The American worker is being screwed

The GOP and its subsidiaries (Tea Baggers led by Dick Armey of Denton TX, and Sarah Palin of AK; the American Family Association and other similar groups with ties to radical hate groups) are determined to bankrupt the USA and do away with American jobs, foreclose on more homes, and drive down the value of the dollar. The American worker is, unwittingly, accepting this fate by not buying goods made in the USA, nor supporting the right of American labor and personal rights of choice and association.

From shopping at WalMart to buying at Dollar Stores where more than 80% of all goods sold are foreign imports, to driving oriental made cars, the average American are buying these products that began in the USA and now made overseas:

Beer (Miller, Coors, and Budweiser are now owned by foreign companies; Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis MO based company that has nearly 50% of all market shares int he USA was sold to Intel, a Belgium-based conglomerate run by Brasil). Corona and others are now totally owned by other nations.

Cellular phones (none made in the USA since 2007) all are made overseas: India, Finland, Sweden, etc.

Converse shoes (since 2001) are now made in Indonesia.

Dell computers (last made in North Carolina, closed in January 2010; its Round Rock TX “headquarters” is a front organization to hide the outsourcing of USA jobs). Today the computers are made in Asia.

Etch-a-Sketch (since 2000) made in Shenzhen, China.

Forks, spoons, and knives (last manufactured by Sherrill Manufacturing that had purchased Oneida Ltd in 2005, closed down all operations in June 2010).

Hathaway Dress shirts (since 2002) made in India, Philippines, etc.

Incandescent light bulbs (last made in September 2010 by a major industry, although Osram/Slavania Plant in St. Mary’s PA is still producing the light bulbs to fill old and international contracts; they will soon announce their closure), closed down operations after the GOP Congress of 2007 passed a measure banning incandescents by 2014, prompting GE to close its domestic operations.

Levi jeans (last made in Dec. 2003) now all made in Latin America and Asia.

Mattel toys (since 2002) the largest toy maker and seller, is made in China (costing 65% of all jobs in its plant in California)

Minivans including General Motors and Chrysler chassis used on Chevrolet Uplander, Pontiac Montana, Buick Terraza, Saturn Relay, Chrysler Town & Country, and Dodge Grand Caravan (since 2003) are all made abroad.

Pontiac cars. Stopped all production in May 2010–yet over 60% of its employees drove Asian made vehicles, and few Pontiac cars were in the main plant in Michigan.

Radio Flyer’s Red Wagon (stopped production in March 2004) at its Chicago plant and now has all products made in China.

Railroad parts (castings, guard bars, braces, etc), none made in the USA since 2008.

Sardines (canned; the last produced in April 2010 by Stinson Seafood in Maine) now are made in Peru and other Latin American nations, and in Japan.

Rawlings baseballs (since 1969, made first in Puerto Rico, later in Haiti, now made in Costa Rica).

Strawberries and fresh fruits and vegetables are imported from Mexico.

Televisions (the last made in October 2004, was Five Rivers Electronic Innovations, a Tennessee company). Today none are made in the USA.

Vending machines (last produced in 2003 in the USA)

Wine: most are imported from Chile, Italy, France, and other foreign nations.

(Information, in part, for the above is from,ge,mat,DELL,MOT,aapl,bni)

Job outsourcing will increase.

Top 10 Jobs Targeted For Outsourcing

1. Computer Programmers
2. Pharmacy Technicians
3. Parts Salespersons
4. Telephone Operators (most are going to India, Bangladesh, and Syria)
5. Billing and posting clerks and machine operators
6. Computer Operators
7. Data Entry Keyers
8. Word Processors and Typists
9. Tax Preparers (most tax preparers will be living in India, Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam, and China; few will speak English; their knowledge will be canned on pre-established coded disks)
10. Medical Transcriptionists


Among the most spectacular loses are in the field of education and entertainment.

Information Week has an article about subtitling jobs in the UK getting outsourced to India, with disastrous results.  This is not good news.  Non-native speakers + subtitling = too many mistakes.

From the article:

For example, in the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Uma Thurman utters the line “We have a zero-tolerance policy for (sexual harassment).”

But as rendered by Indian workers, the line reads like it’s from a Borat movie: “We hold the highest standards for sexual harassment by foreign workers. 



