wish” (Gen. 19:8, including gang rape, molest, or kill) which exposes the corruption of this “patriarch”–who is patterned after “Abraham” who sold his wife Sarah into sexual slavery three times (by which he enriched himself with cattle, sheep, men and maid servants, etc; cf. Gen. 12-13f) before stealing her back from the various kings to he pimped his wife.

The absurd claim that evangelical and fundamental Christians and Muslims make is that the City of Sodom (and her sister cities: Gomorrah and Zoar) were destroyed because of homosexuality can quickly be dispatched although no rabid homophobe will ever give up this favored whipping post.  Ezekiel 16:49 states, clearly, that “the sin of Sodom” was “pride, fullness of bread, the inability to put forth the hand to help the needy” and so forth–sex is not even matched.

The Leviticus code declaring that “a man who lies down with a man” (Leviticus 20:13/16; cf. Lev. 18:22) is frequently brought up, but it exists only in bad medieval to medieval to modern translations neglects the original response “as if he were a woman” (meaning that it was a betrayal of self-acceptance, or a pretense in order to issue “an effusion”). This injustice continued against Canaanites who accepted homosexuality as a religious act “dog-priests” and the effusion was a sacred act symbolic of nurturing new life in a field (שּׂכּבּ)—the act was customary at times of planting and harvest.

There is no record of any “marriage” in the Torah (the only qualification for joining a man and a woman was that the wife [a word that meant helper or house slave] “is a virgin; and the Hebrew word (one) references cohabitation without ceremony or registration. The word for marriage as a ceremony does not appear until the European Middle Ages, when Jews refined it into the words erasing and insulin, the actual ceremony for the marriage. “Husband” is a Babylonian word (Baal [בעל] which is actually from the Akkadian Bēlu who was the Lord of an Assembly or a chief over gods or warriors) that actually translates as “master”. “Sanctification” of the union (Kiddushin, קידושין) actually comes much later in time.

 If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed” (Deuteronomy 22:13-21). Interestingly, the contemporary concept of marriage appears no where in the later Jewish Bible, or in the initial Attic Greek Christian bible. Jesus goes to a “marriage feast” (John 2:2) only changes water into wine late during the “feast” (there is no record of a uniting ceremony). The text states that the host was upset as the best wine was saved “until last” (John 2:10f)—a notation that marriage was a public registration of commitment between two people (it states nowhere in the account that there was a bride nor a groom) and the purpose of the marriage was to “eat and drink until full” (drunk). If marriage was “religious” and “sacred” it is strange that the man who swore he would “fulfill the law” of Moses never married.

Not only did Jesus never marry—he never had a girlfriend; however he did let at least one man (John the Beloved) sleep on his chest (John 13:23, Luke 22:8)—and the only person he ever claimed to love was Lazarus (whom he “raised from the dead”—but who then disappears from all biblical account to make way for the advent of John the Beloved). Instead Jesus spent his entire public life around men, living with twelve, and having (Luke 10:1) 70 male disciples. In the day that Jesus allegedly lived, that would be considered the actions and traits of a gay man, as the only “married” man was Peter—and he lived with Jesus, abandoning his wife until she was on her death bed—similar to the way Newt Gingrich treated his wife (although Newt did bring his mistress to his wife’s death bed).

Evangelicals and fundamentals ignore the fact that Jesus preferred men over women, and find solace in the megaphone hatred of the mangled words of Saul of Tarsus (St Paul) whose writing latter has him stating that “effeminate men” (homosexuals) would not be allowed into heaven—but the original definition was lost: given to vanity, and it applies to men and women. But accuracy in translation has never been a strong part in religion, with all religions, especially Roman Catholicism and evangelical Protestants rewriting scripture to meet their own biases.

This crystallizes in the later “Koran” that appears more than a century after the death of “Muhammad” who was an illiterate camel driver–and who received Gabriel’s message while being deluded (to put it mildly) in the desert. He, knowing he could not read or write, Muhammad selected Remembrancers to listen to and memorize his tale of the Koran. They, in turn, remembered it and passed it to succeeding generations before it was written down—which gives cause to pause—as that was even the way the Torah and Bible came into being—with nothing being original. Out of this absence of academic accuracy come homophobic hatred, character and corporal attacks and religious sanctioned murders—now sanctioned by a once reputable, and respected institution that claimed to speak for all people: the draconic United Nations (See: http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?t=81139&p=3941839 and http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thor-halvorssen/united-nations-its-okay-t_b_787024.html.

The proposal that was ratified to allow the execution of people for being gay or lesbian, or bisexual or transgender was sponsored by evangelical fundamental Christian groups and Muslims and Mormons. The fact of being a homosexual, regardless if the person practiced homosexuality, was not considered for this marginalized community was reclassified as being nonhuman and dangerous to the well-being of order. Religion quickly became the master of the United Nations, and all pretenses of the UN

Uganda Christians Marching

sponsoring and supporting human rights were erased by a vote after the Roman Catholic church, leaders of the Mormon cult, and representatives of Muslim nations (along with several from Latin American nations) demanded that “homosexuality be stamped out” (see: http://www.spectator.co.uk/melaniephillips/6520779/latest-un-shocker-its-ok-to-kill-gays.thtml). Uganda and other African nations promised an immediate push to execute gays and lesbians where ever they are found (http://www.towleroad.com/2009/12/uganda-kill-gays-bill-likely-to-pass.html) a move heralded by USA evangelical Christians, such as Scott

Scott Lively, Christian Missionary

Lively,  who claim that is the will of their god will not be outdone by the god of Islam and demands his share of human blood in sacrifice for the sin of homosexuality (see: http://www.towleroad.com/2010/01/the-nyt-looks-at-t-he-three-americans-who-participated-in-stephen-langas-uganda-conference-on-homosexuality-last-march-and.html and on Scott Lively see: http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/2010/05/24/22914, http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/04/world/africa/04uganda.html, and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9UGXSZDB7w).  

Iran hangs gay boys

Educated, intelligent, reasonable, responsible people will hold the United Nations in total contempt for its despicable action, its contemptuous and cavalier denial of human rights, and its posturing as an agency supporting and defending human rights. The United Nations must be stopped before other human rights erode into oblivion. Now is the time to withhold all money from the UN and all of its organizations that pretend to speak for the down-trodden, the

Iraq tortures and kills gays

marginalized, for the UN has taken up the mantle, the torch, and the arson of Adolf Hitler and has turned the institution into one so vile and nefarious it does not deserve any respect.  Daily the bodies of gay men and lesbians pile up in Muslim nations while the faithful declare that Allah is Most Merciful and that Islam is a religion of love, compassion, and understanding. It is the idiocy of Islam that strangles sanity and charity, and it is buttressed by the intolerance of evangelical extremists and fanatical fundamentalists in the USA who march in step with Fred Phelps and his Kansas based Westboro Baptist Church that not only condones but even funds the executions of those found “unworthy” of charity or the right to life and basic human rights.  In this regard, the United Nations has turned its back, collectively, on humanity and has sanctioned the most inhumane acts against all of humanity that finds itself to displease a few religious who claim their deity or deities do not recognize any person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Westboro Baptist Church poster


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