Islam’s Double Standard: the evil of Shari’a law

Islam has never believed in nor sanctioned equality, human rights, or civil rights from its inception in the seventh century to this day. This is the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, while her lover received twenty lashes.  Initially her sentence was commuted to hanging after international protests.  She awaited her fate, sharing cell number four with 25 other women–all awaiting execution.       

Court records claim that her crime was adultery and merited the death penalty, but her testimony gives another reason. She claimed that she was attempting to find some happiness in a loveless marriage.       

Initially, Sakineh was given 99 lashes for her so-called crime. The unmarried man, known as Nasser, was not treated as harshly, and the man who accompanied Sakineh was treated relatively lightly.    Nasser received 40 lashes. The second man, who had accompanied Sakineh for safety sake, received 20.    The Iranian theocracy was not satisfied.  They demanded blood.     

When Sakineh’s husband was found dead, investigators responded to a complaint filed by his children. After haphazardly reviewing the evidence they concluded that Sakineh’s lover, Nasser, killed the father. Concluding that there was an illicit alliance between Sakineh and Nasser, the investigators attention was quickly redirected to the children’s mother.    

It swiftly was the consensus of the investigators that Sakineh had aided and abetted her lover.  She supposedly had given her husband a sedative so that Nasser could inject him with poison.      

When the children realized the gravity of the situation, they chose to protect their mother. Sajjad and Farideh forgave their mother for acting as an accessory to the murder, and forgave Nassar for murdering their father. Their forgiveness, according to Islamic law, reduced the crime’s sentence.      

Nassar’s penalty was reduced from hanging to ten years imprisonment.  Although Sakineh was originally convicted only of being an accessory to murder, her sentence was also reduced to ten years–as if she had participated in the murder.     

The reduced sentences enraged Iran’s clerical elite.  Zealous fundamentalist Shari’a judges presiding Iran pushed for a reevaluation of the extramarital relationship. Succeeding in obtaining a rehearing of the case, the theocrats accused Sakineh of “zena” — extramarital sex.   

Extramarital sex carries the death penalty–by stoning–a verdict that they were determined to render when they passed judgment. All evidence points to the fact that the judges had already determined that the mother was guilty of the murder in order to have a lover  (,1518,711975,00.html#ref=nlint).     

Still a problem lingered. World opinion. The most troublesome point in this situation is that the accused was coerced into testifying against herself.   Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, told British reporters from the Guardian after the trial that she had been tortured for no less than two days and threatened repeatedly if she did not tell the court what it demanded it be told (        

Since the fall of the shah and with it the end of democracy in Persia came a transmogrification of justice and law. With the return of the exiled Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1978 and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, by referendum on April 1, 1979, and approved a new theocratic constitution whereby Khomeini became Supreme Leader of the country in December 1979. From that day on, the Iranian government intensified its campaign of torture, arbitrary arrests, and detentions against political critics since 2004 (Human Rights Watch (2004), Like the Dead in Their Coffins: Torture, Detention, and the Crushing of Dissent in Iran (73 page booklet); cf., increasing the number of  public executions (especially the hanging of teenage homosexuals; to a near-daily routine, and enshrining torture as a commandment of their god in much the same way as the Roman Catholic church used the Spanish Inquisition to extract confessions and ultimate exterminate those opposed to its rule and officials.      

One of the most unusual innovations installed by the theocracy of Iran, quite different from the more sane days of the Kingdom of Iran (Pahlavi dynasty) under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) came with the redefinition of social culture, customs, and tolerance.  Before the imams and ayatollahs took control, two members of the same gender commonly held hands or kissed as they had for centuries–it was seen as a greeting, not as a sexual exchange, but like Pope Pius IX, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was fixated on homosexuality, most likely to hide his own latent tendencies–for he forged out of redactions verses against homosexuality (citing Qur’an 4:16 and 27:55, which is contradicted by 52:24, 56:17, 76:19) and adultery (17:2-3, 32, and 25:63-71) but stoning is only found in the hadith. Both actions became capital offences and dealt with severely by the theocrats–without any justification for their decrees in the Qur’an, in the same barbaric manner as Pius IX attempted to justify his own phobias.    

