Islam is not a religion of peace but of violence

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Allah is a god of Love
In the name of Allah murder is justified

The word “Islam” does not mean “peace” nor does it mean “love”. Islam is an Arabic word that means “violence” and “brutal killing” and put simplistically, the word Islam translates literally to “submission”. All Muslims are required to give full submission to a mythological god known to Muslims as Allah. The best known speaker on this subject praises violence ( , the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City (WTC), and Shari’a–a law that is to subject the world to a universal insanity that can be traced back to the pig god of the Bedouins.  See:   As Islamic clerics admit, Islam allows for the extermination of Jews:  All of this is seen in numerous news articles that saturate the news waves of the world: where the theological students (Taliban) stone to death “adulterous” couples even if they are underage (See: A new and comprehensive list of persons stoned to death or awaiting death by stoning in Iran compiled by Farshad Hosseini of the ICAE is available in Persian:  Ahmadinejad (“president” of Iran) has openly declared that Islam will conquer the world (, destroy Israel so it is not on any map ( and and kill all homosexuals of all ages who exist in all nations (, but claims none exist in Iran (; cp. and [all are in Persian])

Germany had to take, recently, the closure of the Hamburg mosque because its imams preached hate, allowed known terrorists to work inside the mosque and build bombs, and declared that Islam would rule Germany (,1518,710952,00.html) as the number of  jihadists was growing in Germany (,1518,703390,00.html cp.,1518,671198,00.html). Since July 2010, radical Muslims are encouraging Muslims in the USA and Europe to pretend to be more liberal so they can overthrow democracies (

The ruse of the Great Mosque at Ground Zero is just that. It is not true. The proposed mosque is two blocks from Ground Zero and is near other (already existing) mosques–and currently is a community center and prayer room (See: However, the issue is the fundamental reading of the Qur’an–for where there are contradictions within the Qur’an, it is written then the comment or injunction that comes  later has precedence–thus whereas initially the Qur’an spoke of peace, it later details war and violence, and to build mosques where cities and nations have fallen due to the “courage” of Muslim fighters, leading to debate between Tea-Baggers and their original supporters: the GOP (See:, as well as calling for investigations into the situation by Congress (See:,0,1981355.story).

Yet in New York City, Muslims promise a holocaust greater than what Hitler sundered the Jewish world within his Third Reich, and protesters demanded that those who “insult” Muhammad have their heads cut off (see:  The constant barrage of hate-messages from the radical Islamic communities throughout the world only intensify as the new right in Islam, equal to any USA hate group from the Tea Baggers to Sarah Palin and her prayer warriors, call for a “reform” and a new order for the day: one of absolute fundamentalism (which is concerned with witchcraft and a Final Battle to force god to return to this planet; see: Wagner, Peter C. (1999). Churchquake! : how the new apostolic reformation is shaking up the church as we know it. Ventura, Calif. : Regal. Cf. and; Palin’s group is more dangerous than any ayatollah or even Hitler for they find no goodness in anyone but themselves. This will not stop until tolerance returns and people work away from the god concept and work towards building harmonious relationships.


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