Letter from a friend about X-Tian Missions in Asia

One of my email-friends in Detroit (and the guy who helped me set up this blog) forwarded to me a letter in reply to an appeal for money and to give away a free book about the “glories” of Christian missionaries in Asia.  I’ll let him tell the rest of the story.
Arthur Ide,
I thought you would like this.  I received a spam asking to give me a free book about X-Tian missions in Asia and sent them the reply here.  I then used another email and had them send me a copy, to cost them without any chance I will ever give them a dime toward their activities, and to use as arsenal in my anti-missionary efforts.  Hope you enjoy!:
*   *   *
Don’t you think Asians already have a religion?  Why do they need your sick, disgusting, bass-ackwards mythology/superstition and unhealthy aberration of religion?  Why?  So Asians can do pograms, Crusades, Witch Hunts, Inquisitions in the name of ghod/Jesus?

Torquemada and Hitler were good Christians.  Do we need more of them?

Your sickness which you call Christianity is a plague.  It is a sickness.  It is a disease.

Christ-insanity is a virus.  This virus works to infect all other possible hosts in its mimetic fight for survival.  Unfortunately by doing this it uses whatever possible means at its disposal, including:

  • invading foreign cultures and adopting a convert-or-die stance (doubt me? read Spanish Dominican Priest and first Bishop of Chiapas Bartolomé de las Casas)
  • lying with the intent to dupe the culpable (doubt me? read former priest Joseph McCabe’s “History’s Greatest Liars”)
  • arrogance to rule over the unwilling or forcibly converted masses yet lie, steal, cheat, murder, have children out of wedlock and destroy entire cities for your mission (doubt me?  read Arthur Frederick Ide’s “Unzipped: The Popes Bare All”, a truly brilliant work)
  • commit Inquisitions (doubt me? read almost anything by Henry C. Lea or McCabe on the subject), Crusades (doubt me? read Amin Maalouf’s “The Crusades Through Arab Eyes” or Francesco Gabrielli’s “Arab Historians of the Crusades” or Madden’s “The New Concise History of the Crusades”)

or other contrivances because of something you take on ‘faith’? How sick. How disgusting.

Missionaries, such as your organization, if there is a ghod, would be the first upon their passing to have their heads dunked in the boiling shit of the lowest, hottest depths of hell.

And yet most Christians themselves I have no problem with. I even married one.

But to go to a foreign country and destroy their way of life to fulfill some vanity is sick. Want more? Here’s some information on how destructive Crist-insanity is on the inhabitants’ indigenous cultures:


What about in my favorite place, India, where Crist-insanity is its most pernicious?:


What about in historical antiquity?:

I know I have just wasted a minute of my life, thanks to Christian arrogance. I know you, nor anyone who sees this* will ever undertake the much harder work of understanding how destructive the myth of Christ is and will just continue to just use their gullibility to ‘faithfully’ follow the the blind leaders down the missionary primrose path of spiritual and social destruction in foreign lands.

*(as I am sure it will be sent off as a response to just how evil the world is, when not one single person who knows me would ever consider me evil, as I teach illiterate adults how to read, volunteer to help build shelter for the homeless, run 2 social peace and justice organizations and volunteer for my neighborhood association including publishing and editing the newsletter – in my spare time, and do it because it helps people, is not driven by bronze-age myths; and yet helps create a better world. Now only if I could mobilize thousands of people to travel the world and counteract the sickness of missionaries…)


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One response to “Letter from a friend about X-Tian Missions in Asia

  1. Christianity in Asia has always been about theft, child abuse (sexual and physical) and force conversions. When the British came to China, their missionaries sentenced 10,000 Chinese monks to death for worshipping a “false god”. Temples were destroyed. Holy books were burned. The ashes of venerated ancestors were strewn across fields to be plowed under as fertilizer. Not one Christian voiced objection, but entire congregations celebrated “erasing the heathen” who were buried alive, burned, crucified, and beheaded for disbelieving in a god who never existed (Jesus), who carried a message not of brotherly love or forgiveness, but one filled with hatred and demand for vengeance, all preached by the missionaries. Only those nations that have a wish for destruction would welcome any Christian (or Moslem) into their lands, for historically Christians and Moslems have killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin or other so called “atheist” leaders. Consider the Christian (817-1495) and Moslem (613-1495) crusade, massacre of North American Indians by the Puritans and Pilgrims, the Augustinian, Dominican, Franciscan, and Jesuit rape and pillage and assassination of Mexico, Central and South America, and find one good monk or nun in the group–most difficult. Roman Catholics and Moslems enslaved hundreds of thousands of Chinese to market as animals in Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, and Brasil (that is why 50% of those in Brasil are Chinese). Christian missionaries cut off one leg of all indigenouse South Americans who refused to convert. At the same time Christians set fire to a hotel Hare Krishna members owned in Oregon. Christians, worldwide, are intolerant and ignorant (compare the Augustinians in China to those in Peru and you will find no difference in savagery). Instead of defending the Christian barbarians, try reading http://christianwatch.org/cweoct00.htm or other sane sites exposing the crimes of this nefarious sect and its sister spawn: the Seventh Day Adventists who led the way for child sexual abuse, the Pentecostals with Jimmy Swaggart and Jimmy Bakker and Sarah Palin, then tell me there are sane and forgiving Christians in the world not bound to fantasy and fanaticism.

    Christians do not want equal justice or treatment. Christians in China and the Far East was special treatment and superior justice demanding special schools, tax exemption, and rights no one else has. Read: http://article.wn.com/view/2007/08/29/Christian_missionary_schools_demand_special_attention/

    Only a total fool would support Christianity in the Far East. Christianity’s interest and goal is to destroy the rights of the state and to set up a Christian dictatorship forcing all to convert or die–as did the Augustinians, Dominicans, Franciscans, and other Roman Catholics who raped Central and South America, as did the Protestants when they invaded North America. No Christian can ever be trusted for they lie, kill, maim and steal in the same manner as Moslem fanatics. Not until all religion is erased from the minds of man and the churches, synagogues, mosques and temples rightfully turned into museums to expose the carnage caused by religion will any mortal be free.

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