Today, in Iran, homosexuality is illegal, and those charged with making love (having homosexual sex) love-making Irangay_teens_2 are given a choice of four death-styles: being hanged, stoned, halved by a sword, or dropped from the highest perch.     

According to Article 152 of the new Constitution of the Republic of Iran, if two men who are not related by blood are discovered naked under one cover without good reason, both will be punished at a judge’s discretion. Gay teenagers (Article 144) are also punished at a judge’s discretion. Rubbing one’s penis between the thighs of another without penetration (tafheed) is to be punished by 100 lashes for each offender. This act, known to the English-speaking world as ‘frottage,’ is punishable by death if the ‘offender’ is a non-Muslim, for the Shari’a court considers any physical relationship between a Muslim and non-Muslim to be an attempt on the part of the non-Muslim to convert the Muslim, which is apostacy.     

If frottage is repeated three separate times and penalty-lashes have failed to stop such repetitions, upon the fourth “offense” both men will be put to death. According to Article 156, a person who repents and  confesses his gay behavior before it has been seen by at least four witnesses, he may be pardoned.   Even kissing ‘with lust’ (Article 155) is forbidden.  At the most, a kiss is to be short and lips barely touching.     

Once these draconian laws of the theocracy were in place (which were hailed with special prayers of rejoicing and thanksgiving in USA evangelical churches who had begun a campaign to wipe out homosexuality from all nations) a series of gay teenagers were executed.  How many died cruel deaths from 1979 to 2005 still remains secreted in the vaults of the secret police of the Revolutionary Guard and its volunteer moral police (المطوعين which means “volunteers” who are prevalent throughout the Middle East, even in Israel; see:; cf.  They were hung only after suffering repeated and numerous brutal tortures that included whipping, being stoned, being cut, and so forth. In one case that drew international attention, before their public execution, two gay teenagers were held in prison for 14 months and severely beaten with 228 lashes. The length of their detention suggests that they committed the so-called offenses more  than a year earlier, when they were possibly around the age of 16. (     It is not uncommon for Iran’s clergy to demand the hanging of 14 year-old (or younger) homosexuals and there is one case of two nine-year-old boys being hanged for sleeping naked in the same bed (,3f647055&icp=1&.intl=us&sig=P0ic4TkChe1WkoJwG4GSQg— Cp.      

Iran hangs gay teenagers


At least 402 people within the last year (2009), reportedly including several dozen women on death row, have been stoned to death in Iran in the name of Allah the Merciful based on Shari’a law.  Since the protests against the contested reelection of President Ahmadinejad in June 2009 (which sparked street protests leading to dozens of deaths and countless arrests; see:,1518,699868,00.html), hundreds of critics of the Iranian government ( and members of the opposition face prison and death by various gruesome means, but the most common being hanging (  Iran’s theocrats now openly do what ever they believe is necessary to silence dissent and block out any unfavorable reporting  or suspected sympathies for the people (,1518,711975,00.html#ref=nlint).      

Few inside or outside of Iran see any of these trials as fair and just–there are no legitimate court proceedings:        

محمود امیری مقدم سخنگوی سازمان حقوق بشر ایران در این رابطه گفت: ما این جنایات را شدیدا محکوم میکنیم. همگی این افراد در دادگاههای نمایشی محاکمه شده بودند و در زندان تحت شکنجه قرار داشتند. وی افزود: ما از سازمان ملل، اتحادیه اروپا و جامعه بین المللی میخواهیم که اعدام های امروز را محکوم کنند. هم اکنون احتمال اعدام زندانیان سیاسی دیگری از جمله زینب جلالیان، رمضان احمد، فرهاد چالش، رستم ارکیا، فصیح یاسمنی، رشید آخ کندی و حسین خزری، در زندانهای حکومت ایران وجود دارد و جامعه بین المللی باید از این اعدامها جلوگیری کند. Translation: “Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights condemned today’s executions and said: “None of the five executed today had fair trials [the trials lasted less than seven minutes;] and they had been subjected to torture while in the prison”. He continued: “We ask the UN, EU and the international community to condemn these execution”. He added: “Several other political prisoners are at imminent danger of execution and the world community should let that happen.” Human Rights lawyers face not only contempt of court charges, but frequently their spouses and children are arrested and imprisoned.  They are denied food and drink and sanitation is not even considered.  Judges who are feared to be impartial are dismissed from courts and stalwart fundamentalists are placed on the bench (       