Education is taking the biggest hit with the rise of the IB Programme out of Cambridge UK. The textbooks are filled with numerous errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc., but it is fed to Third World nations as a way to enter into the English-speaking world. In Perú the English competency among university students, faculty, and administrators is marginal, and the graduates of universities apply to USA and UK universities in quest of higher education, while knowledge of history, science and the arts is minimal. A graduate thesis at Universidad Señor de Sipan of 20 pages was accepted–and it was authored by five “graduate” students. Plagiarism is rife and accepted, as anyone can buy any cinema (including those not yet officially released by Hollywood) on the streets hawked by “delinquentes” (criminal) for S/.5 (about $1.75) on cheap DVDs. USA citizens visiting Third World nations buy them in droves and return to the USA with their acquisitions, thus damaging the profitability of USA movie producers. Because of the open “black market” Blockbusters pulled out of Perú, costing thousands of jobs in the South American nation.

In the USA, it is not uncommon to see people downloading music, movies, and other entertainment to their computers–only to complain when they are arrested, tried, and ordered to pay a multimillion dollar fine to the intellectual-property owner and manufacturer. ( cp. and Ethics are no longer taught in schools as a social responsibility, but if taught comes with sectarian bias.

The reasons given by businesses for outsourcing are

1) Your job can be automated (as with H&R Block)

2) Your job is location independent and does not require person-specific skills (medical transcriptionists are a prime example)

3) Your job can be done elsewhere at a much lower cost.

The revitalized GOP will increase outsourcing, as promised to chief fundraisers and financial supporters in its May 2010 letter, to raise the profits of owners and stock holders at the expense of the American worker. Thus in Sioux City, IA, the laborers vowed to support GOP Rep. Steven King, although he sees nothing wrong with outsourcing or closing Iowa plants and John Morrell will close its plant in Sioux City, IA and lay of 1,450 workers (Woodbury County has an unemployment rate of over 6%, solidly Republican) )to thank the workers who voted for him. King even went so far as to declare he would not support extended unemployment benefits for the laid off workers ( King argued that “safety nets” for the unemployed were nothing more than a “hammock” to coddle those who would not immediately begin to look for alternative labor. ( King loudly opposed now-defeated Democratic Iowa Governor Chet Culver’s call for aid to the workers.

In Ames, Iowa, Victor Gostomski, spams propaganda for the Tea Baggers and GOP, and declares that “snopes” declares the messages are proven as true:

1. Debt Free America Act •••
Is the U.S. government proposing a 1% tax on debit card usage and/or banking transactions?
  …It is true. The bill is HR4646 introduced by US Rep Peter deFazio D-Oregon and US Senator Tom Harkin D-Iowa. Their plan is to sneak it in after the…
  …moved beyond proposing studies and submitted the Debt Free America Act (H.R. 4646), a bill calling for the implementation of a scheme to pay down the…
  …[2010] by Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.). His “Debt Free America Act” (H.R. 4646) would impose a 1 percent “transaction tax” on every financial

The real snopes website is at and reverses the false information. The problem is that most people do not verify the sources given to them; they, like Melinda Oldham Davis of Carrollton, TX merely pass them on and jump onto the GOP bandwagon of lies and distortions.


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3 responses to “The American worker is being screwed

  1. Sharon Treinen

    We have sold our American soul to everyone but Americans! Why not a tax on businesses that send jobs over seas? Not a rosy future for our children!

  2. This is an excellent — that is, very useful and well written — blog entry. Thanks. — Nick (

  3. sandeep asrani

    I speak as an Indian…it is quite sad that Americans assume that everythign wrong with their country has something to do with the outside world. We live in a competitive world. if i can do a job for 2 dollars, why should you quote ten dollars and expect to get it?
    And if dell is being made in asia now, as logn as the quality of the product does not go down while the cost does-how is the company wrong?
    teh company does not owe anythign to the country, its a business, and will look for the best way to thrive. if u dont figure in their scheme..too bad!
    As for the subtitling error that you pointed out…it looks like a one-off and if its not a one-off, maybe the american company outsourcing the job was more bothered about money than quality. either ways, their call-fair call.

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