Evangelical fundamentalists within Islam (some of whom claim Muhammad to be the Son of God) attempt to justify stoning of adulteresses as being sanctioned in the Qur’an–even though it started with the ancient “Jews” who, according to legend, Muhammad spoke with before his epiphany, and from whose writings he began to fashion the Qur’an.  The Torah and other Jewish writings justified stoning for eighteen crimes:       

  • Bestiality committed by man (Lev. xx. 15; Sanh. vii. 4, 54b; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, x. 1; Mek., Mishpaṭim, 17).
  • Bestiality committed by woman (Lev. xx. 16: Sanh. vii. 4, 54b; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, x. 3; Mek., Mishpaṭim, 17).
  • Blasphemy (Lev. xxiv. 16; Sanh. vii. 4, 43a; Sifra, Emor, xix.).
  • Criminal conversation with a betrothed virgin (Deut. xxii. 23, 24; Sanh. vii. 4, 66b; Sifre, Deut. 242).
  • Criminal conversation with one’s own daughter-in-law (Lev. xx. 12; Sanh. vii. 4, 53a; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, ix. 13).
  • Criminal conversation with one’s own mother (Lev. xviii. 7, xx. 11; Sanh. vii. 4, 53a; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, ix. 12).
  • Criminal conversation with one’s own stepmother (Lev. xviii. 8, xx. 11; Sanh. vii. 4, 53a; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, ix. 12).
  • Cursing a parent (Lev. xx. 9; Sanh. vii. 4, 66a; Mek., Mishpaṭim, 17; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, ix. 7).
  • Enticing individuals to idolatry: “Mesit” (Deut. xiii. 7–12 [A. V. 6–11]; Sanh. vii. 4, 67a; Sifre, Deut. 90).
  • Idolatry (Deut. xvii. 2–7; Sanh. vii. 4, 60b; Sifre, Deut. 149).
  • Instigating communities to idolatry: “Maddiaḥ” (Deut. xiii. 2–6 [A. V. 1–5]; Sanh. vii. 4, 67a; Sifre, Deut. 86).
  • Necromancy (Lev. xx. 27; Sanh. vii. 4, 65a; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, xi., end).
  • Offering one’s own children to Molech (Lev. xx. 2; Sanh. vii. 4, 64a; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, viii., parashah 10, beginning).
  • Pederasty (Lev. xx. 13; Sanh. vii. 4, 54a; Sifra, Ḳedoshim, ix. 14).
  • Rebelling against parents (Deut. xxi. 18–21; Sanh. vii. 4, 68b; Sifre, Deut. 220).
  • Shabbath-breaking (Num. xv. 32–36; Sanh. vii. 4; Sifre, Num. 114).
  • Witchcraft (Ex. xxii. 17 [A. V. 18]; Sanh. vii. 4, 67a; Mek., Mishpaṭim, 17).

    While stoning is permitted by Islamic Sharia Law in the Sunni and Shi’a sects, the Qur’an does not mention the practice specifically as a punishment for any crime.  The only mention of adultery and punishment is Sura 24:2 which prescribes “lashing” for adultery: “100 stripes”.  Like the Bible which has been too frequently redacted by too many scholars each attempting to carve out a new theology, much like Zondervan Publishers have done with their woefully inadequate New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, the Qur’an has also been added to and transmogrified beginning with the second Caliph of Islam, Umar who cited it as being a true Arabic text of the narrative in the Sahih of Bukhari.  The key words are wa anzala alayhil-kitaaba fakaana mimmaa anzalallaahu aayaatur-rajm, meaning literally, “And He sent down to him the Scripture (viz. the Qur’an), and part of what Allah sent down (therein) was the verse of stoning”.  Umar added: “Verily stoning in the book of God is a penalty laid on married men and women who commit adultery, if proof stands or pregnancy is clear or confession is made” (Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasulullah, p.684).      

    Islamic Sharia Law is, allegedly, based on the Qur’an, the hadith, and the biography of Mohammed (   Stoning is well-established in the Sunni hadith of Sahih of Bukhari, where it is recorded that Mohammed ordered it over 34 times as a punishment ( [in Arabic]; cf.     

    There is support for stoning in the hadith:      

    • Ibn Shihab reported that a man in the time of the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) acknowledged having committed adultery and confessed it four times. The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) then ordered and he was stoned. ” (Muwatta Imam Malik, p.350).  
    • Zirr ibn Hubaish reported: “Ubayy ibn Ka’b said to me, ‘What is the extent of Suratul-Ahzab?’ I said, ‘Seventy, or seventy-three verses’. He said, ‘Yet it used to be equal to Suratul-Baqarah and in it we recited the verse of stoning’. I said, ‘And what is the verse of stoning’? He replied, ‘The fornicators among the married men (ash-shaikh) and married women (ash-shaikhah), stone them as an exemplary punishment from Allah, and Allah is Mighty and Wise.”‘ (As-Suyuti, Al-Itqan fii Ulum al-Qur’an, p.524).      

    The hadith records quite clearly state, however, that Umar claimed that the verse had been revealed to Muhammad and that he himself would have considered writing it into Allah’s revealed scripture were it not that some people would have claimed that he was adding to it. He is recorded as saying:     

      “See that you do not forget the verse about stoning and say: We do not find it in the Book of Allah; the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) had ordered stoning and we too have done so, after him. By the Lord Who holds possession of my life, if people should not accuse me of adding to the Book of Allah, I would have this transcribed therein: Ash-shaikhu wash-shaikhatu ithaa zanayaa faarjumuu humaa. We have read this verse”. (Muwatta Imam Malik, p.352).

     Stoning continues in Afghanistan (by the Taliban who also execute women presumed to be adulteresses by flogging them to death; see:, Somalia (; it is common in Somalia that Shari’a courts sentence girls who are thirteen-years-old or younger who have engaged consensually or nonconsentually to sex to be stoned to death:; in most cases the woman is buried in the earth up to her neck, then men stone her in front of as many people as possible), Iran, and other Moslem controlled or dominated nations. Stoning is supported by at least fifty percent of all religious fundamentalists (Muslim and Christian), with the highest percentage living in Indonesia (       

    Preparing to stone a woman in Iran


      Nations that have introduced or permit Shari’a law to function equal to the nation’s civil law find stoning and equal barbarities on the rise. More than a dozen Nigerian Muslims have been sentenced to death by stoning for sexual offences ranging from adultery to homosexuality since the Sharia legal system was introduced in 2000.  Stoning, with and without legal proceedings have been reported in Sudan and Saudi Arabia: In October, 2008, a girl, Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow, was buried up to her neck at a football stadium, then stoned to death in front of more than 1,000 people although she begged for her life and pleaded she did not what Shari’a.   While radical Muslim insurgents claimed she pleaded guilty to adultery (under torture), the actual transcripts detail that she had been gang-raped by three men (  

    While spokesmen for the Iranian Judiciary claim that stoning has stopped, evidence shows the opposite. Following the disputed elections of Ahmadinejad, there were reports of judges handing down stoning sentences in 2006 and 2007, and 2010.  The difference was marked as it was the penalty not only for adultery but also for political opposition, apostasy and other “crimes against Allah and His Prophet”–none which had existed before Persia was transmogrified into the theocracy of Iran.



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    7 responses to “Islam’s Double Standard: the evil of Shari’a law

    1. IT’S A MARVELLOUS PROPAGANDA!!.Islam do not consider human wishes nor what comes from people’s mouths.We are only entitled directed with our holy book and Hadiiths.We can and we will never never never never……!!listen to ill satanic wishes.Allah has already promised that ”his word will never be lost”up to doom’s day!!!!!!!.Stop your evil hatred!!!!!!!

      • Your Qur’an/Koran, as I have noted many times, is filled with numerous errors, contradictions and plagiarisms, for the god of Islam was but a petty godling in the Black Stone (a pantheon of thousands of deities–most dedicated to hypersexuality) at Mecca. Islam, you are correct, does “not consider human wishes nor what comes from people’s mouths” as the god of Islam is, within his own words, a tyrant, one who will not be ignored, and petty in every way. For that reason, Allah (who could never speak for himself but went through the angel Gabriel) ordered Muhammad to remember each of his instructions. Allah could not command Muhammad to write down his “gospel” because Muhammad was illiterate–he could neither read nor write–so like most people in a catatonic state, Muhammad kept repeating over and over again the lines he allegedly heard from Gabriel. However, these words that Muhammad repeated he demanded that his Remembrancers repeat them infinitely as no Qur’an/Koran existed for two hundred years after Muhammad allegedly died.

        The Hadiths (Arabic: الحديث al-ḥadīth) were later collections of “sayings” by Muhammad. However, Hadith were evaluated for originality and whether or not they supported the whims of Islamic rulers and gathered into large collections mostly during the reign of Umar ibn AbdulAziz during the 8th and 9th centuries. They have as much “heavenly authority” as the pronouncements of bishops and archbishops of the early christian churches (there was no official church until the fourth century) after Jesus allegedly died–200 years earlier.

        Scholarship is not hatred–it is the searching out of truth and the exposure of what is assumed to be truth to peer review. Your concept of “satanic wishes” actually is an old Bedouin concept when the Bedouins worshipped an “allah” as the god of pigs.

      • You write that “his word will never be lost” but that clause is not found anywhere in the Qur’an/Koran, nor is it found in the literature of any other world religion. It comes from a now defunct website for Christians: Allah never said nor wrote anything; the Qur’an/Koran was delivered by the angel Gabri-el ( Gabriel/Garbriel was originally Bulgarian god who became a Babylonian messenger angel (as seen in the Persian tale of Daniel that was later added to the Hebrew Bible) who in Greek theology was a messenger for all the gods (Bulgarian: Гавраил) and developed into a Hebrew helper-god/angel: גַּבְרִיאֵל, and finds his way into the ancient Arabic pantheon of gods as جبريل, Jibrīl or جبرائيل Jibrail. He is called the chief of the four favored angels and the spirit of truth and was the one who spoke to Muhammad (as detailed at the Islam site The myth of Gabriel became quite exotic with Muhammad (before Muhammad gave up worshipping female goddesses), as it is recorded, concerning Gabriel: “He had six hundred wings, each of which covered the horizon. There fell from his wings jewels, pearls and rubies, only God knows about them.” ( which is an old Ethiopic fairytale that became the base for Ethiopic theology of Enoch.

      • You are correct, Mr. Ahmad: “Islam do[es] not consider human wishes….We are only entitled [to be] directed [by the Koran/Qu’ran]” which is the mark of a dictatorship as evil and vile as that of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, George W. Bush or any of the Tea Baggers in the USA or the nefarious rogue regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran. In each case they told the people what they believed their god wanted, and Allah is so much like Yahweh and the god of the Christians–hate-filled, violence prone, and without love, compassion, or generosity: truly devils disguised as holy beings. Allah’s word, as you call it, is a combination of plagiarized sections from the world’s literature: from the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, to outright word-for-word copying from the Torah and the Bible. There is not one word in the Qu’ran/Koran that is original nor authentic, for Muhammad was an illiterate camel driver who suffered from too much alcohol and was visited by a male angel (Gabri-el, which means fertility god [el means god]) who “ministered” (taught him) by example until he was able to stagger back to Mecca and try to convince his family to convert to the new god who was the tribal agricultural god housed in the Black Stone of Mecca along with the rest of the Arabian pantheon of gods. Only after his family converted was he able to enduce Remembrancers to memorize his rantings, and only after one years when he fortunately died, did the Remembrancers attempt to bring some order out of the chaos that came from his mouth: that is why the longest book in the Qur’an/Koran starts at the front, and the last book/chapter is the shortest. Madrashes require people to memorize, not to learn, not to question, not to discover the mythology in the book, but to be like robots walking around in a stupor of ignorance in total submission to a myth (Islam–and I am sure you know that is the definition of that word).

    2. Hakim

      Mohammad May Pi– Be Upon Him

      masterminded the evil of Islam.
      I was asked why it was offensive to muslims if a koran was burnt.

      I responded Of course it offends Muslims if anyone burns the Koran.

      This unholy travesty on mankind, as contained in the unholy koran enriches muslims with every vile act, that is otherwise forbidden, banned, and outlawed by every other religion, law and doctrine in the world. Islam is a stand alone butchery of human morals, values and mind of every free thinking person.
      Islam cuts through all internationally accepted laws and humanity.

      No doubt muslims will jump up and down and whine and squeal like pigs if any one was to call in the pest controller and instruct him to fumigate the world and exterminate islam, simply because it will bring to an end their “ALLAH” given right to continue the onslaught of murderous rampages, holy rapes, child molestation, suppression of women and sexual perversions.
      Muslims simply have to much to loose, and it has nothing to do with any god.
      What it means is an end to the lunacy sanctioned in the satanic verses of the unholy koran. (God bless you Salman Rushdie, excellent book)

      Mohammad, may Pi– be upon him, was no prophet, he was a deranged child-raping mass-murderer, and arch angel to Satan the hater of mankind as created by God, he even questioned his own sanity and questioned himself. (Hadith)

      Mohammed, my delusional boy, let me enlighten you and your blind flowers,
      you did not found Islam as a religion of peace,
      you executed the will of the devil and created an ideological cult of hatred, violence, obscenities, travesties, and ill will, designed solely to challenge God’s children by controlling every tiniest aspect of their lives.

      It was a very clever means to lure the barbaric pagan worshipping nomadic Arabs, with your filth as contained in the Koran.
      You empowered those ignorant men by teaching them to raid, murder, steal without remorse,
      then to LOCK and LOAD your evil propaganda, You gave them total control over women, permitting sexual immorality, part time and full time marriages, and abuse of any female irrespective of age.
      The age old sin of lust and sexual desires was no longer a SIN, it was the icing on the cake that you handed to these barbaric Arabs on a silver platter. It is no wonder they joined this cult in mass, and welcomed it with gleaming eyes at the prospect of power and endless sex, even with animals.
      Mohammed’s followers found the offer to good to refuse and willingly accepted his bait and adopted the trappings and rituals of his teachings as a source of comfort and power in their own lives.
      Now these depraved Arabs have a teaching that means the can convert, enslave, or destroy all non-Muslims, and we are trying to exterminate and eradicate this parasite and plight on humanity, it is no wonder they go mentally, when we suggest to outlaw and cast into oblivion the very source of this evil, “the Koran” satanic verses.
      We Christians and Jews are so special we are directly singled out in his corrupted perverted writings and sayings, “as deserving special hatred and death”.
      Mohammad specifically singled out Jews and Christians, as they were the main threat to his newly founded propaganda especially in its infancy. I often wonder, how these two mainstream religions would have dealt with this bastardly propaganda, if they had the benefit of hind sight and were in a position to conceive what it would do to the world as we are living in it today??
      Mohammed new that his teachings were in direct contradiction and conflict with their established and fundamental teachings of the time, and that is why he fled Mecca like a coward in the middle of the night, Where was his Allah. (he was busy fornicating with the numberless virgins in the brothel known as islamic paradise)
      The success of Islam is reliant on oppressing every other faith, (every other faith including atheism is opposed to the teachings of Islam.
      In a bid to protect his newly found faith and protect it from been cast into the remnants of histories waste bin, he forbade any criticism of islam, at threat of death by the mighty sword of islam.

    3. i m christian ,from south Africa
      i feeling very painful to see does two Iranians young s boys executed ;
      i m sorry ,i don’t even want to comment

    4. Ed Husain in his book “The Islamist” wrote that when the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, a number of young Muslims in Syria are driven to wage jihad to defend the Iraqi people. The spirit of “jihad”as it clearly is not motivated by humanitarian, but hatred towards the west and unbelievers. Because, many Iraqis, especially ethnic Kurdish, Shiite, and Saddam’s political opponents are suppressed, silenced, or even killed during Saddam’s rule (1979-2003), did not make any Muslim youth moved to overthrow the Saddam regime.

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